My Favorite Characters: The Extremes 
Violet Crawley, Sherlock Holmes, Morgana Pendragon

The characters I love and see bits of myself in, but who often take things a little (or much, much) too far. I aspire to Violet’s levels of snark and she’s my queen of queens (or the Empress as chambaron and I have dubbed her ;)), but there’s still something unattainable about her that stops her from going into my first category of characters. Sherlock, meanwhile, is one of my INTJ twins, and I see scary bits of myself in his character, but he takes everything - from obsessions to knowing impossible things to having trouble expressing feelings and socializing - to extreme levels. And Morgana… Morgana’s my problematic character of the moment. I’ve spent the entirety of Merlin going between thinking she’s awesome and proclaiming that she’s “DEAD. TO. ME.” and the thing is that she’s a wonderfully complex villain and the extent to which her transformation is understandable is terrifying.