Poor Lydia


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Stiles pulls his ragged fingernail from between his teeth and bursts out impatiently, “Well?”  Lydia’s been holding onto the thing for seventeen whole seconds (yes, he’s been counting) and she still hasn’t said anything.

She idly flips the card over and looks up at him, eyebrows raised.  “‘Well,’ what?”

Lydia,” he flings out his hand towards the wrinkled, now-soft paper she’s holding.  Spit that had been clinging to his thumbnail hits Lydia in the thigh with the action and she glares at him.  Stiles bravely soldiers on, hoping him ignoring it will lead to her ignoring it, “do you know what this is?”

He folds his arms over his chest, hands hidden under his biceps so Lydia will stop trying to detach his thumb from his body through nothing more than sheer willpower.  If anyone was going to accomplish it, it was going to be her.

It semi-works.  At least she eases back to scrutinizing the address printed on the card that Derek’s girlfriend had flicked at Stiles’ head and sniffs.  “It’s a business card that was very clearly trash at some point.  And probably should be trash again.”  She holds it out to him like an antiques expert who’s just told him his retirement is nothing more than a spoon from the 1990s that she could find at Kohl’s for a, rather reasonable, seventy-five cents.  She checks back in with his expression and it makes her outstretched arm falter.  “Yet looking at the crazy-eyes you’re currently sporting,” she says, rolling her eyes, “I’m finding myself preparing for sinister plots and fanciful delusions.”

Stiles holds up a deductive finger, nodding, and says cleverly, “It only looks like a business card.  What that is, is a trap.  A Carrie-covered-in-pig’s-blood-humiliated-at-the-prom trap.  Your future husband’s current girlfriend doesn’t just give you a little starred, ‘he is here, you are x miles away,’ map, okay?  That would be way more helpful than they are known for being.”

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  • Derek:Scott, we're brothers now. Let me teach you. And also Erica, Boyd, and Isaac.
  • Chris Argent:We train our daughters to be leaders.
  • Stiles:I take after my Pops. He's in law enforcement.
  • Mrs. Yukimura:KIra, you are a kitsune and here is an entire episode's worth of kitsune history and your powers.
  • Scott:Malia, we will teach you to be a were-coyote. Don't worry bbe Liam, I will teach you, too!
  • Lydia:Can someone please tell me what the hell is going on? The only person who could have possibly helped me is not only insane but also, now, dead.

I am very uncertain about how I’m supposed to be feeling with all of these Lydia/Wickham videos. I can’t tell where exactly they’re going with this and I just want Lydia to be happy again and I’m assuming they’re going to extract her from Wickham the Seriously Unhealthy Boyfriend except that’s not how it happened in the books, so…ahhh. WHY DO YOU PLAY WITH MY EMOTIONS, LBD?