Distribution techniques:
-begin by slightly over-dosing the PF so that you have a small mound of coffee on top-

Chicago Chop
Use the back of a butter knife or a similar coffee tool to ’chop’ across the coffee bed in a single direction and then repeat in the perpendicular direction. Scrape across the basket to level the grounds, tamp and insert.

Schomer’s NSEW
Using your finger or coffee tool to push the grinds in a North / South and then East / West direction, swiping off any excess in the last move.

Stockfleth’s Move
Place the PF head close to your body, around your midsection. Your left arm holding the PF should now be in an almost right angle position, away from the body, with your elbow pointing outwards. Making a fake gun with your right hand, turning it flat and positioning your thumb on the rim of the PF closest to the right lug, with your index finger on top of the coffee bed. Both elbows should be pointing out in. The motion is one that brings your elbows to your sides, your wrists together and runs your thumb along the rim of the PF and then over the left lug to centre the grinds. All this while using the index finger in a circular motion on top of the coffee bed, and then finishing with a swipe.

Shyndel Method
Rest your index and middle finger on the PF in a V shape and complete a light sweep in a circular motion. Repeat the motion again and you should be left with some grinds in between your two fingers, swipe both fingers off to the side, levelling the grounds.

Weiss Distribution Technique (WDT)
For WDT you need a small funnel and a bamboo skewer. Place your funnel into your empty portafilter and grind into it. Stir the coffee in the funnel vigorously, breaking up any clumps and collapsing any air pockets in the grounds. Remove the funnel and level off the basket.


Had a commission to make some wooden portafilter handles for the La Marzocco Store website. Was pretty pleased with the results and really chuffed to see some of my work in such a high profile place. Woods were American walnut and Maple. If you would like some custom wood for your espresso machine you can reach me at wirelandphotography@yahoo.com. :)