Make sure you go and help your Family in Flint, Michigan and seek justice for this devilishment been done.

What if Nat Turner’s mission was never betrayed…What if Malcolm was never shot with the gauge on stage…What if the Poor Righteous Teachers were more famous than Jay Z…What if you really saw God in every human being you see
—  Born Free #therealbornfree (The Book of Born Free…The Wisdom of Living Right Now!) is coming soon! 

Gods and Earths Study Your Lessons




So, this is happening, huh?

An Arab Green Lantern…with a gun.  Really?  Boy, the Arab Spring was wild!

He has one of the most powerful weapons in the universe, the Green Lantern’s ring, but he’s still packin’ heat?  Talk about “When Keeping It Real” goes too far.

Maybe my dude doesn’t want to seem like a punk because his superpower is a super ring.  Even Elaine from Seinfeld doesn’t like Green Lantern because of that damn ring

Street cred, yo.  "You talk about the ring, I will bust a cap in your ass".  That explains the mask that makes him look like he’s about to rob a Liquor store.  Street cred.  Street cred.

I see the green powered tattoo on his arm, there.  I thought it was against the Muslim faith to have tattoos, even if it’s a temporary, green energy powered one?  Maybe he’s a 5 Percenter?  I wonder what happens when Turnip Green Lantern (no swine, my brother, or I will have to shoot you) changes into his uniform, does his ring play Rock Dis’ Funky Joint?

Yeah, that’s it.

He’s not the only new minority superhero who’s packing…

The new Hawkgirl/woman, she gots two gats!

It’s like Oprah is giving away guns to motherfuckers

“You get a gun!”

“You get a gun!”

“You get a gun!”


SPIRITUAL IGNORANCE - the inability to see how you and all are one, is much more deadly than ACADEMIC IGNORANCE and not knowing how to do algebra. Most mass murders, massacres, genocides and pogroms have been committed by intelligent, academically accomplished people who are SPIRITUALLY IGNORANT than a muthafuka!
—  Wise Intelligent of the Legendary Poor Righteous Teachers http://www.wiseintelligent.com

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by Wise Intelligent
from upcoming release – Wise Intelligent is Stevie Bonneville Wallace

VS 1
Fuck Steve Harvey
Fuck Paula Dean
Fuck Charles Barkley
Fuck the mainstream
How da fuck you sayin sorry to the white bitch team
but degrade and don’t apologize to these black queens
Fuck Iggy Azalea
Fuck rap magazines
Fuck white folk money
Fuck Jimmy Iovine
Niggas got DIABETES
Fuck cake, fuck CREAM
Fuck the edited version
Fuck keeping shit clean
Fuck Darren Wilson
and Fuck how that sounds
that fuck didn’t give a fuck about Mike Brown
Fuck a Grand Jury
Fuck “Sundown Towns”
Fuck feeling sympathetic when a cop’s shot down (12)
Fuck concentrated poverty
Apartheid schools
Fuck CNN
Fuck corporate news
Fuck Don Lemon
Fuck cracker ass coons
Fuck appeasing white people
Fuck elephants in the room

VS 2
Fuck tryin to be the first black
anything here
Fuck men who fuck men
Fuck you and your queer peers
Fuck a Tea Party full of salty ass crackers
Fuck anything spoken from a dumbed down rapper
Fuck niggas who think MONEY MAKE a dumb nigga smart
Fuck crackers who pay to let the backward assholes talk
Fuck Oprah for being scared of what whites might think
if she opened a school here to teach young black queens (8)
Fuck Beats and fuck Dre for given 35 million
to a school full of over fed rich white children
Fuck integration and fuck the leading blacks
Fuck capitulation, sincerely FUCK THAT!
Fuck Eminem, fuck Culture appropriators
Fuck Maclemore, fuck children of slave traders
Fuck Democrats and Fuck Republicans
Fuck America and the Republic for which it stands

VS 3
Fuck niggers who try to blame Mike Brown for his own death
Fuck cops who taze kids in the face for petty theft
Fuck the cop that shot Aiyanna Jones as she slept
Fuck cops who murder blacks but with whites make arrests
Fuck Reagan and the prison industrial complex
Fuck a war on drugs and fuck being oppressed
fuck the ICC and the IMF, fuck ya kleptocracy and ya codified theft
Fuck every single one of you haters of black flesh
Fuck Europe, fuck England, fuck the entire west
Fuck devils on the right, fuck devils on the left
wait for me to give a fuck don’t hold your fuckin breath
Fuck fearing the police, fuck changing the way I dress
If black lives matter fuck a peaceful protest
Fuck more body cams, fuck sensitivity training,
Fuck marching and complaining to crackers who ain’t changing

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