Hi, folks! Welcome to the webcomic debut of Poorcraft.

Poorcraft was Kickstarted in 2009 and completed in 2012. And now, I’m posting the whole thing online for everyone to enjoy. I’ll be updating it every day with a new page, until the entire comic’s been posted. Where applicable, I’ll also be adding author’s comments and updates here in the text section.

This should take a few months. About five, to be exact. If you’d rather not wait, you can always buy Poorcraft from my store, in PDF and softcover format, or from Amazon, softcover or on Kindle. Or both! Go crazy!

Thanks again to all the folks who made this book possible, the amazing people who went out on a limb and backed me on that crazy, newfangled Kickstarter site way back in 2009. That goes double for the picnicking trio on the cover, the three top project backers. Literally couldn’t have done it without you, folks.


Poorcraft: Wish You Were Here is about travel on the cheap. Written by Ryan Estrada and illustrated by Diana Nock, it was over a year in the making and covers everything from packing your bags to living abroad. Pledge now at the Early Bird tier to get free domestic shipping! But if you miss the window, rest assured: in the tradition of the original Poorcraft,  just $5.00 will snag you the whole book in PDF form!

Really excited for this book, folks! Please help me make it happen!

“Representation Matters. People who see themselves in media all the time don’t appreciate that, when some people see characters and creators like themselves it’s a Special Event. Whoopi Goldberg tells a story of, as a little kid, seeing Uhura on Star Trek and running, screaming, to get her mother, because there was a black lady on TV who wasn’t a maid. Just by existing, being visible, and publishing what I publish, I’m doing my part.”

– Spike Trotman on why the books she publishes are inclusive.


The DIY Masterlist

A few really important things have been added in the past while!

I’ve linked to a guide on how to safely and anonymously torrent media, found tutorials on how to make REALLY cheap dehumidifiers, mattresses, vertical bottle gardens, and discovered an inspiring blog post about a guy who traveled across the US without a dime in his pocket for most of the way (and how he did it). 

Once again, if you’ve got ideas on subjects to research, have tutorials bookmarked that would fit with the theme of the list, or hell, have a guide you’d like to write in the form of a guest post on the blog itself, hit me up! The DIY Masterlist will always be a work in progress.

My personal favorite frugal staple food.

if I had it to do over again, I’d include that  microwaving a potato for five minutes is a perfectly serviceable alternative to an hour in the oven. But at the time I wrote Poorcraft, I was really into that crispy skin oven baking produces.

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Hey, all.

In between tweeting and sleeping, I run a little baby comic company, Iron Circus Comics. And I’ll be moving all of my inventory from storage to my BRAND NEW OFFICE in a week or two! This is CRAZY exciting, but also nerve-wracking, cuz it’s gonna be a LOT of work. And I’d really dig it if you folks could take some of this stuff off my hands before I do!

So: I’m offering some pretty sweet deals on physical merch, including THE LAST EIGHT SMUT PEDDLER 2012 HARDCOVERS. Ever.

Check it out and see if you wanna grab anything for cheap!


anonymous asked:

psst hey michael re: your post about cooking on a budget: you should read poorcraft! it's all about living well on less and it's got recipes and stuff, a lot of them straightforward with simple ingredients, it's changed my life. it's US centric so a bit doesn't apply to the UK, but it's still awesome! the creator's posted it all free on The Official Poorcraft Tumblr~

I actually own it! It is very US-centric but has some good tips no matter where in the world you live. Would recommend it.

Another preview page of Poorcraft: Wish You Were Here, the Poorcraft guide to travel and adventure written by globetrotter Ryan Estrada and illustrated by supercartoonist Diana Nock. This is page 25, part of the chapter on making air travel as painless as possible.

We’re shooting for a December Kickstarter for the book. Until then, you can still buy the original Poorcraft from me or Amazon, or get a $5.00, DRM-free  PDF from Gumroad!

Pretty Cool Webcomics: Poorcraft

External image

Poorcraft is a Pretty Cool Webcomic by C. Spike Trotman / spikedrewthis and Diana Nock / diananock! It updates daily.

Penny is a young woman who lives with her roommates and her dog Nickel. She moved out of her parents’ place once she completed school, and while she doesn’t make a lot of money she still manages to get by and have a pretty good life, all things considered! And it’s all because she’s taught herself the art of Poorcraft: The art of living well on less, and being frugal and resourceful with what you already have.

Of course, while she’s doing well enough, there are a lot of people who have trouble with money or were never really taught how to save up or make a budget in the first place. People like Penny’s neighbor Mil, for example, who struggles with high rent, car payments, and credit card bills. But with Penny’s help, Mil will learn that with a couple compromises and proper planning, you can be an adult without debt being a part of your life. And you don’t even need to live off Ramen noodles to do it!

