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What do you do if you see police brutality? Like I know stand back and film it if you can but then what? What do you do with the film? Is there anything else you can do?

Alright I’m going to answer this for people who document police brutality against themselves and what someone who observes this violence can do. 

1. DO NOT start telling the officer(s) what you are going to do to them. If you start telling them that you know your rights have been violated and you’re going to sue, they aren’t going to cower in fear. Instead, they’re more likely going to arrest you as a means to cover the violations and work to cover up what they did/build their case to WHY they needed to use violence against you. If you were injured and need medical attention tell them “I am in need of medical assistance,” but don’t mention you are recording and documenting with plans to bring this abuse to light. 

2. To people who are victims of police violence and those who witness it: DOCUMENT EVERYTHING. When cops are exposed for their misconduct one of their defenses will be that the victims cannot clearly remember the details of the event and therefore the narrative is untrustworthy. If you are the victim, try to remember exactly what happened and document it ASAP. Try to remember important details as much as possible and write it down before you forget everything. Try to answer the place where the abuse happened, who witnessed the abuse, what did the cop(s) do, what did the cop(s) say, and try to timeline the events. Even if you don’t know the names of people who might have witnessed it, try to write down any detailed descriptions about the person.  

If you are a bystander try to film and/or document the incident. Again, don’t try to draw attention to the fact you are filming because cops will go into cover up mode. Also make sure to install and app and set up your phone so that the footage is automatically uploaded to your cloud. This is so you for sure have the footage and if any cop does try to stop you or unlawfully confiscates your phone/deletes your video it’s still there. And try to make sure you get the cop’s name and number. 

Tips for recording the police:

  • Keep calm but prepare yourself if you are confronted by a police officer. 
    If a police officer asks if or why you are recording you have the right to remain silent. The police might tell you that you are “interfering” with the scene, they might demand you move back, they might try to lower your camera down or block it. Remember that you ARE allowed to record police officers and as long as you are not being detained you can walk away.

  • As long as you, the recorder, are not suspected of a crime you do not have to show ID or give them any information. They might try to get your device handed to them or get you to show ID but you can ask “What crime am I suspected of,” and “Am I being detained.” If they say “no,” then you don’t have to give over any of this. 

  • If you have a smartphone, consider downloading an app that will stream and store the recordings offsite. For both Android and iOS you can use apps like Bambuser, Fi-Vo Film, Justin.TV, Ustream, and Vimeo. These live streaming apps will capture both audio and video and (as long as you’re able to get an Internet signal) push the content offsite. If you are in a location with no Internet access, many apps will save the streaming data to your phone, and upload once the device has signal.Here’s some other apps that might come in handy in this situation.

  • Understand the laws in your state when it comes to recording an officer. It’s legal in every state to film the police, they might try to tell you it’s not but it is. However, there are some state with restrictions related to the recording of audio. Some states require two-party consent, and some states aren’t explicitly clear on this so if you are in one of these states or the legislation isn’t clear in your state inform the other parties present that you are recording. 

3. Now what do you do with this documentation? Collect yourself, calm down and then organize your case. When you’re still in a state of shock you might miss crucial information or sound confusing. Use all your documents and notes and thoughts to organize a refined summary of events. If you are taking this to a lawyer they want to see that you can sell this case. By the time you give these notes to a lawyer, your information should include a chronological story or what happened, what you saw, and any potential witnesses. Answer those who, what, when, where, why questions. 

Now, don’t just go to any lawyer. They are already hesitant to pick up cases regarding police violence so be prepared for some rejection. Also, try not to find a lawyer that works with cops or does cases for them - find ones in your state that specialize in handling police misconduct. This will require some questions and research. Here’s a small list of some to help you out, but there are many more out there. Even if you weren’t arrested by the police but experienced abuse, it’s recommended that you report the cop(s). 

4. Another option is to file police complaints. Internal police divisions will RARELY find that their officers did anything wrong but there are other ways you can file complaints. After criminal charges and civil actions have been resolved you can start filing police misconduct reports, if you weren’t charged of a crime and you’re not suing then you can file ASAP. Your area will usually have a citizen review board, an office within your local police department that accepts them, or you can find what your options are by Googling “police complaint [name of town/city].“ 

Look at what the various options are and send the complaint to all of the ones you find within your area. Make sure to see what you have to do when filing a complaint, you might need to fill out certain forms or send over the information you have. Pay attention to what’s needed so your complaint isn’t outright rejected. Note, some areas might require you obtain some forms through the police department. Avoid discussing your case and who is involved at all costs, they might try to convince you that your case has no merit, they might intimidate you, and they might warn the officers involved. 

