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Rebels Without Causes: Tumblr Magazine PH's Bloggers Who Matter - Part 3

Photos are from the bloggers themselves; credits to their photographers *winks*

Here is Tumblr, if you prefer to see and understand it in numbers.

As of June 2014, this microblogging site has a total blog population of about 192 million, with over 83.1 billion blog posts, all managed by about 280 employees, housed on its three offices at NYC, RVA, and LA. [1]

The website itself has been available to 13 major languages in the world, and has 37,000 registered meetups all over the globe. [1]

Tumblr’s blog population is enough to occupy the citizen count of the United Kingdom and Japan, combined. Surprisingly, these two countries ranked 3rd (4.4%) and 4th (3.6%) place, respectively, as the top countries that visit Tumblr. [2]

Obviously, United States of America ranked 1st with 32.8% of the total site visit. To much surprise, India ranked 2nd with 8.3%, and on 5th place is France with 3.5% site visit. The Philippines? At the bottom of the list with 1%. [2]

In a global view, Tumblr ranked 35th on popularity (19th most popular in the United States). [2]

In April 2013, the website received more than 13 billion global page views [3], and come June 2014, over 96 million posts are created on the site each day[4]

AddThis, a social media bookmarking web technology company, noted in 2011 that Tumblr had increased by 1,299.5% in terms of growth in content sharing, with Facebook on the side that makes up sharing on the web at 52%. [5]

In the Philippines, Tumblr is the 16th most popular site based on a combination of average daily visitors and pageviews. 1.1% of Tumblr users come from Philippines and they generate 1.0% of the pageviews on Tumblr. [6]

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Rommel Rebucan
20, “Certified Unemployed”

Benok: “Being a graduate of Fine Arts, I really want to be an animator, and because of this, I see myself twenty to thirty years from now as a successful animator in Pixar or DreamWorks, if not, maybe in Japan. Kung hindi naman, I would be on a advertising company doing *of course* advertisements for a certain product. But still I will pursue my dream job which is to be an animator/illustrator. Medyo bihira kasi yung nag-o-offer nyan dito sa Pilipinas, kaya I have plans to go somewhere na may nag-o-offer ng [ganung] klaseng job.”

John Carlo Tagata
18, Information Technology Student

JC: “I have my own successful efforts in making a difference. As much as I try to fulfill my goals and my dreams, I have always put the sake of others into account. Most of the time, I’m a son that is trying to make his parents proud, or I’m a brother who tells his younger siblings to live wholesome lives. Sometimes, I’m an active volunteer taking 1-hour rides out of town to help "unreached” people live better lives. Just recently, I’m a student-leader working to help students understand what IT is. I have gone beyond my comfort zones to change the lives of other people. My whole life does not revolve around me, and I think that makes my existence relevant.“

Jan Michael Rebuyas
22, Writer and reporter for The Philippine STAR

Mike: "In all honesty, I’m just some plain old hobbyist with equipment that I don’t even deserve. (But my parents think I do, so who am I to argue?) With my blog, I’m just trying to keep track of my life and all the everyday sh*t that happens in it and share just a tad bit of it with anyone who would care and want to know. One of the most memorable things to happen to me on Tumblr were the times when my photos got into the *featured* tags, which honestly was quite a surprise since I don’t think that I’m that good of a photographer.”

JL Javier
19, Information Design Student

JL: “One of my favorite quotes is really cheesy: "Find what you love and let it kill you.” That’s design and photography for me. I owe much of my strength and confidence to these two things even though, at the same time, they drive me insane. / We all matter to something or someone, the same way that the people around us have influenced us one way or another, making them relevant to us. I try to be the best version of myself I can be not just for others, but also for myself. I don’t think it matters what exactly your relevance is, as long as it helps you and the people around you grow.“

Roye Julian Serrano
21, Multimedia Arts Student

Roi: ”I write endlessly on my journal, read books (and not inside a goddamn Starbucks, because I’m not a hipster and just because there are other places to get better coffee), and I love taking photographs. I usually get bashed whenever I post something, especially a photograph. I usually just shake it off, because I believe that if I keep on doing what I love, people will start to understand and soon appreciate what I do.“

Rennell Salumbre
22, Freelance Photographer / "Tambay Most Of The Time”

Rennell: “I love music and photography. I want to work in both industries as much as possible, but of course, I prioritize photography since that’s where I, somehow, excel in. I used to play the guitar kasi but then, no improvement with my skill kaya I stopped. How I wish I could sing din. Pero I take photos of musicians naman sometimes kaya I think my photography will also be a help na rin in the music industry. Haha!”

Nicole Cortez
18, Journalism and Media Studies Student

Nicole: “I can’t say I’m out to change the entire world and I’m not that ambitious, but I want to make a difference in the lives of people through my writing, to advocate good causes and champion them all. I want to be able to draw out of my mind the perfectly tailored sentence—the phrase that makes everyone else sit down and realize ‘Ah, so that’s what it’s all about. I have to do something about it.’ I dunno. I want to grow into myself and grow outwards and spread my roots to each person I touch. I know these are small things, but hey, they’re good things nonetheless. At the end of the day, I think, doing good things for people is way more important than anything else anyway.”

