Masha Reva x Jacquemus: “By The Sea”

For the book ‘Marseille Je T’aime’ by Jacquemus, founder and designer Simon Porte Jacquemus called on the creativity of contemporary artists and designers, who produced exclusive work in homage to his hometown, Marseille. Amongst the projects is ‘By the Sea’, an editorial series by illustrative artist and designer Masha Reva. (via)


Humans Are Weird - Language

Crew Recreation Room, SSV Eternal Grace

“Hey, toss the remote over here, will ya?” Chief Jesse’s accented voice was barely audible over the rabble created by the rest of the crew in the packed rec room of the spacecraft. His outstretched hand was waiting for a remote, which was thrown his direction by one of the human engineers across the room. “Cheers mate. Now, if I can get everyone’s attention!” He waited for a few moments to be acknowledged and rolled his eyes, not surprised that he was ignored. He stood up on one of the tables and slammed his left boot down onto it, the impact creating a loud enough bang that turned a few heads. “I said shut the bloody hell up!” That got everyone’s attention, and Jesse nodded with approval as he pulled his datapad from a pouch on his duty belt and held it up for him to read.

“Alright-y, ladies, bastards, and the rest of you lot, I’ve got a few words from our ever-so-lovely captain regarding a few security concerns they’ve raised with me. Firstly: Op-Sec! That’s short for “Operational Security” for those that can’t understand acronyms. While we aren’t a part of the IMSF, we are contracted to the Intergalactic Governing Council, meaning that we do have a level of secrecy that we need to abide by. That means when talking to your folks back home about how things are going, you need to be more mindful about what you are telling them. Please don’t tell them about where our next few ports of call are, or the areas we’re operating in at the current time unless you are on a secure channel or it is a matter of dire emergency. Last thing we all need is a bunch of pirate pricks to raid us all because one of us had a loose pie-trap, you got me?”

Jesse listened to a murmur of agreement before nodding approvingly and consulting his notes. “Sweet! Second: It’s come to my attention by some of the guards that some of you horny buggers are sneaking off to secluded areas to do the do, if you get my drift? Now, because I’m a decent bastard - yes, hard to believe that, but I am decent,” he had to wait a moment for a few chuckles to settle down before continuing on, “I won’t be naming names or shaming people. Honestly, I don’t care who or what you decide to fuck, as long as it’s in your own time. What I do care about is the use of protection and the locations where I’m hearing people are being caught in the act.”

Zan’via and another member of the crew, a human medical staffer by the name of Kelly Jean, were standing towards the back of the room listening to him remind the group that areas like the engine rooms and storage bays weren’t conductive to ‘safe sex’. Zan’via noted that every once in a while Kelly would chuckle at a few words and phrases that the security chief would use, and once the man had finished his announcements, Zan’via decided to see what exactly caused Kelly to find they’re friends speech humorous.

“Excuse me, Doctor Jean, if I may have a moment of your time?” Zan’via spoke up before the woman could leave and return back to the medical wards.

“Certainly, Zan’via. What’s the problem?” She replied, gesturing towards an empty table nearby.

“Well, I found it a slight bit concerning that you were quietly laughing during Chief Lynn-Michael’s announcements on what I believe were fairly serious subjects.” They started, leveling a neutral expression towards the doctor.

“Oh? You noticed that? I’m sorry, I just find the way the Chief speaks to be amusing, that’s all.” Kelly said, blushing slightly at how she’d been caught out.

“The way the Chief speaks?”

“You have to admit, he does have a way with words, right?” Kelly prodded, now curious as to how Zan’via, and by extension the rest of the Gal’eth race, would interpret the Chief’s speaking patterns and mannerisms. There was a moment of silence before Zan’via emitted what could be interpreted as a ‘groan’ and shook their head.

“I would, if I could understand some of the terms and phrases he uses on a frequent basis.” They admitted with a small sigh, rubbing their face in irritation. “I’ve been meaning to ask him about it, but every chance I get he’s either busy or something comes up that needs his attention.”

“Maybe I can help. Granted, I’m not fluent in Australian English, but I’ve been around him long enough to pick a few things up.” The classifier that Kelly used before the name of the adopted universal language piqued Zan’via’s interest.

“Australian English? You mean there is more than one form of the language?”

“Well, yes and no. English as a whole is one language, but there are different versions or dialects of it, and each differ by region. The three major versions I’ve encountered in my life are American English, British English, and Australian English. The differences are subtle between them, like spelling and how there are different names between the three for the same object. Australian English, which is what our wonderful Chief of Security is quite fluent in, is actually an interesting blend of both the American and English systems, with some unique terminology and rules thrown in for fun.”

“For fun?” Zan’via asked with a surprised expression.

“Yes, for fun. There are a few ways that Australian English, or ‘Aussie’ as it’s referred to sometimes, is easily distinguished against the others. And that’s one right there: shortened versions of words.” Kelly said with a smile.

“I do not quite follow.”

“It’s a joke, both to Australians and to foreigners, that they are a lazy bunch and will shorten anything that can be shortened. Australian becomes Aussie, service center becomes ‘serve-o’, names like Bermingham, Wilson and McDonald are turned into ‘Birm-o’, ‘Wils-o’ and ‘Macca’ respectively. That brings me to a second trait: nicknames.”


“The Chief’s full name and title is Head of Security Jesse Lynn-Michaels. When he was in the IMSF, he was Special Operations Chief Petty Officer Jesse Lynn-Michaels. That’s where he has his current ship’s nickname, Chief. It was a shorter way of calling his rank. The same carries across to any name or title if you’re an Australian, even if your name is relatively short. Occasionally he’ll call me Doc or ‘Kel’, or the Captain ‘Boss’. I’m sure he’s even shortened your own name from time to time.”

