President Obama signs law targeting boycotts of Israel

The new US-Israel Trade and Commercial Enhancement Act is specifically targeted “to discourage politically motivated actions to boycott, divest from, or sanction Israel by states, non-member states of the United Nations, international organisations, or affiliated agencies of international organisations that are politically motivated and are intended to penalise or otherwise limit commercial relations specifically with Israel or persons doing business in Israel or in Israeli- controlled territories.”

Thank you for reminding us that there remains an antiquated and endangered species of bigots in this country that we must continue to combat. Thank you for reminding us to not sit complacently at home on election day, but to run to the polls and proclaim that there is no place for your brand of racial politicking in our government. Thank you for sending out the rallying cry.

You have made your thoughts on the Latino community clear and you continue to stand by them. And in return, we will do more than tweet about our indignation and beat piñatas of your likeness. We will silence you at the polls. We will vote and use our growing position in U.S. politics. Our fellow Americans who understand and value our contributions will join us. We know there is nothing that scares you more.

The truth is, Mr. Trump, that your comments mean that you fail to see that immigrants are what have made this nation. They are at the core of our ideals, and they are the foundation that keeps us afloat. No, Mr. Trump, you may not reduce us to drug dealers and rapists. We are moms and dads, sons and daughters. We are valedictorians and honor students. We are college graduates, bankers, police officers, entertainers, teachers, journalists, politicians and we are the future of America.
—  America Ferrera, Thank You, Donald Trump!
Wherever there are foreign troops that are ostensibly protecting the most vulnerable civilians on Earth, the problem of sexual abuse and sexual exploitation is simply rampant.
—  Paula Donovan, co-director of AIDS-Free World. Her group has launched the Code Blue campaign, which seeks to end the sexual exploitation and abuse by United Nations military and nonmilitary peacekeeping personnel. Watch her interview on Democracy Now! today.

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Bernie is pro guns

Absolutely not. It can help to look into his voting records and understand the content of bills he voted on. So let’s look at his voting records from these accredited websites: x, x. I strongly encourage you to look into the content of the bills I am about to discuss further so you may form your own educated opinions.

Bernie voted YES on banning high-capacity magazines of over 10 bullets
What bill is this referring to? Oh, it’s the Safe Communities, Safe Schools Act; Bill S.Amdt. 714 to S. 649 ; vote number 13-SV103 on Apr 17, 2013. High-capacity magazines have been used in over half of mass shootings since 1982. The bill was meant to make it increasingly difficult for criminals to obtain these magazines and therefor reduce the impact of mass shootings to the public.

Bernie voted YES on allowing firearms in checked baggage on Amtrak trains
The bill this particular vote refers to is the Wicker Amendment; Bill S.Amdt.798 to S.Con.Res.13 ; vote number 2009-S145 on Apr 2, 2009. At first glance this might seem to be a pro-gun vote, however, it is important to understand that checked baggage on Amtrak trains are inaccessible much like checked baggage on planes. No one could potentially access their luggage to then go on a mass shooting. The bill is meant to ensure that law abiding citizens are able to transport all their materials while still ensuring the safety of others. 

Voted YES on prohibiting foreign & UN aid that restricts US gun ownership. 
Vitter Amendment to State Dept. Appropriations Bill; Bill S.Amdt. 2774 to H.R. 2764 ; vote number 2007-321 on Sep 6, 2007. Again this action might make you raise your eyebrow because of its initial implication of being pro-gun, however, if you look into the content of the bill it is pretty obvious as to why it would be harmful. Back in 2007 the United Nations was attempting to force uniform gun control laws on countries. Those actions are problematic because it would require an overreach of the UN’s given powers as well as removing cultural understanding of how to combat gun violence. Uniform legislation has been proven not to work on a global scale. Further reasoning is that potential legislating from the UN would remove the ability of the Supreme Court and Congress to interpret the second amendment (note: the Supreme Court has set a precedent of allowing gun control by interpreting it under the Militia Theory [x]). Essentially the concern is that by approving this bill the United States would be allowing undue influence in our own politics. 

