And every day, white America — with its insatiable desire to believe that we are a post-racial society — is eating up these feel-good stories. What started as a local news story about a cop saving a cat from a tree goes viral nationwide, and it tells people that their heroic police really are the good guys who protect and serve, and who don’t arrest, beat or shoot black people in disproportionate numbers. It is reassuring because it redirects attention from protests, police violence and the disconcerting reminders that racism still plagues the nation. Don’t pay attention to that cop in Cleveland who jumped onto the hood of that car, pumped bullets into the windshield and killed two unarmed citizens. Don’t believe the activists; don’t listen to those demanding justice and highlighting racism. Just focus on the positive. Ignore all that noise demanding changes, because the police have it handled.

Charles Kinsey was trying to protect Arnaldo Rios (pictured), who is autistic, when Kinsey was shot by a North Miami police officer. WPLG

“…The 90-year-old city is one of the largest in Miami-Dade County and is host to a melting pot of residents, many of whom are black and Haitian American. The city is about 59 percent black, 27 percent Hispanic and 12 percent non-Hispanic white according to U.S. Census data. The City Council includes two white members and three Haitian-American councilmen, including Mayor Smith Joseph. The city manager, city clerk and city attorney are all black.

Black Lives Matter activists held a protest at the North Miami Police Department on Thursday, July 21, 2016 in reaction to the shooting of unarmed mental healthcare worker Charles Kinsey.

…While the city’s police force has faced crime issues and its share of homicides and burglaries, it had not dealt with many police-involved incidents before an officer shot Kinsey, a black unarmed mental healthcare worker who was tending to his patient, Arnoldo Eliud Rios Soto, who wandered from a nearby mental health center. Monday’s shooting happened in a mostly quiet, suburban part of the city lined with’50s- and ’60s-style homes and smaller apartment complexes.

The mayor, who has held the position since November 2014, said the city will let the police investigation by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement and the State Attorney’s Office take its course and called the incident a sad day for North Miami.

‘I assure you that we will go wherever the truth takes us and necessary decisions will be made by the proper authorities,’ Joseph said at a press conference Friday afternoon.

At a press conference Thursday afternoon, John Rivera, president of the Miami-Dade Police Benevolent Association, said that the North Miami police officer thought Kinsey was in danger, attempted to shoot Soto and missed his target.

On Friday, the police identified Kinsey’s shooter as officer Jonathan Aledda, placed him on leave, and also placed newly promoted Commander Emile Hollant on unpaid leave, saying he had misled investigators.

…Vice Mayor Alix Desulme said he supports the chief and also sent his sympathy to the Kinsey family. Kinsey left Jackson Memorial Hospital late Thursday night and is recovering at home.

‘Our hearts go out to the family, and we’re doing the best we can to come to a resolution,’ Desulme said….” Lance Dixon, Miami Herald

“The mother and sister of an autistic man who apparently was the intended target of a North Miami police officer’s bullet said they are worried about the safety of their 26-year-old family member.

Arnaldo Rios is suffering from emotional distress and has been in a hospital since Monday’s shooting of unarmed therapist Charles Kinsey, Miami attorney Matthew Dietz said Saturday at a news conference.

Dietz said Miami has inadequate facilities for people like Rios, and he said the police should have been trained to handle someone with mental illness.

‘After they knew that he had autism, what did they do? They threw him on the ground,’ Dietz said.

…Dietz said Rios viewed Kinsey as a father figure.

The North Miami Police Department identified the officer who pulled the trigger as Jonathan Aledda. The 30-year-old officer has been placed on administrative leave.

A second police officer, Cmdr. Emile Hollant, has been suspended without pay for giving conflicting statements about the circumstances surrounding the controversial shooting of Kinsey, City Manager Larry Spring said….” Peter Managing Editor

The phrase “black lives matter” has an implicit “too” at the end: it’s saying that black lives should also matter. Responding to this by saying “all lives matter” is willfully going back to ignoring the problem. It’s a way of dismissing the statement by falsely suggesting that it means “only black lives matter,” when that is obviously not the case.