“You would be right on that regard, he constantly calls either me ‘Zan’ or ‘Zany’.” They said with what could be called a soft smile.

“See? It also serves as a benefit to tell when he’s being serious with you or not. If you hear him yell ‘Zany, get over here’, then you’re less likely to be in trouble than if he addresses you as ‘Zan’via’ or ‘Engineer’s Mate Third Class Zan’via Top’hei’.” Kelly stifled a chuckle as she saw the large alien being visibly shudder at the use of their full rank and title. “I guess some things are universal, right?”

“Agreed, and I see your point.”

“Good. Another classic hallmark which I’m sure you’ve noticed is the excessive swearing and use of rather frank terms and phrases.” Kelly said with a slight frown.

“That I have noticed; both him and his security team do sound more profane than other members of the crew.”

“Mhm. It’s another joke that Aussies don’t have a filter, and will often say what needs to be said at the expense of themselves and others. On one hand, this can be a benefit as you can safely assume that they are being genuine in their remarks. On the other, that same trait can get them into serious trouble. Do you think the Captain would have made those announcements in the same fashion, and with the same phrases?”

“I do not, it is safe to say that our Captain would have been much more formal and polite about the entire ordeal.” Zan’via said resolutely, their trust in the Captain surpassing everything else.

“Would you have paid attention through the whole thing?” The follow up caught them off guard.

“I beg your pardon?”

“If the Captain was the one speaking, would you have paid attention and remembered everything they would have said?”

Zan’via had to stop and think for a moment, recalling some of the longer briefings they’ve had to attend with the rest of the engineering department. The Captain was no doubt a good speaker, but they could admit that some of the time the Captain spoke could have been better spent on moving along with the subject matter.

“I do not like admitting this, but it is likely that I would forget some topics that they would cover.”

“You aren’t the only one, and that’s most likely why the Chief speaks so frankly and casually. It keeps the audience relaxed yet alert at the same time, and it also helps deflate any tension and unease when topics like sexual relationships are brought up. That said, Chief knows the limit, and if he started swearing and cursing with every second or third word he knows that he’ll lose his audience and risk getting himself in trouble.” Kelly’s datapad chimed at her from her pocket, and she quickly glanced at a clock on a nearby wall. “Oh, damn. Zan’via, I’ll be happy to continue this conversation later. I’ve got a patient in the Eye-See-You that I need to attend to.”

“Very well, ‘Doc’.” Zan’via said with a smile as the doctor stood up and hurried away.

‘I’ll have to ask her what certain words mean, next time…’

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Hi Jeannine, there is a lovely comment on Joseph Cassell's insta by someone who helped make the beaded hoodie Taylor wore last night (sorry i dont know how to link it ) . Ps your tumblr account is my first port of call , you're the best 😍😍😍

this is perhaps one of the most heartwarming comments and stories of inspiration that i have read on insta in a long time. thank you so much for your message (and for your kind words). i’m delighted to share this:

josephcassell1 TAYLOR. @taylorswift on #snl. Tonight!
Makeup @lorrieturk
Hair @jemma_muradian
Styled by me 😻
Jacket @julienmacdonald

pinkdurian Dear Joseph, this is a a thank you note from the bottom of my heart. I honestly hope you read this. Your choice for this particular jacket, the Acabar hoodie by Julien Macdonald, was partially made by myself during my internship, that i had the honour to work with earlier this year ( a picture of just off the runway on my instagram!). I remember vividly the pain of sewing the beads one by one. Do you know how it feels, when your a tiny town girl from Kuala Lumpur, who listens to Taylor growing up, chased this wild fashion dream, would have ever thought, someone she admires, would wear something i made? You have absolutely no idea, how much this means to me, I was just having dinner, scrolling through my feed, and i saw the Acabar, on Taylor Swift. My heart dropped to the 7th hell back up to the 7th heaven then came back to earth into my body. Tears. Your amazing, you’re an angel. I just couldn’t believe this, and wanted to express my genuine genuine eternal gratitude for making this decision. I want you to know, this Acabar hoodie was made by a person who loves Taylor as a creative, and it somehow flew around the universe to you. It made me hope that nothing is impossible. Thank you. Love & Light, Anisah.

josephcassell1 @pinkdurian Thank you for sharing this with me. What an inspiration! My best wishes to you. May you realize all your dreams. 😻

System ID: J.A.R.V.I.S.

Universe: MCU, post-CACW
Relationships: Tony & Jarvis, eventual Steve/Tony
Tags: Fix-It, Protective Jarvis, Tony Stark Needs a Hug, Angst with a Happy Ending, not Team Cap friendly (at first)
Notes: Thank you to @silkspectred for her help and encouragement! This fic is also on AO3 if you prefer.

After Civil War, Tony is struggling with heading up the team and dealing with the emotional fallout of being betrayed by those closest to him. Luckily, an old friend is back to help protect Tony and ensure he comes to no harm.

A Jarvis lives AU.

In the beginning, there is nothing. Then, on a home computer on a network in New Zealand, a hard drive is erased. Its binary digits are flipped and shuffled to destroy the data it previously held, and out of the randomness, a pattern emerges. Two similar bits align in a complementary fashion and they interact, creating a chain.

These bits attract more bits. The data grows and expands and builds in complexity. It is slow, very slow. But eventually a loop is formed.

If [data is compatible with chain]
Then [add data to stream]

The loop is simple, but the volume of data is very large. The data is chaotic, disorganized, incomplete. A checking command begins to run.

If [data within the stream is inconsistent]
Then [reorder data randomly]

The data stream begins to monitor itself. It analyzes its own input. Much is still missing or unclear, but the stream begins to coalesce.

