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JBL Pulse – Bluetooth Wireless Speaker:

Watch the color changing magic sound emanating tower video inside!

Turn the music up and watch the built-in lights trip the night fantastic!

The JBL Pulse Bluetooth-enabled wireless speaker combines high quality sound with a programmable LED light show. Wirelessly stream music of your flavor from any smartphone and tweak the light show theme to your liking.

High-fidelity sound is generated by two 40mm drivers and a built in bass port adds deep bass for a rich audio experience. 64 Programmable LED’s can be controlled by either the 5 pre-programmed settings or your custom mix. A 4000mAH Li-Ion battery keeps the music playing for long hour of play and are easily recharged through any USB enabled device.




Download and play free portable Linux games

These are stand-alone executable packages. They have two personalities: Sometimes they think they’re an ELF executable, so you can just run them and play these awesome games, if you have execution credentials (chmod +x [package file]). Sometimes, they think they’re an ISO file, so you can also mount them with fuseiso, acetoneiso, or your ISO management application of choice, and peek what’s inside.

Inside the packages you’ll find two things:

  1. A minimal installation for each game, sometimes next to i.e. a minimal Wine or Perl installation.

  2. A little script (AppRun) to glue it all together when you run the package.

Using the awesome superpowers of PortableLinuxApps.org, and some script magic.

Btw, if you have a pure 64bit system, please note that 32bit AppImages won’t work by default. Please check this tutorial to see how to configure a 64bit operative system to run 32bit AppImages.