Marching Support (Joe Request)

(I love love love this request! The marches were so incredibly inspirational and it was crazy how many people were supporting such an amazing cause! Both men and women across the world coming together to prove that equality is a necessity. To any of you that went, well done but just to clear things up, this imagine does include politcal views based upon the backbone of the marches in the first place, Donald Trump. People who went evidently don’t believe with his actions and i feel its necessary to include in this imagine)
“Hey babe” You grin through the Face time call, propping your IPad up on your bed.
“Hello beautiful” Joe smiles, setting you up instead on the counter of his kitchen where he filmed his livestreams for YouTube.
“How’s your day been?” You ask, knowing it was late evening over there now.
“Just been helping Jack to move, setting up some furniture and whatever” He comments, “What about you?”
“As good as it can be with a certain someone as president,” You roll your eyes, tugging down the sleeves of the jumper that used to belong to your boyfriend.
By boyfriend, you of course meant Joe. He lived over in London and you, you were in Washington DC. A little bit of long distance…
“Rough huh?” He sighs, scratching the back of his neck. Joe knew you took your future and the future of your country very seriously. You always encouraged young people to vote and made your own views very clear if necessary. Specifically about women in society. Nothing to do with the gender being better or a superior to men. Simply to have an equality between men and women across the world would be perfect.
“I’m going to a march the day after next” You comment, “Hopefully that is symbolic of something”
You continue explaining about the march as Joe asks more and more questions and you are oblivious to what he is doing on his laptop at exactly the same time. Googling flights to Washington for tomorrow.
After a few hours of chatting, you’re signing off the call considering the time over in London now.
~~~Time Skip~~~
You were ready for today. Even if nothing came of it and nobody took any notice, you were ready. You were ready for men and women of all races, ages, sexualities and loves to come together for one cause. For the group of you to share a simply love of humanity.
You were ready.
Except there was a knock at your door.
And on the other side, a travel style Joe. By that, you meant the style you generally saw. With baggy joggers, a grey hoodie, a hat to cover his mess of hair, a bag at his feet, headphones round his neck and a smile on his face.
“Oh my fucking god!” You exclaim, pulling him into your embrace, “What the hell are you doing here?!”
“A guy can’t come and see his girlfriend when he misses her now?” He raises his brows.
You roll your eyes and he chuckles.
“And someone told me there was some sort of march today that seemed pretty interesting” He smiles, leaning in to kiss you.
“Joe you didn’t have to come” You sigh in adoration, tears in your eyes.
“Of course I did” He laces his fingers with yours, “this means a lot to you and if it means a lot to you it means a lot to me. So, we’re gonna go to that march together and support this cause. And I’m gonna try to stay awake to stop jet lag from killing me”
You laugh and take the moment to really take in who was in front of you. Joseph Sugg. Your boyfriend, your best friend, from half way across the world. With messy hair and baggy bottoms and a lazy hoodie and headphones round his neck. And a smile on his face that proved he was proud of you. A smile that proved he cared for you enough to fly all the way to Washington. A smile that proved he spent the whole flight hoping to see this brilliant reaction. And to support you in your march…

Let it be known

that Meryl Streep was given possibly the greatest honor an actor can receive, and she used her speech not to thank the corrupt system of Hollywood, but to address social issues and bring awareness and truth to the millions of people watching. Don’t wash over this. This is big. This woman made an impact tonight.

Not kidding here.

If I, a 15 year old standing alone in a bikini, had some armed (and obviously insane roided up cop on a rampage) grabbing me, abusing me and holding me down for no real reason, I would sue someone too. 

Fuck, I’d have been talking to Gloria Allred the morning after it happened. 

Because what he did was blatant and borderline sexual abuse of a young girl. The video is shockingly clear on this. 

It was why the cop had to quit on the spot the second the video was released. Even he could never justify it. Not reasonably. 

Pssst guys, let’s agree to never call him Trump again. Let’s only call him Donald. As our dear lady Hilary did in each debate.

Trump is a brand name, the name on all his businesses and buildings, its president trump now. Calling him Donald is in the same vein as Dumbledor calling Voldemort Tom.

It takes away some of the fear and some of the control he has over us. Let’s fight anyway we can, even if it’s only being petty.

“I’m just exploring all my options”

You have no options. Voting for a third party candidate is effectively throwing your vote away. It’s a BINARY CHOICE

You are going to get us all killed.
You are going to get us all killed.

You might not remember what happened last time, but I do. Leftists swore up and down an Al Gore Presidency would be “just as bad” as a Bush Presidency. That was the EXACT phrase they used.

“Al Gore is a corpratist,” they said.

“I want to vote for something instead of against something,” they said.

Now, over a decade later, the entire GLOBE is still trying to correct what was done during the Bush administration–global financial collapse, SCOTUS nominees, TWO endless wars, drone strikes, the Patriot Act, No Child Left Behind, Isis, DICK CHEYNEY.

Open your eyes and see how the tide is turning. For the past 10 years, there’s been a steady rise of right-wing ideology and politics. There’s UKIP and the Brexit, France and their damn neo Nazi Marine Le Pen, whatever is happening in Brazil right now. Canada only just ousted a leader who muzzled scientists who spoke about climate change!

And now we have the possibility of Trump. Trump who, as of this moment, has a 38% chance of winning according to Five Thirty Eight. Not 38% of the vote. 38% chance of winning. Those aren’t terrible odds. They’re better odds than rolling a specific number on a die, 16.68%. 

Do you understand that we have a chance to flip the Supreme Court for the first time since the 60’s? 

Remember all that Civil Rights shit from the 60’s? Do you know what happened to it, why it didn’t usher in a new age of equality like MLK’s Dreamers hoped? The Burger Court happened to it. The Burger Court is the conservative-majority Supreme Court that came into power in the backlash following the 60′s. With that Court came a conservative jurisprudence that would last for generations. It was the Burger Court that stymied de-segregation efforts, and created ‘white flight’ by ruling that de-segregation orders couldn’t be extended past district lines. It was the Burger Court that laid the groundwork for Citizens United, when they ruled that corporations could spend money in politics. Everyone was so shocked when SCOTUS ruled corporations are people and money=speech. Well, thank the Burger Court!

Now, for the first time in SEVERAL DECADES there is an opportunity to flip the Supreme Court. We haven’t had a liberal jurisprudence since the 60′s. And look at what’s coming down the pipe–anti trans laws like HB2, Affirmative Action, housing rights, repealing Citizen United, immigration, abortion, gun control, police brutality, climate change, etc. 

I am begging you to vote Hillary. And tell others to vote Hillary. I won’t quibble over whether her policies are better than Trump’s (they objectively are) or whether or not she is a better person than Trump (that’s…more subjective). The SCOTUS nominations should be reason enough. PLEASE don’t make me live through a Trump administration. Please don’t do this again.