Mics that guy who was super popular in school and never knew it. If one one the students wanted to become popluar Aizawa or Midnight would just be “ask Present Mic” and hed be sitting there laughing “HAHA ME? Popular??? Nah! I was just a friendly guy.”

The other two would have to sit there listing the ways he was popular. From people wanting to date him to his clicks. “Well sure i would hang out with the popular kids but-” “you didnt hang out with them. They hung out with YOU.”

Mic would be having a crisis cause he never pictured himself like that. “I WALKED AROUND PLAYING A UKULEE IN THE HALLWAY HOW WAS I POPULAR???”

anonymous asked:

Seeing both Phichit's and Chris' now, I have to ask about Viktor's top ten Instagram posts! :D

Viktors 10 most liked pics on social media? :D ♡

Viktor’s Top Ten Most Liked Videos/Pictures To Date:

1) Underwear model photoshoot. That’s all I’m saying

2) The most adorable picture of him and Makkachin that made everyone’s heart’s explode

3) A podium selfie he took of him and Chris and Yuuri in the background while Yuuri’s wasn’t looking

4)  A clip from an advert that Viktor did for a brand he sponsors. Literally no-one cared about the brand, they cared that Viktor spent the entire ad either with water being poured on him (aesthetically) or with his shirt off while skating, all in black and white and very pretty to watch. It has been featured in a significant number of people’s sexual fantasies, including teenage Yuuri’s.

5) A picture of his medal collection/trophy shelf that he posted in retaliation to someone saying ‘he hasn’t even won that much anyway’. (Hint - it’s really freaking big)

6) A selfie of him and Chris on a road trip taken by him, while driving, along a road by a cliff that drops into the sea. It’s only so popluar because most people thought it was going to be the last photo of him they ever saw

7) A video of his world record breaking Free Skate (Belle)

8) A picture of him and Yuuri on the podium taken from old news footage the first time they shared the podium together for a #throwbackthursday. It’s popular because it’s from the same video where Yuuri was caught glaring at Viktor and the rivalry officially started 

9) The picture of the view from the hotel room window with the jacket that might or might not be Yuuri’s in it

10) The picture of his medal from the time he won gold and his title back from Yuuri in chapter 9

+ most popular of all time) Now that would be spoiling it ;) But it involves Yuuri and it broke the internet



So Close, So Far”

wherein Jennie, Lisa, Rosé and Jisoo work under a modeling company and are still thriving to become popular and successful models.

Jennie, who is the most popluar among them went viral after showing off skin during a photoshoot!

Later on, she receives anonymous messages from curiouscat that helped her cope with sadness from getting so much hate from the media.

Little did she know, most of the anon messages were from Lisa who works at the same company as hers!

Lisa on the other hand is not so good at expressing her feelings and always holds back, that’s why she is so close to Jennie yet so far!

their twitter profiles:

I’m back with another AU! Thank you for reading Best Mistake and if you haven’t, make sure you check it out :> Updates will be between 5-7pm PHTime. I hope y’all will give this au a lot of support as much as you all did with Best Mistake! ( ◠‿◠ )

Of a Juliet and an Einstien (Tony Stark x Reader High School AU)

AN: Hello my beautiful subjects! This is the first request that I recieved and I hope it is everything that you wanted! I am happy with the way that the story turned out. Now, I did just finish writing it and just briefly looked over it so if there are any mistakes, please forgive me and tell me what you notice and I’ll try to get it fix asap. Any enjoy the story! XOXO Queen Hannah of the Fandom Hell Blog

Fandom: MCU

Request: Yes!  @carolyn-stark-91 : Hello, I was wondering if you could write a Tony Stark story for me. I’d like a high school AU where tony is the usual popular tech nerd and I’m a theatre geek who doesn’t really have any friends but homecoming or a dance is coming up soon. Please and thank you. If you need anymore info or have any questions just go ahead and ask me.

Words: 2716 (It got away from me a bit, but that’s okay!)

Warnings: Tony Stark….. I’d say thats it

Summary: Reader is a theater geek that has a big crush on the oh so popluar tech nerd Tony Stark, that causes a series of events to happen before the school play and Homecoming.