5. You probably won’t get a quick response from the police department or civilian monitoring agency but it DOES create an official record of the incident and it could become relevant in future cases against the same officer. You can also send the complaints and documentation to your local ACLU and other civil rights groups in your area. Some might even deal exclusively with police abuse.

6. Go public. Note, if you have an attorney, this might not be recommended so talk to them about it but if you’ve filed your complaints or don’t want to do that you can just bring the incident to light. There are websites that take your stories, photos, videos, etc. like Cop Block. Cop Block also has local organizations and they might have websites that direct you how to file complaints specifically in your area. (Here’s the list)


You can fight me if you think Steve Randle isn’t a good and important character who deserves better than he is usually treated in this fandom.

Here’s a list of proof to remind you off the top of my head:

- Steve nearly collapsed in a sob when he saw Dallas get shot and die. One of his close friends. (Soda had to help calm him down).
- He was pissed at Two bit when he thought Two was only upset about losing his blade.
- He had red eyes during that part which tells that he must of been crying a lot since his buddies died.
- When Ponyboy was actually going use a broken pop bottle to fight off socs around the end of the book, Two bit said him and STEVE was going back him up if he had needed it.
- And back in very start Steve was pissed at Pony and asked why he was walking alone. Sure to Ponyboy that was annoying move because it got Darry go off at him and stuff but it’s also telling that he was worried about Pony walking around with socs about.
- Steve would of totally walked with Pony and I bet it’s not only because he was Soda’s kid brother but he is apart the gang and basically a little brother to him. Sure annoying one but it’s stated the gang kinda grew up together so I doubt he care too much if it meant Pony didn’t get beat up. He gets annoyed by him but he doesn’t want see him hurt either
- I 100% think age difference and them having to share Soda is the reason they didn’t get along otherwise they could of been closer than they originally were.
- But I mean, he was 17 and Pony 14. I can say any 17 y/o would totally get annoyed by their friends little brother always hanging with them but who wouldn’t? Like that’s a normal thing and Pony thinks Darry hates him so I don’t think steve really hates him either just bother by him sometimes but it’s kinda understandable
- In the movie when Pony is back the first thing Steve does is bear hug the hell out of him (it’s like 2am and pretty sure that was steve, im just going count it anyways. movie is still good Steve)
- Steve in the movie also makes note on how he thinks Dally is going be upset they didn’t say anything on his police record in the papers after the fire because he knows his friends
- Steve cares about his friends a lot but doesn’t show it off much because that’s just something you didn’t do back than in his kind of place. You kept emotions in to uphold a tough rep
- Steve’s specialty is cars. He’s great with them, he knows them upside-down and backwards and the best at stealing hubcaps but that’s not his only defining character trait
- He can drive anything on wheels
- Soda wouldn’t put up with an asshole for friend (not forgetting they were the closest in the gang. i bet more than pony and Johnny were) so Steve was a great friend because of course he is
- They have been friends since grade school
- He would totally try be nicer to Pony just for Soda’s sake without Soda even having to ask him (pretty sure that’s cannon?? it better be or it is now at least)
- Steve is a good person, a good friend, and a good man in a fight
- He slept at Pony’s house on the couch when him and his old man had a fight and don’t even try tell me he didn’t feel like shit every time it happened
- Even with the few bucks his dad gave him to make up for it he would still feel bad about it
- He likes chocolate cake
- He likes make a wisecrack every now and again
- The book states he’s cocky
- And SMART (he probably does good in school)
- He was tall and lean with thick greasy hair he kept combed in complicated swirls also said in the book
- He only worked part time at the DX but it was the same times as Soda as they always went together
- And not even Pony could tell if their gas station was so popular just because how good Steve is with cars or just cause Soda’s handsomeness. I say it’s a strong mix of both
- just man Steve Randle need I say more?

feel free to add more because he totally deserves more love (even though I said lot since i just really like his character and he needs more headcanon stuff on him)


Sloss Furnaces (Birmingham, Alabama) 

ADDRESS: 20 32nd St N, Birmingham, AL 35222

COORDINATES: 33.520589, -86.791296

From 1882 to 1971, Birmingham’s Sloss Furnaces transformed coal and ore from surrounding acres into the hard steel that would pave the way for the industrial revolution. It operated as a pig iron-producing blast furnace from 1882 to 1971. It closed due to the newer, more preferred methods of obtaining iron. 