Voted YES on prohibiting product misuse lawsuits on gun manufacturers. 
Reference: Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act; Bill S 397 ; vote number 2005-534 on Oct 20, 2005.  Why would Bernie vote yes for this? In the years before passage of the act, victims of firearms violence in the United States had successfully sued manufacturers and dealers for negligence on the grounds that they should have foreseen that their products would be diverted to criminal use. However, both manufacturers and dealers can still be held liable for damages resulting from defective products, breach of contract, criminal misconduct, and other actions for which they are directly responsible in much the same manner that any U.S. based manufacturer of consumer products are held responsible. Another measure in the bill prohibits the manufacture, import, sale or delivery of armor piercing ammunition. This was a defensive act for (small) businesses without removing all responsibility from select businesses when products are involved in criminal activity. Bernie voted YES on a similar bill to the Protection of Lawful Commerce Act two years prior as well for the same reasoning (with many exceptions to allow citizens legal leeway). 

Bernie voted NO on decreasing gun waiting period from 3 days to 1

Sanders opposed and voted against a bill introduced by McCollum, R-FL; Bill HR 2122 on Jun 18, 1999. Now this one does not raise any questions: decreasing waiting days is never a good option in terms of gun control. 

Just to Put That In To Perspective Funding Public Universities Would Cost ~$80 Billion a Year, and That $38 Billion Was An Increase On An Already ~$240 Billion Dollar Budget

Fighting Islamic Extremism is not worth what it has cost this nation. In fact our military policies have continually proved to be more damaging than anything. Drone strikes in Pakistan, Yemen, Iraq and other nations have not pacified the region. The rise of ISIS should not have come as a surprise. This region has always been of strategic importance to the United States and geographically that is a no brainier. That said, it is not worth the cost, both economic or in human life. Bernie Sanders opposed the war in Iraq and would put an end to the constant state of warfare that has become the Middle East. ISIS is no threat to American sovereignty and in no way are drone strikes going to quell extremism in the region. In fact everything seems to suggest it simply creates more. Bernie Sanders has opposed the expansion of the War on Terror and the enormous amount of money we have thrown away on it in the last decade. Bernie Sanders will reshape our foreign policy to the benefit of the American taxpayer and the American abroad. Bernie Sanders 2016!

At the time the Constitution was passed, between 50% and 75% of male property owners had guns. We know this because sometimes state governments, and sometimes counties, would go house to house conducting a census. Not infrequently, one of the questions asked would be if the homeowners had a gun, what kind it was, and if they could see it. Historians went back, averaged and guesstimated, and came up with those numbers. Interestingly, between 6% and 38% of female-owned estates had guns too.

The Eurozone Crisis: A Reading List

As we continue to follow developments of the European economy, we pulled together a quick reading list to gain further insight into what has been happening across the EU:

Keep an eye out for updates from our @OUPPolitics and @OUPEconomics Twitter!

Image Credit: “Mr. Jean-Claude Juncker, Prime Minister of Luxembourg and Eurogroup President gives his remarks after the Eurozone Summit, 26 October 2011″ by European Council. CC BY NC-ND 2.0 via Flickr.

Earlier We Posted A New York Times Article About the Bernie Rally In Madison, They Didn’t Seem too Interested. Here is the First Page of the Huffington Post, #BERNIEMANIA!
  • a communist:as an anti-authoritarian leftist, I do not identify with the USSR, DPRK, or PRC. they represent long histories of violence, oppression, and dictatorial regimes. they do not in any way resemble the equitable horizontal organization of power I would like to strive for.
  • some smug anarcho-capitalist:*points at soviet union* but look at this. communism failed.
Request UN election monitors/observers for Canada
(French translation follows English)Due to repeated and unpunished fraudulent electoral activity, Canadian Citizens no longer trust the legitimacy or integrity of our elections. We, the signees of this petition, therefore formally and urgently request that UN election monitors oversee our upcoming 2015 federal election._______________________________________________________In the days following the May 2nd, 2011 Canadian federal election, faith was shattered and confidence lost in Elections Canada’s ability to ensure a fair, honest and unimpeded electoral proc ...

Please sign this petition, it’s important that Canadians can trust the legitimacy of our elections. Elections Canada is not doing a good enough job, which I don’t blame on them in the slightest, but we need an oversight body so we can trust in the election results.


Bernie Sanders is gaining in Iowa, according to a new poll that shows the Vermont Senator and presidential candidate has doubled his standing in the Hawkeye state since May. According to a Quinnipiac poll released today, Hillary Clinton still holds a sizable lead ahead of next winter’s Democratic caucuses, with 52 percent support, 19 percentage points ahead of Sanders who is favored by 33 percent of Democratic caucus-goers. The same poll had Sanders’ support at only 15 percent in early May.

Sanders has been narrowing the gap in New Hampshire – and now Iowa is looking a lot more interesting