A gift for Bobby aka Ponett for his upcoming SUPER CUTE GAME THAT I AM VERY EXCITED FOR Super Lesbian Horse RPG~ It’s almost nearly done, and I cannot wait. I’ve been following the development of SLHRPG since he started it, and I am amazed on what he has made so far. The graphics are adorable and the self made bg’s are gorgeous! He’s also a pretty rad dude also.

I was going for a video game cover/ poster vibe. I just discovered the mosaic tool in PS…so I went a little overboard huehuehue



So after falling helplessly in love with Bobby Schroeder’s wonderful game Super Lesbian Horse RPG, I decided that I badly needed something related to the game up on my wall.

Thanks the Walmart Printing Station and the absolutely fantastical artist Purmu, who drew this here picture as a congrats on the game’s release, my dream became a reality for only $13.90 CAD.

Thanks again to both Bobby and Purmu for being such awesome peeps~

NOTE: My phone doesn’t have a very good camera, and it was kinda dark in my room. So the second picture kinda looks really dark. Also I just hadto put it up beside my other Flutterdash poster, right?

I know you’re probably blocked, so here.

- @doombrigade

Ponett, I’ve seen your Derpibooru and deviantart favs, you’ve got zero room to bitch about porn.

Especially since safesearch wrapup was made for the sole purpose of doing exactly what you claim doesn’t happen, i.e. keeping porn under wraps.

The rest of that shit is the same shit you will find in literally every single fandom ever if you dig deep enough, stop embarrassing yourself for the love of God.

Also I love how you insist “they did that several times” and yet not once do you ever offer proof for even one example.

“Equestria daily refused to say a single fucking thing!”

Given literally everything else you say is a lie, I figure that’s more because it never goddamn happened, you petty, brainwashed, jealous little worm.

“Like Does nobody realize that brony fuckery was the reason that fandoms on tumblr became so militant than on other sites?!”

Holy blame shifting, batman! 

Maybe that’s because you psychopaths kept lying about us, kept spreading those lies and then demonized as monsters when we told you a million times that you were wrong.

Don’t blame us because for YOUR own terrible behavior you goddamn piece of shit.

Years have passed and you people are still literally Judge Frollo, claiming to be the paragon of righteousness when you ruin the lives and reputations of everyone around you because you’re blind to your own sins.

You make me sick.

@the-smiling-pony @tenaflyviper

Pretty N' Pink (Pinkie's Bed & Breakfast & Dessert Theme)
  • Pretty N' Pink (Pinkie's Bed & Breakfast & Dessert Theme)
  • Raddons
  • For Super Lesbian Horse RPG

So a little while ago Bobby asked me if I wanted to contribute music to his game Super Lesbian Horse RPG. The game looks super cute, super funny, and super fun, so I enthusiastically accepted the offer and was given the opportunity to do an area theme for Pinkie. 

I decided to go down the VRC6 route again. I didn’t think I’d be working within NES limitations again for a long time (Wonderful Creatures kind of wore me out), but I decided that by working within the NES limitations I could do something that really captured the essence I needed. It was a fun project to work on and I’m really glad I got the opportunity to do this.

I absolutely cannot wait for the game.