One Hundred Years of the National Park Service

“Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That there is hereby created in the Department of the Interior a service to be called the National Park Service…The service thus established shall promote and regulate the use of the Federal areas known as national parks, monuments, and reservations hereinafter specified by such means and measures as conform to the fundamental purposes of the said parks, monuments, and reservations, which purpose is to conserve the scenery and the natural and historic objects and the wild life therein and to provide for the enjoyment of the same in such manner and by such means as will leave them unimpaired for the enjoyment of future generations.”

An Act of August 25, 1916, Public Law 64-235, (39 STAT 535) to Establish a National Park Service, and for Other Purposes, 8/25/1916

File Unit: Laws of the United States, 1915-16, 64th Congress, 1st Session, Part 3, Public Acts 163-241, 1789 - 2011Series: Enrolled Acts and Resolutions of Congress, 1789 - 2011Record Group 11: General Records of the United States Government, 1778 - 2006

Yellowstone. The Grand Canyon. Yosemite. For many Americans, the mere mention of these sites conjures up images of grandeur and magnificence.

The Tetons - Snake River,” Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming., 1933 - 1942, from the series Ansel Adams Photographs of National Parks and Monuments, 1941 - 1942

As the conservator of the United States’ most storied and important landmarks, the National Park Service is charged with the preservation and operation of each of the nation’s 59 national parks, as well as hundreds of protected shorelines, preserves, and historical landmarks.

This summer, the National Archives will be commemorating the 100th anniversary of the National Parks Service by displaying the document that founded the NPS, the Organic Act of 1916.

Though the first national park had been established at Yellowstone on March 1, 1872, it and subsequently designated national parks were only loosely managed under the Department of the Interior.

By establishing a National Park Service, the Federal Government ensured the efficient and responsible conservation of national landmarks for future generations.

The passage of the Organic Act was the result of a collaborative effort between businessmen, government officials, and private citizens, who together  had advocated for the establishment of a National Park Service for decades.

President Wilson signed the bill on August 25, 1916, and the National Park Service was born.

The Organic Act provided for the appointment of a full-time Director of the National Park Service as well as a support staff to manage the parks from Washington, D.C. These employees were to be paid out of a pool of funds appropriated by Congress. Additionally, the Parks Director was tasked with organizing the system of local officials and park rangers that operated each site.

Today the National Park Service employs over 22,000 full time employees as well as 221,000 volunteers across more than 400 park areas. Each year, the National Park Service enables more than 275 million visitors to experience the beauty and wonder of America’s protected landmarks.

The National Archives will be displaying the Organic Act of 1916 in the East Rotunda Gallery from June 30 through August 31, 2016. Plan your visit and see the origins of the National Park Service for yourself!

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(Dogs at Yosemite National Park,  excerpted from the film “Yosemite Valley“)

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Phoenix will offer transgender-inclusive healthcare to city workers
The City of Phoenix announced Thursday it will offer coverage of transition-related healthcare to municipal employees and their families

Starting January 1, city workers in Phoenix, Arizona will have access to transition-related healthcare through their insurance. This makes Phoenix the first city in Arizona to offer trans-inclusive healthcare to city employees. 

Until now, many healthcare plans, including the one offered to city employees, specifically excluded care relating to gender transition. Now, Phoenix joins a list of cities offering their employees coverage for things like hormone replacement therapy and gender-affirming surgery. 

There was some pushback from groups including the local police union, which criticized the city for covering care it considers “elective” instead of things like contact lenses, orthopedic shoes, skin-tag removal, and in vitro fertilization.

But Michael Soto, a transgender board member of Equality Arizona, explained that not having appropriate health care can cause anxiety and depression.

“Living authentically as yourself every day is really hard” without access to transition-related care, Soto told The Republic.”You’ve always got a barrier and that stress of feeling disconnected from yourself.”

This is so important. Congratulations, Phoenix. 

‘You’re Asian, Right? Why Are You Even Here?’
What I learned when I was attacked—and spared—for my race at a Black Lives Matter protest. By AARON MAK

MILWAUKEE — I knew the protest was going to spiral into something bigger when I saw a man in tears push a police officer. I had never seen anyone lay a hand on a cop, even amicably. But these people gathered now in the street were utterly out of patience. I wasn’t sure whether I would be caught in the crossfire. Then a community activist I had earlier asked to interview spotted me, and called me over.

“I can see from your face that you don’t think you’re safe,” he told me. He was black; I’m Chinese-American. “You are. You’re a minority, too.”

It was just the reassurance I was looking for. It would also turn out to be wrong.

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The Cult of Race

This “my skin color is my heritage” thing is driving me up the wall. People choose their skin color over morality and that, if you missed it, is putting another deity before God. Your race is the leader of your Pantheon. Enjoy Paganism friends. I see why the alt-right rejects Christianity because God is going to reject them in the end.

Creflo Dollar Says God Told Him To Endorse Donald Trump
Atlanta megachurch pastor says Republican presidential nominee has been 'touched by the hand of God'
By Centric TV


I really don’t want to cuss out another pastor for doing wrong, but I will.

