Polymer CLay Food

Miniature asparagus cake. Based off this cake: [link]

I think I am insane. Well, if not before, then definitely after this.

Made from polymer clay. I tried going for 1:12 scale but I think it’s just a little larger than that. :/

And yes, I did make each individual asparagus.

Total time: I lost track at the 6 ½ hour mark.

61 pieces of full asparagus, about 240 tips, give or take a few. :P


I have two new items up on Etsy! These have been requested a few times so I decided to make some of each just for my shop. :)

The top picture is of my new glow glass charms as earrings. No, I did not tweak the colors to get them to look that bright - they really do glow just like that! I have three pairs up right now. The rest are heading to Omni Expo at the end of May.

The bottom is a new set of hamburger charms! I’ve made these slightly different from the ones I posted last time. These have tiny onion and tomato slices, as well as ketchup and mustard. Also, I’ve attached a lobster clasp so you can easily attach them to anything you want. :)

Both items can be found in my Etsy Shop.