Rebels Without Causes x Part 1
Rebels Without Causes x Part 2


It’s time for an EPIC Nintendo haul of what we picked up in Amsterdam & MORE! 😍🇳🇱  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JGBHQNa32QM

Rebels Without Causes: Tumblr Magazine PH's Bloggers Who Matter - Part 1

Photos are from the bloggers themselves; credits to their photographers *winks*

We are part of one bright constellation - a constellation that is not found up the evening sky, but the one that is found through the lines of our internet connections, right through our computer screens. As time passed by, we were able to create a force that is unbreakable. This force is creative, fun, young, carefree, and rebellious.

Tumblr Philippines is a whole new blogging experience, and from our day-to-day personal journeys in and out the helms of our Tumblr blogs, one or two, or hundreds of new Tumblr bloggers sign up to join this visionary world. These hundreds of bloggers, one way or another, try to find their own corner, shine with their own awesomeness, and make sense out of things that sometimes do not really make sense.

But we are a different breed, and indeed, we were able to become relevant in our own little ways. We tend to break the status quo of blogging, and this is just how we roll. We are rebels without causes.

Tumblr Magazine PH is very proud on this new feat that we are partaking. One issue away and it is our third anniversary, and ushering us to another year of bliss are these bloggers that we find not just interesting, but relevant to the new mood Philippine Tumblr blogging is exuding - inventive, quirky, eccentric, and senseful.

Today until the release of our third anniversary cover, we will feature these bold, vibrant, and gleeful personalities, that will surely bring a new flavor to your Tumblr dashboards.

Support this feature and tell us what you feel. Our hash tag: #TMPHRebels

Abigail Claudine Sy
21, Freelance Letterer / Lifestyle Blogger

Abbey: “Twenty to thirty years from now, I’d probably be busy working on maintaining a cafe, continue doing lettering projects, probably settle down and get married (?), and still spend most of my life traveling to different places. I am passionate about art especially lettering and typography, photography and moment collecting, sharing my experiences and knowledge to others, and to travel and explore the world out of my comfort zone.”

JM Sabariaga
22, Graphic Designer / Photographer

JM: “I always ask this question to myself, "Ano nga ba [ang] silbi ko sa mundo na ‘to?” But then I realize, everyone has a purpose - either your existence is valuable because you’re a blessing to others, or you’re still figuring it out. Twenty years from now, I see myself running my own business. A really big company. “Dream big”, they say. Seriously, I don’t want to be an employee for the rest of my life. My mom always tell me that 'walang yumayaman sa namamasukan’. I guess she’s right when I started earning real money for myself. She’s an entrepreneur and I just want to be like her. My mom is my idol and my inspiration.“

Wilson Esguerra
20+++, Teacher / Freelance Writer

Potpot: "I always thought I was different. I am weird, crazy, selfish (sometimes), melodramatic (most the time), and hardheaded (always). But as soon as I dive into the ocean of the crowd, I realized that I am not the only one. I am not alone. I am not the only one who talks to myself whenever I’m sad, not the only [one who] eats dinner by myself, not the only who writes love letters to someone who doesn’t love me. And with that, I am sure that the one thing I have in common from some people is over-thinking.

Agnes Obordo
21, Communication Arts Student

Agnes: “I hate how humanity ruin themselves just for money. Parents discourage their right-brain-dominant-children to develop their creative talents just so they could take up Law, Nursing or Accountancy, because money is scarce in arts or theater. With twenty years spent for education, many still end up not getting any decent job. The government neglect their duties and create fake NGOs, people kill innocent endangered animals for their skin or tusk or meat, all to earn money.”

Kevin James Bernabe
21, Software Developer / Minimalist Graphic Designer

James: “You take up your voice and speak up and you’ll get lost in the void. My ideas matter not because they are in any way more valid than others but because I braved to pitch it into chaos of ideas out there. Will it catch fire? Will it puff out in the tempest? Will it blaze? There can never be validation of your ideas unless you put it out with other ideas to give it oxygen and fuel it. The thing with our society is that we ignore each other’s complexities and settle for the mundane chattering of a few people and let them shape our lives. In the end, we always measure ourselves against standards we’re never meant to reach.”

Miel Laquindanum
19, Business and Management Student

Miel: “I’d probably ask [David Karp] a million questions but the first thing I’ll ask would be, "Can I work in your company?” Like seriously, being part of Tumblr, [the] company, would be such an amazing opportunity. I’d get [the] first dibs on what’s new on the biz and stuff – and I’d get to see my crush’s private information by hacking into Mr. David [Karp]’s system. Kidding! On a serious note though, I would ask him “How did you come up with Tumblr? Who were your inspirations and such?” And I bet one whole afternoon wouldn’t be enough for us to converse about his great achievements in life. Also, we need gallons of coffee to stay awake!“

Jamela Rolaine Dabuet
16, (Sort of a) Freelance Writer

Jamela: "I hate that humanity has established norms. We see another paradox here: humanity creating something so inhumane. In some way, it limits our freedom to choose our paths. We are hindered by norms, stereotypes, gender roles. Any unorthodox opinion that finds its way out of your mouth becomes an invitation to have your beliefs questioned. Your worth, even. Because of these norms, people have become too quick to judge. Anyone who does not share the same ideologies with them is considered an outcast, sometimes even looked down upon. I can only hope the next generations know better.”

