Bernie Sanders Supporters are Asked Why They Support Bernie Sanders

Hippy: “Let’s maybe as a country decide that we have better intentions then to spend our money on war.”

Watters: “If we don’t fund the military, how are we going to kill ISIS?”

Hippy: “I think the best way to defeat ISIS is to simply have a conversation.”

I can’t get enough of these videos.  It’s like engaging with the dregs of society without actually having to leave my house.

I especially enjoyed the one young sap who tried to explain how Bernie was going to pay for ‘free college.’  You could really see the cogs starting to go to work and then they just ran out of steam and came to an immediate halt.

George Washington University stopped requiring SAT scores — and an amazing thing happened

In the summer of 2015, George Washington University became the largest top-ranking private university in the country to make including results of standardized tests like the SATs and ACTs optional when applying for undergraduate admission. Doing so is not only helping the school, but the most underserved students as well.

What democratic socialism means to me is that economic rights, the right for economic security should exist in the United States of America. It means to me that there’s something wrong when we have millions of senior citizens trying to get by on eleven, twelve thousand dollars a year social security. It means there’s something wrong when the rich get richer and almost everybody else gets poorer. It means there is something wrong and government should play a role in making sure that all of our kids regardless of their income are able to get a higher education which is why I’m calling for free tuition at public colleges and universities and why we have to deal with this horrendous level of student debt that people are having. Now what’s going on in countries around the world, in Scandinavia, and in Germany, the ideas that I am talking about are not radical ideas. So, what democratic socialism means to me in its essence is that we cannot continue to have a government dominated by the billionaire class and a Congress that continues to work for the interests of the people on top while ignoring working families. What this campaign is about and what I believe in is creating a government that works for all of us not just a handful of people on the top. That’s my definition of democratic socialism.
—  Senator Bernie Sanders