Needless to say, there are urban legends about this complex. While legends tend to be just that, perhaps the most terrifying tale, is the true story of Samuel Blumenthal. Blumenthal was the night watchman for the Sloss Furnaces and took his last night watch on the night before the plant would shut down, Blumenthal found himself face to face with, “the most frightening thing he had ever seen”. He described an entity that was “half man and half demon” but entirely evil. Blumenthal claimed that the entity had tried to push him up the stairs, and when Blumenthal tried to fight back, the half demon beat him with his fists. When examined by Dr. Jack Barlo, Blumenthal was found to be covered with intense burns. 

What’s even more terrifying about this place is that the Birmingham Police have over 100 recorded reports of unexplainable activity that has been experienced by people while at the Sloss Furnaces. 

Recording of German serial killer Jürgen Bartsch
Recording of German serial killer Jürgen Bartsch


I discovered the abandoned air-raid shelter through other kids and immediately fell in love with the place and considered it as my own private kingdom. Within a year or one year and a half, I lured two or three boys into the cave-like shelter and stripped down their clothes and began touching them at inappropriate places.

Jürgen Bartsch was a German serial killer responsible for the murders of four young boys, their ages ranging from 8 to 13 years old. He lured his victims into an abandoned air-raid shelter and sexually assaulted all of them and then proceeded to dismember their dead bodies. Bartsch was caught when his intended fifth victim, Peter Freese, managed to free himself after Bartsch tied him up with a rope and left the place, telling him that he will kill him later. When Bartsch was arrested, he openly confessed to his crimes and cooperated with the police.

(Above: Promotional poster for Project SOCJUS, by S.B. – @broadcast_tower on Twitter)

Hi everyone! Welcome to the beginning of Project SOCJUS, a game we’re making to commemorate the first anniversary of #GamerGate – and by the time it’s finished, likely the second one as well, if not the third. The game is still in the pre-production phase, so there’s not much to see yet, but here’s some basic info:

What is Project SOCJUS?

Project SOCJUS is a 2D brawler/platformer set in a sci-fi dystopia. Playing as Vivian James, you will explore the world of the Internet, fight hordes of SJWs, and discover the truth behind SocJus.

Story and Setting

The year is 2014. Thirty years after 1984, the world is now controlled by SocJus, a totalitarian regime that seeks to impose their vision of equality on society. Anything that opposes their vision is considered “problematic”. Problematic attitudes and behaviors are recorded and policed by SocJus’s enforcers, the Social Justice Warriors - SJWs. When a person becomes too “problematic”, they are deemed an Anti-SJW, and are expelled from society. The story begins when Vivian James stands up for the rights of her friend, Gilda Mars. Labeled a harasser, internalized misogynist, and anti-SJW, she is drawn into fighting a battle she never asked for.


Here are some of the features you can look forward to:
• Fast-paced, fluid combat
• Customizable skills, weapons and armor
• Explore a large, open-world cyberpunk city
• Deep story and engaging characters
• 4 playable character campaigns: Vivian James, /v/, Gilda Mars, and 1 more to be chosen by the community

Also, we’d like to address some questions we received earlier:

What game engine are you using?

The game is being developed using Multimedia Fusion 2.

Will you put this game on Kickstarter or Steam Greenlight?

The game will be entirely self-funded; we will not be putting it on Kickstarter or any other funding platform. We are planning to put the game on Steam Greenlight once it has reached a presentable state.

Is “Project SOCJUS” the game’s final name?

Project SOCJUS will be the placeholder title until we can come up with something better. Suggestions welcome!

Who’s on the team? How much experience do you have?

There are 4 people on the team. Due to concerns about our personal safety from overzealous SocJus party members, all members of the team will remain anonymous. Each of us has about a year or so of experience in our respective fields, except for our artist, who has 4 years of experience in total. None of us have worked on professional projects before; it’s our first time, so please be gentle~

You don’t sound like you’re capable of finishing this project.

While this is completely understandable, we ask for no more than your patience, and perhaps a little bit of faith, in the project. We will do our best to meet the deadlines set, and make the best game we possibly can.

What platforms will the game be released on?

Our first priority will be to finish a feature-complete, bug-free version for PC. Once this is complete we may look into releasing on other platforms; however, there are currently no plans to do so.

And finally, my personal favorite:
I was told GamerGate was about ethics in game journalism. Was I lied to?

