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How about todomomo getting caught (either by aizawa-sensei or another student) making out? I think this would be hilarious XD

Note: Hope you enjoy! School festival version :) Sorry its been eons since this ask was sent and I only finished it now. Mainly humour + fluff

In which Class A does a maid cafe

“So it’s time for our last annual school festival, everyone,” Iida fixed his glasses as he slid the door behind him to a close. All eyes were on him. Through the window, crisp autumn fog and dewy grass greeted the start of their morning.

“Iida spill it,” Kaminari called out, “What are we assigned this year? For the past two years, we weren’t able to get what we wanted.”

“I don’t want anything to do with this,” Bakugou added, chin on his desk, “I fucking hate school festivals. Last year, we had to do the shitty …what was it again? Julio and Romiette?”

“Romeo and Juliet, Kacchan.”

“Shut up Deku, I knew that, I fucking played Julio.”

Iida tapped his fingers impatiently on the wooden surface of the podium, waiting for the troublemakers to quiet down. When he saw Bakugou snap his mouth shut with boredom emitting from his expression alone, Iida straightened up.

“This year, we got EXACTLY what we wanted. After all, we are third years, so we get first choice.”

Kaminari’s gasp was the start of the domino effect.  Everyone cheered and clapped with happy faces all around. The Class President held his hand up to calm his audience down, clearly having anticipated their uproar.

“Since, we will be doing the ‘maid café’ theme this year, why don’t we start by delegating tasks?”


“Hurry! Kirishima, please set up the rest of the tables on the left side of the class!”

“I got it Iida. Let Hagakure and Ojiro know that they forgot candles on some of the tables.”

With only 15 minutes to spare, their class was almost ready. A makeshift tent, which was really just a bunch of chairs stacked up with a large curtain hanging over, collapsed; yells of profanity broadcasted across the room. Under the chair tetris came Bakugou, pulling his black tight skirt down to hide more of his skin. His bare shoulders were covered with white lace and frills while the rest of him became adorned with flowers from his floral apron.

“Oh my god, he actually wore it,” Kirishima mused, tears falling from laughter. His eyes widened at the idea that just popped in his head and took out his phone to snap pictures along with a few others. The subject of entertainment was wrestling around like a wild beast in a cage.


“You reap what you sow,” Jirou raised her arms, securing her own apron, “who told you to fall asleep when we were discussing the roles. It’s your bad luck that the only position left was the sixth maid.”

The boy was red with anger and embarrassment, “WHY CAN’T I JUST BE A HOST LIKE ALL THE OTHER SHITHEADS.”

Jirou shook her head, the knot behind her neck finally made tight enough, “Because the maid outfit was the only thing that’s left! How many times did Iida tell you, holy crap!”

Bakugou didn’t bother to reply and grunted. In the corner of his eye, Kirishima pushed his phone in front of Kaminari, pointing at the screen. Kaminari covered his mouth, chuckling, and whispered into his friend’s ear, prompting the latter to nod incessantly. Something was brewing amongst those two and Bakugou wasn’t ready to find out.

Jirou looked over to the back corner of the room. Below the dangling banners, portable stove tops and grills now replaced the normal desk formation. Yaoyorozu stood there, fixing Todoroki’s uniform. Todoroki, being one of the hosts along with Kaminari, Kirishima, and Midoriya, donned a silver neck tie over a white dress shirt with black pinstripes. Opposite of him was Yaoyorozu wearing the same outfit as Bakugou (except looking a thousand times more attractive, Todoroki must say) and she had her hair done in a bun.

“Todoroki, I think it looks better now,” Yaoyorozu pressed the wrinkle out of the front of his tie, “If you have trouble with it again, let me know.”

“Thanks,” The fire and ice hero said, “Sorry, I’m not really good with ties. My sister used to always do the Windsor knot. I have no clue as to what it even is.”

It’s these types of small talks with him that made her happy.

“Of course! I’m always here to help!” Yaoyorozu answered, cheeks glowing, “I must allow Tokoyami and Sato to take their positions now.” She did a slight bow out of habit and continued, “Let’s have fun together!”

“Ah, sure,” Todoroki smiled back.

