So I have a good buddy to thank for bringing this one to light. Get ready to have your mind blown. And before you hit play on the stream above, I highly recommend you watch the live mashup video below instead. Shawn Wasabi is a talented producer. A very talented producer. Hailing from Salinas, he’s swept onto my radar with an incredible, ridiculous, ludicrous mashup. Do you remember Madeon’s Pop Culture? Multiply that ten fold and then swap out those dance tracks with some of today’s most beloved, envelope pushing electronic offerings, and you’ll have Marble Soda. Marble Soda is a bubbly, caffeinated, chiptuned, spirited mix of a jaw dropping amount (153!) of quality songs I love dearly. It’s an exuberant burst of color. Check the list below by hitting the read more button, or head over to http://www.shawnwasabi.com/?p=214 to gape at the sheer list of songs represented on Shawn’s mashup. One of my favorite moments on the mashup is the Porter bridge, and it’s endless fun pinpointing all the bits and pieces of songs utilized.


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“Porter and I have been friends since I was about 12 or 13. We were both in middle school, and we were talking online and sharing music. He’s always been a big influence for me all along the way of learning how to make music and making music. We were making our albums around the same time, so we were sending each other demos and ideas, and he sent me “Divinity” quite a long time ago, long before it was released, and I remember being really, really impressed and really excited by it and how fresh and exciting it sounded, how much identity it had. That was definitely a song that made me want to also try different things and find new ways to make music that I hadn’t thought of before.”



I feel like Steven Universe is a very Worlds-y show, artwise. So, here’s a bunch of Steven Universe backgrounds that I think fit the songs on Worlds.

And yes, they each go by color, so Divinity is pink, Sad Machine is red, Years of War is orange, Flicker is yellow-ish green, Fresh Static Snow is slightly darker green, Polygon Dust is sky blue, Hear the Bells is teal, Natural Light is dark blue, Lionhearted is purple, Sea of Voices is gray, Fellow Feeling is black, and Goodbye to a World is White.