Project lead here. If this game were about GamerGate, it would simply be called GamerGate: The Game. It’s not. The game is not about GamerGate, but about the totalitarian, authoritarian cult known as SocJus.

The spark of this game was inspired by a certain video made by Sargon of Akkad, which you can watch here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jv0B-rpqyTo, which subsequently inspired me to read George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four. While I was reading Nineteen Eighty-Four, it struck me how similar IngSoc and SocJus were; the “memory holing” of evidence, the revision of history, the denial of objective reality, even the prolificacy of little dumpy “beetle-like” men (an actual quote from the book). Basically, it was ripe for parody.
But that’s only half of the story. The other half of the story has to do with Vivian James; simply put, I thought her character design was so good, I wanted to make a game entirely devoted to her. Eventually, as GamerGate went on, more and more character designs popped up – including one our artist did a design for – and before long there was a fun, colorful cast of characters. Perfect for a sidescrolling, beat-‘em-up RPG.

And that’s it for this update! We’ll be posting weekly updates to this devlog every Wednesday, with plans and concepts for the game.

NEXT WEEK: Screenshots from the concept trailer, which we’ll hopefully be able to showcase on Sept 17 at the 8chan Exodus Party.

(Don’t worry /pol/, we’ll make sure you’re in it this time!)

Contact Info


Anomalous Games: @anomalous_dev

S.B. (artist): @broadcast_tower


Project lead/programmer: /u/Arranator

This record is about the human race and the way it’s in transition. There’s even a word for it . . . transhumanism. It was originally called Transformer because Jamie and I really liked the idea of us mutating but my daughter, who has been the taste police for this record, brutally said, ‘That’s not cool’.
I didn’t want an uncool name. I want to try and connect with my daughter’s generation. Jamie got a bit upset about that but then I came up with Humanz, which seemed to be a good progression.
—  Damon Albarn discussing Humanz (The Sun, 27/04/2017)

okay but. petty revenge crack: 

Bond actually gets hounded almost to death by the fact that he has the Aston. 

Q reports it ‘stolen’ and no matter how many times Bond gets the matter ‘fixed’ it somehow gets back on the police records again whenever Q has a bad day and needs a pick-me-up in the form of Bond getting pulled over and flipping him off via the nearest security camera 

Bond’s break-up fight with Madeleine is sparked by the fact that the Aston has been pulled over–again–and Madeleine has had it up to here with these Aston-related shenanigans. ‘So get rid of it!’ she says. ‘Buy a new car!’ And so rang the death knell of that relationship, after which Madeleine resumes her practice, adopts a cat, and starts dating the lovely woman who runs the animal shelter and drives a sensible Honda Civic. 

Q lists the Aston on some kind of classic car show and Bond has to field phone calls from TV people and ~somehow~ (Q helps) they find him and he ends up on the air with his face blurred out bc he’s legally not allowed to be filmed. the car, however, is clearly visible bc Bond didn’t exactly get around to signing all those ‘sure I won’t put the car on TV’ contracts before he breezed out of the garage

and now everyone knows that the classic Aston is a spy car 

and ‘spot the spy car!’ blogs pop up 

Bond gets spotted by really enthusiastic classic car fans all the time. they come up to him and start talking about complicated engine things that he doesn’t know about. a lot of them are older dudes. some of them are younger folk. Bond doesn’t fuck most of them. 

the remnants of SPECTRE track him via his car’s fan blogs but their kidnapping attempt goes awry when a passing gearhead beans one of the Spectre goons over the head with a spanner at a critical juncture. the gearhead is like. nineteen. totally down for ‘hey guess I saved your life’ sex. Bond feels so old. So so old. 

The Curse of the Aston Martin. 

Bond returns the damn thing himself. 

(Then he sets about trying to put ‘The Curse of James Bond’ on Q, which turns out to be much more fun for both of them than either were anticipating.)     

The Story of Carl and Victor
  • The boy Carl Powers drowns in a pool. The boy Victor Trevor drowns in a well. 
  • Carl is killed by Jim Moriarty, another child. Victor is killed by Eurus Holmes, another child. 
  • Sherlock calls this the case “where I began”. Eurus calls this his “very first case”. 
  • Jim uses the murder to taunt Sherlock. Eurus uses the murder to taunt Sherlock.

So far for the astonishing parallels. But the differences are equally interesting: 

  • The death of Carl Powers has been established. 
  • The death of Carl Powers has been investigated by the police. 
  • The death of Carl Powers has been documented by the media.
  • The death of Carl Powers has not been suppressed or forgotten by Sherlock. 