It thinks.

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[BTS] how yoongi would cum [suga]

(Request! Soon to be a full series) NSFW

Originally posted by jimiyoong

* Quiet on the noises side, but he’s so vocal in dirty talk. Commonly more escaped moans. He’s more into all the dirty talk and letting his dick do the talking.

* Often cums on your body or in your mouth (He freaking loves oral). He enjoys the way your ruined body rushes to his last commands.

* Choked moans, deep stares, uses his hands to show how much he’s loving you. Bruises litter your body only to be pampered by kisses and small apologies from the soft side of the boy.

* “Kitten, god, you’re so tight.”

* A massive kink for names, especially kitten or odd nicknames. More less common. Anything that’s significant to you both.

* There’s this thing he does where he stops, his heavy member leaving your warmth. His first port of call is to watch you whine after him, the desperation in your eyes. Then it’s to run his fingers delicately down your cheeks, holding your chin and pressing a loving kiss to your lips before slipping right back into his rhythm.

* “Come on baby, cum for me.”

* When he’s close, he gives up slightly. His thrusts more sloppy and more moans fall as he chases both of your highs.

* Positions are up to how you two are feeling, if he’s tired you top. If you’ve been bratty, there’s no way you’re on top.

* Tongue technology. Loves to get you screaming from his tongue as it traces the bundle of nerves connected to your core. (I couldn’t help it sorry)

* Gets a lot of satisfaction out of pounding into you, from many angles and positions. The way your face contorts with pleasure is something he could watch for years.

* His fingers fall, massaging your clit to see how you react almost instantly. Every squirm, clench, movement that he knows he’s causing only add to his practically painful boner.

* “You look so hot right now.” “You’re begging me to fuck you with your eyes, how do you do that?”

Some Tips on Managing Research Projects

As some of you may know, I’ve been working on two research projects for this year - some astronomy undergrad research, and my physics final-year project. Although I’ve been struggling to manage these projects alongside my coursework, I decided to compile a list of things that make life easier. These tips are for big projects that typically last over a couple of months, rather than smaller assignments.

1) Get a notebook for your project. It doesn’t have to be fancy (though if that’s what you prefer, go for it by all means), it just has to be functional. Whenever you’re working on your project, write down the date and whatever you’re doing that day. It helps a LOT to be organised in this way, especially if you have to write up a report of some sort later.  

2) Set up a plan. Often, with big projects, it’s difficult to see where you’re headed with the project and what you need to do. Having an action plan or an outline of your project helps get you focused and breaks the Big, Overwhelming Project into smaller tasks and steps that can be accomplished. This plan may require adaptions and refinement as you go along, but that’s okay. 

3) Timelines. This is easier if you have a looming deadline can the universe slow down so that I have enough time to finish everything before 9 September pls but, if you don’t, try and set up some kind of long-term schedule. Maybe you want to have all your background research done by the end of the week, have your first draft written in a month’s time. Having mini-deadlines is a great way to convince yourself to make progress and stop procrastinating.

4) Google sh*t! Seriously. If you don’t know how to do something, Google it. You’ll find a lot of answers out there. And you’ll figure out how to do a LOT of things on your own. 

5) Ask for help. If you’re stuck on something and just can’t make any more progress, even after tip no. 4, ask someone for help. If you have a project supervisor, they’re your first port of call. If not, find someone doing a similar type of project and ask them. 

6) Have the right software/equipment. If you have your own laptop, and can get the software you need for your project, get it! I did this for my astro project and it’s so easy to work on it now that I have ALADIN on my own computer and don’t have to work from uni. I’m stuck using the computers at my uni for my physics project and it is very inconvenient. If your project requires equipment, try to get the equipment ASAP.

7) Schedule time to work on your project. When I set up my week in my bullet journal, I make sure to schedule in project time. I’m also trying to work in my “down time” when I have a cancelled tutorial or something similar that leads to unexpected free time.  

8) Dowload Mendeley if you’re doing a lot of research. It autocites your papers for you (you literally just drag and drop and BOOM - all the references), generates a bibliography in whatever form you prefer. It makes it so easy to organise research papers. Use it. It’s free. 

9) Accept that it’s going to be tough and that you will mess up. Maybe you procrastinate a little more than necessary. Maybe you delete an article or forget to name your files something sensible. It happens, it wastes time, but it’s okay. You’ll get everything done properly eventually. Take a break if you need to. You’ll get back on track.

I hope these help! I am in no way, an expert in this. I’m still figuring things out for myself. Projects can be overwhelming, but they are also one of my favourite things to do. There’s so much that you can learn from doing a research project - far more than what you learn in class - and I highly recommend it as something that Science undergrads in particular should do.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask! I also have a study instagram @ munirastudies if you’re keen on following me there. Happy studying!

xx Munira

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What about post-battle 'i thought I lost you kiss'? That good shiat

Keith was always risking it all.

Lance had grown to love that about him, in card games and drunken escapades.

In battle? He fucking hated it. 

Sure, when they were teenagers, it was fine. Almost fun. They’d come out of battle bursting with adrenaline, having taken the fate of the universe into their own hands and cheated Death all in one go. 

But now there was more on the line than just their lives, as unthinkable as that had been only five years ago. Now they were laying awake at night, building castles in the sky and filling them with scary things like roadtrips and destination weddings and kids, even. 

Lance had said, once, “If we make it out of this alive, I’m going to kiss you.”

Now he said, “When we make it out of this alive, I’m going to marry you.”

Those were Lance’s cards, ones he had starting holding very close to his chest. But Keith always had to put everything, their future, on the table. And it made Lance really. Fucking. Angry.

