Rock albums don’t usually have the most extensive marketing campaigns; most of the time it’s just some online ads, a plug on The Daily Show and calling some other artist a twat in an interview with a tabloid if we’re talking about a British band. Trent Reznor’s Year Zero, on the other hand, had 17 websites and a massive alternate reality game devoted to it.

Reznor’s main method for spreading information to his fans, by the way? The bathroom stalls of Nine Inch Nails concert venues.

It all started with a Nine Inch Nails Tour T-shirt: among the words on the back, certain highlighted letters spelled out the phrase “iamtryingtobelieve.” This was actually the URL for a strange website that described a drug called parepin, an alleged immune system booster distributed by the U.S. government through the water supply to protect its citizens from biological warfare. The website posited that it was actually a hallucinogenic and narcotic drug meant to control the populace. Because people are way easier to keep in check when they’re tripping balls, apparently.

The 5 Most Insane Alternate Reality Games

An Unexpected Blessing Chapter 1/? | Archive of Our Own
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Chapter Title: The First Meeting

Rating: Explicit

Relationships: Levi/Eren Jaeger

Additional Tags: Alpha/Beta/Omega Dynamics, Eventual Smut

Summary: In the eyes of the populace, Levi is seen as an Alpha. As Humanity’s Strongest Soldier, there are many who believe him to represent everything an Alpha should be. Yet Levi has a secret of his own, one that he conceals at great cost. And one that he intends to carry to his grave, whenever that day comes.

Levi never anticipated meeting a young Alpha by the name of Eren Jaeger. Nor, during that first meeting, did the two of them anticipate just how close they would eventually become.

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Can you do one of #138 “Leave it to you to ruin your own birthday surprise.” where the reader and the gang, (like Dean, Sam, Cas, Garth, etc,) plan a birthday party for Bobby as a thanks for all he's done? :3

Everyone was in on planning Bobby’s surprise birthday party. And that meant literally everyone.

While most of the Sioux Falls populace believed Bobby to be an old drunk, the hunter network knew differently, and once you placed a few calls, most of them were more than willing to contribute in some way, giving stories of how Bobby had saved their ass in one situation or another. 

When the day comes, some can’t make it, but the scrappy band of hunters that are able to attend make you proud. As you look around the room, there’s Sam and Dean and Cas, Ellen and Jo Harvelle, Ash, Jody Mills, Garth, Rufus, and a few other hunters you didn’t recognize.

Cas is the lookout for Bobby, and when he hears Bobby’s vehicle pulling in, he signals. Everyone shuts up and goes to their hiding spot, crouched and waiting. And waiting. And waiting. Your phone rings and you silently curse, pulling it out quickly and groaning when you see it’s Bobby. 

“Kid, you’d better let everyone know I know, and if they jump out and yell surprise, they’re gettin’ buckshot through their skin.” He grumbles as soon as you pick up the phone, and you let out another curse, which makes him chuckle.

“Okay guys, the jig is up, Bobby knew. Don’t jump out or he’ll shoot first ask questions later!” You warn just before Bobby walks in.

Leave it to you to ruin your own birthday surprise, Bobby Singer.” Jody Mills speaks up as she stands from her place behind the couch, grinning at the older hunter.

Bobby frowns at her and looks over at you, Dean, and Sam accusingly. “S’not my fault, these idjits were actin’ damn suspicious and I felt I needed to investigate to make sure they weren’t possessed or somethin’.” He grumbles, and you put your hands up in a ‘surrender’ pose. Everyone laughs and the party gets underway, booze and tales of harrowing hunts saved by Bobby flowing freely through the night as family and friends spent one night safe in the home of their oldest friend and protector.

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Imagine the boulder eating raw cookie dough and being one of the few people to actually get salmonella

Salmonella poisoning. *shudders* Salmonella is actually a Class B. Diseases are categorized in three classes. Class A’s, Class B’s, and Class C’s. Each of these categories is a level of priority the government would have toward handling an outbreak among a populace. Class A’s are high priority; you’ll find smallpox and weaponized diseases here. Class B’s are medium priority; you’ll find your food-borne pathogens here (along with West Nile). Class C’s, as you can imagine, are your low priority. Rabies can be found in this category. ((Sorry, I love diseases, and am a huge nerd when it comes to them.)) 