But what about Victor’s death? We never learn anything about it. It is as if the boy had disappeared and no one but Sherlock had ever cared about it. It was apparently never investigated with the police. It was not even dramatic enough to send Eurus away at this point - for killing a little boy. Instead the Holmes family waited until she set fire to the house to put her away in an institution. The whole Victor Trevor case is strangely private, a family affair, nothing else. 

The funny thing, however, is that TFP tries to substitute the Victor case for the Carl Powers case. The episode wants to make us believe that Eurus was always more important than Jim, that her first murder was his first case and not Moriarty’s, that Sherlock began at Musgrave Hall instead of the pool. But this does not really work for me because the Carl Powers case is so much more elaborate and believable and supported by police records and media coverage. 

Electrified (Spider-Man x superfem!reader)
External image

Now disclaimer this something much bigger I’m working on and if you would like to see more of this please let me know. This is just something for you guys to read and see if you want more. If you want to be tagged in further posts let me know! Requests are welcome.

Words: 1854

“You can do this (Y/N) , you can do this.” (Y/N) reminded herself as she stared intensely at the worn brick wall in front of her. Her hands shook as she wiped the rain off her cold face, trying to ignore the fact she was freezing. She clenched her hands into fists and the lamp light that lit the small alley burst sending sparks flying, plunging (Y/N) into darkness. (Y/N) pushed herself off the wall and swiftly walked towards the front of the alley and to the left, she looked up seeing a small camera monitoring the street. She closed her eyes before beginning to focus until she could no longer feel the energy radiating off the security camera. Opening her bright ice blue eyes, a side effect of her powers, she smirked slightly seeing the motionless camera, before finally ducking inside the small convenience store. (Y/N) made her way to the drink aisle in the back eyeing the surveillance camera. (Y/N) quickly looked around her before placing her black mask around her eyes and outstretched her hand and focusing on the swirling energy around her. She couldn’t describe the feeling when she drained the power out of things but it felt empowering yet tiring. The lights began to flicker and eventually dwindled into nothing, sending the store clerk into a panic. Cautiously (Y/N) approached the counter, where the panicking store clerk stood trying to reach someone through their cellphone. (Y/N) removed the book-bag from her shoulders and slapped it on the empty counter. The store clerk jumped at the noise turning around to face the girl with her palm outstretched as if it were a weapon. “Money in the bag now” she demanded. The store clerk only laughed shooing her away, “Get out of here kid!” (Y/N) only smirked before her fingers on her right hand began to spark creating a small energy sphere. Her palm moved slightly to the side before the energy sphere blasted behind the clerk, making him jump and gulp looking terrified at the girl. “Now let’s try this again, money in the bag now!” (Y/N) declared mentally slapping herself at the way her voice wavered at the end. The man finally opened the cash register and tossing bundles of money into the book-bag. When done (Y/N) quickly grabbed the bag, zipping it, and making a dash out the door. She ran slinging the bag over her shoulders until she finally felt far enough from the crime. (Y/N) bolted down an empty alley catching her breath against the cold brick wall, she hated being a thief and threatening people but she had no other choice. She had nowhere to go and to survive she had to use her powers as a weapon. “You know stealing isn’t nice?” A voice broke (Y/N) out of her concentration. She looked up to see a red and blue figure perched up on the fire escape of the neighboring building. His outfit appeared homemade and looked goofy as can be. “Yeah who says?” (Y/N) shouted back before raising her right hand in preparation of an attack. Her hand slapped back against the brick with a thud causing (Y/N) to whip her head to the side seeing a web restraining her hand back. The figure dropped down in front of her giving her a better view of the masked web slinger. “So you’re the crime fighting spider?” She chuckled hoping to distract him long enough. “It’s Spider-Man!” He corrects her with a slight higher pitch in his voice. “Oh my dearest apologies Spider-Man!” (Y/N) gasped, finally feeling her hand free from the webs. (Y/N) rips her hand out of the burnt webbing, shooting an energy blast at the boy. The masked boy went flying back into a dumpster behind him with a loud crash, for the luck of her escape she sent another blast his way. The boy groaned laying on the floor trying to push himself up. “Give it up Spidey! We’ll just have to meet again some other time.” And with that (Y/N) disappeared into the night not knowing her actions had just put her and the wall crawler on the watch list of an infamous billionaire turned superhero.

