@swimminginjeans great to see some exciting and sexy new photos from you, keep them coming!
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How do you go from a #wetweekend to #mcm? With @trevor_casper #swimminginjeans in a #nycrooftop #pool during our #photoshoot of course! #rooftoppool #rooftopnyc #malemodel #wetfun #beattheheat #swimtrunksareboring #whoneedsshorts #wetterisbetter #swimming in #jeans is #sexierthanitsounds #wetjeans #nyc #manhattan #hcojeansmovement #hcostyle

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The 620 Loft and Garden at the Top of the Rock - 620 5th Ave, NY 10022

Rockefeller Center sits at the apex of timeless New York style, with six unique spaces custom tailored for any special occasion.

This unique venue features extraordinary views of Fifth Avenue and Saint Patrick’s Cathedral from a manicured historical garden, complete with a reflective pool and fountain. 

└─► Rainbow Room

└─► Ultimate USA Weddings


Charley feels happy meeting Einstein and his mom at the Bagel Bark in May 2014 at the Pool. Einstein is a Lhasa Apso and was two-and-a-half years old at the time. Charley likes Einstein and was glad to see him again last weekend. Central Park, Manhattan, NYC

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Ouuuu lala sexy time in Rhode Island LOL but seriously rhode island seems to be their getaway place and it's so cute I love it.

i know, it’s very cute. i think it’s probably because they can actually relax there and have a little more space to breathe while actually doing things (pool, exercise, etc) than they do in say, LA, where taylor doesn’t have a pool, or NYC/Nashville