The two stepped away from the cooking station just as Tokoyami and Sato entered. No one knew how good Tokoyami’s yakisoba and Sato’s dorayaki was until they were the first to volunteer for the chef roles. After the first taste test, everyone knew they were fit for the job.


When Kaminari opened the door signalling the start of their business, there were already parents and students from other departments in queue, waiting to be seated. Iida was in his element, shuffling his ‘staff’ along (he insisted that he was the café manager) and made sure operations went smoothly. Midoriya had a crowd of girls surround him whenever he took orders to Uraraka’s obvious dismay, who acted like she didn’t give a rat’s ass but actually did. Bakugou kept screaming at Monoma to leave but achieved the reverse effect instead.

“When will I ever get the chance to see YOU OF ALL PEOPLE in a maid outfit?!”  Monoma had said with an arrogant grin chiselled onto his face. If it weren’t for the law, Bakugou would’ve straight up strangled him alive.

Around 1pm, the smiles began to peel off their faces. Rush hour was still in session and everyone was beyond fatigued.

Tokoyami was running out of soba noodles too, which was the bestselling item.

“Can someone run to the storage,” the birdman was stirfrying while speaking, eyes not leaving the pan, “I’m almost out.”

Bakugou scoffed, “Hell no, I ain’t leaving this mothereffin’ room in this girly shit.”

Tokoyami wiped the sweat with the back of his hand, “Come on man, I need it.”

“I’ll get it.”

It was Todoroki.

He pushed away his many fangirls who had their notebooks and pens extended in hopes to get his autograph, and Yaoyorozu came forward also, noticing Tokoyami’s concern.

“I can help you carry as well, Todoroki.”

“Just stay here,” the boy suggested. Thinking about how more guys would ogle Yaoyorozu in maid attire irked him. She should stay here, away from the halls where the perverts roam. Though he still had Mineta to worry about.

Yaoyorozu blinked a few times, unsure of why he was so adamant on her staying.

“You two should both go. I saw two big boxes of noodles in there and one guy can’t carry them all,” Tokoyami replied, obliviously destroying any forms of hope that Todoroki had.

He wanted to object some more but that would make it too suspicious. Todoroki sighed. Guess there was no other way.


“Yaoyorozu, do you see it?”

The two of them were scrutinizing every word that was printed on the cardboard boxes which lined the shelves. None of them said soba.

“No,” the girl tiptoed a little, “if you don’t mind, how about I climb onto your shoulders and you lift me up? I think that’d be easier.”

Did she forget about how short her skirt was? Being in such a small room made every motion of their bodies graze against each other. He could feel the warmth of her breath tickle his neck.

“I don’t think that’s a good idea,” Todoroki quickly turned his back to her, afraid he might say something stupid. Images of Yaoyorozu in my head, begone!

“Why not?” Yaoyorozu was pouting, “Tokoyami is relying on us! We must find it!”

Her sense of responsibility would be the end of him. And her.

Before he could prepare a counter fit for a lawyer, Yaoyorozu let out a surprised yelp, arms swinging to maintain balance. Todoroki’s fast reflexes caused him to spin around, reaching to catch her flying form. Falling face first, her body weight settled on him. Given the gravity of the situation, it was lucky that Todoroki plunged backwards onto a pile of empty flattened boxes with Yaoyorozu (skirt lifted and her apron in disarray, amongst other things) in his arms.

“Crap,” Todoroki rubbed a growing bump on the back of his head. That hurt more than when Bakugou kicked him in the shin yesterday.

Yaoyorozu supported herself up from his chest, accidentally pulling his tie loose, “I’m so sorry! Are you alright? I tripped over a broken tile on the floor and –“

“Don’t worry, it’s not a big deal, “Todoroki grumbled, “Just be careful next time.”

The girl’s gaze lowered, having no care for herself, and noticed that they were literally pressed together, faces barely centimeters apart. She picked up her head, examining his translucent irises. They were the prettiest thing she had ever taken a note of, and he stared back at her. They were so close and in such a compromising position. So damn close.

Her mouth began to open agape, wanting to bring the discomfort to a permanent close. But rather than listen to whatever she had in mind, Todoroki leaned forward, pressing his lips against hers. Yaoyorozu’s chest heaved once. Her eyes grew wide, thoughts spiralling into a mess that she had no desire to reorganize. The boy held onto her waist tighter, as if he wanted her to know that she was his alone, and after a minute, he pulled back. Both of them hurried to catch their breath, smiles teasing.