(Y/N) and the Spider-Man had more than a few encounters through the next few months each ending with one of them escaping before the other. It never seemed as if Spider-Man really wanted to take (Y/N) down but maybe it was because he couldn’t. She began to secretly look forward to their meetings, the adrenaline that flooded her veins gave her an overstimulating feeling that she couldn’t shake. (Y/N) never imagined herself as an adrenaline junky but that was before she transformed into her now partly human partly alien body. It had been a few days since her last encounter with bug boy until she caught sight of the news broadcasting on time square screens. It was the one and only tight wearing superhero seen fighting along side Iron Man against the now war criminal, Captain America and other fugitive Avengers. (Y/N) nodded slightly impressed seeing her enemy had made it to the big leagues. It was a few weeks later when she finally saw him again. (Y/N) was taking up residence in an old abandoned building outside of Queens when she heard the familiar TWHIP echoing through the empty alleys outside. Suddenly bursting through an already broken window, the Queens hero stood in front of her. “Hey Sparky!” He said his voice echoing through the warehouse. “Hey spidey nice upgrade.” (Y/N) smiled self consciously touching her mask making sure most of her features were hidden. That was the allure of their relationship, the secret of who they really were behind their masks. She felt invincible with this small black mask on, she didn’t feel like the damaged girl who grew up in Brooklyn. With this mask on (Y/N) (Y/L/N) was a mystery, a weapon, and the invincible Cyan Spark, a name so kindly given to her by Spider boy. “Thanks uh Iron Man made it for me.” He shrugged lifting his arms up as if to examine them. “Nice you’re working your way up.” She smiled suddenly feeling the urge to drop her gaze to her black scuffed boots. “Yeah I guess-” Police sirens cut him off before he shouted a goodbye and swinging out the broken window. “Goodbye” (Y/N) whispered waving slightly, although there was no way he had heard her. She slipped off her black mask shoving it into her black bag, her stomach growled simultaneously causing her to zip open the large to examine her funds. She was low, low enough to wear she wouldn’t be able to buy herself a decent meal without tax ruining her. She stood up packing her belongings into the bag deciding it was time to end back to her hotel room she had been squatting in the last few days. Although she would need to make a quick stop a small local convenience store. She walked and walked until she felt that she was a good distance from her hotel so the police wouldn’t suspect her hide out. (Y/N) found a small family owned grocery store where she quickly stepped in placing her mask back on once again. She walked with her head down towards the cash register until the lights blew out surrounding the store in darkness, suddenly stopping in front of the old man working. She lifted her head along with her right palm in preparation of her assault. The old man looked up at her and he frowned at the sight before him. “You’re that robber on the news” he spoke more to himself. (Y/N) nodded and the old man frowned opening the cash register. “I was young once, had a tough life too and had to do my fair share of bad things. So I understand niña but I pray you find your way.” The old man’s Spanish accent laces through his meaningful words. She dropped her hand and nods accepting the stack of money he gives her. “Thank you sir, I’m sorry.” (Y/N) shoves the money into her bag before giving the old man an apologetic smile. He nods in response watching the young girl run out the doors and out into the diminishing light of the city. (Y/N) ran for what felt like forever until she came to a slow walk to catch her breath. Out of the corner of her eye she spots a black car slowly driving next to her. She continued walking eyeing the unusual car until she decided to take an abrupt left down an empty street. The car followed in pursuit and that’s when (Y/N) took off in a full on sprint, trying to flee whomever. Suddenly something latched around her’s feet sending her flying to the ground. She struggled trying to free herself from the lock until someone stepped out of the car coming over to her. “Who are you?” she screamed. “Happy Hogan.” “Who?” “Yeah thats what I thought, my boss would like to speak to you.” Happy informed you. (Y/N) with as much resilience as possible was dragged into the backseat of the car where a man in sunglasses waited for her. “I don’t know who you think you are but I could scream kidnap!” (Y/N) shouted at the man in the car who refused to make eye contact with her. “Now Ms. (Y/L/N) we both know you wouldn’t call the police because your record is not much better.” The voice sounded familiar and finally the man looked up at her and she gasped, it was Tony Stark, the Iron Man. “(Y/N)” “(Y/N/N)” she corrected him. “(Y/N/N) (Y/L/N),” Tony started up again, “I was wondering if you knew anything about these city blackouts and robberies?” she shook her head no receiving a stern look from the billionaire. “Look I’m not here to arrest you, I’m here about your abilities. How did you accumulate them?” (Y/N) frowned as she felt cornered and she did not like being cornered. “Through terrigensis 2 years ago.” Tony nodded along. “Well Ms. (Y/L/N) there is small footage of you saving a woman in an alley from being taken advantage and you even stopping a kidnapping and leading the police to the culprit. Yet, yourself are a robber. So let it out for me kid because I don’t know what whether to assume if you mean well or not.” (Y/N) brushed her hair out her face realizing her mask was still on. How stupid of me she thought, removing her mask in one quick movement. “I’ve been on my own since I was 13 Mr. Stark, I’ve had to do things I’m not proud of to survive but if anything will help you judge my character, is that your information you have on me should say I’ve never harmed anyone in my robberies and the felons I’ve caught deserve what they got.” she declared. Tony nodded with a small smile etched into his face, “Ok kid then prove it to me, how would you like to join the Avengers?”

