Okay, but. Mick *tried* to do the right thing. His best friend and partner of 30 years comes back from the dead and he still went back with the team, at first. Then after Stein calls him a thug and the rest of the team (with the exception of Ray) continues treating him like an idiot and like he’s evil, he realizes there’s no point in being the good guy when they’ll ALWAYS look at him like he’s a criminal, like he’s evil. They’ll never trust him, regardless of how many times he’s saved their lives. They acted like he was always going to hurt them or kill them, when in reality, he never really did. They acted like he was a monster, when all he wanted was to be better. He wanted to stay with the team, he wanted to feel like he was a part of the team, he wanted to belong with them.

He went back to Leonard, because there’s no point in being the good guy when he’ll never been seen as anything other than a criminal.

He went back to Leonard, because he feels like that’s the only place he truly belongs. He knows Leonard cares about him, and he cares about Len. They took care of each other for years, watched each other’s backs and trusted each other. Which is something Mick could never have with the team, no matter how hard he tried. This kills me and as much as I love my team, they got what they had coming, and I’m glad to have my crime babies back together.

Harlem {Rory Flanagan X Reader}

prompt: based off the song Harlem by New Politics. Reader is Brittany S. Pierce’s sister and has a crush on Rory Flanagan.

Warnings: ??? poor writing?? idk.

Author’s Note: Hey Guys I’m Beth and i don’t really have an authors note at the moment. also look at the gif that i put! isn’t it cool? enjoy the story! :)

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I spend my money on irregular miracles.

“I want a box of Lucky Charms, but only the marshmallows.” smiled Brittany, your sister. She was talking to the new Irish Kid, Rory Flanagan.

 Without hesitation, he obliged. Brittany kissed him on the cheek and walked away. it was obvious how much he liked her. he was pretending to be a leprechaun for her to talk to him. The moment he moved in with you and your family, she was all he cared for.

He wouldn’t ever notice that 1) she was a lesbian and 2) you were head over heels for him.

“Hey (y/n)” smiled Rory, making his way over to you.

“hey Lucky Charms.” (that was your nickname for him) “Speaking of, how the hell do you plan on doing that?”

“that’s actually why i came over here.”

oh, look at that, yet again, this conversation had gone, once again, to Brittany S. Pierce.

“I need your help. how much money are you willing to spend on cereal?”

Just like you, like me, like everybody else.

“(y/n)! I need to talk to you!”

here we go again.

“what do you want, Lucky?”

“i want to be like you.”

that was so close to the perfect sentence.

“why’s that, then?”

wait for it…

“because Brittany is into tough guys. i mean, you’re tough, right? no offence”

BOOM! There it is.

“why would you want to be like me, when you could be like everybody else?”

he looked down, like you would when you try to build up confidence.

“because i li…” he stopped himself. “because you’re my best friend!”

“Okay, I’ll help. but first, don’t you have a wish to grant, Rory the Leprechaun?”

“crap, yeah, i do. thanks again!” he called, running down the corridoor.

When it gets loud, i turn it up.

“(y/n), open up.”

“sorry, can’t hear you. Music’s too loud”

you turned it up louder.

“(y/n), please open up. i need to talk to you.”

this can’t be good. Rory just went to confess his love to Brittany, and tell her he’s not really a leprechaun.

you killed the music and opened the door. there stood Rory, his eyes all red and puffy.

“Rory, have you been crying?”

“yes. i mean, Brittany’s a lesbian, so that rules out being with her. and she knows i’m not a leprechaun, so she hates me for lying. what do i do now? i really like her. i mean, she’s not as pretty as you or as talented as you or as smart as you and i’m never going to get a chance with either of you now because youre obviously too perfect to like someone like me and- did i say all of that out loud?”

you smiled. “yeah, you did.”

“(y/n) Pierce, will you be my girlfriend?”

“depends on how good of a kisser you are.”

and i think you know where that went.

Things I adored about this episode

- reestablishing how much Rip and Sara mean to each other.  Co Captains for life

-Everything about Rip…Phil. He is hilarious and so lost. And I am amazed that they managed to somehow condense what usually would be 10 episodes worth of Rip getting, punched,pushed,thrown into one episode


- Sara being such a great leader and Jax being right there for her. They make such a good team.. And yes Sara of course Rip would take the same decision. This is Rip. You are both bloody sentimental softies who would never sacrifice a friend for some mere object

-Gideon being so happy have Rip back. And the way she described him was beautiful

-Amaya throwing Maclolm like a ragdoll. Pleas punch him more in the future. Sara already has Darkh to vent out her murderous impulses on. Please let Malcolm be the future victim of Amaya’s wrath again and again

- Mick Rory. Poor guy. My heart broke when I heard how happy he sounded to talk to Snart again before Stein interrupted. It’s not easy dealing with emotions. And the flashbacks served yet again to remind us how messed up the Time Masters were.