“I want…more, Todoroki, “Yaoyorozu gasped, “Please-“

Her sentence fell to an abrupt silence as he flipped her over.

“I guess Tokoyami’s gonna have to wait awhile.”

His tone was sensual and his voice aroused her interest even more than usual. Within seconds, their lips touched again. She wanted to ask him if he was enjoying it himself, but decided the way he let out the deep moan just now answered her question. Annoyed at the tie that fastened around his neck, her nimble fingers untwisted the knot, hauling it off him. He looked relieved at the sudden freedom and found his hand trailing up her skirt.

The tips of his fingers stopped right below the string of her thongs and both of them reciprocated their horror in the middle of tugging breaths.

What is that horrifying sound outside the door?

The door slammed open, hinges about to give in.

“YO GUYS, DID YOU-“ Bakugou cried out, right leg lifted from the kick on the door. He still had his maid outfit on but that wasn’t what he had issue with at that very moment.

“What the actual …fck,” His voice became feeble. The two, still lying on top of each other, stared back at their intruding guest, wondering what to do next.

Bakugou’s fight or flight response surged, retreating away from the obscene sight that he just laid his bare eyes on.

“Wait!” Yaoyorozu cried as Todoroki scrambled to get himself upright, “It is not what you’re thinking!”


“Calm down! Nothing happened!” Yaoyorozu said again, taking a glimpse at a quiet Todoroki. She extended an arm to catch Bakugou’s shoulder, “Could you listen?”


Disgust was etched deep on his face and Todoroki finally took a step forward, hands reaching down to grab the tie under him. Bakugou didn’t faze him one bit.

“If you choose to tell the others, I don’t really care,” was all Todoroki uttered, and began to drag Yaoyorozu along the halls; she, however, was flabbergasted at his implication.

Bakugou watched as they left, silenced by Todoroki’s straightforwardness. He thought for a second whether he was trying to provoke him. Bakugou could make anything related to Todoroki a challenge.

The reflections from nearby windows that whirled by the two made Yaoyorozu even more stunned. They were a mess. Unkempt hair and clothes dishevelled. Frankly, everyone else was upstairs enjoying the festival so they had time to gussy up.

She took a glance back at Bakugou’s receding figure and wanted to giggle. He looked like an angry lost lamb in an apron about to explode.


“Job well done, everyone!” Iida shouted as he did a bow in front of the class. The students slumped down on chairs and empty tables with however much energy they had left from the day’s work. Smiles gleaming, a few people gave each other a thumb’s up.

“Tokoyami, we are so sorry,” Yaoyorozu turned to apologize and Todoroki did a nod, “And Bakugou, thank you for grabbing the boxes at the end. We couldn’t find it at all!”

Bakugou didn’t face them, arms crossed. Yaoyorozu was quite good at acting.

“They were underneath the shelf, not on the racks,” Bakugou groaned, and his voice turned more like a whisper, “not that you two were looking for them anyway.”

“What did you say? I didn’t quite hear you.”

“Shut it, I didn’t say nothin’.”

Todoroki did a lopsided grin. Bakugou was probably too embarassed to tell anyone about his encounter. Either that or he actually had a heart. 

“Speaking of which, you know that your picture is being circulated as the newest mobile wallpaper right?”


Yaoyorozu and Todoroki exchanged knowing glances as Bakugou chased the red riot hero down. 

Their secret should be safe for awhile. 

Sana: I set a park on fire while dancing.

Nayeon: How the hell did you do that!

Sana: I kicked over the portable grill and it set a tree on fire then I tried to put it out then I kicked over the tree and it spread to the rest of the park

Jihyo: [comes into the room]

Jihyo: Sana, could you care to explain why the entire neighbourhood is on fire


Fuego Element Portable Grill

When a grill, like Fuego Element Portable Grill, is dubbed ‘the iPhone of grills’, you simply know that you have stumbled across a must have. Fuego Element Portable Grill is the brainchild of two of the industry’s greats – serial entrepreneur Alex Siow and the former head of design at Apple and designer of now incredibly famous Beats by Dr. Dre headphones Robert Brunner. The Fuego Portable Grill is unlike any other grill you’ve seen or used before. It is also more effective than its competitors, and it cooks much better.