WH’s of Tumblr Meetups


In a social-networking site such as Tumblr, one will get in touch with his/her online friends. Then, there will come a time that they will meet outside the dashboard. From this, a new friendship begins. This article answers the WH’s questions about Tumblr meetups.

A meetup is a meeting, especially a regular meeting of people who share a particular interest and have connected with each other through a social-networking web site such as Tumblr. It is usually planned by a group of organizers; sometimes, a meetup happens unexpectedly. In a typical meetup, a different set of people learn to know each other, greet and take a picture with their online buddies. Sometimes, a program is prepared by the organizers consisting different activities and gimmicks. 

One thing about tumblr meetups is that they have different themes depending on the events or the season. The first ever tumblr meetup was held at Farmers’ Market in Los Angeles, California on April 2008. In the Philippines, a group of tumblristas called tumblrkadaorganized last February 2010 a Free Hugs meetup in Mall of Asia seaside, and this is considered as the first ever Filipino big tumblr meetup.

There are some memorable big meetups that happened in Filipino community. In celebration of White Day in Korea, tumblrkada organized a White Day meetup last March 2010. In the same year, @porkandbeans (deactivated) organized a MOA meetup on the day of her birthday last November, and @hspy a Christmas meetup in December. 

Bigger meetups happened in 2011. A group of people organized a Valentines Day meetup wherein the attendees celebrated a pre-Valentines Day party last February in a private resort at Las Piñas City. The month after that, tumblrkada brought back the White Day meetup for Filipino tumblristas who made a greater participation compared to WDM 2010 at Venice Piazza, Taguig. Another set of tumblristas planned to organize a meetup in the famous theme park, Enchanted Kingdom meetup or commonly known as the EK meetup. It was organized by @darwinpogi, @nagparaya, @tr1nitrotoluene (deactivated), et.al.. 

Who can forget the historical Independence Day meetup? As the main organizer of the event, @tumblrdjaie (deactivated) successfully used his connections and charms to get the Alabang Town Center as the venue of the said event. Another meetup held this year was a movie-themed called The Epic Harry Potter meetup in Trinoma Mall and whose main organizer was @ohpatrick. The program of the said event mainly focused on the Harry Potter series (both book and movie); the activity was held after three days of the world premiere of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2. All of the meetups discussed above had 100+ attendees that made them the biggest meetups for this year.

In addition to the meetups mentioned, there are still a number of provincial meetups happening on the same year, such as in Laguna organized by elbikada, Batangas, Cebu, Pampanga, Davao, even outside the Philippines such as Dubai and many more. There are also unexpected and exclusive meetups done by different groups of tumblristas and they call them Mini-meetups

Tumblr meetups are held in common places which is accessible for everyone – usually, the shopping centers in Manila, such as Mall of Asia and Trinoma Mall. In provinces, there are tumblristas who organize mini-meetups in their places for others to experience the spirit of a meetup. One thing about metups is that you can travel in places you’ve never been before.

There is a need for an online community to have personal meetups in order for its people to know each other better. Being friends in a social-networking sites is not enough. Nowadays, you will never know if someone whom you are talking to in the World Wide Web is real or a poser who uses other poeple’s identity such as photos, videos, audio covers and alike. 

For almost two years introduced to Filipinos, Tumblr has built friendships even serious relationships among its loyal bloggers. Moreover, the site was intended to be a microblogging site before, but Filipinos have proven that Tumblr is like just other social-media sites such Facebook and Myspace. 

Most importantly, the reason why tumblristas should have a personal meetup as said by one of the members of tumblrkada as well as a4kada, @amateurdreamer, “Tumblr meetups are made for us to know that there are also other people just like us who also like to share stuff about themselves. We need to have this kind of gathering in order for us to meet new friends – friends in real life and not just on our computer screens and friends that we can rely on and be there whenever we are in need of help.” Thus, for each one of the tumblristas, the value of friendship is the most important thing after all. 

In a Tumblr meetup, one can meet different people with different personalities, likes and point-of-views. To sum up all of them, here is a list of all kinds of tumblristas in a meetup:

  • Organizers. They are the ones who organize/plan a meetup. Usually they are divided into different committees which have different tasks to do. On the day of the meetup itself, one can identify them as very busy persons who facilitate the program and entertain the attendees.
  • Newbies. These people are the first-timers of a meetup. They are being “baptized” and sometimes the ones who experience “culture shock” because of the differences among the people. They are easily distinguished in a meetup for being timid and quiet.
  • Veterans. They are the ones who are always present in the meetups. They have a lot of experiences in meetups and usually they pin point the flaws of the meetup’s program.
  • Observers. These people are only silent observing the different personalities of the attendees what is going on the program.
  • Bored. As the description itself, they are bored out of their skull. They do not participate in the activities and just chat with other bored people.
  • Active. The opposite of the Bored.
  • Killer Smile. These people love to smile to anyone anytime anywhere. They use smiling as defense mechanism for being shy.
  • Camwhores. They are the people who love to take pictures and be in pictures all the time with other tumblristas especially with their idols and followers.
  • Flirt. They just attend the meetup to see their crushes and talk to them.
  • Bipolar. These persons are very loud in the dashboard, but when it comes in meetup, they are the people who always remain silent through out the program. Bipolars can also be applicable to those people who are silent online but in meetups, they are unexpectedly, the wild ones.

