They tore me apart                                           Now with red glowing eyes
They used me for parts                                     I’ll be your demise
They took away my face                                   As my endoskeleton decides
They took away my arm

// Poor Oliver

Cheers to the New Year Fic Rec

This is only the second fic rec I’ve done, so bear with me! I just wanted to do this to start the year off with some love and positivity. 

Fluffy Stuff: 

  • Kiss-Cam! // @captainsamell - Life long friends Oliver and Felicity caught on a kiss cam during a baseball game. || Too cute for words. I absolutely love this!!
  • Everything Changed (…in the Bathroom) // @spaztronautwriter - Oliver and Felicity get trapped in a bathroom at a high school party; the past and their feelings come bubbling to the surface. || How do I love thee… let me count the ways. Honestly, I could say it a million more times, I’m in love with this fic. It’s so freaking wonderful. 
  • Snowfall. // @sentence-fragments - Oliver rescues Felicity after her car gets stuck and she takes a tumble into a ditch… while wearing a wedding dress. || This is so awesome. So cute. So sweet. Such an interesting story and I can’t wait to read more!! 
  • Moose and Augie // @peacefulboo - Felicity and Oliver meet when her daughter takes a liking to his dog. || This is literally cavity inducing, but in the best way. Olicity + children + cute animals is already such a weakness, so this pretty much killed me.
  • Along the Way // @mogirl97 - Felicity’s trip to the most important interview of her life hits a few bumps… but at least this cute guy at the diner is willing to help… Wait is that Oliver Queen, playboy billionaire? || This. Freaking. Fic. I swear every chapter i read I’m sitting there screaming “will you two just kiss already!!” i love how much they are helping each other though and how easily they develop crushes and feelings. It’s so amazing. 
  • Cat Burglar AU // @machawicket -  Oliver is a thief who ends up on Felicity’s balcony while trying to sneak away || This is so ridculously cute and funny. I love the idea of Oliver using his skills to be a cat burglar and Felicity being her silly cute self and flirting with him even though he’s freaking trespassing. Lmao it’s awesome. 

continues below the cut - 

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FF#6 On the Subject of Lollipops

Here is my submission for this week’s Flash fiction prompt. As always, thank to you smoakandarrow for these great prompts. I look forward to it each week. This one came out a bit sassy! Enjoy!

On the Subject of Lollipops

She sucked on the lollipop.


That is what is was. Explicit sex on a stick right in front of everyone looking.  Felicity didn’t even notice, she was too busy sucking on the massive lollipop while talking with Conner.  He said something and she laughed.  The day’s bright and and the carnival whirled all around them.  Conner dragged the giant dinosaur by its green neck and looking up at Felicity like a Santa came early this year.

Maybe Christmas did come early.  Ironic, since Felicity was Jewish and didn’t even celebrate the holiday. Oliver chuckled to himself , trailing behind them watching Felicity’s pony tail bob to the rhythm of her step.  Her lips pursed and her tongue peaked out to take another swipe at the hard candy.  His amusement died. Christ, get a grip Oliver.  It a candy. Innocent bit of candy. 

Except in her hand it wasn’t.

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