Originally posted by spongebobsquarepants

It just had to be him didn’t it. It had to be the most popular, and possibly the smartest, guy in school that I fell for. Me, the nobody theatre geek who most of the classmates ignored, had an impossibly large crush on the popular tech savvy Tony Stark. My heart just loved to torture me didn’t it. It was so cliche the lowly nerd falling for the popular guy. I doubt he even realizes we have four of our core classes together. I doubt he could pick my face from a crowd of students. I doubt he even knew my name. Hell, why would he when he had a gaggle of girls around him giving him attention at any given moment? Why would he notice the one girl sitting in the back of the room daydreaming about a relationship that would never be? It really was a pointless crush, one that definitely wouldn’t lead to anything. So why should I get my hopes-

“Geez I really need to start paying more attention to my surroundings. Sorry about bumping into you, (y/n).”

I look up holding my head only to realize who it was and look back down quickly and start gathering my things. Speak of the Devil and he shall appear. Tony Stark. Of course it was Tony who bumped into me. Wait, had he said my name? No, I had to have imagined it, right? Hurriedly, I tried to gather all of my things so that  I could rush away as quickly as possible. As I was reaching to grab my playbook, it was grabbed by the same man that bumped into me. Mentally cursing, I stood up and watched the ground hoping he would hand me the book and we could part in silence.

“A Midsummer Night’s Dream,” of course, I was never lucky, “Are you in the play?”

I opened my mouth to answer, but my throat clammed up and my mouth became dry, so I just nodded my head, while still looking down at the floor. I heard pages flipping and I looked up at his hands, and paled slightly. He was looking through the pages, and from what it looked like, he was reading my notes I had written in the margins. Taking a quick glance at his face, I saw he had a small smile resting there; a smile that made my heart flutter like a butterfly trying to take off in flight. When he looks up from the book and meets my gaze I can feel the blush starting to burn on my skin.

“You really take this stuff seriously, don’t you,” he gave a small smirk, “You must be pretty good too, from your notes I gather you got the main girl’s part. When is the play? I’d like to go. Just want to see if all your hard work,” he holds up the book in his hands, before finally handing it back to me, “pays off.”

The smirk he is giving me almost makes my brain decide to jump out the nearest window, but, thankfully, it doesn’t and I manage to squeak out a quiet, “Two…It’s in two weeks. The last night is the day before Homecoming.”

Heart thudding and feeling dizzy, I look into his eyes, big mistake on my part. His breathtaking smoky topaz eyes, that I could just spend all day staring into, stared back for what was a few seconds but seemed like eternity.

“Well then, my fair Juliet, I shall see you then. If not sooner,” he jokingly bows before taking a few steps backwards smiling once more, then turning around and heading in the opposite direction, to what I could only assume to be the school’s tech lab. I stood there for a few minutes before I notice a teacher walking in my direction, so I turn and start heading towards the theater department to practice my lines.

It’s not until a few days later, three days to be specific, that I start noticing that the girls who normally swarm around Tony are actually standing at a distance from the man himself. Which is odd. Even the head cheerleader, Virginia or Pepper Potts, is giving him space. Usually she especially was almost attached at the hip with him at any given moment. Curiously, I started paying more attention to my surroundings more, instead of just zoning out, and I started noticing that in certain classes I could feel eyes staring at me from certain places in different classrooms, but every time I looked behind me to see just who it was that was watching me, I could never catch anyone. It was actually starting to frustrate me, but I just brushed it off as paranoia. The play nights were fast approaching and I was just probably getting antsy, it happens every year. This year just wasn’t any different, right?

Shaking my head and clearing my thoughts, I gathered my things and headed towards my locker to grab my lunch and play book, planning on eating outside under the tree next to the office entrance. It was always quiet out there and perfect for practicing my lines. Nobody ever seemed to want to eat outside, I never understood why, bugs maybe? Whatever, it’s their loss; more silence for me. At least that’s what I thought.

Once I had gotten settled and had opened my book to the page I was working on memorizing, I grabbed and apple out of my lunch bag and took a bite while ‘acting’ out the part I was reading. After a couple of minutes and half of my apple being eaten, I was broken from my thought process by two voices. Two very distinctly male voices, that seemed to be coming in my direction. Panicking, I grabbed my things and tried to hide behind the tree before the two got any closer. Once they got close enough for me to make out their conversation, I paled even more.

