Philadelphia: Insurrectionary Memory

These posters were made with the intention of remembering and passing along stories of revolt. As authority fragments our lives and relations, so many moments of resistance fall through the cracks, and the world around us seems more and more overwhelming.

Often we’ve felt isolated as we try to attack the things that make us unfree; it’s easy to forget that people have been resisting and continue to fight around us. We want these posters to commemorate and inspire struggle against domination, exclusion, and separation in Philadelphia.

All the images in these posters are from local actions taking place over the last five years in Philly and some surrounding towns and suburbs. These images are gleaned without permission from various sources.

Dedicated to all the rebels known and unknown who refuse to accept this world. Your courage and creativity inspire us to keep taking aim at everything that oppresses us.

From Philly Anti-Capitalist


USA. North Carolina. Charlotte. September 22-23, 2016. Third day of protests after the death of Keith Lamont Scott. Demonstrators massed on the city’s streets to protest the fatal police shooting and demand the release of the video that could resolve questions over his killing. The city remained mostly calm after authorities declared a curfew following two nights of violence.

(1) Protesters gather. Photograph: Jeff Siner/The Charlotte Observer via AP

(2) Riot police race to intercept a large group of activists attempting to block traffic on Interstate 277 during a demonstration to protest the death of Keith Scott. Photograph: Brian Blanco/Getty Images

(3) Marchers chant at the intersection of Trade and College Streets during a protest against the police shooting of Keith Scott. Photograph: Jason Miczek/Reuters

(4) Protesters head onto the highway during another night of protests over the police shooting of Keith Scott. Photograph: Mike Blake/Reuters

(5) Activists attempt to make their way onto Interstate 277 to block traffic as they march in the streets amid a heavy police and National Guard presence. Photograph: Brian Blanco/Getty Images

(6) (7) Police confront protesters blocking I-277 during demonstrations following Tuesday’s police shooting of Keith Lamont Scott. A man is assisted after being sprayed by police during the confrontation. Photographs: Gerry Broome/AP


A Police Hanger
59.5cm blade double edged towards the point and sharpened for use, regulation brass hilt with ribbed fish skin grip, steel spring catch with brass button, the quillon terminal stamped B.L.D., in its leather scabbard with engraved brass mounts, the locket with frog stud.

Print from Illustrated London News, October 19th, 1867 (London police performing cutlass exercise).

Riot policemen stand splattered with red paint thrown by protesters outside the Athens University on April 16, 2015. The protesters demended the release of families of political prisoners and changes to the anti-terrorist law. The tension arose at the end of the demonstration of opponents to a gold mine project in the Halkidiki peninsula, northern Greece, in Skouries


USA. North Carolina. Charlotte. September 23-24, 2016. Fourth night of protests after the death of Keith Lamont Scott. Like the day before, the city remained mostly calm after authorities declared a curfew following two nights of violence.

(1) Protesters march in the streets. Photograph: Mike Blake/Reuters

(2) Protesters kneel and observe a moment of silence as they protest the police shooting of Keith Scott. Photograph: Mike Blake/Reuters

(3) A man writes the name of Keith Scott during a protest against the police shooting of Scott in Charlotte, North Carolina. Photograph: Jason Miczek/Reuters

(4) Protesters head onto the highway during another night of protests. Photograph: Mike Blake/Reuters

(5) Police in riot gear follow a wave of tear gas as they chase demonstrators off the highway. Photograph: Mike Blake/Reuters

(6) A man stands on a car in uptown Charlotte to protest the police shooting of Keith Scott. Photograph: Jason Miczek/Reuters

(7) Marchers hold up fists outside the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department. Photograph: Jason Miczek/Reuters

NYPD: Revealing the Truth About the Millions We Seize Would 'Lead to Systems Crashes'
The NYPD was finally forced to shed some light on its use of civil forfeiture Thursday morning at a City Council hearing. But instead of coming clean, they blamed their lack of transparency on antiquated technology. .
By Max Rivlin-Nadler

The NYPD’s testimony was also disingenuous: As part of a FOIL request filed by the Bronx Defenders, the NYPD had already compiled and released figures that show the staggering amounts that it has seized.

As the Voice reported earlier this year, the NYPD has been taking millions of dollars out of the pockets of low-income New Yorkers under the guise of civil forfeiture proceedings. During either an arrest or stop, the NYPD seizes money and possessions from New Yorkers, often the ones least capable of getting their money back, many of whom are then never even charged with a crime.