I can’t wait to see what crazy gamble they will take to bring back Rip. In some ways I think the Legends are even better match for Eobard then Barry. Thawne thrives on being a master manipulator. Of making complicated plans and planning for every possible outcome. I have no doubt he had personally hunted down both Time Pirates and Time Captains all in effort to learn more about Rip. He probably sees Rip as some worthy opponent and he has planned a whole strategy for how to defeat him

Except that he hadn’t planned on the Legends who are chaos incarnate. They cheerfully take insane risks, go against all logic and often just do plain stupid stuff. Thawne sees life as a game of chess. But if you try to play chess with the Legends they will hit you on the head with an anteater. Why? Where did the anteater come from? Who knows. That’s how they roll.  And I doubt he knows about what happened between Rip and the Time Council and how the Legends had rubbed off on him. Frying your own brain on the radiation of a Time Reactor? That absolutely is what the Legends would do. Hell some of them would probably do it just to see what will happen

I can’t wait to see Eaobard’s smug expression shifting to a “WTF?”

Who dies? Who survives ? Week One

So by the end of episode six we were one down - Rory (literally) got the chop courtesy of those sadistic nurses who finally managed to complete their game of “ MURDER ” scrabble.
I ll admit it - i didn’t see it coming , i didn’t even click when Rory entered the house, nor when he was being killed, not even when the R showed up on the wall …
It didn’t process until Matt announced
“R is for Rory”
I can be slow … ;)

But , this has got my mind working on overdrive !

Was poor Rory even meant to be in the show initially ?

By the looks of it , it would be originally the real house residents and the actors who played them … six people.

Six people. Sixth episode. Sixth season. 666

so, what if Rory was just a death that could of been avoided ? Only there due to his marriage to Audrey …. hmmm

Interestingly, Rory was the first to go … like the character he portrayed in the re enactment - Edward Philippe Mott …

In fact, from what we have seen so far some of the actors have gained aspects of their real life counter parts character flaws … Monet herself is an alcoholic like Lee since the show aired.

We are yet to learn what Audrey and Dominic have inherited from their respective roles .

But now the field is wide open …… One down six to go

We know Shelby, Matt and Lee all survived the first time round ….

We also have been told all three are not to be trusted …..

So who’s next ? Another actor ? One of the real life people who initially survived ?

There s some brilliant fan theories out there :

First of all I was convinced Matt would be the survivor, due to Scathach s obsession with him … but something about him
seems to be seriously off … its like he’s zoned out of everything.

So I’m kinda going off that theory .

All I know is I seriously cannot wait until next week to see who gets it x

anonymous asked:

what poor qualities did Rory inherent from Lorelai/are a product of the way her mother raised her?

I think a lot of Rory’s poor qualities are her trying to compensate for Lorelai’s, but going too far in the other direction. For example, Rory saw Lorelai’s extremely controlling nature and unwillingness to compromise as what drove any possibility of a traditional ‘happy family’ structure away - I think in the first couple of seasons, she felt like her mom had sabotaged her (and by extension, Rory’s) relationships with Chris and Max and kind of vowed to never push people away or give up on them so easily.

Unfortunately, this led to Rory sticking in relationships against her better judgment, because she associated leaving with 'giving up’ or ‘failing’ in some way, even if it was an unhealthy situation. Part of it was just her own fear of change, but there were a lot of situations Rory stayed in thinking “but what if they change, what if things go back to how they were, what if it gets better”, etc. to the point where the only thing that could force her to let go was someone else literally leaving and giving her no choice.

I think Rory has this idea that ‘leaving’ is the worst thing you can do to someone, which is why she seems more shook up (long-term) from Jess’ various abandonments than from Dean’s angry outbursts or Logan’s potential infidelity. This is of course mostly because Rory grew up feeling abandoned by her dad - but interestingly, I don’t think Rory views it this way, at least not at first. In season one, she sees her dad being willing to stay - to marry her mom, to be a family, but she sees her mom reject his offer without taking into account Rory’s wishes at all. I think she secretly feels like Lorelai’s always been pushing Chris away because she wants the ultimate control, and that it’s her fault that Rory didn’t have a dad growing up. It makes Rory resentful and kind of motivates her to do the opposite.

oh my god mr. medina

who writes a D so big that it covers the first three lines of the paper and then SAVAGELY CIRCLES IT

why are you even writing the grade on the first page of the paper for everyone to see

have you never heard of ferpa

did you go to the heartless monster school of teaching??

what kind of sick institution is chilton???

if i were lorelai i would have literally never dated him based on this cruel treatment alone, and dreamy fictional english teachers are my kryptonite