Polymer Plates

things to look into as far as technicalities of batsuits: high density foam/polymer plating underneath cordura/kevlar fabric as opposed to interlocking plate armor (way too easy for pointy things to get caught  or for it to snag) 

honestly flexibility and mobility in compact, durable materials feel far more important than a walking bulletproof shield


I’ve started printing!  I have much more to say about that later–and a lot of pictures to sort through–so in the meantime, here’s video of me printing on the Vandercook press!


Week 18 - Workshop Scrapbook

This week a scrapbook made from stiff watercolor paper to collect in one place the negatives, plates, and prints from the Polymer Plate Photogravure workshop. I contrived some sort of loop stitching so the pages would lay flat and made cutouts in the pages for the negatives so they could be viewed against the light…