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What kind of sharks would the 104th and vets be?

Mikasa: Great white Shark
Reiner: Hammerhead Shark
Bertholdt: Basking Shark
Annie: Nurse Shark
Eren: Thrasher Shark
Jean: Mako Shark
Marco: Zebra Shark
Sasha: Tiger Shark
Connie: Spiny dogfish Shark
Historia: Blue Shark
Armin: Wobbegong shark
Ymir: Bluntnose Sixgill Shark

Levi: Bahamas Sawshark
Hanji: Port Jackson Shark
Erwin: Bronze Whaler Shark
Nanaba: Blacktip Reef Shark
Mike: Whale Shark
Moblit: Goblin Shark

Hey, this is a problem

For those of you who aren’t Australian, and for many Australians, the above image may not be too shocking to you. Coming from a place who’s popular culture is so heavily influenced by American culture, it can be easy to celebrate Australia Day in the same way that American celebrate ‘American (Independence) Day’. But the reality is not this way at all. In simple terms, Australia Day is the Australian equivalent of Thanks giving. It celebrates the landing of the First Fleet at Port Jackson, and as a result, the beginning of the colonisation of Australia. 

However, as is the case with Thanksgiving, there is political baggage that comes with it. This day is more than just the day that Australia was discovered, because it was absolutely discovered before. It is, instead, the day that colonies began to form, and was the first step in a long line of actions that systematically steal from, destroy land of, and hurt the First Nation people of Australia. By seeing this day as the be all to end all event to reflect on good Australian history, and our various accomplishments, we undermine the awful things we’ve done. Even to simply say that people should reflect on the bad, won’t change the history of celebration the day brings.

But here’s also the thing. Australia does have an independence day. Which, in reality, would be a way better day to celebrate the accomplishments of us as a people. The British Colonies of Australia form a Federation on January 1st 1901, and truly I think if we were to celebrate in accordance with America, we should be more inclined to do it then. But, this is not the only proposed option

May 8 has been proposed by many, many people as the day to celebrate. And why not? It sounds like the word Mate. It’s as good and arbitrary a reason as any to celebrate. And in this life of truly meaningless events, why not just choose the day that literally sounds the best. Honestly.

But ultimately, it’s something that needs to change. We, as a nation, have done many great things, but with that needs to come an understanding of the bad. We can understand the reflect on both, but to undermine the bad purely for the sake of the good will solve nothing. By changing Australia Day, we can show that we are capable of look at ourselves, and our history and admitting the sins of our fathers and that we are willing to make good of them. That progress can be made.

I recognise that many people won’t see this as a huge issue, but I implore you to share ti regardless. The fact that Australia Day is falsely labelled as Australian Independence Day and have been dubbed ‘Invasion’ or ‘Survival Day’ shows a serious backlash against these celebrations. I also recognise that Australia Day means a lot to a lot of Australians. There is nostalgia that comes with it, and to take that away, or pass it aside can hurt. But we need to recognise that in changing the day we celebrate and realising the reality of Australian History, we don’t take away those moments. They still happened, and they still can be enjoyed, but they are no reason to keep hurting so many people. 

OH! Let me explain about mermaid purse Peter! I’m awake now lol

Tony’s a Tiger Shark and Tiger Sharks give birth basically live. So the eggs hatch inside mom and swim free after birth.

Peter is a different type of shark (I didn’t decide which) but the mermaid purse he’s in is kinda more like you’d find a Skate in. Because….it was a dumb doodle and I didn’t 100% research mermaid purses lol

Apparently not many sharks lay their eggs that way but I always liked them. Here’s my favorite one bc it looks really cool. A Port Jackson Shark egg!

Sydney Harbour - Australia 

The two most famous landmarks of Sydney are located in Sydney Harbour: The Sydney Harbour Bridge, opened in 1932, and the Sydney Opera House, opened in 1973. 

Since 1998, it has been made legally possible for tourists to partake in a “bridge climb”, where they climb the southern arch of the Harbour Bridge. Tours run from day to night, offering amazing views of sunsets and Port Jackson. 


George Sweet home by eric
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Two New Shark Species Now in the Stingray Bay Touch Tank

Just in time for Shark Week, aquarists have added two male Horn Sharks and one female Port Jackson Shark to the Stingray Bay touch tank inside the Aquarium’s Tropical Cove.

Horn Sharks

The Horn Shark, a species of bullhead shark, is native to the California coast. It can be recognized by its short head with ridges over its eyes and a brown or gray coloration. The Horn Shark can grow to a length of nearly four feet long.

This slow moving sea floor predator hunts at night inside a small home range, extracting its prey from the substrate using suction. The adult diet consists of hard-shelled mollusks, crustaceans and sea urchins which they crush with one of the most powerful bites of any shark, relative to its size.

Port Jackson Shark

Similar to the Horn Shark, the Port Jackson Shark is a nocturnal type of bullhead shark that feeds on mollusks, crustaceans and urchins. This species is native to the coastal region of southern Australia. It also has forehead ridges but has dark markings along a lighter grey or brown body and can grow to over five feet long in the wild.

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what's your icon means?

Warning: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples are advised there are images and names of deceased persons below that may cause sadness or distress.

Sorry it took a while to get to this and my apologies, but this is a long answer.

My icon is in protest of the date that Australia marks to celebrate Australia Day, which is the official National Day of Australia. It marks the anniversary of the 1788 arrival of the First Fleet of British ships at Port Jackson, and the raising of the Flag of Great Britain at Sydney Cove by Arthur Phillip.

However, it’s not a day of celebration for everyone, namely, the Aboriginal people of Australia.

