Tamatoa - Poor Unfortunate Souls (Mashup)

Exactly what it says - the song “Poor Unfortunate Souls” from The Little Mermaid but with footage from the “Shiny” sequence in Moana. 

I heard Lin-Minuel Miranda loves this song (don’t know if that’s true) so I wanted to see how well the two things would sync - it actually works surprisingly well in several places. I did a little bit of time manipulation to make the lipsync better, and I also had to reuse some footage because the song is longer than the Shiny video so, there you go.

“I would honestly love to see a Disney movie where the princess has a deep voice. I have a very deep voice for a woman. The only Disney songs I could really ever sing along with were the villains’ songs like Poor Unfortunate Souls or guy’s songs like Be a Man (which can still go high). They’re great songs, but it would be lovely to have a young woman with a very dark voice featured as a protagonist who is still beautiful, graceful and feminine”

“Daddy’s Little Angel
How could I compete
With a girl so heaven sent?
Just a spell from the shell
And back to heaven she went!”

My friend Liz McCartney commissioned me to draw her in her costume from when she starred as Ursula the Sea Witch in The Little Mermaid! I had such a fun time tackling her insanely gorgeous costume!! I mean, seriously! Look at those tentacles and her wig!