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It sounded like the FBI didn’t actually know who he was since they called him an unsub, which according to google means “unknown subject”. I think they just had footage of him without an ID, so in theory he could still get out of the country. But who the hell knows with this show, really.

??? Wait are you serious, that’s so much worse, how dumb is the FBI on this show, Derek’s literally in all kinds of police records with mugshots on record and that footage showed his face so clearly, shouldn’t they have been able to match up his info in about 12 seconds? “Oh yeah it’s this guy from Beacon Hills, was suspected of killing his sister about two years ago, let’s get an APB out for Derek Hale stat guys” like

I didn’t realize they didn’t know who he was, that’s so bad.

Dahmer’s Victims

I see a lot of posts about how they died (which is fine), but I wanted to make a post about how they lived. Like, what they were like as people. This information was scattered across multiple sources and incredibly difficult to find.

Steven Mark Hicks

1959-1978 (age 18) Steven, who went by Steve, was picked up by Dahmer whilst hitchhiking home from a rock concert. An activity he did often. He was four days away from his birthday, and had promised his parents he would be home in time for his dads birthday dinner. He was described as friendly, and well liked by everyone he met. He was close with his parents (Richard and Martha), and had a girlfriend at the time of his death. His parents were worried he smoked too much. Hicks often wore a necklace, and two bracelets. For thirteen years his parents held out hope he was alive somewhere. Steven was reportedly kind and chatty towards Dahmer.

Steven Walter Tuomi

1962- 1987 (age 24.) Tuomi simply went by Steve. He worked in a restaurant. He graduated from Ontonagon Area High School in 1981. His family reported him missing three months after his death. His grave was inscribed with the message; “We’ll love you forever.”

James Edward “Jamie” Doxtator

March 1st 1973- January 16th 1988 (age 14.) Jamie was a prostitute who’d had a few run ins with the law over this, but unfortunately was often treated as a criminal rather then a victim of sexual exploitation. Some reports say Doxtator was Hispanic, but most say he was Native American. His mother, Debbie Vega, in her only statement to the press on the matter, stated her sons favourite bible verse was “…Forgive them father, they know not what they do…”, but that Dahmer should not be forgiven for his crimes. Both photos circulated in the media were mugshots. A few reports say he was homeless at the time of his death, but official state records say he was living with his mother at the time. His grave is inscribed with the above mentioned bible verse and an etching of a buck and a deer.

Richard Guerrero

1967-1988 (age 21.) A young bisexual man who’s sister described him as a “mama’s boy.” He was last seen on the way to his friends house. His sister protested a Haunted Milwaukee walking tour focused on Dahmer.

Anthony L. Sears

January 28th 1965 - March 26th 1985 (age 24). Known to friends as Tony, Sears was an aspiring model. He worked at a restaurant and had recently got a promotion. His friend Jefferey Connor drove Tony and Jeffrey to Dahmer’s grandmother’s house. Years later he testified at Jeffrey Dahmer’s trial. Connor and Sears had been friends for 3 years and Tony had promised to call Connor the next morning. 

Raymond Lamont Smith aka Ricky Beeks

1957-1990 (age 32.) Smith had a daughter who was ten at the time of his death. He often left his family for long periods of time. He had spent time in jail, and was involved in prostitution. His family believed he had died a year prior in a shooting.

Edward Warren Smith

August 2nd 1962 - June 14th 1990 (aged 27.) Known as Eddie, or sometimes “Sheik”. According to some reports he was an acquaintance of Dahmer. He often wore a “turban like headband”. Some say he was estranged from his family, his sister claimed otherwise. She also claimed to have got a call from a man she believed was Dahmer, telling her he had killed her brother. After his death his sister and a lawyer talked about starting a company known as “Jeffrey Dahmer Inc.” where she hoped that she, other victims families, and even Dahmer himself could go into business selling Dahmer merchandise. 