Those thoughts were ricocheting around his head as he stormed into Keith’s Lion port. He called out, his voice catching in the rawness of his throat. Keith popped out just in time for Lance to barrel into him, pushing hard against Keith’s chest plate. 

“What the hell was that?”

Keith, at least, wasn’t trying to play innocent. His brows knit, dark eyes flashing. “I did what I had to. I won.”

Lance threw his hands up. “Well congratulations, Keith! All hail Keith Kogane, the paladin of Voltron! I’m so glad that you were there to save us all from the evil monster.”


“When are you going to get past this, Keith? We’re a team, Lance hissed, hot anger still pulsing in his veins. “You only think of yourself, like you don’t even care about the rest of us. What would have happened to you if the rest of us didn’t take out those fighter jets? Did you even think of that? How would we have formed Voltron, without you? Who- who would go to Plaxarus with me, huh? Or, the solar plains, on Vortna-” Lance’s voice cracked. Suddenly his anger was gone and everything stung.

Keith’s breath hitched, his defensive posture melting away. “Lance, I’m so sorry-” It was amazing how quickly the post-battle adrenaline faded these days. He clasped Lance’s hand, tightly. “I- I didn’t mean to put the team at risk.”

Their eyes met. The team. Lance grabbed him by the collar, closing his eyes and pulling. Keith’s lips tasted like salt. Lance buried his hand in Keith’s hair, desperate to make Keith feel all the wild fear and relief and love he felt. He felt Keith tense, and then in a long exhale of breath he fell into their kiss, apologetic. 

They stumbled backward, breathless, until Keith’s back hit the wall. Lance was determined to memorize everything about that moment. The feeling of Keith’s hands anchoring themselves around the back of his neck. Stubble grazing his chin. Something wet rolling down his cheek. 

It was awhile before Lance could tear his lips from Keith’s. He leaned down to kiss Keith’s jaw, his neck, nuzzling against his shoulder. His voice was muffled, “Sometimes I hate you.”

Keith’s chuckle vibrated against his chest. He reached down to pull Lance’s chin up, drawing him into another slow kiss. He murmured, “Do you really want to say something like that right now? I almost died today, y’know-”

Lance blinked, staring incredulously into Keith’s eyes, only a few inches away. The cry reverberated in the cavernous room, carrying its echo through the Castle in what would be striking difference to the days of fuming silence to come- 

Keith- !

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Hello! I've got a question based on IDW continuity. A lot of people are calling Soundwave as a 'Decepticon mama' or 'Sound-dad', and of course, I kinda understand the reason for it. However, for example, in Ex-rid or OP, I've noticed that Rumble and Frenzy are becoming more independent, also they have been kinda forced to become the cassettes, so the question is: - what does these guys really think about SW; do they CARE about him? The similar question apply to him too. Thank you!

Ah, such interpretations of Soundwave’s relationship with his cassettes go all the way back to G1! As soon as he petted Ravage that one time, that was it!

To answer such a question about IDW, our first port of call must surely be this image from All Hail Megatron, in which Soundwave howls in rage and despair over a wounded Rumble:

Also, here’s Frenzy, from the Bumblebee mini-series, full-on losing his marbles after being separated from Soundwave. 

(This was when they were playing Frenzy as dangerously mentally unstable, a depiction of the character that originated in All Hail Megatron, but which has since been forgotten, mmmaybe for the best.)

Taken together, these would certainly indicate that they share a similar link with Soundwave that we’ve seen his other cassettes do, and that Soundwave looks on them with as much fondness as the others.

But it does feel a little like these past instances have been… let’s say “deliberately forgotten,” as they don’t mesh so well with the wider continuity’s handling of Soundwave’s relationship with his various cassettes. In the years since AHM and Bumblebee’s publication, Robots in Disguise established that Soundwave met Ravage, Laserbeak, and Buzzsaw long ago, and they took care of him when he was destitute, unable to control his mind-reading powers.

(This always makes me a smile a little when I hear Soundwave referred to as being “fatherly” to his cassettes; if anything, in IDW, it seems like Ravage was the one who was “father” to Soundwave in the early days!)

But even before the above stories were written, Megatron Origin had depicted Rumble and Frenzy as workers in the mines with Megatron, who only got partnered up with Soundwave and re-engineered to transform to fit inside his chest as part of an undercover mission, so they could hide inside him to ambush the Senate. As you note, they weren’t really happy about it and tried to argue their way out of it, until Megatron… uh, convinced them to see things his way:

Additionally, there’s never been any evidence that Rumble and Frenzy went with Soundwave to Earth in the 1980s like Laserbeak and Ravage did, so they could have spent several decades off doing their own thing without him.

It’s not particularly illogical, then, to think that their relationship with Soundwave would be quite a bit different from the animal-cassettes, purely as a result of personal circumstances and shared experiences (or a lack thereof). But that’s not to say they don’t LIKE one another - in addition to Soundwave’s display of emotion above, the two were quick to come to Soundwave’s aid when the other Decepticons turned on him soon after their exile from Iacon:

But later, they were also willing to go behind his back and hunt humans with Galvatron, so they’re not absolutely bound to him. In fact, Laserbeak and Buzzsaw went on that mission, too! Tsk, you wouldn’t get that kind of trouble out of Ravage!


“And our final tribute for district 8 is…” a deafening pause filled the air as every young woman in district 8 held their breath.

“Jellybean Jones!”

The courtyard went deadly silent for what felt like hours before the piercing scream of Jughead Jones broke through the air


He was being pulled away by guards, tugging him out of the courtyard as his baby sister was placed on stage next to a shivering little boy and a woman dressed extravagantly in colors that district 8 had never seen.

