i just had a moment with fallout new vegas that perfectly summarizes my issues with wrpgs, and western games in general, with regards to the obsession with being “realistic” and “serious”

so, the basic concept: while exploring this nuclear post-apocalyptic wasteland, i encounter a skeleton with a fedora in an open fridge, a reference to the infamous “hide in a fridge to survive a nuke” scene in indiana jones and the kingdom of the crystal skull. this is not a major plot point or anything more than an offhand reference.

so the way fnv handled it is, first of all, even getting this event required me to take the “weird wasteland” perk. i have to deliberately make a decision to pollute my experience with this pop culture reference. on top of that, when i encountered it, i got an audio cue and an indication that, yes, this is the result of taking that option. don’t worry, the developers would never pollute their serious video game with this if i didnt go out of my way to have it happen! this isnt even, like, a chupacabra or an alien or anything. this is a fucking offhand indiana jones joke, out of the way of everything.

then i imagine how a jrpg would handle this. it wouldnt be something i need to go out of my way to trigger for sure, it would just be there, by default, because jrpgs know youre here to have fun. theyre not scared of being wacky sometimes! they dont need to put a disclaimer on it! romancing saga 3 has you visit an island of lobster people with goofy music as part of the plot, and its still a game where you go into gates of hell and fight demons! thats not undermined in any way by it! ff7 has a goofy cat robot riding a mascot as a party member! on and on and on, but fnv feels the need to hide its indiana jones reference, make clear that “you specifically asked for this, we wouldn’t have made this part of the experience if you didn’t want it

i know this is a silly thing to get mad about, but i like my video games to be goofy sometimes, and western games are so fucking scared to even approach it if its not an explicit Comedy Game


Hey guys, sorry I’ve been out for a while.

Production of the game still went on. Even if i didn’t have much time to update the devblog. But now that I do, here’s some screenshots for you, showing what kind of stuff i’m putting in. I want to try and make this game have some kind of plot to it.  At least some kind of plot. Mixed with a lot of psychological hints as well. Explaining the 2 sprites of Finlay, he changes into his original dreamer outfit (when you enter his mind ) he had when i was first working on the game. I wold of kept him in that white suit, But i wanted to keep the original Finlay design as well. 

Hope you guys will enjoy it when the demo releases!


I thought it’d be cool to be able to change Finlay’s default name at the start. Unlike other Yume Nikki protagonist names, his isn’t very symbolic to the situation that he’s in. 

I’m going to make this game very different from Ignite, more visuals and stuff kind of like this. 

Hopefully you’ll enjoy playing it when the demo releases!