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based on these im going to take a wild guess:

Team Valor: Shou, Shinji
Team Mystic: Tatsuya, Tsubasa, Hikaru
Team Instinct: Takumi, Gess

Eddsworld reminders

Honestly I hate living in fear of popular fandoms turning to shit.

Eddsworld especially. Because the show has a special place in my heart as I have known it for a few years now and it would pain me to see it being bashed and hated upon.
Edd wouldn’t want his show to become what FNaF and Undertale became…

But there are other problems that I have picked up on a lot.
And there are ways around them and they really aren’t difficult to fix.

Please, when you make ‘sin’ for Eddsworld, post it to the SINSWORLD tag; NOT the main Eddsworld tag. The Eddsworld tag is to be kept clean and safe for the younger fans and those who dislike the sexual side of the fandom.

STOP BASHING SHIPS AGGRESSIVELY. It’s fine is you hate a ship or take a strong disliking towards it, but it is NOT okay to threaten the person for shipping what you don’t. Seriously don’t do it.

And please do try and refrain from using any of the characters’ last names from when they were counterparts because Tom said himself they were no longer counterparts and they didn’t want their real last names being used for the main cast anymore (Paul and Patryk + other characters may be an exception in some cases but it is unsure).

That’s really it. I don’t see any other issues on this subject. Just please be considerate and take into mind that people love this fandom as much as I do and they don’t want it to be ruined like the other highly popular fandoms.


Rosewood has a population of like 7999 people or something so can someone tell me how it has:

A university
A shopping Mall
Like two mental institutions
A pretty popular high school
A shit load of coffee shops
A massive 5 star hotel
82828 murders per year

Because ngl my town has like 30,000 people, 10 shops and two schools


Bellarke shippers, dunno if y'all speak like this too but in Australia we use the word “shit” the same as we do with the word “stuff” shit is kinda slang for “stuff” so like we will say “can you bring me all that shit from the table?” Or “all that shit makes me want to travel” OR MAYBE “That Bellarke shit”

She didn’t say it to offend anyone, she didn’t say it to be disrespectful.
And the only reason I’m making this post is because I can see people all over Twitter and tumblr hating on Eliza when it’s just a big misunderstanding.

if u like taylor swift u probably shouldnt read this bc im aboutta go off. she literally always tries to make everyone look like the bad guy and make herself look like the victim. i know the whole kanye west famous song is a big controversy with his video, but kim and kanye said they got her permission to use that line about her in the song and she even said she thought it was funny then after the song gets all popular and shit she comes out and says she is offended by it and she didn’t give him permission ??? so ppl will feel bad for her and take her side. NOW with calvin harris she helped with writing the lyrics to this is what you came for and she wanted to keep it a secret but since her and calvin broke up and the song is big she wants everyone to know and make it look like the whole song was hers :) thnk god calvin called out her crusty ass on tweeter

I got the red Believe Journal a year ago, coming off a minor injury and eager to start training for Boston. I had hopes of a second BQ, a 5-10 minute PR, and multiple shorter races before then. It didn’t happen. The past 12 months have included two stress fractures, multiple “minor” injuries, five MRIs, gaining twenty pounds, thousands of bike miles, no speed work of any kind, and multiple DNS’s. Not exactly the training cycle I had planned for the race of my dreams, but I feel blessed that I’m even (hopefully) able to start. I’m nowhere near where I want to be, but maybe the next year will be better to me than this past year has been.

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