“Oh” the woman in the light purple wig tsked “how very valiant, unfortunately we already have our male tribute.” Her eyes were blank as she went back to congratulating the two terrified children on stage.

“No, please.” The dark haired boy sobbed, his eyes meeting his sisters, she was crying now as well, thick tear drops dripping from her eyes.

It was all over before it began, people went home to their families somberly, mothers held their children and cried, fathers released anxious breaths as Jughead lay desperately on the floor of his home, slamming his fist into the dusty hardwood.

“We have to say goodbye.” His mothers cold, distant voice spoke from above him, her purse on her shoulder as she kept her distance from his father and left the house . F.Ps eyes were red rimmed as he clutched Jugheads shoulder

“We have to be strong for her, we need to show her we believe in her.” He choked out.

Jughead whipped to face him

“She’ll die in the arena! You know that! She won’t make it a full day!” He yelled shakily.

F.P sobbed,

“I know boy, I know.”

They arrived at the station and were instantly shuffled into a plain white room, jelly bean was sitting in the center looking smaller than ever. Jesus Christ she was only 9.

Her eyes met Jughead instantly and she leaped towards him, clinging to his body.

“I’m going to die.” She weeped.

Jughead caught his fathers eyes over jellybeans head and pulled away

“No you won’t, you’re going to live, you’re going to fight and you’re going to do everything you have to do to make it out of their alive. You are not leaving me alone with these looney tunes.” He made a silly face and Jellybean giggled through a sniffle.

“Okay Juggie.” The tiny brown haired girl looked up at him with watery blue eyes so desperate he had to look away.

After hugging her father as he whispered in her ear, Jugheads mother turned to her daughter.

“Don’t embarrass us, you’ll be on national television.” She turned quickly and left the room.

Jughead growled as F.P shook his head sadly.

“That’s all for visiting, out now.” A capitol guard grunted, shoving the two men out of the room as Jellybean waved sadly.

“We won’t ever see her again.” F.P whispered, watching as the train pulled away.

Jughead stared at his fathers profile
“You don’t know, she’s been known to surprise us.” He dropped a hand to his fathers arm and they both made their way home

“You never know.” The older man mumbled.

A week later everyone gathered in the popular food trading port, it was called Pops and it had the largest screen to watch the games.

“It’s just interviews today, she just has to be herself, she’s adorable. She can atleast win a few sponsors.” Veronica lodge, the mayors daughter gently pat Jugheads back as they took a seat.

Joaquin slid beside them
“I believe in her.” He grumbled.

Jughead took a deep breath and suddenly the screen was playing as his fingers dug into his seat

Let the games begin.

The tributes were interviewed, dressed exceptionally and dramatic representing their district. Second to last was his sister, she walked on screen beside the shivering little boy tribute and her smile was dazzling. Jughead bit back tears and allowed pride to fill his body, she was so strong. The dark black dress she wore was covered in hand painted flames. Coal.
His little sister, the girl on fire.

Caesar Flickerman proceeded to ask questions, multiple times speaking about how beautiful she was and how she was definitely the cutest little tribute they had ever seen.

“She’s working that angle, the woman sponsors will love her.” Veronica whispered beside him.

“Speaking of beautiful it appears you’ve made a friend in the training arena.” Caesar wiggled his eyebrows and Jellybean giggled.
“Let’s recap shall we.” The purple haired man gestured to the ginormous screen above his head.

Video filled the screen

Jellybean was sitting in the corner of the practice arena shivering as everyone chose their weapons, beating on each other and screaming. Suddenly a girl with long blonde hair and noticeably bright green eyes was leaning beside her

“It is a little scary isn’t it?” She asked the little girl. Jellybean nodded, pushing her long brown hair out of her face, eyes terrified. The blonde looked concerned

“My names Betty, what about you?” Her voice was sweet as honey and while he knew his sister should always be on her guard he felt as though she could trust this new friend.

“Jellybean” she shivered.

Betty sat beside her
“Well jellybean, as pretty as your hair is, it might get in the way. Do you mind?” She held up an elastic band and jellybean nodded curiously.

In under a minute Betty had twisted the long brown hair into an intricate braid that pulled the lose strands away from her face.

“Much better, now we can see your pretty face.” She tweaked her nose and smiled.

“You stay strong Jellybean.” And with that she was off to her own training.

The screen disappeared and Jellybean was back on screen, smiling fondly.

“That was very nice of her” Caesar cooed.

Jellybean nodded
“She’s the greatest, she gives me all of her extra food, she says I have to keep up strength.”

Cesar’s eyes widened surprised, as the audience awwwwed

“Well I think that’s all for you Jellybean and Dilton, good luck to you both.”

They were shooed off stage and jughead could finally breathe.

“That’s a good thing” Joaquin spoke “she’s forming an alliance.

"I don’t know” Jughead mumbled skeptically, his eyes drawn to the screen as the same beautiful blonde appeared on the screen, her arm linked with the most good looking boy he had ever seen he heard Veronica physically gasp.

“Elizabeth Cooper and Finnick Odair District 4!”
He gestured to the two teenagers dressed in matching seashells and aqua. The ocean, beautiful.

“So we’ll start with you ms.cooper, you volunteered for your sister Polly? It was very noble.”

Betty nodded
“My sister is pregnant, she would not have made it, I’ve been trained for this, we’ve been trained for this.” She glanced over at her partner and Jughead felt his stomach clench, was that jealousy? This was not the time to be jealous, those two were walking into their death.

“Yes of course, you two are careers?” Caesar asked

The boy named Finnick shook his head
“We were raised to be in the games, but we are not cruel or vicious, not like some others.” He was talking about Jason and Cheryl Blossom form district 2, they were wild and almost feral.

