Wow was the pervious episode something huh folks plenty of feel good moments and nice too see another musical episode as well .

This new slice of life scenic idea is one of my longest MLP pieces yet took over 16 hours to paint due to the individual characters .Its not perfect but then again this new painterly style I have developed this year is more expressive then realistic which I think suits the tone of Equestria quite well.

WIP below :)


These were the first inkling of G3–pictures from Hasbro’s website promising a new My Little Pony line.  At that point in time, My Little Pony hadn’t been sold in North America for years (still going strong in Europe with G2, though), so this was INCREDIBLY EXCITING!

Later there were pictures of the first eight G3 ponies, although sadly I don’t seem to have saved them.  I can tell you that G3 Minty originally had green hair, not pink.