Review: From Dust

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In all fairness, I only bought this game because it was on sale in the Steam store. I wanted to buy it before but never had enough money, so this was clearly the best time to buy it. After playing it I’m glad I only paid such a small amount for it. Not because it is rubbish, but because it is so short. I managed to finish the story mode in less than 3 hours. That is with 100% on the vegetation meter on every level. This was rather a letdown, because it had the potential to be such a good game.

As I said, the story was rather short. However it was interesting, you play as the “Breath” of these people. It is your duty to improve the land to living conditions while being assailed by rain, tsunami, volcano or other elemental disaster. You have the ability to move either Sand (or soil, I’m not sure what it is) Water and Lava around, and place it to help the tribes people. The aim is to populate these totems, each one has some sort of obstacle, and some totems allow you to use powers (like solidifying the water for some time). The only problem I found with the story itself is you not really knowing why you have to do this stuff. You just randomly get summoned into existence and have to do this, while the villagers follow the path of the “Ancients”. The end of the story, in my opinion, uses one of the WORST story finish devices EVER! Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time used this as well. And it really gets on my tits. Though it’s not as arseholeish, it’s still pretty dickish. I won’t say anymore but those who have finished either of those games know what I’m on about.

The Controls were ok, once you turned the mouse scrolling off so you could actually use the WASD controls and the mouse to effect. Only problem was this didn’t stick between each time you turned the game on and off again. of course turning it off didn’t mean you couldn’t scroll with your mouse, you just had to move it to the edge of the screen and you could, it meant that when you moved your mouse, the camera doesn’t follow it, like you are stuck on a massive pole and you can only follow the camera around.

There was an extra bit after with challenges, but I am not wasting my time on them, because they are just a waste of time, if you are going to do stuff like that, put it as part of the story


I would recommend this game to be bought if it is on sale. Otherwise, wait till a free expansion comes out to make it worth your while. It is a game for lovers of Populace and Black and White


Takhle dopadneš

Takhle dopadneš, když se nebudeš učit.

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Dřepím na zemi, nacvakávám zboží a za sebou slyším staršího muže, jak říká své dceři, zatímco nenápadně poukazuje na mě, „Podívej se, jak dopadneš, když se nebudeš učit.“

„Jo, budeš studovat, mít brigádu a celkově se osamostatníš.“, pomyslela jsem si tehdy s úšklebkem.

Nechci se tu teď ohánět, že dělám tohle a tamto a že ten muž byl namyšlený pitomec, to ne. Zarazilo mě, proč se některá povolání…

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Doomed Populace.

Now Playing: Scary Monsters And Nice Sprites - Skrillex

Just a short one this time. I believe even while it is short it speaks volumes.

I am unable to understand how people begin to lose their path when it comes to resolving arguments. No matter the issue, it seems that somehow, whether it be consumption of alcohol (amongst other things), changes to life that affect the psyche, or changes in general that affect one person’s general path or timetable or schedule or whatever avenue you choose in a day.

It seems that the art of conflict resolution, banter and understanding of both sides of the argument are long dead. I say “Art” because it has been defined that Art is a harmonious weaving of a specific element to create something beautiful to the mind’s eye. So in which case, while all of the values stated are different, they are all shared by the same characteristics and mindsets of one human’s psyche, yet are all affected by the other ailments and status changes listed in the first part of this piece (which again, there could be more circumstances or variables involved for argument’s sake.).

We live in a society of decaying moral stamina.
We live in a society of fraying social fabric.
We live in a society of dying values.

Chivalry is dead.
Ignorance is bliss.
We are a psychologically doomed population that is hellbent on destroying itself from the inside out due to it’s own flaws.

I managed to put my foot through the staircase tonight, but I will not falter.


11 důkazů, že na světě jsou jenom dva druhy lidí

11 důkazů, že na světě jsou jenom dva druhy lidí

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Lidí je na světě tuze moc. Jeden je takový, druhý je makový. Další je malý a ten zas vedle je moc velký. Tady je jedenáct obrázků, které dokazují, že lidi se dají rozdělit jenom do dvou kategorií.

