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An artist by the name of Steelberg creates awesomely convincing fake VHS covers for modern movies (previously featured here). Each cover looks so great, complete with genre and pricing stickers and even worn plastic sleeves, we’re almost sorry we can’t watch these movies on VHS, bad tracking and all.

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We just discovered that Nichelle Nichols, aka Star Trek’s Lieutenant Uhura and one of the most awesome people around, now has her very own Barbie! The Uhura Star Trek doll was recently released as part of the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Star Trek franchise.

Barbie Uhura is dressed in her original red Federation uniform and comes with a communicator, which she can hold her hand, and a tricorder with a shoulder strap.

And we can all order her here.

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A good parody is an awesome thing, especially when the original material is already outstanding. Last year we me the Orcs of New York, a delightful parody of the always fascinating Humans of New York project. Today let’s meet the Big Apple’s Pokémon. That’s right, it’s Pokémon Of New York, a brand new HONY parody created by College Humor.

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Talking about race, there are definitely some white people who don’t like that. And it’s not even always the content, it’s just saying: ‘white people.’ Because a lot of white people are not used to being called white. They get to be “people,” “human beings,” their first name. … The rest of us, we’ve had to get used to being the Other. We’ve had to get used to constantly answering those questions. We’ve been required to stand up for ourselves and to force ourselves into the spotlight because no one’s going to give it to us.

Hari Kondabolu, comedian and former immigrant rights organizer, on how some white audiences react to his jokes about race

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Today is a good day to catch up on the latest awesomely creative costumes created by budget-friendly cosplayer Anucha “Cha” Saengchart of Lowcostcosplay (previously featured here). Cha’s use of basic household objects, pieces of food, and forced perspective gets more impressive (and hilarious) with each new cosplay. He’s an awesome reminder that cosplay is for everyone.

Follow Lowcostcosplay on Facebook to keep up with Cha’s latest terrifically thrifty costumes, because who needs a rainbow wig when you can use a pack of rainbow straws instead:

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The Get Down: Season 1 Part 1 - Ronald “Ra-Ra” Kipling [1/?]

They call me King Ra, hear the fanfare when I enter the cipher, fly girls follow me like I’m the Pied Piper. Proper preparation prevents piss-poor performances, Get Down Brothers’ presentation for your enjoyment.


Bees are awesome! British tea brand Taylors of Harrogate knows this too, because they have bees to thank for helping them create their fruit and herbal teas. So they built “The Grand Beedapest Hotel” and created this delightful video in the style of The Grand Budapest Hotel to help raise awareness of how important bees are and how much they deserve our help. 

“Bees are so important in helping to provide great flavour, but less attention has been paid to show how urban areas can be made more pollinator-friendly. The aim of the bee hotel is to not only educate and entertain, but to also inspire action,” said Kate Halloran of Taylors of Harrogate. 

Visit The Grand Beedapest Hotel website to further explore this awesome hotel.

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