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Hobbit Feet - A quick glamour spell for invisibility and silent feet

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*Inspired by Bilbo’s skills as a thief and his incredibly quiet feet*

- bloodstone
- Invisibility sigil
- Gray, White and Black Candles

- draw out your sigil on a post it or paper. 
- arrange your candles in an upside down “V” shape. 
- make the sigil the bottom point, turning the “V” into a diamond. 
- put your bloodstone into the center. 
- Channel energy from the candles into the sigil and from the sigil to the stone. 
- Say/ Think: “like a hobbit, I am sure footed and calm. my feet are silent, I will not be heard. without noise I will not be noticed. I am swift, I am silent, I am invisible to those I would wish not to see me”
- Blow out your candles to close and activate the Glamour
- Carry the Stone to wear the glamour

- Aesa <3 (special thanks to @brieflyhopefulluminary for the suggestion)
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Una mezcla de dibujos curiosísima de tu infancia con Pop Culture by Madeon

Kaminari’s Recharge - a spell to help replenish energy

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*inspired by Kaminari’s quirk and the toll it takes on him*

- orange, red and yellow candles
- Quartz, garnet, topaz ( any stone will work)
- Lemon and grapefruit juice, oil or incense.
- a song that boosts your energy 
- an item of clothes that makes you happy

- put on your item of clothes that makes you happy
- turn on your song
- light your candles, orange then red then yellow.
- set your stones out in front of the candles, focus on channeling the energy of the flames and music into the stones, charging them like batteries. 
- take your time with each step. If you have lemonade or grape juice drink a glass. if its an oil diffuse it, or burn it if its an incense. 
- return to your stones and hold them one by one to check if they have energy. 
-if they dont, try to channel energy into them again from the candles. 
- blow out the candles to close the spell and activate your stone batteries. 
- Carry  the stones with you when you need an energy boost!

- Aesa <3 (Special Thanks to @heathen-of-the-north for the idea)
This is my original Spell, please do not repost on any platform without my explicit permission. Reblogging is okay, Reposting is not. 

Dark Shadow - a spell to create a personal protective servitor

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*inspired by tokoyami’s quirk, dark shadow*

- dark blue, purple, and black candles
- A private space
- a black stone
- Pen/ paper
- cleansing and grounding supplies
- Whatever you need for circle casting

Prep work:
- Go to your private space when you know you won’t be disturbed for a while
- Get your paper and pen
- Light your candles and take time to fill out the following thoroughly
- Function of your servitor: in this case, protection, but be sure to be specific about what kinds of protection it is to provide you with.
- Code of Conduct: ethics, guidelines, and parameters for offensive action. Be specific. How much can they do offensively to protect you from harm? This also includes how much information they can give away for any reason.
- Motivations: why does your servitor seek to follow its function? What is its motivation? What is it interested in? What drives it?
- Feelings: How does it feel? Does it feel? ( I recommend yes). Is it generally happy? Sad? Stoic? Peppy?
- Behavior: How would you like it to behave when it is working? When it’s not working?
- Energy: How it’s energy signature looks/feels. This will help  you be able to identify it quickly from other energies.
- Alignment: In this case, the alignment will be Shadow, though others may be of any element.
- Shape: species and appearance, be specific down to the last detail. This will make it easier to interact with and bring to life.
- Name: Pick something easy to say and spell.
- Residence: In this case it will be the black stone. This is where the servitor will return when it is not working.
- Food: What will the servitor eat? What kind of Astral foods or Energy sources? Give it multiple. (My favorite is Moonlight)
- Limitations: Where it can and cannot go. Can it get permission to leave its designated state?
- Abilities: what it can do, include magic abilities here, offensive, defensive, healing, travel and communication.
- Lifespan: How long should it live?

- Cleanse the area and ground yourself
- Cast a circle
- Charge the stone that will be your servitor’s home with energy from your candles.
- Close your eyes and mold the energy around you’re from the shadows into the shape of your servitor. Be specific and make sure you don’t miss any detail you wrote down.
- Breathe life into it by intending it to have life and consciousness.
- Call out to it in your head or aloud.
- When you have its attention, tell it its name, function, code of conduct, motivation, feelings, behavior, energy, alignment, residence, food, limitations, abilities and lifespan.
- Focus on imbuing these properties into your servitor.
- Now that it is alive, let it relax for the day, and feed it a couple times. Take the time to let it get to know you.
you can set it to you task the next day
- Close your circle and blow out your candles.

- Aesa <3
This is my original spell, please do not repost on any platform without my explicit permission. Reblogging is okay, Reposting is not. 

Allmight - a Glamour to make you look stronger

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*inspired by Toshinori’s Quirk, which since his injury, over doubles his appearance and strength*

- Mirror
- Red, Yellow & Blue candles
- Your already amazing self

- Get in front of your mirror, and light your candles. Red for strength, yellow for confidence, and blue for power. 
- meet your eyes in the mirror, as this is where you will focus your glamour. 
- Focus on making your eyes more intense, your face sharper and any other minor changes you think will make you look stronger. 
- Think/say: “By Strength, By Confidence, By Power, I call to myself what I desire, to my foes I am overpowering, to my friends inspiring. I am stronger than they know, and what was inside once is now outside.”
- blow out your candles and go strut your stuff!

- Aesa <3 (Special thanks to @heathen-of-the-north for the idea)
This is my original spell, please do not repost on any platform without my explicit permission. Reblogging is okay, Reposting is not. 

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To me her tender looks just seemed more like she saw camila in a little sister way. Like she’s constantly stuck up for her and sort of looked out for her. I never actually thought she liked her that way well at least that’s just me. I somewhat thought she struggled with her sexuality when I saw she made a post about not being bisexual but not cause of her way of acting with C.