Prime time bro Arcana wants me to tell you about the Boar Story, so here we go.

Alright, so, this one time, we were in the 17-18 year old range, and there’s a thing that was popular to do back in the day, in my hometown: Go get shitfaced in the hills. Allow me to contextualize you a bit: See, Chile is a very hilly and mountainous country, and in particular, my hometown, La Calera, a small but very industrial city, is right next to some real large hills. 

That is the main hill (literally named Cerro La Calera, or La Calera Hill), which is visible from pretty much anywhere in town (and is a lot longer than it seems). It also has a “BIENVENIDO A LA CALERA” (Welcome to La Calera) and a big fat cross on top because Chile is an unreasonably religious country. The more outwards you go, the more you reach farmlands and other not-really-populated areas, like highway territory and even more hills, in the center of hill clusters. 

This little lesson in Chilean geography is to tell you that there was this fad in this town of going well into the hill cluster and partying there, because we Chileans have little to no sense of self-preservation and poor impulse control: We see a hard to get area, we think “DUDE WE COULD THROW A FUCKING BBQ IN THERE”. 

Now, what’s on the hills? Believe it or not, thieves usually hide there. Not your old fantasy brigands, of course, just fugitives trying to lay low for this or that reason, such as escaping the cops or hiding stuff they stole from a burglary, what have you. They are the 2nd main danger. There’s also cougars sometimes, but they are mostly harmless; Chilean Cougars (Puma Concolor Puma) have good temperaments and won’t maim you unless you provoke them.

These dudes (if you google them, you’ll see a lot of very close wild pictures of them because THEY ARE FRIENDLY). These friends are the least dangerous of the hill threats.

So what’s the main danger? We’ll get back to this later.

SO, A COUPLE OF MCDUDERS AND I decided to jump into the wagon of bands of this whole “partying in the hills” mumbo jumbo that was going on. We get the portable grill, we get the cooler with a lot drinks, we get the ice, we get the stereo (ooh!), we get the Works, my dude, we are READY to party like kings, kings of DANGER AND INTRIGUE, kings who really wanted to have an anecdote for later in their lives.

So we are there, and it’s all lit and cool and lovely, but see, we had a friend in this group, see, a very special friend. Cesar, a dude that was the “some like him, some dislike him, but he’s part of the group, all in all” dude in our group. Even among us dumbasses, this dude had VERY poor impulse control, and look, I’ll be frank, he was NOT the brightest crayon in the box… But he sure as hell was the sharpest tool in the shed, because he stirred shit up like nobody’s fucking business. The FEW times I’ve been involved in bar brawls and street fights, it was because this mother fucker instigated them (this being the reason why I stopped hanging out with him altogether). The guy was SUPER fun to party with and hang out with, but he was like a fucking gasoline gijinka or some shit, like, the dude couldn’t be more inflammatory, he always found SOME fucking way to escalate the situation into a disaster. If there was an Olympic sport consisting of just causing mayhem, he wouldn’t be the gold medalist because he’d have punched one of the judges out after fucking their sister. This dude was Conflict Incarnate, and I haven’t found enough evidence to prove he isn’t an Agent of Chaos.

So we were having a great time, drinking rum and pisco and beer and tequila and what have you, blasting some Chancho En Piedra on the battery-powered boombox. We WERE, past god damn tense, because Cesar gets drunk, and he’s one of those ANNOYING drunks, and starts being annoying. We tell him to fuck off, as is customary, and my dude actually fucks off. We spend some five, ten minutes enjoying ourselves before we have a hivemind vinyl scratch moment and we realize, dude, we told Cesar to fuck off in the middle of the fucking hills. We quickly engage DEFCON 1 and get hot on his pursuit. We were a total of… 4? 5? people without Cesar, and we start trying to look for our dude at around 2:30 AM, middle of the fucking night, in a cluster of hills the fuck away from society.

NOW, LET’S GO BACK TO WHAT WE WERE TALKING ABOUT BEFORE: So what’s the Main Danger in the hills? Boars, My Dude.

