In 2003, when I overheard a girl in my class talking about how, at some party, she’d drunkenly slept with that ginger guy who always bullied me.  I took her aside after the school bell rang.

*Me* “Tell me: He was fucking horrible, wasn’t he? I know it’s a weird question, But, please, I need to know.”  

*Her* “ “Um…it was a bit of a sad fumble in the dark. It was lame. It was painful. How did you know?”

*Me* “Because any guy who mistreats a girl the way he verbally abused and mistreated me will never, ever successfully make love to a woman. They lack the basically empathy and romance skills to do so.”    

anonymous asked:

What's your thoughts on Donald trump almost missing the deadline in Minnesota

He barely has a campaign organization, so it’s amazing that this stuff hasn’t happened in more places. Without the Republican Party apparatus helping, he’d have even less direction than he already does. The man and the people around him literally don’t understand how Presidential elections and campaigns work, and they haven’t throughout the entire process. They’ve just skated through because of the ignorant and intolerant mass of supporters excited that they can finally be racist in public and the fact that the media has given him billions of dollars of free coverage for the past 15 months.