Welcome, you have just arrived to Ponyville and are ready to start your own adventure.  What happens next is based on USER input.  Whichever option gets the most votes via comments and messages, is what happens next.  Begin!


It is a test.  Comics take a good amount of time to work, so sometimes we want to break it up with this, possibly.  So it is a “choose your own” adventure that takes place within the Adorkable Twilight universe.  If it is popular, we will change it and make it better over time. We might hold contests that allow certain users to pick outcomes if they win a contest for a short period of time, or even allow someone to choose something completely on their own without constraints of choice! If this isn’t popular, then we will scrap, but lets give it a try on our off days. If you have questions, send me a message. NOTE: This will not be updated frequently, unless it is popular, but votes will count.