Like holy fuck, does Tumblr know that Stephen Harper is planning an air raid over Syria? 

How about Bill C-51? I haven’t heard a damn thing about that on here (excluding Canadian politics blogs).

What about racism in Canada, because that sure as hell exists.

Speaking of racism, what about our missing/murdered Aboriginal women? Where are the posts about that?

We have major problems here and they’re all being hidden from us by the government. It just makes me mad that Tumblr will rave about it if any of this was happening in a different country.

Kevin Kruse explains how “in God we trust” began to appear on coins and stamps—it’s more recent than you’d think:

“So the phrase “In God we trust” comes from an often forgotten stanza of the “Star Spangled Banner.” It goes: “Then conquer we must when our cause it is just, and this be our motto – ‘In God is our trust.’” That stanza was largely forgotten until the Civil War when that phrase “In God we trust” is plucked out of that line and placed on coins. And it is done so at the urging of religious leaders who believe the Civil War has come as a result of America’s original sin, of not officially being founded as a Christian nation. And they ask the Secretary of Treasury to correct that and he does so by placing it on coins.

The phrase appears on coins intermittently over the next 50 or 60 years. Theodore Roosevelt tries to have it removed — he believes it’s close to sacrilege — but the public outcry prevents him from doing so. During this moment of the Eisenhower years, the phrase flourishes and it does so first when it’s placed on a stamp in 1954. Then [in] 1955, Congress decides to add it to not just coins but to paper money. And in 1956, they move to make it the country’s first official national motto.”

How ‘One Nation’ Didn’t Become ‘Under God’ Until The ’50s Religious Revival

Why aren’t millennials buying homes? Just look at the prices.

Millennials take a lot of heat. They’re call narcissistic, selfish, and they stubbornly refuse to move out and stay out of their parents’ homes.

On that last score, however, a new study shows that living with mom and dad may be about more than refusing to grow up. According to a report by RealtyTrac, a real estate information company, home prices have outpaced wage growth in 76% of U.S. housing markets during the last two years of housing market recovery. And rent doesn’t look much better.

The Signs as President for a Day
  • ARIES- does something extravagant, like rents an elephant and refuses to get off of it
  • TAURUS- lays on a bed of money all day in red silk just to feel like a queen
  • GEMINI- legalizes marijuana everywhere including Mexico (they'd find a way) also kicks out Michelle Obama
  • CANCER- fine wine tasting, tipsy and probably flirting with a servant at the end of the day
  • LEO- has themselves painted on the wall in a big fur coat and stilettos
  • VIRGO- actually solves some of our issues
  • LIBRA- somehow makes peace without lifting a finger and still looks like they don't give a damn
  • SCORPIO- literally planned for this since day one, they'll leave the White House with the most gain
  • SAGITTARIUS- gets away with anything by getting on Michelle's good side, then does whatever the hell they want
  • CAPRICORN- brings friends with them and just has an amazing time with great food and venue
  • AQUARIUS- has the capability to change the nation but instead just chills in a hot tub alone naked with foods they can't afford
  • PISCES- live music performances all day by all of their faves for them and a friend in pajamas

I have great reverence for religious freedom. As a child, I was baptized in a Baptist church, and faith has always been an important part of my life. I was never taught, nor do I believe, that religion should be used as an excuse to discriminate.

I remember what it was like to grow up in the South in the 1960s and 1970s. Discrimination isn’t something that’s easy to oppose. It doesn’t always stare you in the face. It moves in the shadows. And sometimes it shrouds itself within the very laws meant to protect us.

—  Tim Cook wrote a fantastic op/ed for the Washington Post decrying “religious freedom” laws like those recently passed in Indiana and Arkansas. Religion is not an excuse to discriminate. Full stop.
Colorado bill would impose $15,000 fine on cops who try to stop people from filming them

This law is much needed.  How many videos have we seen of police threatening citizens who film them and lying about it being illegal?

from ABC 7  Denver:

A package of police oversight bills introduced in the Colorado Legislature includes a measure that would impose up to $15,000 in civil penalties if a law enforcement officer seizes or destroys a citizen’s recording or interferes with someone trying to film them.

"Primarily, it came up as a result of the number of news reports we’ve been seeing about police officers telling people, ‘Give me your camera,’ or taking the data away, and that is unacceptable conduct," said Rep. Joe Salazar, a Democrat from Thornton and co-sponsor of the bill.

Salazar said House Bill 15-1290 has support from both Democrats and Republicans, and is not intended to penalize police.

"It takes a very special person to be a police officer," Salazar said. "We want to honor them, but at the same time, we have a few bad apples who need to be aware that their conduct now has major, major consequences."

Salazar said one incident that caught his attention was a woman’s claims that Denver Police prevented her daughter from filming what happened after Jessica Hernandez, a 17-year-old in a stolen car, was shot.

Bobbie Ann Diaz lives right in front of the Park Hill ally where it happened in January. One of her daughter’s was in the car with Hernandez and another daughter, Brianna, came outside with Diaz after they heard the gunshots.
Diaz said an officer stopped her after she left her yard, telling her he would arrest her if she didn’t cooperate.

"The officer had me apprehended, he wouldn’t let me go," Diaz said.
She said she yelled to Brianna, who was still on their property, behind a fence, to record what was happening as officers pulled a lifeless Hernandez from the car.

"At that time, (the officers) put Jessie down and they were on their knees yelling at Brianna that she better not record. She better not," Diaz said. "She got scared. She got intimated. These are big officers and she didn’t want to make things worse."

Diaz said, at that time, she wasn’t aware that citizens have every right to record police as long as they are not interfering with an investigation.
"I wanted to cooperate with them," she said. "And I didn’t know it was our right to keep recording on our property."

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This is an idea that needs to catch on in all 50 states. 

Not only that, but police in every precinct in America should be required to wear vest-cameras at all times. 

Canada can’t withstand another term with Harper and his Conservatives. Canadians need the opposition parties to work together for the good of Canada rather than the ambition of their party.The three parties representing all the regions of Canada have a first responsibility to Canadian constituents, not the party they are members of. The leaders of the Liberals, Greens and NDP need to come together and work out a way to form a coalition in the upcoming election of 2015. 

Hey everyone. Canada’s politics often get overshadowed by America’s on here, but we have an election coming  up this fall and it is imperative that the current party, the Conservatives, do not win again. The polls are really close right now, but it’s likely that the Cons will win with a minority government do to a split in votes between the oppositional parties. 

It’s for this reason that this petition has been started for a coalition between the opposition parties, so that they can unite their seats and overthrow Stephen Harper and finally end his tyranny on Canada.

I’d really appreciate if you guys could sign and share this around. Canada can’t handle another four years of Harper.


Budd Dwyer was a politician from Pennsylvania. In 1996 he was convicted of accepting a $300 000 bribe. He appeared live on television the day before he was to be sentenced where he professed his innocence. After his speech, he pulled a revolver from an envelope, and advised the crowd, ‘’Please, please leave the room if this will…if this will affect you.’’

Much effort was made to persuade Dwyer into reconsidering, but it was all a waste in the end—Dwyer turned the gun on himself and pulled the trigger.