These sumbitches are here and there in Chile, and they are god damn aggressive. People that have never seen a boar think they are just hairy pigs with cute little tusks. You know HOW big boars get?

This fuckin’ big. They get gOD DAMN MASSIVE,

BACK TO OUR STORY, of our peeps yells at us to come over because “Cesar is fucking gonna get killed!”. We take that at face value, as you normally do with him, and we god damn sprint there to see Cesar, in the distance, fucking YELLING at a big god damn boar. I DIDN’T EVEN KNOW CHILE HAD BOARS BACK THEN. “Cesar, stop that, come back slowly!” we yelled, but our dude was so shitfaced he disregarded us, grabbed a big rock, and threw it at the boar. That was that for the boar: It charged.

That’s the precise moment where we lose our god damn mind and start running and climbing uphill through whatever fucking deformation was in front of us, so this big bastard boar had to take the long way to reach us. Cesar also realized his Folly, and began running with us. We ran for our lives and eventually reached a tall plateau-ish formation (let’s call it nature’s own balcony), where the boar had no real way to reach us. Keep in mind, we left ALL of our stuff back where we had set up camp. Music, drinks, snacks, grilled meat, our sleeping bags, EVERYTHING. All to go look for this boar-fighting mother fucker.

We were not very happy!

So once we make sure we are alive and in no danger of being fuckrammed to death by 160+ kilos of angry pig meat, we absolutely tear Cesar’s ass up verbally. The fucker actually had the gall to argue back, as if it wasn’t his fault we just had a close encounter with Saint Peter urging us to go past the gates, so we got mad and kinda beat him up. He was so drunk, he fell asleep midways through it (we weren’t, like, full of lynching him, but we were punching his body because fuck you, Cesar), and we were SO MAD at being robbed of his pain, that we placed him, on his back, on top of a short and bulky boulder, so his back arched a lot. We just wanted him to REALLY feel pain in the morning from sleeping in that position. So we all go to sleep ANGRILY. 

Come next morning, we are woken up by Cesar’s incessant screaming of pain, urging us to tell him WHO put him in that position. We got him off that position, and then let him crawl the way back with us because we still were furious. We got off the ‘balcony’ and we went back to our camp. Of course, if you leave grilled meat in the middle of the hills, of course animals are gonna come and god damn eat everything. I assume it was foxes. Anyways, everything was basically wrecked, eaten, and pissed all over. Not as pissed off as us, though. We all began making our way back to town, and left Cesar and his hungover-ass, wrecked-back self go back his own fucking way, and that’s the last time we ever hung out with Cesar after he almost got us killed by a boar (he did make it back in town, before anyone asks if he like died or something; hills are pretty safe in the day).

Moral of the story: Just don’t go get shitfaced in the hills, especially if you have a Cesar of your own.

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Hellu :3 any HC of how the Chocobros would react if their S/O is having a bad day? Like coming back home/tent after a long and hard day and they would get frustrated/furious over small things, maybe start throwing stuff around?


When you throw a knife at him, Noctis is going to blink at you for a good second before moving outside of the tent. He lets you calm down as he starts to play on his phone for just a small bit. Flipping through his phone music before playing a song that he knows you enjoy. When you finally come out, he brings you into a hug and tries to play some video games with you to get your mind off of things.

Prompto will try coming into the tent, holding up his hands and trying to calm you down with his hands. Of course, you immediately throw him out. He’s worried as all hell as he tries to figure out what he can do to help you out right now. This precious man goes out to pick some wildflowers for you if your too far from an outpost. When you are finally a bit calmed down, he gives them to you before planting a kiss on your forehead before staying with you all day.

Now, this man, Gladiolus, is going to just stare at you while you are yelling at him. He has the straightest face on him when you start complaining about the stuff you’ve been dealing with all day. But the second you start getting violent, Galdio will bring you in a bear hug, just whispering things into your ears until you stop trashing about in his arms. He’ll lay you down before starting to read a book to you until you are ready to talk normally or fall asleep.

Coming into the room and your swearing all about, Ignis will just lift his glasses while you are in a ranty mood and brings you outside. And sits you the hell down when he starts up the portable grill. (If you are irate enough, he has no problem tying you down to that chair.) Iggy’s method to calm you down is by the aroma of food while being his attentive self. He’ll offer advice when needed as he is cooking. Once he’s finished, he’ll take you away from the other bros for a bit, eating your meal, and bringing your mind away from things that upset you.

