As soon as he started running, the darkest and angriest corners of the internet realized that a man who publicly said all the terrible shit they could only type might actually become the president. They set out to help him win the domain they knew best: the internet. And Trump noticed their support.

Now, Donald Trump doesn’t know what Pepe is. But when he retweeted this bizarre channer meme, you can bet he understood the message of whoever made it:

We, trolls of the internet, are adopting you, Donald Trump.

And he welcomed their support, because Donald Trump believes in hiring the very best, most knowledgeable people to help him accomplish his goals. No one knows more about fighting on the internet than the dregs of 4chan and Reddit, and the “everyone” of 8chan. So Trump turned to them for meme advice.

Remember this tweet that got Donald attacked for being anti-Semitic? Well, it originated from the /pol/ board of a site called 8chan, one of the chief online bastions of the so-called “alt-right” that Hillary Clinton just attacked in a big speech. A lot of 8channers reject being lumped in with the rest of the alt-right: They’re literal Nazis, and that’s what they’d like to be called.

How Actual Nazis Are Influencing Trump (More Than He Knows)

Arkansas: Remove Judge Milas Hale III from the bench for running an Illegal Debtors Prison

The ACLU of Arkansas recently filed a suit against Sherwood’s “Hot Checks” division for being a debtors prison.

In 2009 Lee Robertson was undergoing chemotherapy for pancreatic cancer. He couldn’t work.

“Robertson started off owing a few stores about $200. Six years and seven arrests later, in a closed courtroom in Sherwood District Court in Arkansas, Judge Milas “Butch” Hale sentenced the cancer patient to 90 days in jail. His crime? Owing the court $3,054.51.”

But once you begin digging into the details the story only gets worse,

“Between the time of his charges and his latest jailing, Robertson had been sentenced to a stretch in jail over outstanding fines. Sherwood police officers came to his door, demanding money and threatening arrest. A private probation company, ProTrac, also charged Robertson $35 per month on top of the payments to the court, burying him further in debt.  

He’s not alone. Nikki Petree, 40, was charged for bouncing a single check for $28.93, according to the lawsuit. She has been arrested in connection with that charge on at least seven occasions, and been jailed for more than 25 days. She’s paid at least $640 to the city.”

Judge Hale effectively runs his court as a debtors prison. He takes people that are impoverished, unable to pay a few hundred dollars that they owe, and straps them with thousands of dollars of court fees.

If they are unable to pay, which seems unlikely since they were unable to pay a much lower total previously, he then jails them and sends them on probation with a private company that charges them, putting them further in debt.

This is an immoral action against the citizens of this country, We demand that the state of Arkansas remove Judge Hale from the bench and revoke his license to practice law for running an Unconstitutional Debtors Prison.

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Chicago Police open fire on striking steel workers and their families killing 10 and wounding around 100. Anarchist Dorothy Day, who was present at the March and massacre, is quoted “On Memorial Day, May 30, 1937, police opened fire on a parade of striking steel workers and their families at the gate of the Republic Steel Company, in South Chicago. Fifty people were shot, of whom 10 later died; 100 others were beaten with clubs.”


Hi everyone, 

I have increasingly become disillusioned with the two sides of right-wing Tumblr - Toryblr and Freeblr. While I have my agreements with both and my obvious disagreements, I have been apprehensive of identifying with one side over the other because I feel like I am - in my own words - too Toryblr for Freeblr and too Freeblr for Toryblr. Tumblr has become a place where you are either alt-right, anarchist, or establishment. I am none of these. I am a conservative in the tradition of Edmund Burke, Russell Kirk, Ronald Reagan, Bill Buckley, and many others. I believe in capitalism with a strong moral framework. I believe in liberty within order. And I believe in a strong military and strong alliances, as well as a strong world presence. I believe in civic nationalism, the belief that our country is great because of who we are and what we believe in, not because of skin color or simply because I was born here. I believe in duty to help our fellow man - not hyper-individualism nor collectivism. 

I am calling on like-minded conservatives, politically-inclined moderates, or anyone who so chooses to join what I’m starting. It’s a section of Tumblr for people tired of their beliefs being taken over by anarchists and monarchists…People who are tired of extremes that don’t describe them. I want this tag to be used by anyone who so chooses and while we should have some similar beliefs, I welcome disagreements. I welcome debate. Most of all I welcome discourse and an exchange of ideas. Please message me if you wish to be part of this new section. I will be making a list of blogs and I’ll publish it when I feel we have a good amount of people. 

Thank you.