‘But you didn’t have to cut me off…’ [Clamy]

I’m so happy this is done! And just in time for the end of FemSlash February… well kinda. It was done before midnight but rendering and uploading meant it’s now technically March so boo. Had a lot of trouble getting it finished due to lots of Vegas problems and a big moving of house. But it is done now.

So yeah the second OTP of OTPs. My first DW FF was ClarDIS and the second is Clamy! Huzza. I did have a third DW FF vid planned that I will be doing but obviously not in time for February. Better late than never eh?

So onto the video! I’ve been dying to do angst and this ship can quite easily fit that bill. The story is quite self-explanatory and you can easily put your own spin on it but here’s how I imagined it:

Clara and Amy are best friends and end up in a relationship together. Living together and eventually getting married. They meet and travel with The Doctor which leads to wonderful adventures as well of some nasty close calls. It all ends when Clara is trapped by the crack. She escapes eventually but finds herself in a world where Amy has no idea who she is and is in love with someone else. Worst of all she may even hate her. The Doctor convinces Clara to keep traveling but after she is forced to watch her soul mate have the life they had with someone else she decides she can’t stay.

So yeah anything in black and white is Clara and Amy’s original relationship. They scenes overlaid at the end are the chronicle of them really. Their first meeting, asking out, dating, living together, married and then the event that leads to the end of it all.

If this inspires you in any way I’ll gladly take what I deserve. If you fic your own version feel free to make me feel my just deserts lol.

Hope you enjoy that little bit of heart wrenching agony. I’m off to bed because I’ve been up for almost twenty hours and moved an entire house. I need sleeps. Hopefully the last planned vid will be up soon. Wouldn’t want you to Missy it…

Wolfie Out

Clamy; Winter Soldier-ish AU

Travelling through time and space can make a man many enemies.

The Doctor. A Time Lord. An alien who travels throughout time and space. In his big, blue box. Righting the wrongs of evil doers along the way. With the help of his companions; Clara and Amy.

But some of those evil doers don’t like this man’s meddling.

A group is created to stop the Doctor, led by Madame Kovarian. They send aliens and monsters and traps to stop the Doctor and his friends. But all attempts fail.

Until one day in 23rd century Russia.

The Doctor, Amy and Clara are investigating strange goings on in the snowy wilderness when they are ambushed by vicious beasts.  Clara saves Amy from one of the creatures but is thrown from the cliff for her sacrifice. Amy cries out and reaches for Clara through the air but the girl is already gone from reach.

The Doctor distracts the beasts and hurries to Amy’s side, searching in the blackness for the other girl. He pulls a crying Amy to the TARDIS and the two travel to the bottom of the cliff face to find … nothing. No body. No Clara. Only a trail of blood that leads them nowhere.

Amy is distraught. Her childhood best friend, her girlfriend, her lover, her soul mate…Is dead and gone. The Doctor does his best to console her but it isn’t enough.


Even when I had nothing, I had Clara.


Amy wants to go home, but home is empty without Clara. So when the Doctor drops in to check on her she demands to go on a trip. They decide to go somewhere quiet. The roof of the Bellagio on New Year’s Eve. To watch the fountains and fireworks and forget about her heart breaking.

But the quiet festivities don’t last long when, under cover of the loud bags and flashing lights, the two are attacked by a masked figure. The figure heads straight for the Doctor but Amy manages to distract the individual and knock off their mask.

Her heart stops. It’s Clara. She has a strange eye patch and a metal arm but it’s her. In the flesh. Alive.



‘Who the hell is Clara?


The reunion doesn’t last long as Clara raises her weapon at Amy. Amy in shock, at both seeing Clara alive and that her girlfriend is trying to kill her, can’t move. The Doctor catches Clara off guard, and gets Amy into the TARDIS and away.

Clara is forced to retreat and return to her handler; Madame Kovarian. Madame Kovarian had been there in Russia to oversee the latest strategy play out. She had been the one to find Clara, barely alive, bleeding in the snow. She had decided to make the best of the unforeseen accident, and use Clara as a weapon to get to the Doctor once and for all.


That woman on the roof… Who was she?

She is no concern of yours darling. Your mission is the Doctor.

But I knew her…


 Will the Doctor and Amy be able to rescue Clara from Madame Kovarian’s clutches and defeat her horde for good? Or will Clara succeed in her mission to kill the Doctor and be lost to Amy forever?

I know I went a little overboard with the back story but my muse took hold and ran away with it. Far away it appears.

Requests #67
  1. More heterosexual relationships please            
  2. Id like to see a story where for some magic reason, maybe a curse or some kind of experimental supplement, a guy gains the ability to impregnate anyone, bypassing birth control and even the lack of a proper womb, which he discovers after having a friends with benefits threesome with a dude and a girl, and in the afterglow, both of their stomachs gurgle and swell into full term, kicking bellies.             
  3. Can someone​ do an mpreg story about a 50 something year old man who gets pregnant and gives birth during his daughters wedding?
  4. Request. Imagine your a woman who gets forcefully breed by a sea monster for over and over. With each time it happens your belly becomes larger than before.             
  5. Is there any change some one can write about a pregnant man or woman being stuff with all kinds of food by there master/caregiver. 
  6. A bunch of college-aged guys get attacked by facehuggers (y'know, from the Alien franchise) and wind up with Xenomorphs growing in their bellies. Not a huge fan of people bursting open, so can the author please focus on the impregnation and the pregnancy itself, rather than what happens at the end?             
  7. An Doctor Who Amy Pond x Clara Oswald (Pondswald) FemPreg fanfic where they get each other pregnant, and please make their pregnancies rapid ones, if you could!  Have a lovely day!  :) <3             
  8. Could someone please write an fpreg where the reader’s (or the one getting pregnant’s) lover is a half-snake woman? Like, woman on top, snake from the waist down? Not sure how it’d work, but this would be great.             
  9. ok so i love this blog but A LOT of the stories are really cliche with the “looks overdue with twins” trope. so I’d like to request some more stories from writers that are more just… natural pregnancy stories, where the size of the person pregnant is more realistic and drawn-out. the stories with overly-bloated pregnancies are just feeling a little stale to me. :/ 
  10. Request a story about demon impregnating a young female             
  11. more forced pregnancy pls 😍             
  12. Request for reverse beastiality. Some poor creature giving birth to a human baby far too big for it            

Karen Gillan as the Doctor,

Jenna Coleman as her companion.

‘Cause all of the stars
Are fading away
Just try not to worry
You’ll see them some day
Take what you need
And be on your way
And stop crying your heart out

Every time they meet each other somebody of them die. And nobody remember this 'cause one saves other stirred up a temporary funnel. But once Universe reduces them recollect every salvation. So, they ask each other to die no more.