  • Conservatives: How dare he kneel for the National Anthem and not get fired for it! Screw you NFL! We're boycotting you! We're throwing away our thousands of dollars of football merchandise and no longer buying season tickets to your games and selling our tailgating RVs and portable grills! That will show those stupid liberals!!! What are they going to do with their time now?
  • Liberals: (Not even bothering to look up from their Nintendo Switch)Sweet. Does this mean soccer can finally be a thing now?

Staring up at the sky, surrounded by the waters she’d been longing for, feeling the current sweeping her this way and that at their discretion. She spotted the darting of colourful fish out of the corner of her eye, some seaweed caressed her calf in passing… this should have been working. She should be smiling, feeling something. Instead, there was just a black hole right below her breast bone.
It had been her idea to come here, another vacation from all the mess that was going on, another much-needed breather from… nothing. Everything had been taken care of, there were no piles of paperwork to sort through, but she needed a change of atmosphere, to feel inspired, to recharge. All this sun and sea, watching Orendi and Shayne play an impromptu game of volleyball, seeing whether Toby or Pendles could build a better sandcastle sculpture thing, and smelling the barbecuing meat Whiskey had on his somewhat portable grill. It should be a party. She should be happy about all of this.
Instead, she felt emotionally tossed around and aimless when faced with the fact that she had more time on her hands. Funny how she finally got the one thing she’d been working for, and now that she had it, she didn’t know what to do with herself.
“You alright?”
Jesus christ!” Reyna almost went under at the interruption of her thoughts, the fright driving a sharp needle of pain through the middle of her chest. Treading water, she spied the small aviant paddling closer, a look of concern on his face.
“I’m fine. Who won?” She nodded towards the shore, determined to keep the conversation on anything but her.
“Pendles,” Toby huffed. “I don’t know why I thought I would be any good with these flippers of mine.”
The little genius who could build a mech from scrap, turn it into a death machine, and he’d still find some way to belittle his efforts just because he couldn’t win a stupid little contest. Reyna flicked water at his face with a roll of her eyes.
“You sure you’re fine? You’ve been floating out here a long time.” Toby shook the few water droplets from his beak.
“Yeah. Just thinking. Go and see if food’s ready, alright? I’ll be in in a sec.”
“Sure, Reyna.” He gave a makeshift salute before he disappeared under the water without a single splash. He was obviously built for swimming, because he popped out of the water by the shore within a matter of seconds, and shook himself dry.
She had to pretend. It was just easier this way if everyone thought she was alright. Being worried and fretted over only made her job more difficult, took her team’s attention away from the task and wasted on something that would go eventually.
Just another bump in the road, right?
“You’re a bad liar, you know that?”
Oh f**k me!” This time she dropped below the water’s surface, almost forgetting to hold her breath. She should have known that the Roa would have snuck in under her radar to see what was up. Or maybe he just wanted to scare the shit out of her for giggles.
“If I say I’m fine, then I’m fine. What are you doing out here anyway?” She scooped her hands together and threw water where she thought he was; no such luck. Just empty air.
“Saw the fish, thought I’d get a snack before all that meat’s ready.” The shimmering silhouette of his large head ducked below the waves and sought another “hiding place.”
“Pretty sure you don’t need to go invisible to catch some stupid fish.” Another handful, another failure. If he was going to be this annoying, she might as well go back to shore.
“You’d think that.” A limb coiled around her ankle and yanked her under. Salt water stung her eyes, made her furious that he wouldn’t leave her alone, and kicked at his grip. He released it easily enough, allowing her to break the surface once more, her hair plastered to her face.
“That wasn’t funny.” Scared, she realized just how heavy she was breathing from almost drowning. Warm waters suddenly felt cold, and she just wanted to lie down.
“Wasn’t s’posed to be.” Just to her right, the water parted as he swam lazily alongside her. The Roa flickered back into view once she felt the sand between her toes again.
“You want me to kill ‘im, boss?” Whiskey yelled with a hand to his mouth, having seen what had transpired in the water.
Reyna faked a smile and gave him a dismissive wave. Seeing the two of them go at it would have been hilarious to watch, not to mention having to patch them up later. Yet the thought of it roused nothing within her.
“Nah, it’s nothing.”

