Pop Rocks


In late 1976, General Foods took the novelty candy world by storm with it’s new candy, Pop Rocks. It was such a hit, that a few years later they released a new similar candy called Space Dust, which was basically Pop Rocks, just crushed up into a fine powder.

It was a instant success also, but quickly parents complained that the name “Space Dust”,  along with the appearance of the candy, was too similar to illegal drugs such as Angel Dust. Accusations were even made that the candy, because of its similarity to powdered drugs, would lead kids into real drug use.
As a result, the name was changed from Space Dust" to “Cosmic Candy”.

That problem seemed to be solved, but more trouble was brewing. A rumor started going around that the candy was unsafe and that a kid died while consuming the candy while drinking a soda. These rumors once again got parents in an uproar over the candy. It got so bad that Bill Mitchell, chemist and creator of Pop Rocks and Cosmic Candy actually took out a full page newspaper ad in the Feb. 6th edition of the Pittsburgh Press in 1979, explaining that the entire thing was not true. He explained how he started making the candy back in the 1950’s for his kids, and how it was perfectly save despite all the rumors about it.

The candy remained wildly popular for a few years. Stores struggled to keep it in stock. But in a year or too, it seemed everyone lost interest in it. Stores who had stockpiled the candy suddenly found themselves stuck with boxes of it they couldn’t sell.

Zodiac signs as sweet treats

Aries: Pop rocks
Taurus: Pecan pie
Gemini: Skittles
Cancer: Red velvet cupcakes
Leo: Cheesecake
Virgo: Candy corn
Libra: Ring pop
Scorpio: Fudge
Sagittarius: Bubble tape
Capricorn: Peanut M&Ms
Aquarius: Sour brite crawlers
Pisces: Swedish fish

The signs as Halloween candy

Aries: Candy corn

Taurus: Pop Rocks

Gemini: Starbursts

Cancer: Butterfingers

Leo: Kit Kats

Virgo: Nerds

Libra: Smarties

Scorpio: Snickers

Sagittarius: Twix

Capricorn: Sour Patch Kids

Aquarius: Reeses cups

Pisces: Crunch

The signs as types of pop

Aries: bubblegum pop

Taurus: pop rock

Gemini: pop rocks (yum)

Cancer: Ring Pop

Leo: that satisfying pop from popping bubble wrap


Libra: the pop you hear when you accidentally blow a fuse in your house. Commonly followed by a dramatic, sad sigh and a call to the electrician

Scorpio: the pop when they crack their knuckles (god that’s gross)

Sagittarius: country pop

Capricorn: k-pop (ok then have fun with that)

Aquarius: popping a wheelie on their bike (so rad)

Pisces: ice pop (for a hot summer day)

The signs as candies

Aries: Pop Rocks

Taurus: Nerds

Gemini: Jolly Ranchers

Cancer: Blow Pops

Leo: Sour Patch Kids

Virgo: Starburst

Libra: Junior Mints

Scorpio: Jawbreakers

Sagittarius: Skittles

Capricorn: Hershey’s Kisses

Aquarius: Kit-Kat

Pisces: M&Ms

Baskin Robbins Japan’s "Cool Popping Shower”

Yes, that’s actually what these new chocolates from Baskin Robbins Japan are called…

You’re supposed to put them in the fridge/freezer, and when they’re cold enough, this mark on the box turns blue, which explains the “cool” part of the name…

That also means they’re ready to eat.

Basically, they’re candies created to taste like Baskin Robbins’ chocolate ice cream, that are also filled with colorful, Pop Rock-like sugary bits that crackle in your mouth, which explains the “popping” part of the name…

Interesting concept, but pretty gross, to be honest.

But I still don’t understand the “shower” part of the name…

Update courtesy of bighug4U: “Popping Shower is the name of a flavor they have at Baskin Robbin’s in Japan. It looks like the picture on the box and has a slightly minty flavor.”