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Sherlock Holmes - Don’t Mess

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You had been a detective for a while, and through your detective work, you had met the one and only Mr Sherlock Holmes.

Of course, with Sherlock came John. You and John were close friends and had been for as long as you could remember.

When people first meet the three of you, they always think that you and John are the couple but they are always mistaken as you and Sherlock had been together for well over a year.

That day, Sherlock and John had invited you to help them on a case that Lestrade had asked them to do.

As you were all walking to the crime scene, you saw a woman stood by a police car that was behind the crime scene tape.

“Hey Freak” The woman greeted Sherlock and you resisted the urge to say something “Donovan” John greeted her as Sherlock walked head “Who’s she?” Donovan asked John and John looked back to you “Detective Y/L/N, she is assisting Sherlock and I on this case” John explained and she studied you slightly “Does Lestrade know?” Donovan asked again just as Lestrade appeared behind her.

“Ah, Dr Watson, Detective Y/L/N, Holmes is in there waiting for you two” Lestrade lifted the tape for you both as he spoke “Thanks Lestrade” you said and he smiled at you.

You and John walked to the crime scene and saw Sherlock standing there “What took you two so long?” he asked crossing his arms “A lady called Donovan held us up” you told him and he sighed “I should have warned you about her, sorry Darling” he apologised but you shrugged “No biggie, so what’s the deal here?” you asked and you all started to work on the body.

Whilst Sherlock was doing his thing, you and John were standing to the side lines to give him some space. Rather suddenly, a guy appeared next to John “Hello Anderson” John said to the man, so his name was Anderson, you remembered Sherlock mentioning him quite a few times.

“Who is this lovely lady?” Anderson asked as he directed his attention to you “Detective Y/N Y/L/N, nice to meet you” you held your hand out to him as you spoke, expecting him to shake it.

He didn’t do anything like that, instead Anderson lifted your hand up to his lips and kissed it. You attempted to not visibly cringe, but out of the corner of your eye, you could see Sherlock making his way over to you.

As soon as Sherlock reached the three of you, he grabbed your waist and pulled you in a very passionate kiss. A kiss that only ever happened when Sherlock was jealous – you knew your boyfriend like that back of your hand, you knew when he was jealous, and he was sure as hell jealous right then.

When Sherlock pulled away, he still had his arm around your waist, one of your hands was on his chest. Needless to say, everyone in the room was surprised, well everyone apart from John.

“Something to say, Anderson?” Sherlock asked with amusement laced in his tone “No way, she is dating you? She is way out of your league Sherlock, how did you even get her?” Anderson asked, clearly in disbelief.

You moved closer into Sherlock’s arms “Maybe because he didn’t act like a complete and utter arse when we first met? Maybe because he actually talks like a sophisticated person” you posed a number of reasons, whilst Anderson just stood there.

“Mess with me all you like Anderson” Sherlock stated, like he really couldn’t care less “But don’t you dare mess with my girlfriend, ever again”

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