Translation of pixiv tags in JoJo fandom (Part3 Stardust Crusaders)

Hullo! I’ll be translating ships in SC in pixiv. Embrace yourself…I mean, Enjoy yourself!! (The transcription will be Seme/Uke.)

Kakyoin/Holly 花ホリ

Jotaro/Kakyoin 承花
Kakyoin/Jotaro 花承
Jotaro/Joseph 承ジョセ
Joseph/Jotaro ジョセ承
Jotaro/Polnareff 承ポル
Polnareff/Jotaro ポル承
Avdol/Polnareff アヴポル
Kakyoin/Polnareff 花ポル
Polnareff/Kakyoin ポル花
Star Platinum/Jotaro スタ承
Kakyoin/Joseph 花ジョセ
Star Platinum/Hierophant Green スタハイ
Uke Jotaro ships 承太郎受け

Jotaro/DIO 承DIO
DIO/Jotaro DIO承
DIO/Kakyoin DIO花
Kakyoin/DIO 花DIO
DIO/Vanilla DIOヴァニ
Vanilla/DIO ヴァニDIO
DIO/Joseph DIOジョセ
The Wolrd/DIO ワーDIO
Terrence.T.D’arby/Daniel D’arby テレダニ
Daniel D’arby/Terrence.T.D’arby ダニテレ
Hol Horse/Polnareff ホルポル
Uke DIO ships DIO受け・ディオ受け

THAT WAS A LOT. I…I knew part3 has lots of characters but I didn’t quite expect that many. Some ships may sound unfamiliar, but its only that in terms of shipping Japanese Give No Fuck about Common Sense™
So I’m 110% sure I overlooked some ships so if you have any ships not on the list, please send asks! See you!