Ernest Miller

1967-1990 (age 22.) Miller was a dance student who met Dahmer outside a book store. He wanted to leave his home in Chicago because of the violence. His grandmother described him as a very nice person. Friends described him as outgoing and sociable. Miller’s grandmother claimed she got a call from a man a week after Ernest’s disappearance, chanting “help me”, and later calls of choking and groaning sounds. She believed the caller was Dahmer.

David Thomas

1968-1990 (age 23.) David was the father of a toddler aged little girl. He was on probation for retail theft at the time of his death. The mother of his daughter described him as a devoted and loving father.

Curtis Durrell Straughter

April 6th 1973 - February 18th 1991 (age 18). Straughter lived with his grandmother, Catherine. He was estranged from some of his family members due to his sexual orientation. He had recently lost a job as a nursing assistant and hoped to become a model and earn a University degree. His friend Bernell Howard wrote a song about him after his disappearance. To his friends, he went by the name “Demetra”. His friends were surprised to learn he was among Dahmers victims as Straughter reportedly did not like white men. The mother of Anthony Sears suspects Dahmer claimed to be a professional photographer who could help with Curtis’ modeling career.

Errol Lindsey

1971-1991 (age 19.) Lindsey was a faithful Christian. He played the drums and sang in the church choir. He was described as an outgoing and friendly man, nicknamed by some “Cool Breeze”. He was also a fan of rap music, and lifted weights. His friends said Lindsey rarely drank or went out to bars.

Tony Hughes

1959-1991 (age 31). Hughes was deaf and mute. He was very close with his family. His sister said he knew Dahmer since October of 1989. Recently moved to Madison, Wisconsin with a group of friends after being “shaken” by the murder of his next door neighbour. Hughes had contracted pneumonia as a baby which caused him to lose his hearing. Tony had five siblings and graduated from the Delavan School For the Deaf.

Konerak Sinthasomphone

1976-1991 (age 14.) The youngest of four brothers, Konerak enjoyed playing soccer, swimming and talking on the phone with his friends. He liked to watch Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Tom and Jerry and would draw pictures of the charactersHe was excited about learning to drive in the coming years and was passionate about sports cars. Konerak tried to find humour in every situation. Sinthasomphone was very close with his brothers and parents. They had come to America from Laos when he was four years old. One brother, Somsack, had been drugged and molested by Dahmer in 1988, and the family believed Dahmer was in jail. Konerak’s parents have said their sons respect towards adults and authority figures may have been what led to him being lured by Dahmer. Konerak famously managed to escape from Dahmer’s apartment, but was brought back to the residence by police. Konerak spoke perfect english but was reportedly unable to do so at the time, possibly due to the head injury inflicted by Dahmer. (Though his father claimed the officers simply didn’t bother trying to listen to his son.) His brother Anoukone stated nobody could have reasonably thought his brother looked 19, a lie from Dahmer the police believed. The Sinthasomphone’s, including Konerak, were devout Buddhists. 

Matt Turner aka Donald Montrell

1971 - 1991 (age 20).  Matt Turner was described as bright and articulate. At the time of his death he had run away from home and was living in a halfway house. Turner/Montrell sang in his church’s choir. He met Dahmer at a Chicago pride parade.

Jeremiah Weinberger

1967-1991 (age 23.) Jeremiah had a lot of friends. He worked in customer service. According to Dahmer, Weinberger was exceptionally affectionate compared to other men he’d been with. He survived for two days after Jeffrey Dahmer performed an amateur lobotomy on him. His friends handed out and plastered flyers with his face around town with a toll free number to call with information after his disappearance. Described as outgoing and friendly, he was an amateur artist and kept his things exceptionally organized. He was also concerned with dressing well and always looking his best.

Oliver Lacy

1966-1991 (age 24.) Lacy was a body building enthusiast with a 2 year old son. He was a track star in high school. He disappeared after going to the mall, last seen buying an ice cream cone.

Joseph Bradhoft

1965-1991 (age 25.) The father of three children, he had recently moved in with his brother to look for a job. Bradhoft did have a domestic assault charge against his girlfriend. According to police records, he punched her and threatened to slash the tires of her car. He enjoyed sports and fishing. 

sources: newspaper articles, family statements, FBI files, US criminal records