External image

Entering the world of adulthood - and all the new responsibilities that implies - is a stressful time for anyone, and being unprepared for it all is a common problem. The really great thing about Poorcraft is that it understands this, and provides solutions that cover a wide range of situations without shaming or looking down on you. It will take some work, yes, and most likely pull you out of your comfort zone, but there’s a reassurance that yes you will end up all the better for it in the end. The adorable rubberhose style and expressions don’t hurt either!

Poorcraft as a book is complete, and if you don’t have cash to spare for discretionary expenses it will be updating on the website for the next few months until the entire book is posted. If you DO have the money, however, you can purchase the whole thing online through Iron Circus Comics, Amazon, or Comixology. I never thought I’d be saying that a webcomic could be a good investment, but if you want to get actual applicable financial advice from someone who’s been in that situation and gotten through intact, definitely give Poorcraft a read-through.

Poorcraft is suitable for all ages. While teens and up will likely get the most benefit from it, no reason why kids can’t learn about saving their allowances, right?

In Review - Poorcraft: Wish You Were Here
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The sequel (of sorts) to the original Poorcraft graphic novel, Poorcraft: Wish You Were Here covers how to have a vacation when you don’t want to spend a lot of money. The content of the story is again presented by Penny (with help from Nickle) to her friend Mil.  This time, Penny and Mil have planned a vacation together.  But trouble is brewing from the start when Mil struggles to carry in her bags.  From this point on, Penny presents Mil with plentiful advice about vacation and travel on a budget, while still having loads of fun.


Diana Nock returns to illustrate this sequel, and the art is similarly humorous in the comedic sections and more clear cut in the informative sections.


Similar to the original, Poorcraft: Wish You Were Here has a simple plot that serves the purpose of introducing the key learning concepts.  In this case, Ryan Estrade presents guidance for everything from packing and transport, to how to find safe, comfortable, and affordable accommodation, to how to have all sorts of fun while you are away from home without getting suckered by exploitative tour organizers.  Estrada does a good job in continuing the conversational style set by the original Poorcraft.  


Poorcraft: Wish You Were Here lives up well to the precedent set by the original.  If you ever travel anywhere, and I know that most of us do, you should definitely pick up this book, once it is available to the wider public (I backed the Kickstarter, and so have earlier access to it).  Keep an eye out at Iron Circus Studios for Wish You Were Here to go on sale.  

Poorcraft 2 Preview!

So, as a few folks already know, a sequel to Poorcraft, a book I wrote and Diana Nock illustrated, is currently in the works. It was written by Ryan Estrada, and the planned title is Poorcraft: Wish You Were Here. It’s about budget travel.

This is the very first book I’ll be publishing that I’m not involved with creatively, just editorially. Ryan wrote the script, and Diana’s drawing the art; I’m just financing, printing, promoting, and shipping it. Which feels weird. But trust me, it’s gonna be good.

That image above is page 11, which is, despite all appearances, in the “finished” pile. That’s because the center panel will be reserved for a Kickstarter backer cameo. (yep, we’ll be Kickstartin’ this sucker, cuz we’d be fools not to.)

I’ll keep posting sneak peeks, maybe bi-monthly, until the Kickstarter rolls around. The planned price will be, like with Poorcraft, $10.00, with a $5.00 PDF. Cuz it’s crazy to charge more than that for a book on how to save money, don'tcha think?


CAG 72 - Living Well on Less with C. Spike Trotman and Laurianne Uy

Whoo, Spike! I mostly talk about her webcomic Templar, Az on this blog, but in this interview she discusses her other projects Poorcraft and SmutPeddler too. You can get more info and buy them through her website at IronCircus.com.

Support Independent WOC Creators :)


This awesome book by C. Spike Trotman and Diana Nock is currently sitting happily on my bookshelf.

It’s a self help guide to living well on less, in a beautifully produced comic book style. It ranges from paying off debt, eating healthily without breaking the bank, and even finding entertainment and more…

Personally, I think it makes a great gift for anyone starting out on their own, anyone who needs tips on how to survive in the current economy, and frankly - anyone who enjoys a well written factual book that’s got a nice amount of humour, with some great artwork.

If you like comics, or just want to avoid eating awfully bland food just to get by - you’ll want to pick this up.

I believe it’s on sale here: http://www.ironcircus.com/store/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=67

And the creators can be found on twitter:

Spike: Iron_Spike

Diana: Jinxville

(Also… when it arrived the other day - I couldn’t resist taking a picture of it with my mascot. I’m sad, I know.)