In the middle of the 1930s Mayor LaGuardia was faced with a very difficult problem. A high-ranking German diplomat was due for a state visit in New York. Shocked and angered by the recent anti-Jewish laws of the Nazis, a great number of New Yorkers threatened to do bodily harm to the diplomat. The mayor himself abhorred the Nazis, but it was his sworn duty to prevent violence.

He solved the problem by surrounding the Nazi representative with a bodyguard of police. They all had one thing in common – they were Jewish. The joke embarrassed the Nazis and caused enormous laughter. But it also resolved a potentially dangerous situation.

—  from “Speaker’s Treasury of Anecdotes About the Famous”, by James Hume

Florida: Psychological Trauma suffered on the job is still a work injury and should be covered by Workers Comp

Gerry Realin helped pull 49 bodies out of Pulse nightclub June 12. That night has haunted him and made him unable to work.

After the worst mass shooting in US history Police officer Gerry Realin rushed in to help the surviving victims of the Pulse nightclub shooting. A lone gunman had opened fire on the Orlando gay bar June 12, killing 49 people, Realin helped remove bodies from the club.

His wife has stated, “When he got home, 2:30 the next morning, he came in very quiet … looked at both of our kids, then went in the shower and just lost it… And he didn’t stop crying. The next day, it was on and off. And it’s just been really hard.”

“The man that left my house that morning did not come back to me that night,” Jessica Realin said. “He’s still not back.”

Although Realin returned to work two weeks after attack, he struggled to recover, taking frequent days off. The patrolman drained his vacation time and sick days before being placed on paid leave, but he isn’t sure how long that will last.  

Under Florida law, those who experience psychological trauma on the job are not entitled to paid days off or to have their medical bills reimbursed by their employer.

Because of this, he has had his workers compensation claim denied by the state, leaving him in a precarious situation, with the Realin’s having to begin relying to donations to cover the cost of his care and time off.

Officer Realin suffered trauma while on the Job, he walked into the worst mass shooting in US History to help people and walked out of work needing medical attention and the state of Florida is abandoning him.

This is just a snapshot of a larger problem, psychological issues are medical issues and should be covered by workers compensation plans.

So, we are calling on the State of Florida to change workers compensation laws to include psychological trauma.

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I had a professor once who said a phrase that really stuck with me about the way that we teach (at least, in all of the education that I had): “Education is the process of diminishing deception.”

What they meant by that was that we teach things in a relative level of simplicity, and as you learn more and more, the information becomes increasingly complex, showing some of the rules and ideas that we taught previously were actually incorrect generalizations.

This is the case from history, to the English language, to mathematics and the hard sciences. Surely you can think of examples in your own mind: the definition of a species, the causes of the Protestant Reformation, “I before E…”, Supply and Demand, etc.

But like the thing is that relatively rarely do people teaching actually like make sure to note that many of the things that they are teaching are oversimplifications. 

I think it’s like become an important pedagogical issue because, increasingly, you have people using a relatively rudimentary knowledge gained from the part of their education that would hypothetically be complicated and re-taught, and using that as showing their intellectual authority.

This could be known as the “I took a semester of pyschology” or “open a biology book!” effect.

So in an era where people seem to take their slight and oversimplified knowledge of a subject to give them just as much (and sometimes more!) credibility on a subject than even people with a much more in depth scholarship (due to being overconfident for personal and/or demographic reasons), is it wise to continue teaching on a model that oversimplifies information if we cannot count on that oversimplification not being used as a barrier to further knowledge?