“Tony, I told you the bot wasn’t ready. The stabilizers aren’t ready for this kind of wind! Now look at the poor thing, we have to start all over!”

“Calm down, Bruce, we were going to have to take the thing out for a test run eventually. Plus, she didn’t do as bad as I thought she was going to do, so that’s a plus.”

“Sometimes you’re insufferable, you know that? You’re lucky your my only friend.”

“Hmmm sounds like a persona-”

Straining your ears I listen as their footsteps come closer to my tree, and I pray to every god in every religion that neither of them notice me. Thankfully, today the gods seem to be in my favor as neither of them notice my presence. Okay, well the gods are somewhat in my favor as I notice my playbook isn’t with the things I grabbed.

“What is that Tony? Some kind of book,” I hear one voice, who I assume to be Bruce Banner, one of Tony’s close friends in the tech lab, ask. I hear the rustling of pages being turned and I hold my breath.

“Yeah,” I can hear the smirk, that I’m sure he is wearing, in his voice, “it’s a playbook, and I know exactly whose it is.”

Bruce sighs and probably rolls his eyes, “Let me guess it’s one of those girls’. You know the ones that are usually surrounding you when you aren’t in the lab?”

“No, god no. This girl, she’s different Bruce. She doesn’t crowd around me like the others. She different, Juliet isn’t like those other boring girls. She’s interesting,” his voice softens at the end, and from what I could tell his smirk turned into more of a smile.

“Okay whatever you say Romeo,” Bruce chuckles out and turns and starts walking towards the school doors.

“Come on Tony, we need to get back inside before lunch ends.”

I finally let out the breath I had been holding and I slump to the ground holding my chest, my heart felt like it was actually going to take flight like if I let go. Tony actually noticed me. He said I was different from the other girls. He said I was interesting. Taking deep breaths I finally come out from behind the tree with all of my stuff and notice that Tony had actually taken my playbook with him. Now’s when I can panic. How am I supposed to get it back? I can’t just go up to him and be like, ‘Hey I was outside hiding behind the tree the whole time you and Bruce were talking. Can I get my playbook back?’ God no, I think I’d die of embarrassment before I even go close to him! I mean it’s not like I really need the book anymore with the play only a week away now, but that’s not really the point. The point is that Tony Stark has my playbook and I had no idea how I was going to get it back.

Scared, I walked back into the school and headed to my locker to exchange my my books and put lunch away. While walking to my next class all I could think about was how much my life had changed of the course of the last few days, and how it only started when I ran straight into my crush.

The rest of the day went relatively smooth if you don’t count my constant panicking, and almost having a heart attacks every time I caught even small glance of Tony. It wasn’t until then end of the day, after I left the theater room late after having an in depth talk about your character with Mr. Brennan, the theater director.

The hallways had already cleared, which i were thankful for, and I were the only student in sight. I walked at a leisure pace towards my locker, and took my time opening it. I was in no real rush to leave. The teachers had gone easy on homework for the day, meaning I had time to procrastinate. I wasn’t until I had my locker open that I noticed that something was different with my locker. There was a letter sticking, only slightly, out of the little slits at the top of the locker’s door. Grabbing the letter, I stuff it in my binder to read once I was home and in my room. It wasn’t until I noticed that my playbook was in my locker on top of all of my other books, that I noticed something was up. How had it gotten there? Tony had picked it up outside. Does this mean he knew where my locker was? Or did he just turn it in and the office had someone put it in my locker? No, they would have called me to the office and gave it to me after scolding me about losing the book in the first place. So had Ton,y somehow gotten into my locker?

Blushing, I quickly looked down the hallway only to see that there was no one around. Grabbing the letter from where I had stuck in my binder, getting home could wait. I needed to know how that book had gotten back into my locker, and the letter might hold some clues. As soon as I opened the letter and I glanced at the handwriting my heart went a flutter for what seemed to be the millionth time just that day. I really needed to get myself under control.Taking a breath I began to read the letter.

Dear Juliet,

Found your book outside today during lunch. Figured you’d want it back as soon as possible so here I am your knight in shining armour. I waited to give it to you in person for a bit, but you must have been running late so I just left it in your locker and am leaving this note.

