“Anything, Anything” by Beach Slang // Here, I Made This For You! (Out 10.17.15 via Polyvinyl)

I love everything about this project. In particular, i love Beach Slang frontman, James Alex’s song choices for this collection of tracks to celebrate the mixtapes made and received over the years, that helped him make it through. You should certainly read his letter explaining his choices (that is up on Soundcloud). The whole collection drops in a couple of weeks from Polyvinyl, but in the meantime you can hear Beach Slang’s take on the Dramarama cult hit, “Anything, Anything”. Incidentally, it’s a song that means the world to me for similar reasons, but I digress - just press play and listen loud. 

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While I'm Alive
While I'm Alive

Last night all black and white when I was sleeping, 
I felt shadows and emptiness around me.
Just keep telling myself to live my life alive,
Like everything else just keep on breathing and live.

While I’m alive, I live my life.
While I’m alive, the colors and the sounds.
While I’m alive, I live my life, while I’m alive.

Saw the way I would die while I was dreaming,
Cold but hearing the sound that a heart beats.
Keep on telling myself to live my life alive,
Like everything else just keep on breathing and live.

Day: 1252

Shirt: American Football - House (2014 Tour)

Color: Heather Green

Brand: Canvass

Source: went to see the American Football anniversary show last night.  this album didn’t have much legs when it first came out.  i remember it.  i liked it a lot but i think this album was just too far ahead of its time.  sometimes i think a really good record isn’t something you love right away but keep coming back to over and over but you are not sure why.  could be that you need to grow with the music to really able able to appreciate it.  this album is just a great example of that.  the live show was a perfect compliment to this album especially since i didn’t get  chance to see it the first time, that i know of at least

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I guess I’m saying, kudos to Kinsella for doing justice to an album that is a decade old and is now finally being appreciated.