I could’ve been a contender. You’re still a contender. Oh yeah? I’m broke, busted, beggared. I have no apartment, no car; hell, my license expired 3 months ago. Get outta here.

Things I adored about this episode

- reestablishing how much Rip and Sara mean to each other.  Co Captains for life

-Everything about Rip…Phil. He is hilarious and so lost. And I am amazed that they managed to somehow condense what usually would be 10 episodes worth of Rip getting, punched,pushed,thrown into one episode


- Sara being such a great leader and Jax being right there for her. They make such a good team.. And yes Sara of course Rip would take the same decision. This is Rip. You are both bloody sentimental softies who would never sacrifice a friend for some mere object

-Gideon being so happy have Rip back. And the way she described him was beautiful

-Amaya throwing Maclolm like a ragdoll. Pleas punch him more in the future. Sara already has Darkh to vent out her murderous impulses on. Please let Malcolm be the future victim of Amaya’s wrath again and again

- Mick Rory. Poor guy. My heart broke when I heard how happy he sounded to talk to Snart again before Stein interrupted. It’s not easy dealing with emotions. And the flashbacks served yet again to remind us how messed up the Time Masters were.

I can’t wait to see what crazy gamble they will take to bring back Rip. In some ways I think the Legends are even better match for Eobard then Barry. Thawne thrives on being a master manipulator. Of making complicated plans and planning for every possible outcome. I have no doubt he had personally hunted down both Time Pirates and Time Captains all in effort to learn more about Rip. He probably sees Rip as some worthy opponent and he has planned a whole strategy for how to defeat him

Except that he hadn’t planned on the Legends who are chaos incarnate. They cheerfully take insane risks, go against all logic and often just do plain stupid stuff. Thawne sees life as a game of chess. But if you try to play chess with the Legends they will hit you on the head with an anteater. Why? Where did the anteater come from? Who knows. That’s how they roll.  And I doubt he knows about what happened between Rip and the Time Council and how the Legends had rubbed off on him. Frying your own brain on the radiation of a Time Reactor? That absolutely is what the Legends would do. Hell some of them would probably do it just to see what will happen

I can’t wait to see Eaobard’s smug expression shifting to a “WTF?”

Saturday I found this underneath the bird cage, and now I’m a bit worried. It comes from Milou, my young one, and it might be a misshaped tail feather. Hard to tell when it’s such odd shape, but since he is fairly light coloured apart from his tail, I think I’m right. He had also lost one of his two fully grown tail feathers, but that was very worn so that was expected. I fear that this in the picture was gonna be his new tail… He is losing a lot of feathers right now (molting 💔) but he still looks very smooth and handsome, and he’s as happy as always. Chatting away all day, driving my bf nuts. 😜 Since all the trouble with poor Rory I get worried about even the smallest thing, so this is probably nothing… But if someone else has seen this with their birbs, I want to know about it. Gonna tag som of the birblrs I follow. Again. Sorry, feel free to ignore… @budgiechops @avacado-and-louie

Random 5x12 Thoughts

5x12 was pretty decent. It had a lot going on, but there was a lot of forward momentum and now I’m just sitting here like “yaaasss it’s all coming together.”

• Oliver being the light, inspiring John to make a different choice. Now you know Felicity’s gonna have a different reaction. And it will be amazing to watch that go down.

• Rene and Lance is the BEST. THING. EVER. And next week is supposed to be Rene’s backstory right? I’m really excited about that.

• Poor Rory. I like him, but I’m actually happy he doesn’t have the rags anymore. They were cool, but not something I think that could’ve worked for the show in the long run. I’m sure he’ll come back. Maybe he’ll bring Roy with him when he does! Edit: How awesome was Rory just coming out and telling Oliver he thought Felicity crossed a line right IN FRONT of Felicity?! I love him 😍

• Oh, oh! Dinah is an amazing Canary. She’s so cool. She keeps up with Oliver and dishes out truth bombs? Let’s keep her.

• Oh thank god, the thing with Susan happened and I can relax and not be waiting for it in every episode. Being anxious over it was exhausting so I’m glad it happened. Plus it happened just like I thought it would, with her asking questions about his tattoo and then using it for her story.

And now she knows he’s the Green Arrow? I’m very excited about this. I wonder if she’ll betray him or if she’ll go after Vigilante instead? I’m thinking she’ll let him slide because she cares about him and because she thinks he’s doing good for the city. We’ll see.

(Side note: I was very pleased with how “the ew” went down. They didn’t make us watch it!!!! They knew we couldn’t handle that and I want to send them flowers to thank them. Also it was all about Oliver moving forward in his life and letting go of his past. Precisely the thing Felicity thought he’d never be able to do. Hmm… 🤔)


Rogue Canary Strip Poker night - Yes, that’s a knife, strapped to her leg
After seeing a great headcanon post by @batmanisagatewaydrug and reading fic of these three playing it - I wanted to combine them into this cute lil comic.
I like to imagine Len will wear extra layers including his parker, take off his goggles, shoes and socks individually and win before he touches his long sleeve turtleneck - he will never show skin if he can help it, but he sure does love seeing the others/Sara try to win against his cheating.  

oh my god mr. medina

who writes a D so big that it covers the first three lines of the paper and then SAVAGELY CIRCLES IT

why are you even writing the grade on the first page of the paper for everyone to see

have you never heard of ferpa

did you go to the heartless monster school of teaching??

what kind of sick institution is chilton???

if i were lorelai i would have literally never dated him based on this cruel treatment alone, and dreamy fictional english teachers are my kryptonite