some hs sportarobbie thoughts because yES

  • robbie is in band and drama/forensics
  • sportacus goes to all of robbies plays and even some forensics meets to watch him (to be fair, he is really entertaining)
  • sportacus is only a cheerleader for football but he still goes to a lot of basketball games so he can watch (but mostly so he can sit with robbie in the pep band section)
  • also hes not allowed to wear the cheerleader skirts when hes actually cheering, but a lot of times he’ll show up to bball games wearing one that the girls let him borrow
  • sportacus also goes to all the band concerts and any solos/ensembles robbie plays
  • marching band is actually robbies least favorite season just because its so much effort (he still loves it tho because they look and sound awesome)

  • sportacus does cheer, wrestling and track (running, jumping, and pole vault)
  • when robbie shows up to a wrestling meet for the first time he sees all the hot guys in singlets and hes like “oh man” and then he sees sportacus in a singlet and hes like “OH MAN”
  • (honestly i could see robbie being a wrestling manager because hed get free rides to meets where he gets to look at hot guys (and sportacus) in spandex all day like👌👀👌👀👌👀👌👀👌👀 )
  • (not to mention getting free food/desserts from the hospitality room)
  • sportacus is super strong and a great wrestler but if he ever actually hurt anyone hed probably cry
  • (theres probably been a couple times where he does forget/underestimate his strength and accidentally hurts someone. he has a really hard time forgiving himself for it. especially if/after it happens more than once)
  • the rest of the wrestlers dont really talk to/acknowledge robbie much at first because hes the “weird” (read: queer & neurodivergent) kid
  • no one says anything about it directly, but robbie knows
  • (its kind of upsetting even if he wont admit it)
  • but sportacus likes him anyways and will try to talk to/include him any chance he gets and since hes probably the most well-liked guy on the team eventually the others start talking to him too
  • robbie is confused but pleasantly surprised