Poly blue team


more pixels~
thanks to @sxpaiscia and @simmonss for the suggestions! <3

ship requests are always open, and that includes ot3 ships

*drops from the ceiling* hey wanna hear about poly blue team??

Too late!

Caboose: dating Church but sometimes he’ll be more in the mood for the others so it varies.

Church: dating Tucker, Tex, and Caboose

Tex: dating Kaikaina and Church 

Sister: dating Tucker, Tex, and she probably has some other partners. 

Tucker: dating Church, Kaikaina, and Wash

Wash: dating Tucker, but sometimes he’ll join in on Tucker/Church or Kaikaina/Tucker shenanigans. 

i imagine that in a domestic au, tucker would be the worst behaved in a grocery store. he keeps running off and coming back with armfuls of stuff (mostly junkfood and condoms) and wash sighs a lot and considers getting him a leash while caboose is really well behaved and always asks before adding something he wants into the cart 

and then at the end of the trip wash gets him an extra treat for good behavior and caboose rubs it in tuckers face