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Political Compass, continued

I’ve got a few minutes before my government class, so I may as well go through a few more of the propositions. If you missed my first post dealing with the propositions on this test, you can find it here.

The freer the market, the freer the people.

I strongly agree with this one. It’s very simple, when there are less rules, there’s more choice for the individual, hence more freedom.

Abortion, when the woman’s life is not threatened, should always be illegal.

Strongly disagree, because life doesn’t start in the womb until around the third trimester. Prior to that, a fetus doesn’t meet the biological requirements for being called ‘alive.’ If you disagree with that, then you don’t have to get an abortion.

All authority should be questioned.

Strongly agree. I’d take it a step further- not only all authority, but all things. A healthy skepticism is a sign of a working mind.

An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth.

I chose agree with this, because on a personal level, I absolutely advocate it. If you punch me in the face, I’ll punch you right back. However, when it comes to criminal justice, that isn’t always the case- you have to look at each individual case. If you get into an accident, and the other person dies because of it, you don’t warrant the death penalty. If you deliberately murder someone, then you can start to extend the sentence.

So I 'agree,’ not strongly because I have a few reservations about it.

Taxpayers should not be expected to prop up any theatres or museums that cannot survive on a commercial basis.

Strongly agree. If you want museums and theatres, prop them up voluntarily. I think there’s a decent share of people who want these things, and so they’ll pay for them.

More later.

I’m trying to get back on track with my goal to draw every president and eventually have an art show. To date I have drawn Eisenhower, Kennedy, Obama, and now Nixon. His face is one that I’ve always found difficult, and I have drawn it at least 6 times before finally getting a final piece that I am happy to present.

Incidentally, at the time of drawing this portrait there has been heaps of allegations comparing President Obama to Nixon. I’m hard-pressed to find the link. Let’s take into consideration a key difference, being that the bugging of the DNC’s phones was initiated by Nixon and his associates, while President Obama’s alleged scandals were (depending on which one) initiated by rogue employees in agenies out of his control or carried over from past administrations and put into his oversight. Moreover, every Presidential Administration leaves office with it’s signature scandals. George W. Bush had “Lawyergate,” Bill Clinton had his love for women who looked like they were edited out of Reservoir Dogs, Ronald Reagan had Iran-Contra, and so on. Even Nixon’s predecessor, Gerald Ford, had to testify in front of Congress about the alleged scandal to pardon Nixon.

A more apt link between Richard Nixon and President Obama would not be in scandals but rather by comparing theaters of war. When Nixon came into office in 1969, he was tasked with ending the very unpopular war that he inherited (sound familiar) in Vietnam. Instead, in 1970 Nixon pointed off into the distance and shouted “What’s that?” While the nations head was turned, he approved the invasion of Cambodia with American and South Vietnamese troops. If you swapped the words “Vietnam,” “Cambodia,” and “American and South Vietnamese troops” with “Iraq,” “Pakistan,” and “drones,” you would have a series of events that could mirror the Obama Administrations approach to the War on Terror.


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