Adolf Hitler rose to power by promising to fix Germany and return it back to the powerful land it once was before the First World War, blaming Jews, primarily, for the downfall of their nation.

Donald Trump is rising to power by promising to fix America (‘Make America Great Again’) and return it back to the powerful land it once was, blaming Latinx and Chinese people for the downfall of the nation.



A new report released by the Urban League sheds light on state of New Orleans 10 years after Katrina. The report finds that while New Orleans has been able to regain its footing socioeconomically, the city has in many realms largely preserved or widened the disparities between white and black life among its residents. From income to voting power to incarceration, the city’s celebrated “rebirth” has left the yawning gap between its white and black residents mostly untouched.

So my dad is doing this thing. Whenever i talk about the issues (political, and what not) he tells me i don’t know anything, and that i shouldn’t vote if i don’t do my resurch. Now, it conscerned me yesterday when I was talking to some family friends, that my dad told me that I know nothing about the presidential debatees. I was asked who I thought the top 4 candidates would be. I responded that it was hard to tell but that it would probably come down to Jeb Bush, Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, and Bernie Sanders on both sides. I say this because they were the only one’s who’ve stood out so far. My dad then told me i didn’t know what I was talking about, and that I shouldn’t even vote if i don’t.

I just want to say, that the tactic he’s using is a form of intimidation, and an abuse tactic. He’s trying to make me doubt myself, because he thinks i have liberal views while he has strong conservative views, and he doesn’t want me to vote. He knows that if enough people in my generation are discouraged from voting, if we’re told that if we don’t know anything, then more conservatives might vote. He knows that our generation is one of the biggest, and probably most liberal, voting group in the country. 

If someone tells you that you don’t know enough to vote, ignore them. If you feel you don’t though, don’t give up and just not vote. Look into the issues on the ballot this next year and decide what you want to vote for. I know that it might look daunting, but it’s a lot simpler than that. You don’t have to be an expert on everything on the ballot. You just have to know where you stand on the issues, and who has those same stances. 

Hey, Americans who are planning to leave the country if Donald Trump ends up president: I sympathize. My  recommendation: Iceland.

It’s cold, sure, but they have igloo hotels, nice food, great people, Bjork and a prime minister who once left a debate early so he could get the last piece of chocolate cake in the canteen.

So, you know, it’s the place to be.

canadians have a music genre against their prime minister

** = favorites

the stephen harper song

harper train

harperman  ********* THIS GUY LOST HIS JOB FOR THIS

steven harper sure hates me and two

steve its time to go *********

I wish I never shook your hand prime minister harper

stephen harper song

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lets go drink beer

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save our waters

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