The last question would be How? How must I behave in meetups so that I would not feel like I’m out-of-place? How can we have a succcessful meetup?

As organizers, they should always update each other about the plans and changes about their meetup. Once a tumblrista who is interested to attend asks one of the organizers, they should provide an immediate answer. Meeting with the organizers via skype or yahoo conference would not be enough. It is better to plan personal meetup weeks before the event. They should always check the materials to be used and most importantly the condition of the venue of the meetup.

As attendees of the meetup, they will always have tendency to think that they will get outcasted in the event. Here are some tips by @matabangutak (based on his post) on how one should do for him/her not to get OP:

  • Bring a friend or someone you know already.
  • If you do not have one, try to know someone who will attend and be closed to him/her weeks before the meetup.
  • Know his/her details such as address, so that if his/her place is near at your place, perhaps you can go the meetup place together.
  • You will not probably get outcasted since you have someone who will accompany and talk to you.
  • You should not be shy to know other attendees. Be initiative to introduce yourself
  • All people who attend meetups are approachable. You just need courage and not to think that talking to them will make you FC or “feeling close”. You should always bear in mind that the purpose of meetups is to get to know one another and make friends to other people.
  • It’s your choice to get bored in the program or not. If you allow yourself to get OP, then it’s your fault.
  • You should remember that in the first place, not everyone knows each other, and it is only the day they meet for the first time. Who knows, that next meetup you will attend, you and those people you met and jive with from the last meetup are already friends.
  • Enjoy. Participate in the activities and taking pictures. Just always smile and allow yourself to show your confidence.

After each meetup, usually there would be after-meetup party in a specific place, such as bar or residence of a tumblrista wherein there will be drinks and exchange of stories. This is the best time to know one another.

Weekly column featuring knee-jerk reactions (the best kind) to pop culture happenings all over the world.

Posted by Allen Huang 

on May 31st, 2012 at 9:54 AM

Artist- Song: Score

Infinite – The Chaser : A-

K-Pop tunes come in many flavors: sweet, sour, spicy, cool, sometimes mixed up in unfathomable ways. But while Sistar’s “Alone” may be a cucumber martini, and 4Minute’s “Dream Racer” is a bubblegum flavored ice-cream cake, boy band Infinite’s “The Chaser” is like the best hamburger ever.

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"Missed Opportunity"

Do you ever feel like you… can’t ever participate in stuff people assume is part of childhood, just because there’s so much stigma around not having participated in it when it was ‘age appropriate’? Like, Harry Potter fans always are in utter disbelief, not understanding how I could have possibly not read Harry Potter because it was everywhere, and shaped so much of themselves and of culture. I was born and raised in a cult (not commune, but as close as you can get without living in one) and said cult held a firm belief that Harry Potter was pure evil and should never be touched.

And it starts to apply to boybands, and popular video games (belief was they made you violent and were addictive and subconsciously taught that violence solves all your problems, so I wasn’t allowed Pokemon. I’m a 90s kid. Yeah that one was the biggest sign of social outcastness at the time), and every single piece of nostalgia. I didn’t watch Sabrina the Teenage Witch (“black magic”/witches are evil), Pokemon was highly regulated (anime only), Power Rangers was highly regulated, no non-educational video games until I was 21, no Harry Potter, no Narnia, no Series of Unfortunate Events, no pop music.

And I want to get into these things, want to experience all this stuff I didn’t get to do, but now it feels… like I can’t, because if I say when I got into it, then people will look at me funny and jump down my throat for doing it so late

Ohh yes anon. I think so many of us can relate so strongly to this, no matter our religion. I wasn’t even raised cult and I still know that disconnected feel so well. It’s so overwhelming and isolating trying to catch up…

Have you seen Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt on Netflix? Obv TW for ex cult themes, but it’s so relatable, esp with learning secular culture!

Yeah, people can get pretty extra when they hear that you got into XYZ late (or never did.) I’ve learned, you don’t hafta tell people about when or why you got into something! And if they judge you for being late, that’s on them, not you.

Advice/commiseration anyone? Feel free to msg me for recs if you’re lookin to get into specific things! I’m finally pretty caught up & can give some pointers.

- Mod Max

Rebels Without Causes: Tumblr Magazine PH's Bloggers Who Matter - Part 4

Photos are from the bloggers themselves; credits to their photographers *winks*

Michael Bassey Johnson quotes, “You don’t buy all the clothes in the market. You choose slowly and carefully, asking the prices for each before buying.”

This is how we practically (slightly) came up with the idea of this Bloggers Who Matter list. You might be wondering where the hell these people came from. Some of them, not the mainstay-on-your-dashboard type, eh? Well, here’s how we did it.

Two weeks before the release of our Pop Cult issue, Dexter and I laid out the plan of featuring as many people as we can for this month. We felt the need of giving people the props they deserve, ‘cause Tumblr Philippines has a large population that most of those who really “blog” and “matter” do not get the chance to appear on most of our screens.

The bloggers came from the following pools: the blogs I follow, the blogs Dexter follows, Tumblr’s suggested blogs, and some other bloggers’ picks. Well, it took us days before arriving to the final list. The process was excruciating. We had to review the blogs and the blogger… and as they say, the rest is history.

