Earthen Lair Meditation

All around you is a vast, barren desert. The ground is parched and sandy. Not even trees or cactus exist here. You can see around you for miles and miles and you know you are completely alone.

In the sand you see a small golden ring, shining in the sun. It is a fairy ring, and whoever possesses it gains access to a vast lair underneath the desert. Once you pick it up, nobody can ever take it away from you. If you don’t want it any more, just discard it.

If you wish, pick up the ring. With a little *poof* it vanishes from your hand. At the same time, a giant trapdoor appears in front of you. It is made out of obsidian and granite, and so heavy that no creature could open it. But the trapdoor swings open for you. You see a force field across the doorway. You understand that even if the door is open, only you can cross through.

Behind the door is a long, deep tunnel lit with torches. It feels warm and welcoming. You feel as if you belong here.

As you walk through the tunnel, you go deeper and deeper in to the earth, away from all your worries and concerns.

When you feel totally separated and away from your everyday problems, you know you have reached the belly of the lair. Before you is a huge stone cavern.

Because this is a magical lair, the room is filled with whatever you most desire. With a single wish it can change to please your every fantasy. You could fill it with the most comfortable furniture, pet cats, wonderful food, or whatever you like. Even the size of the cavern will change to suit your needs.

As you explore your magical lair, you see many rooms opening from the main path. One room is filled with the most wonderful treasures – gold, gems, statues, and ancient relics. Another room has a miniature ecosystem, and fairy rain falls from the roof of the cavern on to soft green grass and mushrooms. Yet another room has any sort of weapon or armor you could imagine. Remember that you have full control over all these rooms and can change them however you like.

You could live in this cavern for the rest of your life if you wanted. You know that nobody else can come inside and it is your eternal safe space. Because you possess the astral ring, you can teleport in to the lair whenever you wish. To teleport in, imagine putting on the gold ring. To teleport out, take the gold ring off.

sparkgent asked:

Bow: So I noticed you have a cutie mark now! What exactly is it and what does it mean?

“I was baking and I was left with four different fruits. A peach, cherry, strawberry, and tomato.”

“I then bought a big lab coat and made m'self look smart by using viles and flasks ta’ mix the fruit juices together.”

“The results were fantastic, the tea was sweet yet had spice”

“The fruit was small like a cherry, dull as well, fat as a strawberry, had a seed and sweetness of a peach and spice and juicyness from the tomato. I was able ta make hair gel as well.”

“Everyone loved the roseberry, yes, they are known as roseberry. They grow on vines from a Bush. I published the cook book on my rose treats and when my first book was sold,….

"I felt my butt tingle ,and when I looked, poof, there it was just flashin away. I will admit, there were tears but they were tears of joy.”


So I was tagged by thorlester & jisooshoe to do the selfie tag? My face looks even more trashy without makeup lmao but here are some recent ones cause my old ones went poof so gr8.

I tag (you don’t have to do this if you don’t want to!~):

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All of the birds I made are life-sized, including this monster, who measures 18″ tall when standing up correctly (the 90-degree-ish angle pictured in the last few photos isn’t its final pose). And yes, I was watching Hannibal (the entire first season, to be exact) while in the final throes of work on this thing.

This bird required the least embroidery, but caused me the most stress, as things kept refusing to work out as planned, particularly the beak, which took two tries to get right. I’ve just realized while typing this that this beast isn’t quite done, as it’s missing the weird long white feather that these herons have coming out of their crests, but I’ll fix that this evening and then POOF. DONE.*

One of the best things about this project was the fact it forced me to get over my long-standing fear of sewing machines because I sure as hell wasn’t going to sew this monster’s body by hand. My lovely friend let me come over a couple times to use her machine and now I want one because dang. I could make SO MANY MORE THINGS SO QUICKLY (I guess that’s the point of them, eh?).

Last fact about this bird: that photo of me resting my head on its feet? That’s how I had to hold them up while stabilizing them, as I am AWFUL at planning projects in detail and hadn’t really thought about the best way to connect the heron’s legs to its body before hot-gluing them on. On the bright side, it all worked out and the thing stands on its own, so hoorah?!

Coming up next: Part Three, in which I actually tell you about all those movies.

*Until later this week when I install them in the windows of this place, that is.

I was looking at the wall mural in Serious Steven, and to the right there’s Yellow Diamond, along with the alleged other Diamonds (possibly Blue and White respectively.)

And there are numerous differences between what’s shown on the mural, and how YD appears in the extended intro.

An obvious explanation: injured, she was poofed into her gem basic form where her body healed and she returned with a different appearance. The question is when since she looks like her current self in statue in Sworn to Sword.

Note: She’s on the left, with the assumed Blue Diamond in the middle and White Diamond to the right.

All members of The Diamond Authority look vastly different from how they’re portrayed on the mural. Only Rose Quartz, theorized Rose/Pink Diamond, remains the same from past to present. 

This begs to question if Rose’s current look, as we know her, is her original look.

Since Rose is seen on the mural battling an enemy, theorized Blue Diamond, it sets the timeline possibly during Earth’s Gem War, sometime before, or at the conflict’s very start. 

In Sworn to Sword a four colored diamond (blue, white, yellow, and pink) is seen above and on the stadium; this indicates there was some kind of unity at the time of its construction. This means it was built before the Gem War, but this would also mean Rose wasn’t responsible for YD’s change. Or maybe she was, without anyone knowing-even Pearl; this being one of the bad things she didn’t want Greg knowing about her.

Or the bottom picture is what YD originally looked, and when she got poofed, she opted for the sun goddess look plus crown, then got poofed again (thanks to Rose) and went back to her original look, slightly modified.

Either way, I think her current looks represents the technological developments since the Gem War, plus the increasing oppression going on Homeworld (not that it wasn’t already established before and during the war).

So i drew what my gemsona Oc would look like when he was in Homeworld! Pyrope was in the front-lines with Yellow Diamond when it came down to war on Earth. Though on a killing streak, Pyrope was severely injured and was poofed into his own gem under other debris. It took him about a week to regenerate, but by then, the war was over and he was left to defend himself on Earth. It took him a decade, but after a while, Pyrope got comfortable with living with humans and got himself well adjusted to their style.