Our history did not begin with the arrival of the British; we enjoyed thousands of years in this country with our own sovereignty. For many of us, celebrating on the 26th is not respectful because we view it as a day of mourning. It marks the beginning of colonisation and genocide of our peoples. It is celebrating the beginning of oppression for Aboriginal peoples. The dispossession of lands; mass murder; as well as threats of cultural and linguistic extinction.

Many of us refer to it as Invasion Day as it was an act of war against sovereign peoples; others, Survival Day, to recognise our resilience in the face of 200+ years of outright systematic genocide from the British imperialism and Australian colonialism.

We, the First Australians, do want to celebrate a day when we can talk about all of the wonderful things we love about our country. Yet, the 26th is not a day that has EVER felt good for us.

Australia, like many other colonial and post-colonial nations, has a history of denying that there was ever much wrong doing against Aboriginal people. And when there finally is an acknowledgement, others demand that we, as Aboriginal people, ‘get over it’.

Let me illustrate (in a short list) some of the things they want us to ‘get over’:

- Spread of smallpox that killed large numbers of Aboriginal people when the First Fleet arrived

- Arthur Philip calling for the death of Aboriginal warrior Pemulwuy after he responded to violence against local Aboriginal people, namely women and children

- ‘Parties’ sent out to massacre Aboriginal populations for ‘offences’ such as killing livestock to feed their families after many of the native animals were driven out by early graziers. 

- Sexual violence against Aboriginal women and children

- Aboriginal people being forced to live on missions and reserves

- Aborigines Protection Board

- Aboriginal children of mixed parentage being forcibly removed from their families

- Assimilation Policy

- Exclusion from Education

- Aboriginal Deaths in Custody

Here are some famous images of Aboriginal men who were taken prisoner. Images like these were often taken after a massacre had occurred.

Caption: Head chains were sometimes used for a Native’s entire Prison Sentence, up to 3 years or more, 24 hours a day.

The reasons for many of these ‘arrests’ were to dispossess people so that farmers could have their land; or in response to an Aboriginal person killing livestock for food in order to survive.

Below, we see Aboriginal children who were taken from their families and forced to live in ‘Homes’ where they were trained to be domestics and laborers for white families. Many suffered physical and sexual abuse. Many never found their families again.

Caption (which was handwritten by a white woman wanting an Aboriginal child as a domestic): I like the little girl in centre of group, but if taken by anyone else, any of the others would do, as long as they are strong.

The wider Australian community does not like to acknowledge that these abuses occurred in our SHARED HISTORY. Celebrating the official day of our nation when it marks the beginning of imperial rule in our country which led to these government sanctioned atrocities is NOT a happy thing for us. This is why we protest celebrating ‘Australia Day’ on the 26th of January.

These are from my own personal teaching resources; I use them with students to teach them about the History Wars Debate:

Historians engaged in History Wars Debate

Australian Prime Ministers on Australian history.

Discussion topics for students on omission and inclusion in history.

I think most Australians subscribe to Howard’s view that sharing the black armband view of history makes Australia’s colonial narrative look like a ‘disgraceful story of imperialism, exploitation, racism, sexism, and other forms of discrimination…’

If that is the story of Australia, then it should be told. We should be celebrating what we have achieved as a multi-cultural nation with a long history (and prehistory) of Aboriginal occupation, not trying to hide what happened to the First Australians; not denying that the Australian Dream was built at the expense, detriment, and great sorrow of the nation’s Indigenous peoples.



Thank you for asking. If you wanted to know more, here’s some information about Frontier Wars; massacres; human right violations; Aboriginal Resistance; and Invasion Day:

                                                                                                                              Blood on the Wattle: Massacres and Maltreatment of Aboriginal Australians Since 1788 by Bruce Elder

Why Weren’t We Told? by Henry Reynolds

Whitewash: On Keith Windschuttle’s Fabrication of Aboriginal History by Robert Manne

Australian Human Rights Commission

Ten Ways to Stand with Indigenous People this Survival Day by Amnesty International

Sovereign Union - First Nations Asserting Sovereignty

A New Generation of Indigenous Children Lost in the System by Allan Clarke

Stories of Resistance

Teaching Resources:

Aboriginal Resistance to Colonisation: Four Case Studies by the National Museum of Australia

A Reference List can be found here for further reading.

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im curious, what are some animals that you think have cool teeth, i'd like to broaden my knowledge of cool teeth


Vampire bats,

Hippos (they can crush a watermelon like a bluberry and you should fear them)

Sea Urchins


Frilled sharks,

sand tiger sharks,

cookie cutter sharks (the teeth i give pearl p much),


Camels  (bet u didnt kno they had Canines)

water deer  

DUNKLEOSTEUS  (Actually bone plates, not teeth)

Payara (see the little slots the teeth slide into?)

Whatever the hell is going on with Port Jackson Sharks

Hagfish (cool animal in general)

fangtooth moray eel

Goliath Tigerfish (a classic look)

have fuuuun

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「☩」    The other side of the mirror was so… intriguing. After finding that they had a gift for going between worlds as a mere teenager, they frequently exercised this strange addiction in disappearing for hours on end. Ever since, the two-sided male up and left his shamble of a home with the Knave, finding comfort in tales of old. Somehow, they felt that there was more to them than merely being a dishonored one’s son. After all, they possessed an ability others simply didn’t. Well, outside of the forever temperamental Father Time and the White Rabbit.

                 On a particular entourage, they found themselves in someone’s home, in an unknown nook. This was most unlike the usual; they often were found in some antique shop, or a market of sorts. Unable to quell their curiosity and bearing a lack for propriety, they slowly made their way down a hall, looking quietly amused at the oddities about them.