I think three or four bloggers part of the list even asked me how they became part of the roster. I have one answer to all of them. I said, “It’s like it’s randomly picked, but also not randomly picked at the same time.” And I guess they understood what I meant.

So here’s the fourth part of this amazing feature. Enjoy!

Support this feature and tell us what Tumblr blogging means to you. Our hash tag: #TMPHRebels

Denice Magbanua
18, Multimedia Arts Student

Denice: “If I were given a chance to have one, fine coffee afternoon with David Karp, I’ll take a lot of photos, and I’ll  surely put them on Instagram and on my other social media sites. Because, well, he’s The David Karp! It’s a once in a lifetime chance! Unless we become really good friends and decide to hang out more often. But of course, I’ll tell him how awesome he is and thank him for creating Tumblr. He deserves to know how he awesomely changed a lot of people’s lives.”

Henrick Dulin
18, Entrepreneurship Student

Hench: “I’m really into taking photographs, making illustrations, and typograph[ies]. There’s something in those things that keeps me going, and from that, it makes me more eager to know and learn more about them. I think it’s now in my system to take more photos and to draw and make more illustrations and typograph[ies] - it makes me happy, anyway.”

Chelsea Anne Bandong
20, Nurse

Chelsea: “I make it a point to live and not just exist. In my profession, it’s inevitable to interact with different kinds of people; and how they positively respond to the care I provide makes me feel relevant, that I have an impact whether it’s big or small. It goes both ways, really. Relevance is not a pure solitary thing, it starts within you but it’s meaning will be more appreciated when you know others acknowledge your purpose in life as well.”

Louise Gonzales
21, Photo Retoucher

Louise: “Twenty to thirty years from now, I would probably have an exhibit of my own works, or maybe have my own gallery as well, and somehow getting married would be an option too. (Well, I’m not so sure of that.) When that time comes, I’ll be like everybody else as an adult, but my goal is to be much more than twenty years wiser.”

Dave Laurentz Alvarez
20, Communication Arts Student

Dave: “I honestly don’t know what life has in-stored for me in the future. Probably twenty-years-from-now-Dave would be running like a frantic man in Cali, Paris, Japan, or maybe Brazil, doing photo shoots for a magazine cover. Well, that’s my lifelong dream, to be part of a big magazine company. Or maybe I’d still be in a local coffee shop, drinking my caramel macchiato while puffing a smoke, reading a book, or updating my Tumblr page. But I always envision myself traveling the rest of the world with my friends.”

Julius Edrien Santos
17, Engineering Student

Jegs: “I think my relevance can only be determined by the people who know me. People who care and love me. They are the ones who give me relevance. It is rather satisfying to know and feel that you are significant to someone. The moment you feel you are, the feeling is priceless. I think I have been relevant at least to one person. I can never say if I had been, but believing that I have is something that I strongly hold on to.”

Jamie Catt
19, Freelance Artist / Illustrator

Jamie: “I’m mainly passionate about illustration. I love to paint and draw, and as a person who is fond of animals, they became the focus of my works. The funny thing is, I didn’t even know this up until three years ago. I was never really talented nor skilled when it came to art, but I guess determination and passion made up for the lack thereof. I do know that growing up I’ve always loved nature and creatures. To this day, one of my goals is to reach out to animals, especially those in need. This is the reason for the on-going project I have, which is dedicated to supporting WWF New Zealand’s The Last 55. This particular cause is about helping and saving the critically endangered Maui’s dolphin [popoto], and I’m truly hoping that it’ll be successful.”

Rebels Without Causes x Part 1
Rebels Without Causes x Part 2
Rebels Without Causes x Part 3

Rebels Without Causes: Tumblr Magazine PH's Bloggers Who Matter - Part 5

Photos are from the bloggers themselves; credits to their photographers *winks*

Tumblr Magazine PH is, really, just a small conch in a vast body of water. But a conch, no matter how small or big it could be, still can make noise. And together with you, our dear readers, we create a united diaspora of voices sharing one thing we love - expressing ourselves.

We cannot thank you enough for the support you’ve been showing towards this blogazine. You guys are the reason why we keep on pursuing this blog and from month to month, bring you something new and fresh out of the box. Hats off to you!

This annual list of exceptional bloggers was indeed fun and interesting, not just to you, but also to Dexter and I, as we also discovered amazing people making their own mark on the blogging world.

Now that we are at the last part of this feature, please let us express our gratitude to all the bloggers who became part of this feature. Indeed, you deserve all the love and admiration in the world.

Until next year for another set of bloggers who matter. Cheers!

Support this feature and tell us what you want to see next on Tumblr Magazine PH. Our hash tag: #TMPHRebels

Ailah Gesta Solis
24, Wedding Photographer

Aia: “I have so many things I dislike about humanity, but I am at the point of my life where I want to appreciate and love all each and everyone’s differences. No one is simply "just bad”, or simply “just good”. We are diverse. We are complex. There will always be two sides in our being. And I find that beautiful.“

Jerome David Tan
24, Estudyante

JD: "Ito yung dahilan kung bakit nakakatakot ang mundo / Magkamali ka lang ng isa, tatalikod na ang lahat sa iyo / Ito yung dahilan kung bakit hindi ka dapat lubusang magtiwala / Kapag wala na sa'yong pakinabang, iiwan ka na lamang bigla / Hindi mo pwedeng sisihin ang iba kung biguin ka nila / Matagal nang ganyan ang takbo ng mundo, dapat ay alam mo na / Lahat tayo ay mayroong kanya-kanyang hinaharap na laban / Hindi ka pwedeng umasa sa iba na mayroon sila sa'yong pakialam.”