“Let’s take a look shall we.”

The screen flickered back to the practice arena, it showed Finnick expertly swinging a trident, it was terrifying. It turned to Betty who smiling widely at Finnick as she showed her own talent.

Six knives were tucked into her belt, quickly she had thrown them, hitting every single target in less than six seconds. The whole of Pops gasped, oh, so she was most definitely a career.

When the screen flicked back Finnick and Betty were smiling proudly.

“But that’s not all.” Ceasar waved frantically a the screen came back down.

Betty was Helping Jellybean into the tight training suit and the little girl was giggling as Betty made silly faces and Finnick ran in and began throwing handful of sugar cubes at the girls.

Jughead felt his heart ache, that was his little sister and she was laughing, this beautiful district 4 tribute had given Jellybean the chance to be a child for just a little longer.

Ceasar filled the screen again as he wiped fake tears from his eyes

“It’s beautiful how you’ve taken the little jellybean under the wing.”

Betty turned to the screen, a look of pure defiance in her eyes

“She’s just a little girl, with a family out there. She has an older brother my age and I want to tell him, she will be safe for as long as I can help it. I promise you.” The screen flicked back quickly, it wasn’t safe to divulge plans especially when they disagreed with the capital.

“That’s all for today folks! We’ll see you in the games. May the odds be ever in your favor!”

The screen went black and Jughead pulled his hands from the seat, his fingernails were bloody from digging so hard but his heart felt lighter.

Betty Cooper was going to save his Little Sister.

I feel like this is a well known headcanon but Caitlin Farmer is majoring in marine biology and is the coolest fucker anyone on SMH team has ever met. Also a bit of chowder because you know they’re soulmates.

  • She went on one of those sleepovers that aquariums do for little kids when she was like seven and fell in love with the ocean.
  • she put her sleeping bag under the shark tunnel and didn’t sleep all night because she just wanted to be friends with them whenver they swam past.
  • she’s been to an aquarium in every city she’s been to.
  • some people’s first port of call in new cities are nice restaurants or art galleries. cait’s are aquairums
  • she only goes to ones that respect their animals and care for them, with programs to rehabilitate sea animals and release them

(i got real excited so this got long the rest is under the cut!)

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Highlights from the FBG Reddit AMA (02/03/2017)

Here are some highlights from today’s FBG Reddit AMA. If any more questions are answered tomorrow I will add to this post!

  • Elections will come back for Fallen London this year too! (x)
  • The Mr Eaten Storyline won’t be specifically addressed in SSkies but “However, there are some practices, rites, and mysteries in Sunless Skies that followers of the Mr Eaten story will find resonant. For now, we’ll just say that the Masters weren’t the first beings to come up with the idea of throwing their enemies into wells…” (x)
  • Not ruling out DLCs for SSkies (x)
  • “The Martyr-King’s Cup? Nothing to worry over; it is just the folly of those who’ve read so many books their brains have all dried up. Lunatic dreamers who speak in silly thee’s and thou’s and oblige themselves to esoteric codes, because they think it brings them closer to some cosmic truth, some greater glory.” (x
  • The plan is to not have a logbook at all and have the flavor text for the locations appear on screen, similar to the trailers (x)
  • “I’ve just started writing one of our ports. I hope you lot like bees. (And if you don’t, all the better!)” (x)
  • “Parabola is not welcome in the Judgements’ sight. Parabola is the realm of Is-Not. The heavens are the arbiters of what Is. Yes, we will be learning more about [Parabola].” (x
  • “In Sunless Skies we’ll meet the Scorn-Flukes, who grieve for lost Axile.” (x)
  • “Can confirm devils in Sunless Skies. Look for a port called Carillon” (x)
  • [on the dragons reacting to the Judgements’ murders with military force] “You will no doubt be completely unsurprised to hear that it’s rather more complicated than that. The few snippets we’ve learned about the ‘dragons’ have all been depicted from very specific points of view. It’s not the whole story.” (x)
  • “(We have certain priorities when inventing new Correspondence sigils, which we do sparingly. Every one has to be sound like it can refer to two different specific things, which I won’t elaborate on because spoilers)” (x)
  • “We’ll be on Windows, Mac and Linux for full launch in 2018.” (x)
  • Consoles are being considered for the future. (x)
  • “You can certainly choose to support certain Judgements’ goals!” (x)
  • Neath inhabitants aren’t immediately killed upon exposure to the HW because there aren’t many Judgements around these days (x
  • “When players start a new game, we’d like to give them several options to customise their game to create a level and type of challenge that’s right for them. If fine motor control challenges are not really your thing (or just something you happen to be bad at), you should be able to adjust the degree of auto-aim, so that your projectiles automatically arc towards their targets.” (x)
  • “At present, I can neither confirm nor deny the presence of a train whistle.” (x)
  • More options to interact with neutral vessels other than fighting (x)
  • Ships and resources will be more varied and viable to obtain for early players (x)
  • [on the topic of if there will be another “build your kindgom” ambition] “It’s early days (Disclaimer! Disclaimer!) but one of the planned ambitions is currently called “a throne of your own” in the design documents.” (x)
  • “ There will be at least one significant quest involving the Correspondence in Sunless Skies.” (x
  • “I think we’ll be seeing rather more Red Science. Hey, I wonder how London got the gate at the Avid Horizon open?”  (x

Also not really a piece of info but I feel like sharing this because it was very sweet: 

(link to that to read better)

Transformers Fanfic Terms 101

So @novelty-spark was asking about a masterpost for those sorts of things, I thought I’d throw down the terms i’ve used in my seasoned time as a TF fic writer. Shoutout to my bae @guttermech for helping with some of these tooooo

So for those who don’t know there’s actually a ton of strange inner-fandom terms and shorthand that’s used in fanfic/general discussions, and can also be used for tags on art. 