Twice I’ve seen up close the face of death: when I was tortured for days on end and submitted to cruelties that would make one question humanity and the meaning of life itself; and [again] when a serious and extremely painful disease could have cut short my existence. Today, I only fear for the death of Democracy.
—  Dilma Rousseff, President of Brazil, on her Impeachment trial.
No government nowadays admits that it maintains an army so as to satisfy occasional thirsts for conquest; the army is supposed to be for defense. That morality which sanctions self-protection is called upon to be its advocate. But that means to reserve morality to oneself and to accuse one’s neighbour of immorality, since he has to be thought of as ready for aggression and conquest if our own state is obliged to take thought of means of self-defense; moreover, when our neighbor denies any thirst for aggression just as heatedly as our state does, and protests that he too maintains an army only for reasons of legitimate self-defense, our declaration of why we require an army declares out neighbour a hypocrite and cunning criminal who would be only too happy to pounce upon a harmless and unprepared victim and subdue him without a struggle. This is how all states now confront one another: they presupposed an evil disposition in their neighbour and a benevolent disposition in themselves. This presupposition, however, is a piece of inhumanity as bad as, if not worse than, a war would be; indeed, fundamentally it already constitutes an invitation to and cause of wars, because, as aforesaid, it imputes immorality to one’s neighbour and thereby seems to provoke hostility and hostile acts on his part. The doctrine of the army as a means of self-defense must be renounced just as completely as the thirst for conquest.
—  Friedrich Nietzsche, Human, All Too Human
Trump’s Reaching Out to Who?

Horse race pundits are wondering whether Donald Trump is “softening” his tone and attempting to “reach out” to black voters. The New York TImes columnist Charles Blow is having none of it. Here he is, recently, on CNN.

CHARLES BLOW, New York Times: First, we have to stop calling this outreach to black people because it’s not.


BLOW: It’s an outreach to white people. Right? That’s all it is, and every time for the last 10 days people have been on television saying this is an outreach to black people, and that is a lie, and we all know that it’s just a lie.

CAMEROTA: But just clarify that.

CHRIS CUOMO, CNN: Why is it –

BLOW: It is a lie because it is the most insidious kind of bigotry. It is the kind of bigotry that says I will knock you down while I pretend to pick you up. It says that I’m not talking to you, I’m talking to the guy behind you or over your shoulder. It’s the kind of bigotry that says I’m urinating on you and telling you to dance in the rain.

This is the most horrible kind of bigotry. And the fact that people keep asking the same question, particularly to black commentators like me, is he reaching out to black people – he is not reaching out to black people.

There’s nothing about this appeal that has any resonance with anyone black that I can even find. I even looked at other, the largest black websites I that could find just to see if anybody was taking this seriously. Not a single person that I could find was taking it – only people taking it seriously is white people.

CAMEROTA: But the white voters that you say he’s reaching out to, doesn’t he already have them?


CAMEROTA: Why is he reaching out to those voters?

BLOW: No, he does not have the ones you were just talking about in your last segment. It is the moderate ones who say, I don’t want to be the woman, man who votes for the racist guy.

And if this guy can now change his opinion, I do want to be a conservative, but I don’t want to be a conservative who votes for the racist guy. And now he’s different. Well, actually, he’s not different. He’s not talking to us. He’s pretending to talk to us as he talks to you. And this is an insult to all people of color, both black, Hispanic, and otherwise, because he is using us as pawns to get to you. You do not get an out. Know the guy was a bigot yesterday.

He’s a bigot today. He will be a bigot tomorrow, and if you vote for him, you’re voting for a bigot. That’s it.

Watch the exchange via CNN.


“There would never be an oppressive state that would start disarming the people”

“Just register your guns with the state, they won’t take them away”


Collapsing Communist Venezuela knows now is the time to make sure the people are more helpless than ever in the face of tyranny.

Better dead than red.

I noticed someone had been inspired by my “Cruz” style poster and created a pro-Hillary version. I wasn’t going to have any part of that. I had to respond with my own.

I didn’t want to focus on her many scandals, if I had she would have been covered from head to toe. Instead I focused on what I thought was in her heart or not in her heart.

This woman is a Saul Alinsky trained Beast who has zero regard for the unborn and the law. She’s all about the Benjamins, GRRRL POWER, and death. What’s she holding behind her back, a knife, a gun, the head of Bernie Sanders? I don’t want to know.

There are two version of this poster. The Artist’s Proof is the version without the panties because like both Hillary and the Cookie Monster like to remind us, “It’s all about the Cookie.

(From Conservative artist Sabo)
After receiving a barrage of questions about Colin Kaepernick, a veteran responds loud and clear
Jim Wright is an Iraqi war veteran. He has a blog called StoneKettle Station. He’s also active on his Facebook account where he posted a long piece about the Colin Kaepernick statements concerning his refusal to stand during the playing of the National...