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European Voters Are Revolting; France Warns "Situation Is Grave For Europe"

Just as we had warned in the run-up to the European elections - and England’s UKIP victory in local elections had suggested; Anti-European-Union parties are showing strongly in this weekend’s elections. Anxiety is spreading among the status quo as Greece’s anti-austerity party SYRIZA wins and perhaps even more worryingly in supposed core of the union France’s Nationalist party is leading in a “political earthquake” success:


Disengaged? - or totally pissed off with promises that never materialize and wealth that only trickles down to the uber-richest and uber-elitest.

No wonder France is worried…

#France - Ipsos seat projection: Front National 23-25 seats, UMP 18-21, Socialist Party 13, UDI/MoDem 6-8. #EP2014 pic.twitter.com/Md0BX39jFS

— Open Europe (@OpenEurope)

May 25, 2014


Anti-establishment parties were gaining ground in other parts of the EU too (following UKIP’s lead in the UK).

In France, exit polls setting the anti-immigrant, far right National Front up for its first success in a national election.

In Greece, exit polls had the far-left SYRIZA party leading with 26-30 per cent of the vote, ahead of the ruling conservative New Democracy Party. SYRIZA, whose leader, Alexis Tsipras, is running for European Commission president, has campaigned vociferously against the austerity that was part of the EU’s response to its economic crisis.

In Austria, the right-wing FPOe came in third with 20 per cent, while the anti-immigrant Danish People’s Party was set to take the biggest share of the vote in that Nordic country, according to exit polls and initial projections.

In Finland, the anti-immigrant True Finns party was projected to win two of the country’s 13 seats in the European Parliament, adding one seat to its previous tally.

In Germany, the far-right National Democratic Party - which has many overtly neo-Nazi supporters - could be on course to win its first seat in the legislature, according to projections. Germany’s anti-euro Alternative fuer Deutschland (AfD) is also set to make its debut in the parliament after capturing 6.5 per cent of the German vote, a public television exit poll showed.


But it’s not just France, Anti-EU parties are winning across Europe…

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h/t @WikiGuido


Who coulda seen that coming?

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And so the propoganda begins…


Umm - yeah it did… but when it gets serious - you have to lie!!!

Charts: Bloomberg

O lidech v drogerii

Předevčírem jsem stála a sledovala nakupující, když jsem ucítila, že mi něco jezdí po ruce. Stará paní mi kostkovým mýdlem s Jelenem jela od ramene až po předloktí. Když jsem se otočila, pošeptala mi, že tam, na té jedné kostce, nemáme cenovku a šibalsky se usmála. A já jsem se na ni taky usmála a slíbila jí, že tam tu cenovku hned dám.

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Asi před měsícem za mnou v drogerii přišel až do nepříjemné blízkosti postarší pán.
“Dobrý, chtěl bych něco pod pažu.”, zvedl ruku a tou druhou naznačoval, že si tam něco natírá.
“Dobrý den, a chtěl byste spíš sprej, kuličku a nebo gel?”
“Asi spíš teda sprej.”
A pak jsem mu ukazovala, co voní mně. On to totiž prej moc necítí, protože si šňupnul tabák. Nakonec jsme vybrali i sprchový gel.
Ani jsem mu…

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Stick to the Mission
  • Stick to the Mission
  • Jacob Frye/Evie Frye
  • Assassin's Creed Syndicate

Jacob: Ah, another exciting night home for Evie Frye.

Evie: Just on my way out, actually. I’ve found the Piece of Eden.

Jacob: What’s this one going to do? Heal the sick? Deflect bullets? Control the populace?

Evie: They’re dangerous objects, Jacob. Especially in Templar hands.

Jacob: You sound exactly like Father.

Evie: Lucy Thorne is expecting a shipment tonight. She’s Starrick’s expert in the occult. I’m nearly certain she is receiving the Piece of Eden Sir David Brewster mentioned.

Jacob: Sounds like fun. Mind if I join you?

Evie: Promise you will stick to the mission.