Popcorn nail art tutorial inspired by these junk food nails I did.

1. Paint your base using a light yellow polish.
2. Paint the bottom half of the nail red, making the line slightly rounded.
3. Paint white stripes over the red section.
4. Using your light yellow polish, make dots overlapping the bottom striped section just slightly. This will make your bag of popcorn look like it is really spilling over!
5. With black polish, write “pop corn” on the striped section. You can easily omit this step if space doesn’t allow!
6. Using a light brown polish, make lines that look like “3″ to create the outline of the popcorns. You’ll want to do this along the bottom of the yellow too in some spots.
7. Repeat this shape all over the nail. You do not need to make this exact or make it look like you outlined every piece of popcorn. You just want to create the illusion of a full bag!

Finish with a top coat and enjoy!