All Lives Matter?

For reasons, I don’t say much about so called social justice issues on this blog. I run two other blogs that are highly focused, one on science and the other on philosophy. Clearly, social justice issues have no place on those blogs. This blog’s primary focuses are atheism, naturalism, philosophy and science relevant to both, educated criticisms of religions, and refutations and objections of arguments made in attempts to support a given religion. 

I can’t, however, deny the intersectionality of certain causes, so there are moments when atheism and feminism have to join forces. There are moments when atheism and the LGBTQ have to join forces. Now it’s time for atheists to join forces with Black Lives Matter (BLM). When you recognize that Black Atheist is an identity (see here), there’s a glaring necessity to recognize what it means to be an atheist from culture to culture. Atheism as a Hispanic may have correlations with atheism as an African American, but it will have less correlation with atheism as a Caucasian. Religion, especially Christianity, has a greater importance in some Hispanic cultures, e.g., Catholicism in Mexican culture; Pentecostalism in Hispanic-American cultures in urban populaces. So renouncing such beliefs is not only more difficult, but it may come with some steep consequences, e.g., getting kicked out of your home; being denounced by your family; losing a load of your friends. I’m sure the situation is similar for African Americans who renounced the faith.

But matters are more pressing because African Americans in the modern day face an oppressor that’s more dangerous than the religious friend or family member. The threat of being disowned or being displaced from one’s home is nothing compared to the threat against one’s life. When Black parents have to tell their children to be respectful to police because they’re literally in danger if they don’t tip toe, there’s something wrong with our system. When African Americans are brutalized and even murdered by those who are supposed to serve and protect, there’s something wrong with the hiring process; clearly, these individuals aren’t being screened properly or being asked critical, relevant questions.

Aside from that, there’s now an attempt to invalidate BLM, which is a movement that focuses on discrimination against Blacks by law enforcement officials. It’s a movement that focuses on the ongoing police brutality against African Americans. From Miles Davis in 1959 to Sterling and Castile in 2016, decades of police brutality must come to an end! This is what the movement stands for. Yet there’s a group of racists, implicit or explicit, who say “All Lives Matter.” What they actually mean to say is that all lives matter except for the lives of Blacks. No one said this until someone said Black Lives Matter. No one said straight pride until gay pride became a social necessity, a movement that was necessary to change the discrimination homosexuals faced and continue to face. It’s like an individual who donates to cures for diabetes marching on a cancer walk and saying, “all diseases matter.” They certainly do, but focusing on curing one isn’t a crime, but rather, a step in the right direction; likewise, focusing on discrimination facing Blacks is a step in the right direction.

More importantly, All Lives Matter isn’t a movement at all. If it were, its burden would be astounding. They would have to care about loss of life and quality of life. Basically put, everything that reduces the quality of someone’s life and everything that endangers someone’s life would have to matter. If all lives truly matter, then this “movement” would work to improve circumstances for all people, Blacks included. So I want to begin a list of things that these people don’t care about or don’t even know about. I do this to prove conclusively that they’re doing nothing but invalidating BLM. They’re doing nothing but saying that black lives don’t matter, that police brutality against Blacks isn’t worth our attention. If all lives matter, do you care about or do the following?

  • Volunteer after natural disasters
  • Feed the homeless
  • Donate blood
  • Donate for research aimed at curing a given disease
  • Fight for battered women
  • Oppose legislative restrictions against abortion
  • Stand up against child abuse
  • Stand up against child sex trafficking
  • Stand up for Palestinians
  • Support legislation that favors Syrian refugees
  • Support legislation favoring anyone fleeing danger in their home country
  • Oppose the ethnic cleansing of the Yanomami
  • Oppose Guerilla warfare in parts of Africa, e.g., Kenya, Sudan

Feel free to add to this list because if all lives truly matter, I’d love to see what these people are doing about any of the above. My bet is that they’re sitting behind their keyboard typing angrily every time someone says Black Lives Matter. My bet is that they’ll be behind their keyboard trying their darnedest to “refute” what I just said. Rather than get angry and continue spouting a meaningless phrase, why not have basic human empathy? Why not understand what African Americans are going through? Why not understand what it feels like to be an African American who is questioned, pulled over, or stopped and frisked by police officers? Why not understand the glass ceilings and limitations African Americans still face decades after the Civil Rights Movement? Why not understand that their lives matter and always have? Why not understand that their ancestors helped build this great country? 

