fellow londoners stay safe!!! there is an ongoing terrorist incident in westminster, which is in lockdown!!! thoughts with the police officer injured at houses of parliament and the members of the public involved in the car incident on westminster bridge. awful, awful news

UPDATE: police are working on the asumption that there was one attacker who drove the car into pedestrians at westminster bridge and then ran to the houses of parliament where he stabbed a police officer. he was shot, however the police officer sadly died from his injuries at the scene. two people were also killed at westminster bridge and dozens were injured, some severely. while there no longer appears to be an active threat, uk maintains the highest level of terror alert (as it has for months) and so please remain safe & vigilante if you are in the central london area tonight and in the coming days. please also spare a moment to think about the incredibly brave first respondents and emergency staff who put themselves at risk to protect the public. the police officer died protecting your elected representatives and the democratic institutions in this country. just let that sink in. massive shoutout also to NHS staff and those brave doctors and nurses from guy’s hospital who ran into danger at westminster bridge to help people. absolute heros the lot of them. so big up to everyone saving lives in london today. THANK YOU! 👏👏👏

RACIST LAPD OFF DUTY OFFICER HARASSES, VERBALLY & PHYSICALLY ASSAULTS TEENAGERS AND SHOOTS AT THEM. Notice how the officers treated this thug with a badge and gun. They protect their own, not the public. Thank God there were people recording this criminal thug or else it could have been worse. THIS IS terrorism but the corporate owned Trump republican shill media never wants to talk about WHITE TERRORISM or POLICE TERRORISM.


Police shooting near France Orly Airport causes partial evacuation

  • A man was fatally shot after trying to steal a soldier’s gun early Saturday morning at France’s Orly Airport outside Paris.
  • Before his attempt to snatch the assault rifle, he shot a traffic cop in a Paris suburb, the Washington Post reports.
  • After shooting the traffic cop, the man hijacked a woman’s car in a different Paris suburb and then went to Orly, where he was eventually shot and killed after trying to grab a female soldier’s firearm. 
  • The Paris prosecutor’s office is investigating the incident as a possible terrorist act. Read more. (3/18/17, 11:24 AM)
Political prisoner Leonard Peltier once wrote, “When you grow up Indian, you don’t have to become a criminal, you already are a criminal.” Through the drug trade, U.S. government has effectively marketed the policing and imprisonment of minorities as the key to public safety, and therefore marked them as targets of state terror. This unearths how Native men can be incarcerated at four times the rate of white men, how Native women can be incarcerated at six times the rate of white women. It demonstrates how the flooding of crack cocaine into Black communities during the ’70s correlated with a sharp increase in minimum sentencing laws that helped put 1.7 million Black people under some form of correctional control. It reveals how native Hawaiians, who represent just 20 percent of the state’s population, can comprise 40 percent of the its incarcerated. […] Indeed, of minorities and the poor it fashions enemies of the state with the intent to exercise terror. From the origins of police, to the school-to-prison-pipeline, to the vast network of U.S. incarceration, this has been the enduring legacy of the American judicial system — not safety, and certainly not justice.

Aaaaaaaaaand there we go.


Dedicated to the brave officers of the Portland Police Department, who have a long history in dealing with Marxist agitators and anarcho terrorists.


“In the aftermath to come, Americans should remain vigilant of the mainstream media’s tendency to blame-both-sides equally, regardless of the lopsided casualties of police violence. And whether or not Americans will agree or disagree with Johnson’s actions should not be the question we explore most. Focusing on his actions alone is a convenient diversionary tactic which enables America’s white supremacist power structure to delegitimize his anger and sweep the issue of state terror back under the rug. Instead, we should ask how are we going to communicate to police officers that if they wish ever again to be secure from the consequences of their violence, their top priority must be to stop terrorizing black and brown communities. That if they truly desire their own safety, they will first have to stop murdering people  —  or else more chickens, inevitably, will come home to roost.”

– Dallas Shooting: Where Peaceful Existence is Impossible, Violence is Inevitable


Hey guys! I’m back from England, London. Did you all miss me? Yes? No?
I’ve been there for a few days and I was there as well during the terror attack of Wednesday. It happened when we stepped out of the London eye.
I only saw police and ambulances, I lucky didn’t saw it happen, but I was near the bridge that day and went into and souvenirs shop when that man hit the 4 France students and some other people. I’m still a bit in shock from that, because that could have been me. But because our teachers told us, we were going to use the buss to get to the British museum, we weren’t allowed to walk on our own. But if they had said yes that moment, I would have been on that bridge with my classmates at that moment since I wanted to go to that side of London.
So our trip was ended faster than expected and returned with the buss to our hotel since the police  had the road’s cordoned off of whole Westminster…
I made photo’s of it and I’m grateful I wasn’t there on the bridge that moment. Our buss was behind the building that stood next to the London eye, for the 4D experience. And in the same street as the St. Thomas Hospital. Our hotel had wifi, but you had to pay for that the whole time so that’s why I didn’t had any contact with people I used to rp with or to talk to. I’ve called my parents that moment when it happened to tell them we were there during the terror attack and they put on the television right away. Our buss seems to be have filmed and we weren’t allowed to leave for the next 1,5 hours and 5 students of our group had been locked up inside an building because the security had locked all doors and windows, they got stuck there, which made us unable to leave that place for 1,5 hours.
In the end when they were allowed to get out again they got back to the buss and we all left to go back to the hotel.
The next day we had to go home anyways and I arrived home late yesterday.
I’m glad to be back and to be alive.

Selfie was made 10 minutes before the terror attack. ^^ I’m glad to be home again.

Hoping that my fellow Londoners are safe. Keep in mind that Westminster Bridge and Westminster tube station are closed while bomb disposal teams are working. Listen to the very efficient police force and try to keep calm. 

All my thoughts with those on the bridge and parliament today.

To everyone else, now is not the time for alarmist reporting or fear mongering.