You’re Welcome,

Your Einstein

P.S. I promise I just set the book in there and didn’t go snooping through your stuff. If you don’t believe or trust me Bruce was there and he wouldn’t let me. See you at the play, or sooner.

I read the letter over a couple of times before pressing it to my chest and smiling like the giddy idiot that I am. He had actually waited at your locker for you so that he could give you your book back. God, he was making your small, yeah right, crush on him grow, and now it seemed impossible for me to get over it. I guess only time could tell.

Nothing to big happened in the days leading up to the play dates. Things had changed now though. Tony’s usual gaggle of girls were left abandoned and  had to latch onto the next best target, which just so happened to be Steve Rogers the star of the football team go patriots. Tony himself had taken it upon himself to move himself next me in every class we shared, even in the classes we had assigned seats, which was kind of funny because hearing him argue with the teacher was just comical in itself. I found myself smiling more often now. Tony always seemed to go out of his way in the halls to say something, or just give me a cheesy smirk paired with a wink, everytime that he saw me. I honestly don’t know what changed, but I could seriously start to feel my feelings for him start to change from a simple crush to liking him wholeheartedly and wanting to actually be with him.

It wasn’t until the day of the last play performance that things starting picking up again. When I was leaving the school that afternoon I found two things taped to my locker, a yellow rose with red tips and a note that said, I’ll see you tonight, Your Einstein. My heart fluttered and I smiled the first big smile I’ve smiled in who knows how long and I took the rose and note after grabbing my thing and I went home to get ready for later that night.

I was a nervous wreck throughout the entire night, but I made it through, and with my best performance yet in my opinion, and also Mr. Brennan’s. After we had done our final bow and gave our speeches about how lovely the play had been this year, and how much we were going to miss the senior, we finally went back to the dressing rooms and on the vanity I had claimed as mine, there was another rose almost identical to the one I found on my locker earlier. I picked it up and smiled and smelled the beautiful flower. I was startled out of my little world I was in when someone cleared their throat behind me. Turning around quickly, I almost drop the rose in my hand out of shock.

“Hey there Juliet,” standing there, with a dozen more of the roses, was none other than Tony with a large smile on his face, “That was a really moving performance out there. You were beautiful and amazing. I’d say your hard work really did pay off.”

I smiled and walked towards him, completely oblivious to the fact that the rest of the cast, the stage hands, and Mr. Brennan had all gathered around to see what was going on. Once I was within arms reach Tony handed me the bouquet.

“Thank you,” I just smiled up at him, “Thank you for coming, and gosh thank you for the roses,” now I was definitely blushing, but to hell with it, how could I not be with Tony looking at me like that? He grinned and lowered his voice so that he knew only I could hear him, “Dad always said to know my flowers and their meanings, said they might come in handy. I’d say that they did. Want to know what these rose’s meanings are,” I just nod still smiling, “They stand for falling in love. Juliet, I really like you and I think I right to say that you like me too,” all I could do right now is nod as my heartbeat faster that I thought humanly possible, “(y/n) would you go to Homecoming with me?”

Treat You Better

A/N: Trigger warning. Read at your own risk.

“I know I can treat you better than he can and any girl like you deserves a gentleman”


Harry’s POV

Having a huge crush on the most popular girl in school is a very bad idea, when you’re practically a nobody to everyone. You might be thinking ‘school’s popular girl’ means she would be blonde,thin, tall and tanned girl with a lot of make up on her face and mean to everyone and doesn’t care about school. But I’ll have to stop your imagination right there. Y/N is the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen. She is flawless. She hardly uses any make up and is perfect. Her hair color is natural. She is just simple and decent. She is not at all mean to anyone and is an A student. Everyone loves her including the teachers. But there is this only one person who doesn’t know her value. Her oh so popluar jock boyfriend Jack. I have no idea why in the world is she dating someone like Jack. I can treat her so much better than him.


3rd persons pov

* At School *

As usual you woke up in the morning, did all your morning chores and got ready for school. You went downstairs grabbed you breakfast and went out as you heard a car horn. You were greeted by your boyfriend Jack who has been a jackass to you from some days. You sat in the passenger seat and Jack leant towards you to kiss your lips but you turned your face so he kissed your cheek. “What the hell was that!?” Jack asked you. “Nothing.” You said flatly. “Whatever. Bitch.” You heard him mutter. Your blood boiled. You decided to neglect it.

