After finally getting Neha to sit still, Jules was able to get her ready for bed. By that time she was already drifting off, her eyes closed and her lips were slightly parted. Lowering her on to the bed, he was about to leave when aqua orbs raised and stared right back at him. 

Jules: Neha? 

Neha: I’m sworry. I love you. 

Her eyes suddenly filled with tears as she looked at him. 

Jules: It’s fine. Get some re-

Neha: I love you. I love you so much but… I love my dads too. Who do I choose? Who do I believe? 

Jules: It’s fine, we can talk about this tomorrow.

Neha: But tomorrow, you’re going to be mad a me. I didn’t mean to make you mad. I was just so tired, of everything. I’m so confused but I love you. I love you soooo much but they’re forcing me to chose. How do I chose when I love you both? 


Edge of Seventeen Tag

Rules: Re-imagine your founder (or a sim you made as an adult) as a teen!

I wasn’t actually tagged to do this but I absolutely loved the idea and really wanted to see what Emilie and Joseph looked like as teenagers…and I am in LOVE! Legit holding back the tears because they are so cute!!

Thank you @alwaysimming for creating this challenge, you genius! 


The week had passed quietly but somber, the mood at the table tense and on edge, though the wedding planning continued as normal and no one made any mention of the discussions about an heir.

The uncomfortable silence threatened to end though on the Friday night when some distant cousins came to stay for the weekend, bringing with them their new baby daughter.

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She sat on the floor, still in her dress, swigging from the hideously expensive bottle of wine she’d nicked from the larder. Ellery shut the door behind him and came to sit next to her.

“Everyone wondered where you went. Are you alright?”

She nodded, shook her head, took another gulp of the wine and nodded again. “Sorry about that. Just - didn’t feel well.”

“No, that wasn’t it.” He gently took the bottle from her hands and placed it on the table, touched his hand to her cheek. “Why are you crying?”

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