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helps him set the table :)

          assistance was grateful, though never necessary. ignis had gotten used to doing these things on his own…  the role of chamberlain hadn’t included the help from another, he’d adjusted. the youngest, however, always willing and eager to help.   ❝ prompto, ❞   his attention diverts from the portable camping grill, adjusting glasses and flashing the boy a rather minuscule smile.   ❝ eliminated from king’s knight already, are we? ❞   

        a gloved hand points in the general direction of recently bought plastic utensils and paper plates, easier to recycle than to risk ceramic breaking.   ❝ i thank you for the help. his majesty seems to think he’s excused from labor. ❞   catch the light tone in his voice, barring the thickness of his accent, and a wink given.   ❝ now then  ——  how do we feel about angel food cupcakes with mascarpone frosting for dessert? ❞

Star Grazer (pt. 3)

Part | 1 | 2 | 3 |

Characters: (Main) Jungkook, Reader (Side) Rest of BTS

Genre: Superpower!AU

Word Count: 5k

Warnings: crude language as always, drinking, puns, wild af house party, reckless endangerment, injury, everyone flirts with everyone, side yoonmin, side namjin

A/N:  @ilovekpopx ;)

This part is highly influenced by the sets in the BST MV. 

(This an AU, so I’ve mixed different aspects of different cultures, and it’s not clear where the setting is just bc its an AU and I enjoy making up shit.)

[ “What- what brought you here, noona?”
Even if he’s beat to a pulp, nothing is gonna stop him from sporting a shit-eating grin whenever you’re present.
“Fate, it seems. That, and a lanky asshole.”
“You’ve got it, kid.”]

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Title: The sea knows more than we do

Pairing: Jense/Misha

Word Count: 8163

Prompt from super-harkness: Jensen takes Misha (just friends but secretly in love with each other) for a ride on his boat one weekend. They enjoy hanging out, swimming and when they want to go home, the boat won’t start and they are stuck there together for one night, because mechanics will come the next day. So they start to drink all the booze on bord, do night- swims and more…

This fic is loosely set post s9. I apologise if this isn’t what you were hoping for, the story got away from me. Please excuse the liberties I took with Jensen’s boat since I have no idea what kind of boat it is and I couldn’t figure it out from the pictures I found. Special thanks to Wendy for her beta work (although the last few paragraphs went unedited so if you find any mistakes, they are my own.)  Enjoy!!

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That’s all that comes out Taehyung’s mouth when he opens the door to reveal, not his late 50s, old, aging uncle in his worn-out uniform, but a slim, muscular boy probably around Taehyung’s age, shiny badge on his chest, and newly ironed uniform nearly popping at the seams around his bulging biceps.


His face doesn’t disappoint either, his eyebrows are sharp and dark, hair tousled messily on his head with small pouty lips and round eyes. Eyes that are staring back at Taehyung in clear amusement, lips turned up into a small smirk.

Before Taehyung can redeem himself for the last two syllables that just came out of his mouth, a hand falls on his shoulder firmly – almost a little too firmly judging by the way it knocks the breath out of him for a moment – and Taehyung’s dad is coming up next to him, smiling warmly across the door to the hot boy Taehyung just embarrassed himself in front of.

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Camping AU Idea

I was talking to my family about going camping this month, and then this Modern AU idea was born. I have a bunch of different thoughts on where this could go! I think this may just be my post-SWAS project. :) Let me know what you think! It needs some tweaking, but I am so excited about this, omg.

I’d write more about this, but I think it’s already a bit long as is. Lmao. I hope this hasn’t been done?

Astrid Hofferson often goes camping with her Uncle Finn. They always hit up different sites for various recreation activities- hiking, rock climbing, swimming, kayaking… Things like that.

Hiccup, on the other hand, would be dragged along camping by his father for some quality father-son time. (Fishing, hunting… Things like that. For old time’s sake.) He’s reluctant… but he loves his dad. He’s willing to go, though he’s iffy about all of those licensed guns that his dad is preparing.

And it just so happens that the two have adjacent campsites.

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