i’m really glad for jack and bitty, that they have a circle where they can be themselves without worrying about censoring their behavior, where they can share their happiness

it really strikes me how calm jack was in all of this. bitty looked a little worried and i think that comes from 1) being the first time he’s ever announced a boyfriend to the group or anyone and 2) knowing that once it’s out, it’s out and jack’s career (in his mind) will be forever threatened

but jack, jack is a picture of calm. i can only imagine that he’s thought about this long and hard and really wants this, wants to openly love eric in the support structure of their friends who care about them. that little group will always have each other’s backs, and jack knows it. it was implied that coming out to the group was his idea, and it sure looks like he’s completely made his peace with it, even risking a little public pda in the process. he looks like he’s got no qualms, and that really says something about how much he truly loves bitty (as if driving in the rain at 5 AM didn’t say enough). 

it gives me hope for what their future is going to be like. i had already made a post about jack having to choose between a normal career that didn’t include bitty and one that might be tougher but where eric is by his side. in the wake of these last updates, i think it’s clear what he’s going to choose. i’m sure he’s going to struggle with it somewhat, since the last time he was truly in the spotlight he overdosed; it’s going to bring up bad memories and feelings. but i do think they’re going to come out the other side stronger for it.


Port Gaverne, England, UK

Yo @ Everyone in the U.S

Y'all may think it’s a joke but this clown thing is getting out of hand. I just want everyone who sees this, including my followers, please be safe this Halloween and safe in general. There are people who will NOT THINK TWICE to snatch your ass up, and hurt you and cut you up or who knows what else.

Think about taking up something to defend yourself, carry things around to protect YOU. I cannot emphasize how much I care for people and how much I don’t like seeing things like this on the news. You can think it’s a joke until it happens to you, please please PLEASE, be careful and be cautious and aware of your surroundings!!!!


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