Ma. Patricia Nabong
21, Film Student / Freelance Photographer

Pat: “Everyone can do something for society in their own little way, through what they do. And I guess in my case, photography isn’t just a way of seeing, but a way of showing, in the hope of raising awareness and understanding. I’ve always wanted to document remote cultures and lives of different people. However, as much as I want to take off and disappear in Peru or India, I still have to finish my degree, so I’ve been training my eye through street photography, roaming around cities and documenting everyday life. It’s a way of showing people what I see and what passes us by everyday. It’s a way of saying that these people exist, this is their reality, this is life.”

Grace Ann de Luna
20, Student (for a little more while)

Grace: “My least favorite thing about humanity is insensitivity. Most people are really insensitive to a whole lot of things. I, myself, have had some fair shares of being insensitive with some subjects. And it’s just a sad, sad thing whenever we become very insensitive to the things happening. We were all given the power to think for ourselves and have our own opinions, and yes, we have so much different opinions. But that doesn’t mean we have to be enclosed in that opinion alone. We all tend to do that a lot. Once you throw out what you think in the open, be ready enough to respect what others think as well.”

Justin Dale Julio Panaligan
20, Junior Accountant / According to his blog, a wallflower

Julio: “I’m claiming that I’m blessed – blessed with many talents. Yes, we can sing, dance, draw, take good pictures, wear clothes like a model, etc. but talent is not just about these things. Talent for me is how you influence other people, how you motivate them, how you inspire other people (through words or actions), how you change lives in different ways. Talent isn’t just the special things that we see in other people, it’s about the feelings that we get when we see that special thing on them. It’s the appreciation from that person no matter how talented that person is or not. It’s all about how you maximize your talents, your capabilities and what you’ve learned from the things around you. You just have to find out how to use these things in the right time and in the right place.”

Kyle Jumayne Francisco
20, Psychology Student / Fashion Stylist

Kyl: “In (20) years, I am already an accomplished fashion designer. I have my own brand and my own line. I have already done numerous shows and showed collections which were applauded by fashion enthusiasts, not just in the Philippines but around the globe. I’m living my life comfortably as I breathe fashion. It may sound a little ambitious, but I’m aiming for big stuff in the future which I am confident that I can do.”

Mark Nicole Anicas
17, Marketing Management Student / An Exclusive Social Media Strategist of PR Asia Worldwide

Mark: “Twenty years from now, I’d probably be a marketing consultant, managing a PR company that focuses on digital advertising. I am also seeing myself in that time as one of the owners of the most successful business venture around the heritage city of Vigan. I love to share my thoughts and some time, I venture into the field of technical photography. I’d really love to master the art of life. I also find myself most of the time just tweeting and tweeting… and tweeting.”

Rebels Without Causes x Part 1
Rebels Without Causes x Part 2
Rebels Without Causes x Part 3
Rebels Without Causes x Part 4

Rebels Without Causes: Tumblr Magazine PH's Bloggers Who Matter - Part 2

Photos are from the bloggers themselves; credits to their photographers *winks*

For almost three years now, Tumblr Magazine PH has been featuring bloggers that are either already known by many or those who are at the start of brewing their own coffee for the selling - but either way, they all make sense; and that what is important in this digital side of the world.

It does not really matter how good-looking you are or how friendly you are, but at the end of the day, it all boils down to relevance and the sense that you whirl from your fingers.

In essence, Tumblr has became a house for outsiders - the introvert, the bashful, the weird, the nerd, the psycho, the losers - and surprisingly, it is these types of personalities that actually excel in blogging, in Tumblr blogging, or in general, in expressing themselves. Sometimes, it is the loser in us that makes us special, relevant and interesting.

Support this feature and tell us what you think. Our hash tag: #TMPHRebels

Mike Gabriel Miguel
18, Art Student / Entrepreneur

Mike: “[We’ll never know actually,] I don’t wanna sound stubborn, but I really don’t wanna pressure myself on thinking about my future. Yes, there have been times already where I sit quietly in one corner contemplating about what I’ll be years from now, but most of the time, I just try to live in the now and just enjoy every moment. I go by the saying "better to live a short life doing what I love, than a long life spent in a miserable way.” I care about my future but I also wanna make the most out of every single day. What I’m sure though is that I will keep on doing what I do best and let God take care of the rest.“

Ma. Krizzia Abigail "Raine” Calucag
21, Masters in International Studies Student

Raine: “Ninety percent of the time and outside our Tumblrverse, I’m this library-dwelling nerd trying to understand the tides of international politics, soft and hard power included. I contribute to this field of study, and help us gain a more critical worldview. I am passionate about advancing the causes for the preservation of our environment, creation of aid for women, children and elderly under extreme living condition, and promotion of equity and equality for our LGBT community. They’re all kind of heavy, but I have been told to choose my battles properly. So I did.”

