Cash raised for killer Mo. cop now surpasses Michael Brown donations
August 24, 2014

Online fundraisers for Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson surpassed the amount of money raised for Michael Brown’s family as the officer’s supporters gathered at an afternoon rally Saturday.

Supporters of Wilson, the police officer who shot and killed Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo., came toBarney’s Sports Pub in south St. Louis.

“Many of us have received death threats toward ourselves and our families,” said one speaker, wearing sunglasses, paint beneath her eyes and a baseball cap. “We will not hide. We will no longer live in fear … If you support Darren Wilson, make your voices heard.”

She refused to give the media her name, saying “You want my name? I am Darren Wilson. We are Darren Wilson.

The media has shown a strong bias against Wilson supporters, the speaker said, drawing loud applause from the crowd.

"We share the united belief that officer Wilson’s actions on Aug. 9 were warranted and justified and he has our unwavering support,” the woman said.

A crowd-funding page created for Wilson raised $235,010 from 5,902 people before organizers stopped accepting donations Friday after surpassing their goal of $100,000 in four days. The group then opened a new fundraising page, which already has more than $104,000.

This amount surpasses the more than $214,000 raised in support of the Michael Brown Memorial Fund. According to the page, which was set up by Brown family lawyer Benjamin Crump, “the funds will assist his family with costs that they will acquire as they seek justice on Michael’s behalf.”

The Support Darren Wilson group, which has more than 58,000 likes on Facebook, encouraged supporters who could not attend the rally to “blow up some Twitter accounts” with photos of supporters and the hashtag #‎iamdarrenwilson.


Disheartening (though unsurprising) and thoroughly disgusting! 

Seventy-one percent of police who’ve been shot and killed this year weren’t murdered by black men with cornrows or hoodies. They weren’t gunned down by Latino gang members in low-rider drive-bys. Those stereotypes would be too convenient. Instead, 71% of police who’ve been shot and killed so far in 2016 have been killed by good old-fashioned white men.

Doesn’t fit the “super predator” narrative… #Love it!

NYC man busted with 500,000 untaxed cigarettes in his van | NY Post

A Staten Island man was busted Thursday after police discovered thousands of dollars in untaxed cigarettes in his van, law enforcement sources said.

Michael Zekry, 67, was stopped in New Springville by police who were on his tail for several months, and busted him with over 2,500 cartons of untaxed cigarettes, according to a criminal court complaint.

Police had been keeping tabs on him since May 2014, but it wasn’t immediately clear what prompted the investigation.

Zekry was found inside a Ford Econoline van parked outside his home around 12:30 a.m. on Field Street and Forest Hill Road with the contraband, according to the criminal court complaint.

He admittedly boasted of his earnings to police, and told investigators he peddled the smokes across Staten Island and Brooklyn about every 10 weeks, the documents charge.

“I go to Virginia every 10 weeks, I make $5,000 to $7,000 on a load, a carton sells between $40 to $50, you got a good one! I’m out of business now,” he told arresting officers.

After cops executed a search warrant for his home, they uncovered 500 more cartons of untaxed cigarettes, the documents state.

That’s approximately 517,200 loose cigarettes.

If Zekry had sold the smokes, it would have resulted in a $150,000 loss in city and state tax revenue, authorities said.

He has been charged with tax fraud for peddling the tax-free smokes, which is considered a felony offense, law enforcement sources said.

He faces up to four years in prison if convicted.

In July, Eric Garner tragically died after cops put him in an illegal choke-hold when they tried to place him under arrest for selling untaxed cigarettes.


Police murder man @ movie theater for disobeying orders
February 17, 2013

On January 14, 2013, a young man with Down syndrome went with his companion to see Zero Dark Thirty at the Regal Cinema in Frederick, MD. At the end of the movie, apparently because he wanted to see it again, he refused to get out of his seat. A Regal employee, rather than allowing him to stay and dealing with the situation later with his parents and the companion, called not one, not two, but three off duty Frederick County police officers who were working security for the theater at the time. 

According to published reports, when the officers/ security guards asked him to leave, he mouthed off at them and “resisted arrest”. Those of you who know my son Landon can visualize what this would look like. In response, the officers wrestled him to the ground where he asphyxiated in handcuffs. The handcuffs were removed and EMS called and according to the police news release he later died at hospital. I don’t know how that reconciles with the coroner’s finding of asphyxiation which I thought was pretty immediate. 

The price of a ticket at the cinema is between $9 and $11. The additional cost to Regal of allowing him to watch the movie again was ZERO. But instead a beloved young man died on the floor of a movie theater in his neighborhood at the hands of people he was taught would protect him. 

The police officers remain on duty and were allowed to invoke their rights as police officers not to provide statements even though they were not on duty or performing official duties at the time. They were security guards in police uniforms. 

The county police are investigating and the story has received local news coverage. Please share this everywhere both to ensure justice but also to raise public awareness. 

Where is our humanity when a young, obviously disabled young man dies for the price of a movie ticket? My son is worth a lot more to me & society than eleven dollars. 