Their blood, their sweat, their tears, their oppression and their bondage is part of the foundation you stand on. Your privilege was bought by their sacrifices. You can try to devalue or discredit their great contributions to our country by saying that other ethnicities have contributed, but again, that would be another attempt to invalidate Blacks. You can go the usual route and bring up Black on Black on crime and yet continue to ignore the oppressive circumstances that are the root cause of such actions. There’s absolutely nothing you can say to counter what I’ve presented here. If you’re one of those people saying all lives matter, it’s time to accept that you’re wrong.
SIU called in after Ottawa man with 'mental capacity issue' injured in arrest
WARNING: Video may be disturbing for some viewers

Ontario’s police watchdog is investigating after a Somali-Canadian Ottawa man with a “mental capacity issue” was taken to hospital in critical condition Sunday following an attempted arrest west of downtown.

Around 10:30 a.m., officers with the Ottawa Police Service were called to Wellington Street West and Fairmont Avenue after getting reports of a man causing a disturbance, said Special Investigations Unit spokesman Jason Gennaro in a statement.

Police located the 37-year-old man, and shortly afterwards there was a “confrontation” outside a building at 55 Hilda Street, a few blocks away, said Gennaro.

The man suffered “medical distress” during the confrontation and was taken to the Ottawa Hospital’s Civic Campus, where as of 6 p.m. Sunday he was listed in critical condition.

Abdirizaq Abdi told CBC News that he was on the eighth floor of his building when a neighbour yelled that police were arresting his brother Abdirahman.

“I heard the screaming, and then I come out and I see my brother lying down, police hitting so badly. Like, I’ve never seen something like that in my life,” Abdi said.

“All of them, they were on top of him. He was under [them] … they were hitting like [he was] an enemy. I’ve never seen something like that.”

While Abdirahman Abdi was listed in critical condition Sunday afternoon, his family initially thought he had died during the attempted arrest.

Continue Reading.

Police often lie about situations where a citizen was severely handled or killed. Videos citizens record and post on social media often prove that the officer’s story is false. It’s usually the citizen who gets punished rather than the lying officer.

Christopher LeDay was arrested and fired from his job for recording the Alton Sterling killing and uploading it on social media. At the same time, government agencies spy on citizens who do no criminal or suspicious activity each day. If it’s okay for agencies to video an innocent person, what’s wrong with videoing an agency member currently in the act of harming or killing somebody?

thethrillof  asked:


I took martial arts for ten years. For the longest time, the couple who owned the studio where I trained at were also police officers. So believe me when I say I have especially little patience for a lot of the #BlueLivesMatter movement (*retches*). They were both adamant that it was their job to protect people, not the other way around. So I know they would both be especially disappointed with the way police are behaving nowadays. 

When one of them was using her job as an example during some training, one of the snottier students asked “well, why don’t you just shoot the bad guys?” She then gave the entire class a twenty minute lecture about how she and three other officers were deployed to contain a riot of two hundred-plus people, and she never once drew her gun because she knew it would just get taken away from her in the chaos and used to hurt someone. And keep in mind, this officer was maybe five feet tall - she used to come up to me, look me in the eye, and ask: “You think you’re taller than me, [Hicku]?” 

At which point I would squat down until I was shorter than her and go “no, ma’am.” Because I am no dummy. She was kind of my mentor for the longest time. She once took her belt test while running a 100+ degree fever, couldn’t really remember any of it afterwards, and still passed. 