Trisha Katipunan
20, Freelance Visual Artist / Marketing Executive

Trisha: “Art is all that matters to me; writing and reading and speaking and music, are all natural extensions of myself. / People actually make me feel relevant; it’s when I sometimes feel like I am my own person and not a lot can identify with me, and then I come across all these different folks having the same predilections and musings in life as I do. To me, it’s the other way around, it’s the environment and living beings I interact with that make me feel relevant.”

Karlo Torio
19, Digital Arts Student

Karlo: “I always thought of myself as a loser kid, no one would date me (because I’m not attractive), and I always get rejected, but then I found out appearance may work to some but what matters most is how you show your ability, [how] committed you are in your own craft and I’m happy the world I’m part of right now appreciates my work and values me as what I’ve become as a person. I’m thankful the man upstairs blessed [me] with skills that can draw smile to people’s faces, give joy, and inspire people in many ways.”

Denise Blancaflor Esguerra
16, Nutrition Student

Denise: “Personally, I think relevance makes the world more beautiful and humane. I may not be the president of the country nor a well-known person but that doesn’t mean that I am not relevant enough. Relevance is not about how well you are known; however, it is how you touch the lives of other people even in small ways. I believe in people so much because of these small acts, so I always try my best to pass the deed because that is the best I could do for now.”

Ronnel Rayton
20, Technical Support Representative

Ron: “Having a nice conversation over a cup of coffee with someone is nice enough, what more [with] David Karp. And knowing he’s behind this cool website, I would like to know how he looks at life, or what’s his favorite movie, or what does he usually do on a normal Saturday night. You know, things that you would ask when getting to know someone. With that, I’d know that David Karp is just like everyone else, like the people you see on street, or you share a line with you in a fast food counter, or someone you sit beside a movie theater or someone who likes the same cheesy movies as you.”

Gian Paolo Nicdao
18, Organization Communication Student

Gian: “I’d like to think I’ve settled down already in some nice house in the metro, with a job that I love in the marketing/advertising industry while still pursuing photography, cooking, and other passions in life. Hopefully, I started laying groundwork already for my own cafe. / I’ve always been overcritical of myself, but if there’s one thing I’m really proud of, it’s the fact that I always try something new. Being afraid of what lies ahead is normal but I don’t let that stop me from going down that road. Confidence in myself has always worked for me and if only everyone would set aside their fears, imagine how great the world would be.”

Rebels Without Causes x Part 1

Los clásicos de antaño

>> Arte 7

El concepto de “clásico”, al menos dentro del mundo del cine, se le adjunta a una película como resultado de su gran impacto en el público y no sólo en taquillas. Apartándose de los millones de dólares en ingresos que un “clásico del cine” genera en sus primeros días, el término se le atribuye debido a los millones (sean éstos en mercancías, descargas o compras) que produce desde su fecha de estreno, hasta futuras generaciones a costas del pasar de los años.

Sin embargo, un film clásico no recibe tal proclamación sino hasta comprobar su sólido recuerdo entre el público. Esto se denota en el uso satírico o referencial de citas mencionadas en la película, del tema musical de ésta o referencias representativas como vestimentas, nombres o escenas utilizadas por programas, series u otras películas más nuevas. 

La problemática se presenta cuando las tendencias cambian, el entretenimiento cambia de dirección y la atención del público es tergiversada por otras fuentes de atención. Los tan aclamados “clásicos” comienzan a perder presencia y a olvidarse en los anaqueles en sus antiguos formatos digitales; son yuxtapuestos por el cine corto, moderno y escaso de arte, mas atiborrado de dinero. 

Por ello mismo, dedicamos esta publicación para conmemorar y recordar algunos de esos clásicos a color que inclusive después de décadas, siguen siendo joyas del cine.

Steven Spiegberg - Tiburón (1975)

El clásico de clásicos que colocó al joven Steven Spielberg entre las promesas de Hollywood no fue sólo uno de sus mejores éxitos, sino que “Jaws”, por su nombre en inglés, llevó consigo a la pantalla grande un nuevo estilo de terror y suspenso con técnicas arriesgadas y un presupuesto subestimado. 

El film nos lleva a las complicaciones que se le presentan al jefe de policía de una tropical isla adorada por los turistas cuando un gigantesco tiburón blanco amenaza con devorar a todo y todo lo que se le atraviese en su gran mandíbula y arruinar las vacaciones de los turistas y del oficial Brody. 

[Reseña completa de la película]

Sergio Leone - El bueno, el malo y el feo (1966)

Cómo olvidar a Clint Eastwood en su papel en uno de los films del género “spaghetti western” mas renombrados. Es la tercera y última parte de la llamada ·Trilogía del dólar”. 

La trama nos lleva al viejo oeste y la historia se centra en torno a dos bandoleros y un asesino, desalmado sargento del los Estados Unidos transformado en pistolero del oeste que luchan por encontrar un tesoro de la guerra civil rebozando en monedas de oro. 

Es imposible dejar atrás la ruda e intimidante expresión del rostro de Eastwood enfrentando un duelo al estilo del oeste o, su fina manera de encender un cañón con su icónico cigarrillo.   

