If you're a self-identified Polish American who supports the Republican Party, you're an idiot.

When George W. Bush was president, his administration had the Polish government’s support regarding the War in Iraq and Afghanistan, secret CIA prisons, and deterrent missiles. The Polish government–not the people–hoped that by doing this it would grow in prominence, it would allow Poland to gain knowledge in technology, and it would allow Poles to come to the US without visas. 

Did any of this happen? No, and it brought shame to the Polish people as a consequence. 

If you are a self-described Polish American who is voting for Romney because you are “pro-life,” anti-immigrant and against same-sex marriage, you are at best deluded and at worst extremely hypocritical. The Republican Party is not pro-life. Republicans endorse cutting support to the poor and demonize single mothers, they are pro-war and for the use of drones abroad. If you are against undocumented immigrants, that means that you yourself or your family did not experience emigrating to this country recently. You didn’t work the lowest-paying jobs regardless of your education level, you didn’t pressured into joining the army for citizenship and/or an affordable college education, you didn’t have to jump through hoops to get papers, you weren’t forced to emigrate from Poland because you are a Jew, because you are Roma, because you are queer, because you are poor. If you are against same-sex marriage because you fear that same-sex marriage will result in widespread corruption and evil, you do not recognize that straight people and even Catholic priests do both just fine on their own (in fact, the head priest of the Polish Catholic Church closest to my home was recently discovered with child pornography). Do not deny me my rights because the Catholic Church is too blinded to see any better. Us queers aren’t interested in getting married in a church that doesn’t want us, anyway; some of us don’t even believe in marriage. Live and let live.

And the truth of the matter is, Obama has not altered this country in any radical way. Only recently has he spoken in favor of LGBT rights, because he knows that by doing so he will garner more votes. A record number of undocumented immigrants were deported in 2012 (with Romney, this could only get worse). Though the official wars in the Middle East have ended, America continues the “war on terror” by terrorizing people from Somalia to Pakistan with drones (something Romney actively supports as well). Obama is only marginally better than Romney in most respects. 

However, if you are voting for Polish and Polish American interests alone, then do not vote for Romney. Do not vote for an administration that is pro-violence, against women, against the poor, and against immigrants; do not vote for an administration that takes advantage of its Central European supporters abroad. 




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yollopixqui  asked:

Do you know sources (codex, books, paintings) about mexican prehispanic clothing (significance of the clothes, materials, techniques)?

This isn’t something I’ve heavily studied myself, but I know of a few books

*  Anawalt, Patricia R. Indian clothing before Cortés: Mesoamerican costumes from the codices. University of Oklahoma Press, 1981.

*  Anawalt, Patricia. “Three Thousand Years of Mesoamerican Clothing.” In Chalchihuül in Quetzalli, Precious Greenstone, Precious Quetzal Feather, Mesoamerican Studies in Honor of Doris Heyden. Lancaster: Labyrinthos(1999): 183-2003.

*  Olko, Justyna. Turquoise Diadems and Staffs of the Office: Elite Costume and Insignia of Power in Aztec and Early Colonial Mexico. Polish Society for Latin American Studies and Centre for Studies on the Classical Tradition, University of Warsaw, 2005.

*  Olko, Justyna. Insignia of Rank in the Nahua World: From the Fifteenth to the Seventeenth Century. University Press of Colorado, 2014.

just saying btw, but it’s pretty easy to rise to power when you use drugs, create mass weapons and happen to be a white dude. 

it’s a liiiittle harder to be a polish-malaysian american immigrant woman going from superheroism to supervillainism who just so happens to work for an idiot. 


Stop Putting a Stigma on Uncircumcised Cock
All these people expressing their disdain for uncut cock are acting like they're going down on someone and finding a Venus fly trap. It made me feel ashamed and embarrassed, and just added to the insurmountable anxiety I get whenever I get intimate with a man. What if the guy I'm about to have sex with takes my pants off and then stop, drop and rolls out of the room? .

This young Polish-American intact man tells of shame he had in the past in the all-guys-are-cut-US but is now proud he’s intact having learned how normal, natural and essential the male foreskin is. [The male foreskin is essential for normal, natural sexual functioning and for the full richness of and range in male sexual pleasures. Intact men can easily control and regulate sexual pleasures and sexual sensations so that they can extend in time sexual sessions. Men who were forced at birth to be cut for life certainly have never known that special sexual richness that the intact know and cut men have no easy, natural way to regulate what happens in their own sexual experiences.]

[There are good comments to read following the short article.]