Reasons why G1 is great
  • Soft, squishy bodies
  • Adorable playsets and accessories-have you ever looked at the Dream Castle?
  • Charming, sweet, and innocent
  • Catchy and super cute commercials!
  • Their simple and lovely little eyes
  • So much variety- from Flutter to Sea ponies, G1 had the most pony species and lines
  • The backcard stories!!! Now we get legal jargon on the back of G4s but G1s had sweet stories and lovely art
  • Comics and stories- so cute!!
  • An awesome cartoon with lots of fantasy elements (Rescue at Midnight Castle anyone?)
  • Brought joy and love to a generation

G1s just love you so much

Finally, the next novel in the Loremaster Chronicles series is being released! I’ve been waiting so long! This is supposed to be the last one, and I’m so excited to find out what happened with that cliffhanger in the last book and if they find the Last Alicorn, not to mention what will happen to the world!

I’m going to be reading through it as soon as possible, so I should have more to write about tomorrow. Obviously I won’t give things away, at least not without spoiler warnings, but I’m sure there will be something to write about.

Well, I am off to go pick up my copy. I am going to be camping out outside the Barns & Noblemares on Pulp Street (in Canterlot of course), so I might see some of you there. Hopefully I will be first in line, because I am so excited, I don’t want to wait a moment longer than necessary!

I adopted Looksee from @honeybonniebunny!

“Looksie is an eye doctor in Ponyville. She creates custom glasses for the young and old, making sure that every pony’s personality and style come through!”
She absolutely loves to make glasses whether they be prescription to shades to everything in between! She has a tendency to look at the world through rose tinted glassess and is overall very positive. She’s easy to get along with too!

She is often found drinking sodas and tea!

Fundraiser commission for @secrettimemachine

I really like how this one turned out, much different scenery than I’m used to. And two very cute ponies X3

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