Soon you guys reached school. You opened the car door and got out and slammed the door angrily and left for your first class which was History. As you entered the class some students were already present in the class including your friends. You looked around and your eyes landed on a certain curly headed guy. Harry. You always thought that he was very hot but he never tried to speak to you. You felt that he hated you because he never even looked at you. Somewhere you knew even if you had a boyfriend you had a soft spot for Harry. But Harry had no idea about it. He felt as if he was non-existent to you.

You shook your head and walked to your friends. “Hey” you said to your best friend Lucy. “Hi. Morning.” She said. You may be popular but you had only one friend whom you trusted more than your life. “I’m thinking of ending things with Jack.” You said. “Finally!!” Lucy exclaimed. “And then you can drool at your curly head as much as you want.” She said winking at you. Your eyes widened. “Don’t give me that look Y/N. I know you like him. And don’t worry I know he likes you too. I see how he looks at you. Like you’re his everything. And I’ve even seen how sad he becomes when he sees you with that asshole.” Lucy says. You just nod your head and sit in your chair lost in your thoughts.

* Lunch *

You keep your books in your locker and walk towards the cafeteria. As you enter the cafe you try to look for Jack. You spot him easily with his dumb friends. You walk over to him and take a deep breath and tap his shoulder. He turns around and is about to kiss you but you move away. “We’re over.” You say. And this catches everyones attention. “What!?” Jack says loudly and stands up. “You heard me.” You say sassily. Jack was pissed. “I wasn’t even interested in you anyways bitch. I just wanted a good fuck.” He said casually. You had enough. You lift you right hand and slap him across his face and leave.

*End of the school*

You had to borrow some books from the school library so you stayed back some time. As your ride back was Jack but after the whole cafeteria scene you were not going to ride with him, obviously.

After borrowing the book you left the library and were walking out the school doors when suddenly a hand pulled you back and dragged you to a nearby class room which was empty and threw you on the floor roughly.

You looked up to see Jack. He had a sinister smirk on his face. “You were being such a bad girl in the cafeteria, I think I have to teach you a lesson.” He said. “Wha..” You were cut off by a slap on your face. You looked up at Jack your hand holding your cheek. Before you did anything he kicked you right in your stomach which hurt like hell. He continued. Kick after kick. Slap. Punch. By now you were all bruised. There was blood on your face and your back and stomach hurt very bad. Unfortunate of you there was no one in the school or so you thought. As the was about to punch your face again the class room door opened. Both of your attention was on the person who just came in. You weren’t able to see clearly as one of your eye was bruised and everything was blurry because of your tears. But you sure did notice that the figure was tall, build and had a mop of curly hair. Harry. You thought.

Jack turned and was about to say something when a punch was been thrown at him. Punch after punch harry threw at him until he was unconscious. Harry looked at you and quickly came by your side. “I’m taking you to my home.” He quietly mumbled and you nodded. He picked you up bridal style and carried you to his car and put you in the back seat. He quickly went and sat in the front seat and drove towards his house.

After 10 mins he parked in front of a beautiful house. He got out of his car and went and opened the door of  his house and quickly came to get you. He carride you to what seemed to be the bathroom and made you sit on the counter and cleaned your wounds. You took your time just looking at his beautiful and flawless face. “Thank You.” You mumbled. He just nodded and went murmuring “I can treat you so much better than him.” You had no idea if what you heard was right but you took your chance and called him. “Harry!” You said. He came back and looked at you puzzled. You motioned him to come closer to you. He did slowly. You carefully as lips softly on his soft and plum lips for a few seconds and then pulled away. It was as if his dream came true. You looked up at him and into his eyes. He smiled at you and you blushed. “Can I try that again?” He asked. You just nodded blushing. He placed his hands gently on your cheeks trying not to hurt you and kissed you. Passionately. 

At the end he sure did treat you better than anyone else.


I hope you enjoyed it. - K

Easy Oral - Hollstein one shot

Read on AO3

Carmilla - student/teacher AU

Rating: P for Porn

Pairing: Hollstein

Wordcount: 3.753

A/N: Soooo to make up for my lack of writing I give you some filthy smut :3 I’m so sorry I haven’t dropped the fics. I am working on them, rather slowly, but I am. So, until then maybe give this a read??? Also sorry if this is highly inappropriate :3

Summary: Laura Hollis, popluar student of the school is failing her classes. She has had an eye on the English/Physics teacher Carmilla Karnstein and she is wondering whether she could get some extra credits from her.

