Okay, but. Mick *tried* to do the right thing. His best friend and partner of 30 years comes back from the dead and he still went back with the team, at first. Then after Stein calls him a thug and the rest of the team (with the exception of Ray) continues treating him like an idiot and like he’s evil, he realizes there’s no point in being the good guy when they’ll ALWAYS look at him like he’s a criminal, like he’s evil. They’ll never trust him, regardless of how many times he’s saved their lives. They acted like he was always going to hurt them or kill them, when in reality, he never really did. They acted like he was a monster, when all he wanted was to be better. He wanted to stay with the team, he wanted to feel like he was a part of the team, he wanted to belong with them.

He went back to Leonard, because there’s no point in being the good guy when he’ll never been seen as anything other than a criminal.

He went back to Leonard, because he feels like that’s the only place he truly belongs. He knows Leonard cares about him, and he cares about Len. They took care of each other for years, watched each other’s backs and trusted each other. Which is something Mick could never have with the team, no matter how hard he tried. This kills me and as much as I love my team, they got what they had coming, and I’m glad to have my crime babies back together.


Rory was an entitled selfish little asshole from the very start of Gilmore Girls. This is not new, she’s always been like that. Accept it, acknowledge it, live with it.

That doesn’t mean you can’t like or root for the character, but please remember that no matter how many times the show/other characters told us she was an amazing, wonderful, selfless and perfect person, that wasn’t what we were shown and it’s not who the character was.

Rory was an asshole in the beginning, she remained an asshole throughout the show, she will always be an asshole.


Vamptober Day 16: Rori H. Mauer

Originally I was just going to do the happy version, but then I thought, Why not do an inverted version too? So I did and so we see past and present Rori. The poor thing was a horribly abused mess for about a hundred years of her vampiric life. She’s transitioned well thanks to the man she came to call her mentor and later her lover, but boy was that first century hell. She doesn’t actually bear any physical scars, but the mental ones are sure there.

Harlem {Rory Flanagan X Reader}

prompt: based off the song Harlem by New Politics. Reader is Brittany S. Pierce’s sister and has a crush on Rory Flanagan.

Warnings: ??? poor writing?? idk.

Author’s Note: Hey Guys I’m Beth and i don’t really have an authors note at the moment. also look at the gif that i put! isn’t it cool? enjoy the story! :)

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I spend my money on irregular miracles.

“I want a box of Lucky Charms, but only the marshmallows.” smiled Brittany, your sister. She was talking to the new Irish Kid, Rory Flanagan.

 Without hesitation, he obliged. Brittany kissed him on the cheek and walked away. it was obvious how much he liked her. he was pretending to be a leprechaun for her to talk to him. The moment he moved in with you and your family, she was all he cared for.

He wouldn’t ever notice that 1) she was a lesbian and 2) you were head over heels for him.

“Hey (y/n)” smiled Rory, making his way over to you.

“hey Lucky Charms.” (that was your nickname for him) “Speaking of, how the hell do you plan on doing that?”

“that’s actually why i came over here.”

oh, look at that, yet again, this conversation had gone, once again, to Brittany S. Pierce.

“I need your help. how much money are you willing to spend on cereal?”

Just like you, like me, like everybody else.

“(y/n)! I need to talk to you!”

here we go again.

“what do you want, Lucky?”

“i want to be like you.”

that was so close to the perfect sentence.

“why’s that, then?”

wait for it…

“because Brittany is into tough guys. i mean, you’re tough, right? no offence”

BOOM! There it is.

“why would you want to be like me, when you could be like everybody else?”

he looked down, like you would when you try to build up confidence.

“because i li…” he stopped himself. “because you’re my best friend!”

“Okay, I’ll help. but first, don’t you have a wish to grant, Rory the Leprechaun?”

“crap, yeah, i do. thanks again!” he called, running down the corridoor.

When it gets loud, i turn it up.

“(y/n), open up.”

“sorry, can’t hear you. Music’s too loud”

you turned it up louder.

“(y/n), please open up. i need to talk to you.”

this can’t be good. Rory just went to confess his love to Brittany, and tell her he’s not really a leprechaun.

you killed the music and opened the door. there stood Rory, his eyes all red and puffy.

“Rory, have you been crying?”

“yes. i mean, Brittany’s a lesbian, so that rules out being with her. and she knows i’m not a leprechaun, so she hates me for lying. what do i do now? i really like her. i mean, she’s not as pretty as you or as talented as you or as smart as you and i’m never going to get a chance with either of you now because youre obviously too perfect to like someone like me and- did i say all of that out loud?”

you smiled. “yeah, you did.”

“(y/n) Pierce, will you be my girlfriend?”

“depends on how good of a kisser you are.”

and i think you know where that went.

This is in The Doctor: His Lives and Times. I haven’t got a chance to properly read it-read it yet, but I’ve been scanning and flipping through and this really stuck out to me.

Rory’s imaginary friend is just made up on the spot, because he’s never had one - he’s always played Amy’s imaginary friend and he doesn't need an imaginary friend, so he makes his up in the vein of hers and then IT’S SOMEONE WHO TAKES CARE OF PEOPLE BECAUSE THAT’S JUST RORY.

Amy’s still trying to convince someone else that she’s okay, that her imaginary friend is REAL, but she knows that she isn’t supposed to talk about it because she’s been taught for three years at this point that what other people believe is in her imagination is not as valid as what they perceive to be “real”. Because who tells a kid their imaginary friend isn’t real?!

And then Mels…wow, Mels. I think this right here made me fall in love with that angry little girl from Leadworth. She is SCREAMING for help, this poor little girl who is constantly in trouble and acting out and refusing to grow up, because she’s trapped in this existence where she’s been raised to be a murderer. Her imaginary friend is the Silence…I really can’t with the strain this little girl would have gone through.

I like to think that’s how Amy and Mels met, maybe, that they were the two outcast girls who everyone thought needed “help.” We know Amy went to psychiatrists, I’m really really hoping Mels did as well, at least at some point, because this poor child.

@hermione-mak-gilmore replied to your postI just read your tags on that post where Rory’s…

Well I don’t think she necessarily slept with Dean to get OVER Jess, but I think one of the reasons was that the unpredictability of the latter made her crave the stability of the former

Ah, yes! Poor Rory. Choose either wild unpredictability, or reliability to the point of clinginess.