You did not break me

                                                                 I’m still fighting for peace

Here they are: DR1 NG Codes!

Makoto Naegi: Cannot physically contact any other participant (including corpses)

Aoi Asahina: Must be partially submerged in water at all times (she would probably end up having a tub of water, and keep her feet in it at all times and just shimmy around.)

Kyouko Kirigiri: Cannot assist in trials. (She can speak, but it can’t be helpful.)

Mondo Oowada: Must be completely covered in clothing at all times, except for his head. (Because the sauna wasn’t enough.)

Kiyotaka Ishimaru: Must add one swear word to every sentence he speaks.

Chihiro Fujisaki: Must yell every word he speaks.

Sayaka Maizono: Must sing every line of speech. (That’s the last speech one, I swear.)

Celestia Ludenberg: Can’t wear lolita. (A true tragedy,)

Hifumi Yamada: Cannot reference fan culture.

Touko Fukawa: Cannot wear her glasses.

Byakuya Togami: Cannot refer to himself as better than anyone else.

Sakura Oogami: Can only eat fattening/junk food. (Monokuma has a special pantry drawer for her.)

Leon Kuwata: Must wear a baseball glove on his non-dominate hand at all times.

Yasuhiro Hagakure: Will die if a fortune he tells is incorrect.


Dead animal warning!

A sad find this morning. I believe she is one of this year’s babies, born behind my back garden. I took her to the woods and placed her under a bush, surrounding her with fallen leaves, and I shall continue to visit her these next couple weeks.