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My thoughts on Reaperfist

Frist. reaperfist really that’s the ship name? there was nothing better ( I don’t know, reapdoom, shotgun buds, etc) reaperfist just sounds like the sex act of fisting reaper and if you don’t know what fisting is? well… good luck with that.

second. I over heard that there was ship hate over this new ship ( no surprise, it happens in every fandom) so as a reaper76 shipper myself I like to say …..I have zero fucks to give, I really don’t care, people can ship what they want. Seriously what’s to get mad about? This is Tumblr, TUMBLR people if you’ve haven’t been here long enough, you would have notices that people on tumblr make anything gay for any reason. Two girls who’s names make a funny pun (boom ship it ), two dudes one that’s hyper the other one can’t stand him( ship it anyways), a guy who’s sees the other as a  teacher or mentor ( fuck it, ship that too ) hell not everyone has to like your/ he’s or her ship not everyone likes reaper76( and I can respect, that,same as I don’t see pharamercy even tho it’s like the most popluar ship )

Third. seriously there’s NO need to get mad, it’s not like Reaper was only shipped with soldier76, I mean there’s mercykill, hackerkill, and many others. I’ve seen people ship Reaper with Roadhog, Lucio, Junkrat, and Widowmaker. 

Lastly. I’m still going to ship reaper76 regardless what others think and you should go ahead and ship you want too, bye lovelies! 


Hey! Thank you for reading Best Mistake! I’ve prepared a new AU and hopefully you’ll like it as much as you did with Best Mistake.

The title would be “So close, So Far” wherein Jennie, Lisa, Rosé and Jisoo work under a modeling company and are still thriving to become popular and successful models. Jennie, who is the most popluar among them went viral after showing off skin during a photoshoot! Later on, she receives anonymous messages from curiouscat that helped her cope with sadness from getting so much hate from the media. Little did she know, it was Lisa who works at the same company as hers! Lisa on the other hand is not so good at expressing her feelings and always holds back, that’s why she is so close to Jennie yet so far!

Him: born in Italy, raised in California. Forced to leave L. A. right at the start of his senior year, because his dad found a new job in Cleveland. Frases his sentences with words to complicated for most of his peers. Photographer. Twin.

Her: a Cleveland native. Not really a popluar kid, but also not among the social outcasts either. A burning passion for acting. Always somewhere in between. The drama club is her second home. Loving daughter and sister. A poet. A senior. An introvert.

Or: what would have happend if Cole and Dylan never got famous and SH had met in Highschool.

Coming to Ao3 soon.

Hey Team Ketchup. I can’t believe I have to say this. Not all of you. But to most of you. Most of you with your salty ass tears saying that this Splatfest was rigged.


You can get the popluar vote all you want. But bottom line is if you don’t put forth the effort to try and win against the Team Mayo that you did get paired off with. Then that’s on you. That’s your fault. Marina even said herself “Popularity isn’t everything”

Team Mayo worked their ass off to win their matches against Team Ketchup. I personally went in with the intention and determination to take you guys down. And clearly our efforts paid of. You guys relied on popularity to get you through. That cocky attitude showed and we fought back. And if your going to continue being little shits because your fucking waifu lost. The fine. I’ll take great pride in shutting your damn waifu down Every. Single. Motherfucking. Splatfest.

anonymous asked:

Still love that ih think that ih being canon means its popular. Weren't they the ones saying if ir became canon id be just because itd be pandering to the masses. Just admit your ship doesnt have that much content. Hell grimm/ichi has almost as much fanfiction as ir. I hate that ship but the fact is its popluar af and has a lot of people in it.

the people who think IH is popular are …delusional tbh. it’s a fact that ichiruki was and still is the most popular bleach ship, by a pretty big number too. what i find hilarious is that some of them try to blame us for their lack of content, saying that we’ve bullied anyone who likes IH into silence lmaooooooo. their ship just didn’t have enough material to attract fans and that’s that.


chacha chacha chacha