Text source: Facebook - Awaken the mind

MSM source: Washington Post article


So, this happened. Bill Maher, renowned liberal commentator and “realist” who believes Islam is a religion of aggression and violence, took a jab at former One Direction member Zayn Malik during an episode of his HBO show. Look, Zayn is a 22-year-old British-Pakistani from a Muslim family and what Maher made was a tired, low joke that put a hardworking brown musician’s face next to that of a known terrorist who just happens to kind of look like Zayn. It’s appalling. It’s offensive. It’s disgusting.

Shame on you, Bill Maher. Shame on you, HBO. Shame on the producers and writers who came up with this joke. Shame on the audience members who clapped along in agreement. By the way, nice try to make it seem like Maher had no idea how to tell the One Direction boys apart in an attempt to make it seem like this wasn’t about race or religion.

Maher is a vocal atheist and has an obvious vendetta against Islam. As an agnostic Muslim, a liberal, and a Pakistani, I have no problems with that. I think he sometimes has a point but often comes off as a bigot when he’s trying to make it, and that may be because he is one.

It’s important that we make noise. Less than two months ago, 23-year-old med student Deah Barakat, his wife Yusor (21) and her sister Razan were murdered in their home by an atheist neighbor. Their murder has highlighted growing xenophobia in America that the media has been trying to sweep under the rug. That same month, a 57-year-old Indian man was beaten and paralyzed by police in Alabama while taking a stroll around the neighborhood. But we didn’t hear about these people as much as we should have; these stories spun out of news cycles and have been forgotten. If the races and religions were reversed, I can assure you, this would not have been the case.

What Bill Maher is doing is dangerous. He’s perpetuating the myth that any young, brown-skinned, dark-haired, dark-eyed man or woman with ties to the Indian subcontinent is worthy of suspicion. Having lived in the US myself, it’s a special treat when you’re led to a special room at the airport on your arrival, for “further registration,” to find that all other occupants of the room are people with skin of the same/darker color as/than yours.

We have brown skin, and we have dreams. We are doctors, engineers, taxi drivers, musicians, lawyers, bankers, and so much more. We are human beings. We are here to do good. Stop demonizing us. Stop holding us responsible for the crimes we didn’t commit. STOP CALLING US TERRORISTS, YOU RACIST PRICK.

And for the record, Maher: on April 15, 2013, Zayn Malik was in the UK on tour with One Direction.


Reclaiming King’s Legacy: A Jobs & Economy March for the People | Anti-Police Terror Project

“This weekend is part of a national call that will tell the world that King’s vision and mission were larger than what we have been allowed to remember. Through 96 hours of direct action and a Jobs & Economy March, we are reclaiming Dr. King’s radical and militant legacy of direct action." 

Anti-Police Terror Project

Join us (click here) for a MLK day march that reclaims the spirit of King from whitewashed history and celebrates his legacy of radical resistance! Let’s debunk the mainstream media narrative that has painted MLK as a sanitized pacifist and uses him to denounce militant forms of resistance.

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A SWAT team blew a hole in my 2-year-old son – Alecia Phonesavanh

June 24 2014

After our house burned down in Wisconsin a few months ago, my husband and I packed our four young kids and all our belongings into a gold minivan and drove to my sister-in-law’s place, just outside of Atlanta. On the back windshield, we pasted six stick figures: a dad, a mom, three young girls, and one baby boy.

That minivan was sitting in the front driveway of my sister-in-law’s place the night a SWAT team broke in, looking for a small amount of drugs they thought my husband’s nephew had. Some of my kids’ toys were in the front yard, but the officers claimed they had no way of knowing children might be present. Our whole family was sleeping in the same room, one bed for us, one for the girls, and a crib.

After the SWAT team broke down the door, they threw a flashbang grenade inside. It landed in my son’s crib.

Flashbang grenades were created for soldiers to use during battle. When they explode, the noise is so loud and the flash is so bright that anyone close by is temporarily blinded and deafened. It’s been three weeks since the flashbang exploded next to my sleeping baby, and he’s still covered in burns.

There’s still a hole in his chest that exposes his ribs. At least that’s what I’ve been told; I’m afraid to look.

My husband’s nephew, the one they were looking for, wasn’t there. He doesn’t even live in that house. After breaking down the door, throwing my husband to the ground, and screaming at my children, the officers – armed with M16s – filed through the house like they were playing war. They searched for drugs and never found any.

I heard my baby wailing and asked one of the officers to let me hold him. He screamed at me to sit down and shut up and blocked my view, so I couldn’t see my son. I could see a singed crib. And I could see a pool of blood. The officers yelled at me to calm down and told me my son was fine, that he’d just lost a tooth. It was only hours later when they finally let us drive to the hospital that we found out Bou Bou was in the intensive burn unit and that he’d been placed into a medically induced coma.

For the last three weeks, my husband and I have been sleeping at the hospital. We tell our son that we love him and we’ll never leave him behind. His car seat is still in the minivan, right where it’s always been, and we whisper to him that soon we’ll be taking him home with us.

Every morning, I have to face the reality that my son is fighting for his life. It’s not clear whether he’ll live or die. All of this to find a small amount of drugs?