Steven Spielberg - Volver al futuro (1985)

No sólo fue su banda sonora la que hasta la fecha es inconfundible, sino que el hecho de volver en el tiempo, sea en la televisión o nuevamente en el cine, ahora consta de un par de elementos indispensables: un científico de raciocinio cuestionable, un acompañante ingenuo, una máquina del tiempo poco convencional y una remarcable referencia al film de Volver al futuro. 

La trama relata la historia de un joven adolescente y de su extraña amistad con un científico cuyo experimento más reciente envía a Mart Mcfly accidentalmente en el tiempo 30 años al pasado a 1955. En este nuevo tiempo se alteran las circunstancias en las que sus padres se conocieron y enamoraron. Marty debe intentar reunir a sus padres de nuevo para asegurar su propia existencia y la de sus hermanos procurando no destruir el universo creando una paradoja. 

Stanley Kubrick - 2001: Odisea del espacio (1968)

Una joya científica y artística y un culto por excelencia de la ciencia ficción Alabada por Carl Sagan. Sus anonadantes efectos especiales, el surrealismo y la ambigüedad de sus escenas, la impresionante concordancia científica y el escaso diálogo resaltan la obra de Kubrick como un éxito de oro y un clásico de clásicos desde su estreno a finales de los años sesentas. 

La trama narra la historia de la humanidad en diversos periodos del pasado y el futuro. Inicia con el nacimiento del hombre primitivo y el descubrimiento de un monolito de procedencia extraterrestre que procede a asumir un rol protagonista. Otro monolito es descubierto millones de años después en el espacio llamando la atención de los científicos. La NASA da inicio a una operación al mando de una inteligencia artificial con toda la información oculta para los humanos a bordo de la nave. La computadora los encuentra prescindibles para la finalidad de la misión ocasionando una lucha entre los humanos y ésta.  

Alfred Hitchcock - Psicosis (1960)

Como clásico del cine de terror, Psicosis de Alfred Hitchcock es inspirada de una novela de Robert Bloch. La historia está ambientada en un tétrico motel ubicado convenientemente junto a la carretera ofreciendo una oportunidad de descanso. Una joven llega al lugar solicitando una habitación tras haber cometido un delito que le trajo una pequeña fortuna. 
Tras haber cenado, la joven es interrumpida durante un baño. Su pareja y su hermana deciden emprender una búsqueda del paradero de la joven adentrándose en una  historia  de suspenso y misterio. 

A continuación se presenta una escena que hasta la fecha se reconoce al instante. Acompañada de un tema musical impactante, ansioso y tétrico, la escena de la regadera ha sido referenciada en una infinidad de animaciones, series y películas desde su estreno en 1960. La combinación en blanco y negro, las tomas cambiantes, un amenazante cuchillo y un asesinato despiadado lograron mantenerse en alto y llevar esta escena y al a película al anaquel de los clásicos de antaño. 

Directores diversos - Fantasia (1940)

Dirigida por casi una docena de animadores no acreditados, esta vieja de arte logra un hermoso, conmovedor e impresionante sincretismo entre el cine y la música. Hitos de la cinematografía han intentado ya combinar sus imágenes, escenas y colores en tonos y melodías; la tarea es difícil, pero Fantasia crea una mezcla homogénea en todos sus sentidos. 

Orquestada por Leopold Stokowski, Fantasia Disney presenta ocho cortometrajes animados con temas variados y música intensa. Entre ellos el fragmento más recordado: “El aprendiz de brujo” (donde se presentan las escenas más valiosas del film). El resto frecuenta entre romántico y lo barroco que le atribuyen a cada escena una atmósfera que atrapa y cautiva. La sincronización de las danzas y movimientos de los personajes con las notas altas y bajas de la orquesta encuentra un momento de paz creando vida en la pantalla. 

Brian de Palma - Scarface (1983)

En uno de sus roles más distintivos, Al Pacino le da vida a un homicida y delincuente cubano refugiado en los EE.UU en busca de una mejor vida. En espera de su resolución como inmigrante dentro del país, es contratado para llevar a cabo unos cuantos trabajos de legalidad dudosa; así, comienza a abrirse camino hacia el éxito, las mujeres y el dinero y ganando reputación entre la mafia y la policía de los Estados Unidos. 

“Say hello to my little friend”

                                             -Antonio Montana

Scarface trascendió a través de la televisión y el cine como una obra emblemática con una trama violenta llena de codicia, muerte, drogas y mucho dinero (temática principal de ya muchos films existentes). Caracortada fue un clásico de los ochentas y del cine en general aún siendo conmemorado haciendo uso de sus escenas, escenarios y una de las citas más icónicas del cine.


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French-Canadian singer songwriter and model Charlotte Cardin is spellbinding on Dirty Dirty. Her deeply hypnotic, sultry simmering voice inevitably evokes the whiskey soaked bewitchment of Amy Winehouse, but accompanied by stylishly smoldering production which at times recalls Marian Hill. Charlotte’s vocals churn and bristle in a restless sea of haunting dark pop and jazzy chic soul. Dirty Dirty is as gritty as its name might suggest, a mischievous and seductive ode to heartbreak from Charlotte Cardin’s debut EP Big Boy, out right now. Head to iTunes to purchase the EP.