Did you know that the Aperture Science Employee Incentive Program was created two months ago and we are now currently tracking- I mean observing almost a 1000 Aperture Science employees. Good job everyone.

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alright, time to tinychat!

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anonymous asked:

Can you imagine… The Portal 2 cores trying their skills out at radio psychology? Like, Rick's solution to everything is explosions or punches or going out with him (depending on whether it's a guy or a girl calling). Space Core's solution to everything is SPACE! Fact Core has plenty of helpful facts in dealing with your issues… Sort of. Wheatley would try, but he would have absolutely no idea what he's doing. He'd deny that, of course.

(Sorry for replying so late!)

Had to look up what radio psychology is. Oh gosh. XD Well, that’d certainly be entertaining to listen to, if nothing else! Since I’d already imagined that cores have something of a radio they can use to communicate with each other (since how else would they communicate in space?), I wonder if they could have their own little radio stations in Aperture. :P It’d be funny to imagine them running one, and having other constructs “call in.” I’d imagine it could get quite boring in Aperture, especially during the time GLaDOS was down…

I wonder if I could write something like that…


John Patrick Lowrie: This is the song Ellen wrote and I arranged to offer to Valve as an Easter egg in Portal 2. It was never used, but when Jagger Gravening wrote an article about us in Vice Magazine, he had us record it. Ellen intended it as a song sung by GLaDOS to Chell, but I think it’s just turned into a big thank you to all our great fans. Hope you enjoy.