You greedy bastard .

Is there a limit to what you wont do for a dollar or millions of dollars?


“God came to me in a dream last night and said that Trump is his chosen candidate,” Dollar said. “God apologized for the mixed messages he was sending. I now know that Trump has been touched by the hand of God.”

Dollar even compared the Republican presidential candidate to John the Baptist.
“Trump is like John the Baptist, sent to prepare the world for the return of our Lord, Jesus Christ,“ he added.”

Endorsing Trump and comparing him to The Bible?

Do you even have a soul anymore or is that in the hands of The Devil too?

The anti-poverty plan uniting Clinton and Ryan
A key to the bipartisan appeal? It will help millions of poor white voters who live in GOP-held districts as well as black voters in Democratic districts. By BEN WEYL

Hillary Clinton and Paul Ryan don’t agree on much — but both are lending their support to an anti-poverty proposal that cuts across racial and party lines. The result: Billions of dollars could soon flow to some of the neediest neighborhoods, regardless of who triumphs in November.

While that may sound like the kind of big-government proposal Republicans typically hate, Clinton and the plan’s creator, Rep. James Clyburn, have found the key to bipartisan appeal: a funding formula that will help millions of poor white voters who live in GOP-held districts as well as African-American voters who live in Democratic districts.

Speaker Ryan has effectively given his blessing, spurring the plan’s inclusion in several of this year’s bills to fund the government. Donald Trump, who recently began new outreach to minority voters, has yet to weigh in, effectively ceding the political benefit to his Democratic rival.

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Politics and Ice Cream (Avengers Fic)

Parings: Bucky Barnes X Reader

Prompt: Political Debate between Sam and Steve has a sweet outcome for Bucky and the reader.

WARNINGS: None really

You were the newest member of the Avengers. You also happened to be the youngest and a wager could be made that you might have even been the smartest. But your teammates generally forgot about the last part because you were a child at heart. You complained when you had to actually do work, you were easily distracted and loved Disney movies.

However, the one thing you hated more than anything was an election year and all of the politics and propaganda. It’s not that you thought it was a waste of your time, but you hated debating and arguing. Nobody was ever right so it was pointless to you to have the argument in the first place.

You arrived at the Tower after school and made your way to the penthouse. As soon as you stepped foot out of the elevator and heard the raised voices, you were intrigued, however when you heard what the three soldiers were arguing about you wanted to turn tail and run as fast as you could. But it was too late. Steve had seen you.

“(Y/N)! Come here for a second,” Steve called.

“No, I really should go, homework and whatnot-” you tried, already backpedaling towards the elevator.

“It’ll only take a minute, I promise,” Steve said, then trained those baby blues on you and you knew you couldn’t say no.

You huffed and trudged over to the island they were all situated around. Bucky was leaning on the island, his hair tied up in a bun. Sam was standing with his arms crossed, and Steve stood at parade rest. You set your American History textbook and backpack on the island and hopped up onto a stool.

“How can I be of assistance?” you asked, leaning forward on the island, your hand on your chin.

“We were watching TV and one of those political campaign commercials came on,” Steve started. You let out a loud groan and sat back on the stool. “Stay with me. Sam complained and said that America was going to become the Nazi Germany of the 21st century.”

“And let me guess, Good Ol’ Captain America nipped that right in the bud?” you said, sarcastically cheerful.

Bucky snorted and Sam beamed. Steve, however, didn’t find it very amusing. You only challenged the blue eyed blonde with a quirked eyebrow.

“Sorry, do go on,” you said, motioning for him to continue.

“We’re having a debate because it won’t ever be that way. America isn’t going to try and take over the world. We’ll defend our own people in these trying times,” Steve said, pointedly looking at Sam.

“All it takes is one person! They just have to plant the idea and phrase it the right way and boom! We have another Holocaust-like situation on our hands,” Sam shot back.

“But we all swore an oath to protect the people, you swore that oath too! Are you saying that if the President told you to kill hundreds of people because it would save thousands or millions, you’d do it? Without second guessing the order?” Steve shot back.

“They already have man!” Sam yelled.
“LADIES, LADIES!” you called to get their attention. “You’re both pretty. I’m currently in American History and Current Events. We actually just got done with the World Wars unit. Let me settle this for you two: History is going to repeat itself. It’s inevitable. The Nazi’s started out as a militia, not the actual German military. When Hitler weaseled his way into power, he basically overthrew the military with his Nazi’s and then phrased things in a pretty way to get the support of the people. Not like it matters, but whatever. So, this proves Steve’s point correct: the military won’t turn on its people.

“Sam you’re also correct because of the attempt at Mutant Genocide a few years ago. Propaganda is the same now as it was back then, the only difference is with televisions and the internet it can be more “in your face” and literally wash out everything, overloading you with this argument and that. Can we just boil it down to a World War Three is inevitable?” you explained.

All three men stared at you. They all blinked a couple of times.