The only silver lining I can possibly see is that my baby Bou Bou’s story might make us angry enough that we stop accepting brutal SWAT raids as a normal way to fight the “war on drugs.” I know that this has happened to other families, here in Georgia and across the country. I know that SWAT teams are breaking into homes in the middle of the night, more often than not just to serve search warrants in drug cases. I know that too many local cops have stockpiled weapons that were made for soldiers to take to war. And as is usually the case with aggressive policing, I know that people of color and poor people are more likely to be targeted.  I know these things because of the American Civil Liberties Union’s new report, and because I’m working with them to push for restraints on the use of SWAT.

A few nights ago, my 8-year-old woke up in the middle of the night screaming, “No, don’t kill him! You’re hurting my brother! Don’t kill him.” How can I ever make that go away? I used to tell my kids that if they were ever in trouble, they should go to the police for help. Now my kids don’t want to go to sleep at night because they’re afraid the cops will kill them or their family. It’s time to remind the cops that they should be serving and protecting our neighborhoods, not waging war on the people in them.

I pray every minute that I’ll get to hear my son’s laugh again, that I’ll get to watch him eat French fries or hear him sing his favorite song from “Frozen.” I’d give anything to watch him chase after his sisters again. I want justice for my baby, and that means making sure no other family ever has to feel this horrible pain.

Alecia Phonesavanh is the mother of Bounkham Phonesavanh, nicknamed “Baby Bou Bou.” She and her family live in Atlanta. For more information about Bou Bou, go to www.justiceforbabyboubou.com.


Cop Who Killed Rekia Boyd Out of ‘Fear’ Found Not Guilty on All Counts

Apr. 21 2015

Dante Servin, the Chicago police detective who was off-duty on the March 2012 night that he shot and killed 22-year-old Rekia Boyd with an unregistered firearm, was cleared on Monday of all charges. Servin fired over his shoulder, from his car, with a 9mm semi-automatic, into an alley where Boyd and her friends were walking, unarmed, with their backs turned to him. He hit Boyd in the back of her head and killed her.

Servin maintains—and the judge ruled—that he was justified: that Boyd’s boyfriend Antonio Cross raised a cell phone that seemed, at the time, to be a gun. Servin has insisted that he did this out of fear, and “felt threatened” after telling Boyd and her three friends to quiet down.

In the video taken after he left the courtroom, Servin, without making eye contact with the camera, goes on some absolutely chilling shit: “Any police officer especially would have reacted in the exact same way I reacted,” he says. “I’m glad to be alive. I saved my life that night.”

Rekia Boyd’s mother, giving her statement, disagrees: “They just found this man not guilty on all counts, and he blew my daughter’s brains out in the alley,” she says.

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Irving Police Chief Larry Boyd admitted that when the arrest was made, his officers knew that Ahmed had neither made a bomb, nor presented his clock to people as a fake bomb. In spite of the fact that no law had been broken, they arrested him anyway. 

So they knew the kid didn’t have a bomb but arrested him anyways? They handcuffed him for the detention? Like everything else in this horrific story of incompetence, that makes no sense whatsoever. This honestly looks like they arrested him because he was a minority and a Muslim, and after that Texas police claim to have released him without any charges as though that is a favor. #Hate it!

I just got back from ‪#‎Ferguson‬, where they issued a state of emergency and curfew to give cover to a crackdown. A quote from a young man I met during a march this evening:

“That cop’s in hiding, but he’s freer than we are. We’re protesting, but we ain’t free.”

If the cops really wanted to avoid confrontation tonight, all they had to do was arrest the cop they know killed ‪#‎MikeBrown‬. Instead, they ignored community demands, trampled on people’s rights, and unleashed more violence.

As another protester said to me:

“I’ve been out here the last three days, and it’s always peaceful until the cops show up.  You saw it back there, we’re grilling, people having a good time, talking, building community.  It’s the police.  They’re the ones causing the violence.  Thursday they didn’t come out and nothing happened….I heard about the curfew, but I’m not leaving.  They can’t tell me to go inside and then shoot tear gas at us while we’re on our front lawns.  So I’m staying out.  If they want war, they can have it.”

‪#‎Solidarity‬ with Ferguson


Oakland Community Demands Justice for John Crawford III at East-Side Walmart | AmericaWakieWakie

January 18th, 2015

Pictured: John Crawford, 22, was shot and killed Aug. 5th by police in the Dayton suburb of Beavercreek, Ohio, while holding a toy rifle in a Walmart. He was remembered today as protesters shutdown an East Oakland Walmart and placed stickers on products reading “WARNING: Persons of color picking up this object may be subject serious injury or death at the hands of Walmart and police”. It has been 163 days since Crawford was gunned down by two police officers, neither of which were indicted.

This action, like several others across the Bay Area this weekend, took place in response to the Anti-Police Terror Project’s call for a weekend of reclaiming MLK’s militant legacy of direct action, a call which came initially from Ferguson Action. The Anti-Police Terror Project is a multi-racial, multi-generational coalition of concerned and committed institutions, organizations and individuals committed to ending state sanctioned murder of Black, Brown & Poor People. 

(Photo Credit: Twitter)