Pony Prom

“Hello everyone! It’s that time of the year, it’s time for the Annual Pony Prom!
This years dates are July 7th-9th, its all weekend! 

Our location this year is Canterlot! We’ve been allowed access to the royal gardens where our main activites will be, but you’re all free to roam around the beauitful city for the best pictures and dates.

How to prom? It’s simple!
First, invite a person to prom. Go to their blog, and send an invitation. If they accepted, you have a partner! If not, try another person! It’s also fine to come alone.

What then?
Have fun! Draw each other, write what you’re doing, plan out the weekend for the two, RP, do whatever you want to make it fun for you! 

Submit drawings and stories to the blog, and I’ll publish them, or you can post them to your own blog and use the tag “Pony Prom 2017”, as that is the tag I’ll track this year.

Remember, everyone is welcome no matter the species!

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to send it in! I’d advise you to please read the FAQ and the Prom Procedure first, your question might have been answered there.

Best of luck from the Prom Team!”

🌹DATE🌹Who’s the special somepony you’ve asked (or been asked by) to go to prom with?

👗DRESS-UP👗You can’t just waltz in to prom without a fancy outfit, what are you (and your date) wearing?

🎉PARTY🎉🍾 Big night out for prom, what are you most looking forward too?

💃DANCE💃Time to dance like no ones watching, show us your moves!

🍹PUNCH🍹This dance is getting a bit boring, why don’t you liven it up by spiking the punch?

📷PICTURE TIME📷 How about a selfie with the friends or maybe a more professional photo with your date?

🏣TOWN🏣 How about we ditch the dance and go out on the town, all of Canterlot is open late for this event!

🏰CASTLE🏰 Humm, maybe we can sneak into the castle? I’m sure the princesses won’t mind.