So she wound up in the hospital because she refused to escalate the force of the situation, and she considered that as just a part of the job.

Her husband was a K-9 officer. Occasionally he would bring his dog in to class to do demonstrations. My uncle was also a police officer for the longest time, and still keeps German Shepherds to this day. So I’ve kind of grown up around the breed. One of my earliest memories is of me and some of my cousins swimming in the pool at his house, and Scout leaping in after us to try and herd us towards the shallow end. 


So he associates Black hairstyles with “being weird”? Like being black is not only ‘weird’ but also 'fun’ was getting choked out by Post Malone not enough for you??? #Hate it!


Please, read this story told by the real guy, who witnessed everything on his own. He is not from BLM. He’s not a hater. But these situations made him almost cry over the unfairness. This is outrageous!
How can our world carry such bastards who glory in their strength, who     abuse their power?
The story must be spread out to show once more that the police has to be controlled and has to be punished for their unlawful actions.



Seventy-one percent of police who’ve been shot and killed this year weren’t murdered by black men with cornrows or hoodies. They weren’t gunned down by Latino gang members in low-rider drive-bys. Those stereotypes would be too convenient. Instead, 71% of police who’ve been shot and killed so far in 2016 have been killed by good old-fashioned white men.

Doesn’t fit the “super predator” narrative… #Love it!

Breaking NEWS! NY cop allegedly savaged innocent Black youth

Surveillance video has been recently released and clearly showed that a cop assaulted  innocent Black man for his appearance. The victim, 23-year-old Anthony Brown, was brutalized by Sgt. James Nowak from NYPD.

Brownsville, NYC never had a reputation of the low crime rate area, but it’s not an excuse to beat Brown  so severely right on the Blake Ave at 10:34 p.m. for ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!

Police brutality at its finest. 

Another proof that the police don’t give a damn about Black people, secretly attacking them at night JUST FOR FUN. Luckily, the cop was caught on camera and NOW it’s OUR DUTY to make him receive the punishment he deserves.





Cop caught on video pepperspraying restrained teen in the face

Please explain how cop’s are innocent? Please explain how this cop was in a life threatening position that he had to mase the handcuffed individual? #Hate it!

  • White ppl:if u just comply with the cops u won't have to worry about getting shot.
  • Me:Shows them the video of Charles Kinsey (a black male, laying down on the ground with his hands in the air, stating that he nor his autistic patient are weaponized) getting shot.
  • White ppl:Umm . . . well . . . his hands aren't perfectly straight up in the air . . . the police couldn't have been sure obviously . . . why are u making everything a race issue?!
University of California(Davis) has been reported to pay $175000 for this image to not appear when you search it on google

On November 18th, 2011, a peaceful protest was held in UC Davis. A branch of “Occupy Wallstreet”, Occupy UC Davis was intended to protest police violence on UC campuses. The police responded by hearing their concerns, agreeing and then pepper-sprayed the protesters. That’s right, they attacked students that were protesting the fact that they attack people. source

If you’re thinking “Oh man, someone got some compensation for this, right!?” Yup. Someone did. The cop. 

The stress of being the poor victim netted him a $38,000 in worker’s comp. 

That’s more than a lot of people make in a full year. source

UC Davis “Investigated” this. And the guy who conducted the investigation was a Police Chief William J. Bratton - Chairman of the private business that provides UC Davis’s security. SOMEHOW there wasn’t enough evidence to charge the officers involved in this incident. source

It just came out that UC Davis has paid $175,000+ to a private “Image Management firm”, who is putting all of that sweet, sweet dollar into manipulating Google’s search engines, as well as other networks, to make it a lot LOT harder to find reminders that this happened. Read that what-proper: 

They’re spending almost $200,000 of school funds to escape being remembered for this awful incident.


So let’s take a stand. Let’s fight back against their attempts to censor the truth and avoid accountability for their awful, awful actions and violent corruption. I have before you a perfectly shareable image set, complete with sources and screenshots of proof. Let’s all work together and get the word out about this chicanery. #Love it!