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Ample Mammal - Trapped in a Single Celled Organism
Kinda day where you need to buckle down and get shit done?? Give this a listen!

Ample Mammal/Polish Ambassador is.. so.. sooo good…. AHH


The Polish Ambassador Spring Tour Poster, 11 x 17 pen and ink and digital

“in the dark silence lives the heart of healing. There is no healer. We cannot do anything but bring our wounded to the Beloved and lay them on the altar. There’s nothing so soft, non-meddling, and sweetly soothing as dark, quiet, depthless Being. There we may notice just a bit that we don’t have to send our energy into protecting and functioning on top of where we left ourselves. That we can curl inside and let Being have the quiet, deep dark rest of dying, of giving up, of sinking. The dark is our friend. The dark is our heart.”  -Jeannie Zandi


a very cool project:

Polish Ambassador Permaculture Action Tour

The Polish Ambassador’s fall Permaculture Action Tour is bringing together permaculture educators and community organizers to inspire and educate people about how we can make a shift towards a more sustainable and regenerative way of living, and channel this energy into local project builds in each of the cities we visit—getting people to take action to build the world they want to see.

Click here to donate and for more info on how you can help: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/polish-ambassador-s-permaculture-action-tour


The Earth Guardians & Generation RYSE

This native american rap duo call themselves environmental activists and Hip Hop Lyricists.

I just saw a very inspired keynote by Xiuhtezcatl Martinez, a fourteen year old environmental activist at the Bioneers conference 2014. He and his fellow activists are raising awareness about climate change and the emerging humans rights issue that it evokes.

What an inspiration to see these young and highly educated, inspired and motivated boys / very young men.
More conscious and connected than most people with twice as much life experience!

And after his keynote his younger brother comes on stage and they start rapping! I’m in awe.

Then there is this music producer and activist “The Polish Ambassador” who in 2014 went on the “Permaculture Action Tour” throughout the US crowdfunded on indiegogo. The tour included doing workshops and events at various locations teaching people about permaculture / organic gardening & building up new gardens as well as planting trees with the help of many people who volunteered to be part of this movement.

“Pushing Through the Pavement The goal of the Permaculture Acton Tour is to inspire and empower people with the tools and know how of co-creating a sustainable and regenerative world. This tour will be one step of many in making our cities greener, healthier, and happier places to live through the action of community.”

All around me I see people speaking up and spreading wisdoms through music and art. It gives me such hope!

I can envision a hip hop woodstock where people spread love and unity and awareness on environmental and social issues. I’m convinced there is more people out there doing this kind of work these days.

Do you know any other such projects of people raising awareness in such a cool and creative way? Feel free to share some with me!