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Two idiots got motivated by Trump's speeches they decided to urinated and beat half to death a Latino Homeless man
A pair of South Boston men are being held without bail for urinating on, and savagely beating a 58-year old Latino homeless man.

The two brothers, Scott and Steve Leader, allegedly assaulted the man because he appeared to be Hispanic. Scott Leader cited Donald Trump in defending his behavior, telling police:

Donald Trump was right, all these illegals need to be deported.

Both brothers have extensive criminal histories, and Scott Leader served a year in prison for a post 9-11 hate crime. In 2001,Leader attacked a Moroccan man inside a Dunkin Donuts restaurant, shouting ethnic slurs and accusing his victim of being a “terrorist.”

On Wednesday night at a campaign event in Derry, New Hampshire, Donald Trump was asked about the Boston hate crime and whether his speeches were inciting anti-Latino violence, to which Trump replied:

I haven’t heard about that. I think that would be a shame. I will say, the people that are following me are very passionate. They love this country. They want this country to be great again. But they are very passionate. I will say that.

When politicians demonize specific racial or ethnic groups, it is only a matter of time before self-styled vigilantes take the law into their own hands and start attacking people simply for what they look like. 

Trump’s xenophobia is ugly, and so are the actions of some of Trump’s misguided and mendacious followers. For all of Trump’s heated rhetoric about criminals crossing the border, it is two Boston brothers, not an illegal immigrant, who are responsible for this recent and hideous hate crime.


This is what I was thinking would happened after all the trash that trump has been spewing. All the propaganda activates these people to hate even more and use physical violence to attack. Trump has no idea that he’s like Hitler who made certain people think they were the true citizens and anyone who was different was the enemy that had to be dealt with and it didn’t matter whether they were citizens as well or not.

Enongo Lumumba is the grand-daughter of Congolese national hero Patrice Lumumba. We met at the “Skiff” film festival in the Democratic Republic of Congo. She is an artist living in the United States. Her musical style is widely known as beat making. I asked her whether she was interested in politics like her late grand-father. She left the door open and suggested that maybe some day her music would take her into the political arena. She could become a politician |

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