“I still think that if a CO gave you a bullshit order, you would refuse,” Steve said indignantly. “And that’s also why we have the second amendment.”

“Oh dear God,” you said, dropping your head to the counter.

“But that’s just what it is, an amendment. It can be amended. And don’t even get me started on gun control!” Sam started arguing.

While Sam and Steve got into yet another pissing match, Bucky gently tapped your shoulder. You looked up into his crystal blue eyes. It made you weak in the knees and thankful you were sitting down already. You had always had a soft spot for Bucky. He was your favorite member of the Howling Commandos and your favorite figure in history class growing up. Ever since you first met him in person, the idolization you had for him turned into a major crush.

“Would you like to go out for ice cream? I don’t think they’ll stop anytime soon,” he said softly.

Your voice caught in your throat and all you could do was nod. While the two were still screaming at each other, you and Bucky slipped out quietly, a blush on your cheeks and a small smirk on his lips.


Religion is a part of the cultural indoctrination of women by the patriarchy

However the very nature of faith and religion means it’s difficult for women to accept this. Even the non-religious view it as a taboo to criticise religion. One of the worst aspects of ‘choice’ feminism has to be its total non questioning compliance to religion despite its patriarchal nature.

Trump to blacks, Hispanics: You have a right to not get shot

Donald Trump on Wednesday told African-American and Hispanic voters that he would be the best president for them, declaring that they and their children have “a right” not to get shot in the streets.

“The Democratic Party has run nearly every inner city in this country for fifty or sixty years or in some cases over 100 years. Over 100 years. They’ve produced only more poverty, only more crime, only more joblessness and broken homes all over the place, at record levels,” Trump said at a rally in Tampa, Florida, questioning “what do you have to lose?”

The situation, Trump suggested, “cannot get any worse and believe me, I’m gonna fix it. I’m gonna make it so good.”

“I’ll be able to make sure that when you walk down the street in your inner city or wherever you are, you’re not gonna be shot, your child isn’t gonna be shot,” he added.

“And I say to the African-American parent: you have a right to walk down the street of your city without having your child or yourself shot, and that’s what’s happening right now. That’s what’s happening,” Trump said, before adding, To the Hispanic parent, you have a right to walk outside without being shot. You have a right to good education for your child. You have a right to own your home. You have a right to have a good job.“

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eruditeprincess1993  asked:

I only heard of Trikru restricting Skaikru about a month ago. Irony was that I planned for the opposite in a published wip. That to stay in Trikru territory they have work both inside and outside of Arkadia. Even after MW.

I think it was one of the things that was easy to miss. The way Arkadia was being oppressed. Most of it was said in passing, like no one wanted to make a big deal of it. A few things stood out, like not being allowed to use Mount Weather. But otherwise, you know, you kind of just accept and forget the things like not being allowed outside of the boundaries, or how the water supply was poisoned. Poisoned! But instead, it’s all about Jasper getting a drink and being an ass. 

Kane said in the beginning that the people thought this was real peace and he didn’t want Bellamy to screw that up. At first I thought he meant he didn’t want Bellamy to do anything that would mess up the peace, but now I think he was actually telling Bellamy not to mess up the people’s PERCEPTION of peace. There was no active war, but they had a constant threat hanging over their heads and Kane knew that at any moment it could be war again, or worse, really, they could just be wiped out. They walked such a fine line and whether they followed all the rules or broke them, they were still at risk. 

Honestly, I do not understand how Lxa managed to keep them out of Mount Weather, as it was theirs by right. They conquered the mountain and without her help. She must have threatened them with full on war to keep them out, and on top of limiting their movement to hunt and farm, and ability to be self sufficient, she was trying to keep them from their legitimate resources, which only they could really use, as the technology was beyond the grounders. I’m sure she did it because she was afraid of anyone getting access to that weaponry and afraid that if the Sky People got all that tech, they would be just as formidable as the Mountain Men were, but without the liability of radiation poisoning. 

The Arkadians were left in an impossible position, not allowed to live fully in Arkadia (and you’re right, they would have needed to work outside of Arkadia to survive) and not allowed to take up the territory they’d won. And truthfully, if the problem was with territory, then the Sky People taking the mountain would solve the problem. They wouldn’t be encroaching on any grounder villagers, because none of the grounders were even allowed to cross into MW lands. 

But WHY. It makes no sense for the grounders to NOT work with the sky people and get their knowledge and skills and share their own. Look at Nyko. It was a beginning of a partnership that would have been mutually beneficial, and if they HAD been allowed to contribute and work with the rest of the grounders, it would have been better for Trikru, the surrounding villages, Polis, Lxa and the coalition. The medical knowledge alone could have made up for a lot. And Lxa’s position with the coalition and against the Azgeda would never have been weakened. 

Bad political choices, imo. 

I’m not even sure this is what you were looking for here, but sometimes I am just struck by what a disaster the grounder/arkadia dealings were. Like, it just didn’t have to be like that. L had the power to treat them fairly, and she would have benefited from it. But she didn’t. And things went very badly for everyone.