Bernie Sanders’ New Hampshire victory is even more impressive than you think

In February 2015, Hillary Clinton held a breathtaking command of New Hampshire with 69% of the vote. On Tuesday night — almost exactly one year later — Bernie Sanders defeated Clinton in a Granite State landslide, leading her by a more than 20-point margin with half the vote counted. That remarkable trajectory is worth keeping in mind as Sanders faces a tough road ahead.

FBI Arrests Every Corrupt Politician In Texas City
When Joel Barajas showed up to work at the office last Friday, he was alone. That's because he was the only Crystal City council member who hadn't been arrested, facing felony charges.

The indictment netted the city’s mayor, mayor pro tempore, as well as a council member, and the city manager. Additionally, a former city council member was arrested, along with a businessman accused of bribing the officials, Ngoc Tri Nguyen. Another council member, Marco Rodriguez, was just arrested last month on charges of human smuggling.

Crystal City has about 7,500 people, and it is located 130 miles southwest of San Antonio. Barajashas been on the council for nine months, according to local KSAT.

“I knew some things were not being correctly taken care of,” he explained.


localgays asked:

How do I get around relatives sarcastically asking "sounds great! Who's paying? :)" when affordable healthcare and college come up? We need a better answer than just "Wall Street"

The answer is actually pretty simple, we all are. In some ways, we already are paying for these services without getting the benefit of them.

First, I want you to take a quick look at this chart. 

The dark blue bars are what the government of each country pays, per person, for health coverage. So, the US Government pays almost $4,000 a person in health related expenditures. If you notice, there are only four governments that either surpass or come close to what the US government spends per person on Healthcare. The interesting part is that all of the countries on that chart, but Mexico and the US, have Universal Health Coverage. 

That means our Government is already paying the higher public cost for Universal Healthcare but instead of every citizen having coverage, some corporate executives are getting rich instead.

On top of that, the people of the United States also pay an even higher cost personally. Not only do we pay more in taxes to cover health expenditures than almost every country that already has universal healthcare, but we individually pay even more to access that coverage. 

When it comes to Universal Health Coverage, we are already paying for it twice over. We just don’t get the the benefit of having Universal Health Coverage.

Free college is actually a really easy one to explain since Bernie has actually introduced legislation to the Senate to do this. 

Free college in this country is estimated to cost about $70 Billion a year. This would be paid for by imposing a Wall Street speculation fee on investment houses, hedge funds, and other speculators of 0.5% on stock trades (50 cents for every $100 worth of stock), a 0.1% fee on bonds, and a 0.005% fee on derivatives. This is estimated to bring in $300 Billion a year in taxes.

Not only does the plan cover all of the costs of a Free College Education for All, it also delivers an additional $230 billion in revenue for the Federal Government to use towards it other obligations.  



Maryland Police Officer PULLS OUT HIS GUN On A Black Man for not pulling over on the highway!

This video was posted on facebook by a man who was pulled over by the police officer. On the video you can see a black man , who is trying to understand why he was stopped. 

The officer asks him to show his license and registration, yells at him and asks to pull the window down, although it is already down. Man looks so scared and does everything officer asks him to, however he didn’t have his registration and that is when he was asked to get out of the car.

Meanwhile throughout the whole conversation officer is pulling a gun at the man in the car, however , as we see it clearly, he doesn’t pose any threat to the officer. 

Bernie Sanders: "No, I Will Not Yield!" (6/4/1992)

Rep. Sanders starts out by commending Rep. Maxine Waters and Rep. Ronald Dellums for their amendment, which was added to the defense bill that would:

(1) repeal the Missile Defense Act of 1991; (2) terminate the Strategic Defense Initiative Organization within the Defense Department and reassign its functions to other military departments and functions; and (3) limit Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI) activities to basic research and fund basic research at $1.2 billion in fiscal year 1993.

Then Sanders goes all in about why this amendment is necessary. 



Good luck, Bernie! I believe he’s the only reasonable candidate for President this year.


After a full day of long lines at the polls and last-minute campaigning, the results came in early. Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders, who had been leading polls in the state, won the New Hampshire primary. You can catch up with the results and find out what they mean at elections.npr.org and NPRPolitics.org.

New Hampshire Primary In Photos: Doritos, Selfies And The Donald

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