“And I couldn’t do it.”

It kills me that “And I couldn’t do it” was to mean despite his hardest, Dean still couldn’t keep his brother safe. It was so cathartic to get to hear him voice that weight of being given an impossible task, but hearing him list all the ways he feels he failed to keep his brother safe broke my heart.

#tbt that time two brothers bought their own planes, learnt to fly them and disguised them as soviet planes so they wouldn’t be questioned and then flew into east germany to rescue their third brother from a park and recorded the entire operation and got away with it

what IS the problem with fidget spinners:

  • - Teachers are not educated on what fidget spinners/fidget items are used for and automatically assume them to be “toys” and “distractions” and ban them from classrooms, getting rid of a valuable resource for those who benefit from stimming/fidgeting.
  • - Kids/students who use the fidget spinners as frisbees or use them obnoxiously in the middle of class (spinning them in the air or doing tricks with them while the teacher is trying to teach the class).

what ISNT the problem with fidget spinners:

  • - neurotypical kids/teenagers using them in the way they’re supposed to be used.