In the accounting summaries which the Bronx Defenders submitted as part of its testimony, the NYPD reports that as of December 2013, its property clerk had almost $69 million in seized cash on hand. This amount had been carried over from previous years, showing an annual accumulation of seized cash that has reached an enormous amount. The documents also show that each month, the five property clerk’s offices across the city took in tens of thousands of dollars in cash, ultimately generating over $6 million in revenue for the department. The report that the NYPD released appears to have been generated through the same use of their database that the department now claims is technologically impossible.


Each case that the attorneys testified about ended with the client getting their property back, but that’s only because, as the lawyers stressed, they were able to get free legal assistance. Because forfeiture and property seizure is done through civil courts, defendants aren’t provided a lawyer by the state, making it near impossible to retrieve money and property through the NYPD’s arcane and confusing system.

“Can a lay person be reasonably expected to defend themselves against the NYPD in their efforts to retrieve their property?” Asked council member Torres during the hearing.

“I don’t think a person can reasonably be expected to go through any of the administrative steps required to go about retrieving their property,” answered Bronx Defenders attorney Adam Shoop.

“So what you’re telling me is that property retrieval is reserved for those that can afford it?” Torres asked.

“Yes,” Shoop testified.

I feel like the target of animosity shouldn’t necessarily be individual police officers (though the ones who commit wrongful acts definitely deserve to be targeted) but the establishment itself. I’m not saying we should disband the police because they are there for a reason but I think the way they are trained and the establishment are reflections of the oppressive society we live in, and that is what needs to change.

It’s similar with soldiers and the military. I care about soldiers, but the military and government agenda is messed up and doesn’t even prioritize its own personnel a good percentage of the time. It’s a numbers and endgame game for them.


CHINA. Chinese paramilitary training. All photographs: Stringer/China Daily/Reuters [Part 4]

(1) July 19, 2012. A paramilitary policeman raises up his gun and takes a breath while crossing a river during anti-terrorism drill in Hangzhou, Zhejiang province.

(2) July 19, 2012. Paramilitary soldiers lift logs during a physical training in mud in Chuzhou, Anhui province. 

(3) January 24, 2016. Paramilitary policemen take part in a winter training in Shenyang, Liaoning province. 

(4) April 25, 2013. Paramilitary policemen snipers practice during an annual drill in Nanjing, Jiangsu province. 

(5) January 20, 2014. Paramilitary policemen wrestle as they take part in a winter training session at a military base in Chaohu, Anhui province.

(6) December 15, 2015. Anti-terrorism paramilitary policemen take part in a drill in Changsha, Hunan province.


The Philadelphia police department has acknowledged that Officer Lichtermann does indeed have a Nazi officiated tattoo and possible Neo Nazi ties.

The police officer also has been documented dressing up as Nazi Officials, but the Philadelphia Police Department had NO issue with hiring and keeping him.

This is beyond disgusting. People LOVE to say that there isn’t biases in the police force and that every police is good and just doing their job, but look at this? The sad thing is, there are probably MORE White Supremacist within that department who do not wear permanent identifiers.


As the national anthem began to play before Florida State’s volleyball match against archrival Florida on Wednesday, redshirt senior middle blocker Mara Green took a knee.

Someone in the standing-room-only crowd of 1,550 fans in Tully Gymnasium shouted, “Stand up!”

Green didn’t. The anthem played. Other players remained standing. Everyone in the crowd remained standing. And Green remained on one knee, her right hand on her shoulder and her left on her knee.

Head coach Chris Poole released a statement:

“Mara (Green) made me aware of her intention to kneel for the national anthem. Florida State University is an institution of higher learning that recognizes a student’s right to freedom of expression.  Similarly, I respect Mara’s right to freely express herself.”

I’m proud of this young lady. Rosa park Martin Luther King will be very proud. The ones that’s judging her n saying all kinds of hateful things are the main reasons what is wrong with this country. Walk a mile in her shoes or any of the protesters I guarantee you would take them shoes off. If you don’t understand people of color pain there’s no way you would understand our outburst. #Hate it!


Newark police chased 10-year-old Legend Preston because they thought he was an adult.

Ten-year-old Legend Preston’s mother said on Facebook that her “fun loving child is forever changed” after being chased by armed police who reportedly mistook him for an adult robbery suspect.

Preston was playing basketball near his home in Newark, New Jersey, when his ball rolled into the street. He ran to retrieve it, and that’s when he saw the police officers. 

“Some police started coming this way with guns pointed at me, and then I ran into the backyard,” Legend said. The cops only let up when witnesses stepped in.

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