Person: Which boy is your favorite?

Me: Um, Dallas! Wait, no. Wait, definetly Dallas. But wait, you can’t forget about Johnny. And you can’t have Dallas and Johnny without Ponyboy! But with just one Curtis Brother the world wouldn’t function properly. So Dallas, Johnny, Ponyboy, Darry, and Sodapop. But, you can’t have Sodapop without Steve! And what’s a gang without the one that keeps y’all laughing? We can’t forget Two-bit either!

Person: ….

Me: ….

Person: ….

Me: well bye! Stay Gold!

the outsiders - backwards

a teen named Ponyboy unwrites his story when his friends get raised from the dead, a church stops burning, he dyes his hair brown, and johnny pulls a knife out of randy as the socs pull pony out of the fountain. ponyboy runs back home and goes from loving his brother to hating him, walking backwards into a movie theatre the day after.

Imagine: Two-Bit

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The New Year was nearing and everyone was over excited about it to finally get rid of the old and bring in the new. It was New Year’s Eve and you woke up reasonably early to start  cooking for the little get together that Darry Curtis was having tonight. You offered to cook curry for the gang, which they all bowed down to and agreed.

It was only eleven in the morning and you knew your boyfriend, Two-Bit, wouldn’t be up for the next while so you began to cut up the vegetables. You pressed play on the record and started bopping around to the music playing  lowly.

“Doll, it is far too early.” You heard his soft mumble come from behind you, he leaned up against the side of the door resting his eyes shut.

“Go back to bed then,” You teased, placing all the ingredients into a big pot with water. You turned the flame on and turned to your sleeping man. “Babe,” You whispered, walking up to him, resting your palm on the side of his face.

“I’m good , I’m good.” He mentioned, leaning down to give you a kiss on the lips. He placed his hand on your lower back, pulling you closer as you melted into him. You wrapped your arm around his neck, pulling him down as closer to your lips. You heard him softly groan as he began walking forwards, leaning you up against the counter.

He gripped your hips hungrily just as he was beginning to kiss down your neck. You grabbed the counter behind you for you just to feel a sharp pain in your hand. You pushed TwoBit away and jumped away from the stove that just burnt you. You  looked down at the palm of your hand, to see a massive red mark covering it. “Shit! Quick, babe.” TwoBit yelled, turning the cold water tap on and pulling your hand under it. It stung and tears began to fall fast from your eyes.

“It hurts so much, Two.” You cried, cringing as the cold water came into contact with your skin as well.

“Come, we’ll go over to Dar’s. He’ll help you. I’m so sorry, doll, fuck.” He whispered mostly to himself as he ran his hands through his hair. You leaned up to peck his jaw before motioning towards the door to leave.

The Song They Sing Along To When Spongebob Is On

Ponyboy: “Have You Seen My Genius”

Sodapop: “I Wrote This”

Darry: “On The Road”

Johnny: “The Campfire Song Song”

Steve: “Krusty Krab Pizza”

Two-Bit: “F.U.N”

Dallas: “I’ll Trap Santa”

Ponyboy Curtis Imagine

Requested by anonymous.

You and Ponyboy stood on the porch, clutching hands. The two of you had been dating for almost a week, and decided now was the time to tell his brothers. You knew they wouldn’t mind but you didn’t expect them to be to happy. You were always around the house and the boys seemed to like you enough but you weren’t to sure they’d enjoy you dating Ponyboy. You placed a small kiss on Ponyboy’s cheek. Ponyboy smiled and opened the door, dropping your hand.

“Hey.”Ponyboy walked in, you following behind. “Darry, Soda, I have something to tell you”

Darry and Sodapop looked up from what they were doing. They looked suspiciously at you and Ponyboy. You stood besides Ponyboy, staring at him lovingly. You wanted him to say it. You took his hand again.

“We’re dating”Ponyboy smiled softly, pulling you close.

“I thought you were going to say she was pregnant or something!”Darry shook his head, going back to the paper.

You looked at Sodapop who was standing now, “Finally you two get together!Oh this is adorable”Sodapop laughed, hugging his younger brother. 

Ponyboy laughed and squirmed from his grip, pulling you into a gentle kiss, :”I told you not to worry (y/n)”Ponyboy muttered.

You nodded and smiled. Ponyboy sat down, pulling you into his lap. He pulled you against his body, you snuggled into his chest. You were more then happy that there weren’t any issues with you two dating.

After having read The Outsiders, I started to really wonder the reasoning behind the names of the Curtis boys. The conclusion I came to was this:

• When Darry was born, the Curtis parents named him how they wanted, probably after a relative or something, maybe even a good friend who had passed.

• When Sodapop was born, I think it was actually Darry who thought of the name. Maybe when Mrs. Curtis was pregnant with Soda, Darry would refer to the baby as that. And it stuck.

• When Ponyboy was born, the parents then went to Soda for a name. Being as obsessed with horses as he was, the result was the name Ponyboy.

I like to think they did that because it sort of tied the boys together, letting them name each other. It also is about the only reasonable explanation I can think of as to why the f*ck they named their kids Sodapop and Ponyboy