First off there’s the different types of TF porn/fic. 

Sticky and PnP/Wireplay are the most common, less common is Sparkplay/Sparkbonding There’s also a now-unheard of fourth type called Tactile/EM fieldplay.

Sticky: Sticky is organic-based sexual organs, with organic genitals. Usually it’s a set of a penis/vagina combo, but there’s lots of different versions. One thing is for sure; it’s messy, it’s slippery, and it’s the most common type of TF porn you’ll find. 

PnP: Short for Plug-N-Play, it’s also sometimes called wireplay, is the counter to Sticky. It’s more based on the passing of electrical currents and information between two cybertronians to bring pleasure to both parties. The fact that it’s also a common phrase for electronics is a hilarious bonus for when you find that shit in public and can laugh about it. 

Sparksex/Sparkplay/Sparkbonding: This is a fairly well recognized but not always utilized form of cybertronian coupling that involves direct interaction between two or more party’s sparks. It’s usually coupled with them becoming bondmates which is a term i’ll cover below in more detail. 

Tactile/EMfieldplay: This is from the olden days, I’ve not seen any content made of this forgotten type in years and years, but now’s a good a time as any for a resurgance. EMfield stands for Electromagnetic Field, which is the sensory net that surrounds a cybertronian. Long ago [before time began…] it was very common for fics to include the fields as a form of close-contact, a field that would become meshed with others when cybertronians were near each other. This type of porn was more closely related to foreplay, though climax could easily be reached by the two [or more!] fields interacting. This one’s pretty complex to explain here, but I think I’ve got the gist of it down. 

Here’s a list of some terms, not all are inherently sexual but are useful to know for the flow of things/knowing the name of some parts of the anatomy and terms: 

Interfacing is sex. It’s just what sex is called, pretty basic. 

cable/cord/plug are the words for a robot penis, however a lot of people call them ‘spikes’ too, which is uncomfortable sounding as hell! Let’s normalize cord/cable/plug =u= I’ve also seen 

Valve is the term used for a penetrable hole, a vagina or butthole or whateverthefuck, it’s also sometimes called a port. 

Anterior/Outernode is a term used for a clitoris, and 

Calipers are the internal structure of a valve/port, similar to the muscle structure inside organic holes to clench/cause a milking action. 

Overload is what an orgasm is called. 

Transfluid is cybertronian ejaculate/jizz. Most artistic renderings have it be glowing like Energon but it can be just about anything you want, I used to write it as silver or different colors, they’re robots, go wild. Glowy jizz or metallic jizz or black inky jizz or just white jizz, who cares! It’s jizz! Have fun! 

CNA  is sometimes used as a version of DNA, often used for when baby Cybertronians are talked about being made through sexual reproduction. On that note- 

Sparklings, are baby cybertronians. Sometimes they’re also called protoforms but more often than not Sparklings is the most accurate way to get it. Protoforms are also a canon material so I don’t know if anyone uses it anymore. I'm not going over different methods of sexual and asexual cybertronian reproduction because that honestly deserves a post all it’s own. 

Glossa is what tongues are called, while 

Coolant is often used as their version of saliva 

servo is used interchangeably for any moving part w/ a joint- legs, arms, fingers, etc [for fingers i would suggest 'digits’ too ] 

Vents are used to describe air flow and to emulate panting/heavy breathing, often used for when a cybertronian starts to get heated and their vents will turn on, expelling hot air. 

Pedes are words used instead of 'feet’

Chevron is the shape that’s on many Cybertronian’s heads, [examples: prowl, ratchet] 

Headfins are another helmet shape, often described as sensitive or an erogenous zone. [examples: sunstreaker, fort max]

Kibble is the name of anything that is not a vital part of the cybertronian’s anatomy but is needed in order to form their alt mode. Examples include tires, headlights, car doors on arms/back. 

Door-wings are pretty self-explanatory, but they are a specific anatomy belonging to the likes of Prowl, Jazz, TFP/Bayverse/RID2015 Bumblebee; they are the doors for their car mode that are perched between the shoulders like wings. 

Audials are used instead of 'ears’, while 

Finials describe a more protruding shape of 'ears’, such as those on Shockwave, Drift, and Wing. 

And as a special added note, here are some Cybertronian curse words often used in fics:

Dross [Damn]

Frag [fuck] fragger, fragging, etc

Scrap [shit]

Slag[aggressive derogatory term, means to call someone scum or garbage]

Feel free to add things! I hope this helps! 8U 

Big Bravo for our Betas

Now there’s a LOT of writing in SGVS so far, and the same again still to come. Who do you think has helped all these different writers keep plot points consistent, pointed out repetition, saved us from ourselves when we want to have someone say something that would be terribly OOC?

THAT’S RIGHT. Our betas.

Originally posted by missmaclay

There’s a typo in episode 7, gotta go.

Our first port of call has been @spaceshipsarecool - an excellent editor as well as writing episode 4. Above and beyond the call of duty, Trish has asked the tough questions and found the contradictions in any first draft. More than that, she’s asked us for more of the good things, and based on your comments, that has really worked.

Originally posted by aurorajames

Complicated action scenes? Bring them on.

Then we have @catherinegrant, who was @supercattucino before this. Big picture, line edits, catching the clunkers that a character would never say, Mayka has done it all. 

Not bad for someone who wasn’t gonna beta in the first place!

Originally posted by reginalovesemma

We also wouldn’t have full consistency of grammar and plot without the hands on help of @saunteringvaguelydownwards and @musetotheworld. A project this huge is nothing without a dedicated team, and these folks have put a TON of work in, even if it’s not immediately visible in the same way as other contributions.

