Porcelain Raft - Unless You Speak From Your Heart

Porcelain Raft wasn’t too much on my radar before I got to see him last year at SXSW, at the Transparent x Forest Family Recs showcase. Mauro Remiddi somehow transcends age, both physicality and musically. You can tell he’s no youngster, there’s something ‘lived’ about  him, yet there somehow remains a freshness in his eyes. 

From reading more about his life and experiences, it’s no wonder his music is as eclectic, solid, and enjoyable as it is. He directed this video for one of his more upbeat and infectious pop songs on his new album Strange Weekend out now on Secretly Canadian. You can stream the whole thing on his facebook.

Watch on papawasa.tumblr.com

Stream in full the new album from Porcelain Raft “Strange Weekend”.

“All in My Head” by Porcelain Raft // Half Awake EP (Out 6.2.15 via Volcanic Field)

It feels like it’s been awhile since we heard something new from Porcelain Raft. Perhaps it’s that time away (which truthfully, has not been that long) that makes the arrival of the gorgeous new synth pop single, “All in My Head”, all the more welcome. Actually, I’m sure time has nothing to do with it. It’s just a brilliant track - all ethereal vocals soaring alongside arching, shimmering synths that fire off into the shadows, illuminating the glorious melody before fading off into haunting, darkened back half. It’s really something special. Having enjoyed a lot of what Porcelain Raft has been releasing these past several years, I have no qualms saying that i think this is a career highlight thusfar. I can’t wait to hear the EP in which it belongs. 


PORCELAIN RAFT  + -  "The Way Out"


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Rain’s Coming Down - For a quiet, rainy day

1. The Noises She Makes in Their Bed - Warmer || 2. Runaway - The National || 3. Boy with a Coin - Iron and Wine || 4. Slow Show - The National || 5. Afraid - The Neighbourhood || 6. The Hollow (Acoustic Live) - A Perfect Circle || 7. Put me to Sleep - Porcelain Raft || 8. Monki - Unknown Mortal Orchestra || 9. Fake Plastic Trees - Radiohead || 10. And Counting… - LIGHTS || 11. The Point Sometimes - Gregory and the Hawk || 12. December - Regina Spektor || 13. Pirate Reprise - Chris Garneau || 14. Thief - Her Name is Calla

[Listen Here]