Shoutout to Lysandra, who has to convince everyone in Erilea that she is Aelin Galathynius Ashryver, heir to the throne of Terrasen, while the real queen is god knows where (fuck you Maeve). She has to speak, act and plan the outcome of this war, as if she was Aelin, without raising suspicion amongst their allies or enemies. Imagine bearing someone else’s weight on your shoulders, especially when that someone else is the most powerful Queen in the world.

In the funeral scene where Cheryl talks about how Jason convinced her to join their birthday parties because nobody wanted to go to hers, its honestly just heartbreaking.

Plus with the way her parents treat her, I think that Cheryl has never been somebody’s favourite. She probably has never had a best friend, and has watched her brother be the obvious favourite of her parents.

That has got to be really damaging to someone’s self esteem. I hope the other main characters start inviting her to more outings, especially after Veronica has seen how she’s treated.


sometimes a family can be 

  • a synthetically created child
  • a dog who photobombs every special moment with said child
  • and your former boss and very good friend for whom you are developing Awkward And As-Yet Unmentionable Feelings

all of whom spend an unnerving amount of time just s t a r i n g at you

anonymous asked:

i don't really know much of anything about the older games so i'm pretty lost with echoes, so could you please explain what's going on with faye?

Ah sure thing! Faye is a new character created for Echoes. She was not in the original game, Gaiden. The entire purpose of her character is to be a Catria archetype–Catria being a woman who had an unrequited love for Marth. Cordelia is a big example of this archetype in more modern FE, with her crush on Chrom. Faye has an unrequited love for Alm, one of Echoes’s two leads. Her ending….. is bleak. ********spoilers********* She returns to her village and awaits Alm the rest of her life, and he never comes. She’ll occasionally disappear for long stretches of time. So….IS created this character just to have her entire arc revolve around the male lead and to leave her in suffering in the end. Fun stuff. Her supports with Alm aren’t very good either. Apparently Celica (Alm’s actual love interest) has a “one-sided” support with Faye but I’ll await for more info before casting judgement on that.