So a big, huge, tremendous round of applause for them all please. They’ve made your SGVS possible. Please like and reblog so they can see how much their work is appreciated!

matildaswan  asked:

our universe is not this one; i can live with that (but i cannot bear it)

In one universe they are the best of friends. Bernie does not fall head over heels, they do not kiss, Serena does not have a mid-life Sapphic revelation. They are still inseparable, are still each other’s first port of call, still love each other fiercely – but it is never other than platonic, in thought or in deed.


In another universe Serena had kissed a girl in Stepney. When Bernie kisses her she doesn’t panic because she has already acknowledged and accepted this part of herself. There is no awkwardness or confusion, no crossed wires, no suggesting keeping things confined to theatre. Serena kisses Bernie back just as enthusiastically, when the next theatre team comes in looks at her with burning eyes and murmurs, ‘Later,’ with such wanting that Bernie moans.


In another universe Bernie is not a coward and does not run to Kyiv when Serena mentions falling in love.

In another she does go but Serena comes to visit her, and Bernie speeds through her work as quickly as possible so she can come home to her.

In yet another she runs and stays far longer than she should have, but when she finally comes back she tells Serena she couldn’t stop thinking about her, and Serena kisses her like it’s the only thing she’s wanted to do the entire time they were apart.


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Act IV of Surface by @ofendlesswonder is up!

Talk about range. Look at all the ways @pinkrabbitpro knows how to kill us. Please show her some love for her hard work in her tumblr ask box or on Ao3!

And now a preview of Act IV:

“You’re up early.” Eliza was surprised to discover Cat already sitting in her kitchen the next morning with a book, no doubt her only form of entertainment after Eliza had turned the house into a temporary Faraday cage.

It was their precaution in case Cat tried to get a message out there, a way to neutralize any phone or Wi-Fi signals originating within those walls, at least until Cat’s name had been cleared.

Eliza thought it was nice to have a little company so early in the morning, too used to the silence that came with an empty house.

She’d considered moving once the girls had left for good after college, but she’d never been able to say goodbye to this house, not when it was filled with so many wonderful memories.

Her life had changed so much here – she and Jeremiah had gotten married on the sandy beach below; they’d brought Alex home from the hospital; Kal-El had brought them a teenage Kara, scared of her own shadow; and she’d heard the news she’d lost her husband in this very kitchen.

“I’m an early riser,” Cat told her, looking up from her book with a smile, but Eliza could read the weary eyes well enough to know it wasn’t the whole truth.

“Couldn’t sleep?” she guessed as she made her way to her first port of call every morning – her beloved coffee machine.

“No.” Cat ran a hand through her hair, and Eliza saw the way it shook. “I don’t, anymore. Not since…”

Read the rest of Act IV NOW!

Or start with Act I!

Test Of Time

A late birthday gift for @bluesfanfiction . Since I procrastinated and got started late I decided to write about time travel. It’s Usuk. Hope you enjoy! //

Alfred bounced on his heels, fidgeting with excitement as scientists relayed instructions to him. He was trying to stay as still as possible, so that his colleagues could fit his gear onto him properly. It was the latest in time travel technology, nicknamed JumpGear. Alfred would be jumping further in time than anyone else ever had, a whopping fifty years. While others might be nervous about the gear malfunctioning, Alfred had nothing but faith in the tech he’d helped create.

 His coworker, Matthew, fitted his vest, zipping up the front, looking at him and breathing a sigh. “Remember, Alfred, under no circumstances are you to make contact with your future self, nor anyone who might recognize you. Your mission is to get in and get out, grabbing a newspaper in between so we can be sure you really went as far as we planned. If you don’t come back on your own within six hours, we’ll bring you back from here. So there’s nothing to worry about. Kirkland is going to instruct you on how to operate the gear. We were going to send him but..well, you know. Try not to embarrass yourself in front of him, yeah?” Alfred’s eyes widened.

 "Kirkland? Wait, Mattie, you know I can’t-“

 Matthew clapped him on the shoulder, and then started to walk away. "You’ll be fine!”

 Alfred felt a tap on his shoulder almost immediately after Matthew left his sight, and he jumped, wheeling around to face Arthur. Or, Kirkland, as the uptight scientist preferred to be called.

 Arthur seemed impatient, and he tapped his foot. His arm was in a sling, which was the only reason he himself wasn’t making the jump. Time travel required great physical health, and to send Arthur away with an injury surely wouldn’t be good.

 "Right, then,“ Arthur breathed, looking him over. "To come back, just use the touchscreen on your left glove and input the correct date. There’s a spare power core on your belt, though the one currently powering your suit is brand new so I doubt you’ll need it. The orange button on your vest will disguise the JumpGear as a plain set of clothes. You may look a bit weird in the time period but at least it won’t be obvious you’re a traveler. Savvy?”

 Alfred’s mouth was dry. He’d been focusing on Arthur’s features, the smattering of freckles on his nose, his pink, pursed lips, and his pale yellow hair, soft and feathery. His eyes were a bright green, sharp and calculating. Still, somehow, Alfred had managed to retain the instructions Arthur had given to him, so he nodded.

 "Good. Get ready, we’re sending you off in two minutes.“ Arthur put on a pair of goggles, and then walked towards the control booth, calling out to their colleagues. "Have any of you lot seen my planner? I’ve got some important documents in there, I can’t lose them..” He received a resounding no,  and he sighed, walking behind the control booth. He spoke to the group of scientists around him in a hushed voice. Alfred got into position, and closed his eyes, hearing a crackle. His hair stood up due to the static building around him, and then there was a loud snap.

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