Did you kill Eminem?

Book!SQUIP: Oh of course not! I would never. Jeremy how could you even think of me doing such a thing? That is against the laws of robotics! I can barley do anything! All I can really do is talk to you and that’s kinda it. Jeremy how do you think me, you dad, could do that?

Play!SQUIP jumping off a bench then jumping back on it then running across stage then going up the platform just to go down the pole then jumping back onto the bench then bending backwards then doing a costume change then doing another costume change then ripping off his shades then putting them back on: No.

Musical!SQUIP: Lol prolly fam.


Halloween collab 

Pairing: Taehyung x Reader

Genre: Horror / Angst / One-shot

Rated T for mentions of addiction, blood and death

Word count: 10.8k

Synopsis: There’s a shop, hidden deep in the streets of Seoul, that every night opens its doors only to the ones who need it the most. There, the Candyman lives, waiting for you to buy dreams of silver and gold.

 or: sweet nightmares are coming for you.

Author’s note: this was supposed to be a mere 5k one-shot, yet things happened and now here I am crying over a monster (pun very much intended) fic. Also, please check the other amazing stories written by equally amazing writers for this collab ^^



                                                                                                         November 2nd

The police officer enters the room with the caution of someone who’s still not used to deal with the kind of job he chose himself. Yet, precise are his eye as he looks around, trying to unfold the secrets hiding right under his nose.

It’s definitely a girl’s room, he thinks while taking in all the small details and the clothes neatly disposed into the pink laundry bask. He walks closer to the other end of the room, careful not to touch anything – he may contaminate the proofs, and he can’t risk that. Not on his first day, at least.

She must have been a nice person; the boy considers, looking at the photo hanging above the desk dotted with still open books and half-finished sketches. Just a bit he bends over then, studying better the bubbling smile curving your lips as you hug two friends; somehow, he finds himself hoping that the people you loved will always remember you like you are in this picture – happy, and carefree, and young.

And his heart aches a bit, if he thinks about the reasons he has been called here.

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Rude Boy (1)

Pairing: Bucky X Reader

Words: 2858

Warnings: Violence (some triggering scenes so please go away if this might make you uncomfortable). Lap dance.

Summary:  You go undercover with Bucky where you need to get a flashdrive from a HYDRA agent who frequents a men’s club. Your job is to give him a lap dance, get him knocked out, and steal the flash drive. Things don’t go as planned because someone gets a little jealous and decides to, quite literally, knock the agent out.

A/N: Because why not. So I had to put it in 2 parts again. If sexual harassment makes you uncomfortable, please go away. I don’t want to cause anyone any harm or pain. If you want to read the smut, it’s the next part.

Permanent Tag List:  @meganlane84 @mizzzpink @bringmetheemobands

Part 2

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*slides down a pole jumps onto a table jumps off of the table runs around the stage has 3 costumes changes takes off glasses then outs them back on* Buy a frozen yogurt

I had to stop everything I was doing because I was laughing too much


Shorty | Adrien Agreste/Chat Noir x Reader

You gave his arm a hard push, accompanied with a glare. “I had it.” You stated through gritted teeth. Then, you took the teddy bear from his grip and crossed your arms around it.

“We were standing there for seven minutes..” Came his reply. Sure, you spent a good amount of time trying to retrieve the teddy from the top of the stand but–you really did almost have it!

You grumbled under your breath, walking alongside the taller teen. He just loved to rub his enormous height in your face whenever he had the chance! You were never given a chance to do anything because he were already there. He outdid you in class, the park–even now; at the carnival.

“What did you want to ride next?” Adrien asked, placing his arm on your head to slightly lean on it.

Another thing you didn’t understand; why did Adrien ask you out tonight? Surely he could’ve went with someone–anyone else; but instead he chose you. Though, if you looked past all the snide remarks, playful touches, and jokes; you may be able to count him as an alright guy.

You pushed his arm once again; causing it to fall back to his side. “I don’t know, the Ferris Wheel?”

Adrien hummed, pondering on the thought for a moment. “No, too high.”

Oh, how you’d like to hurt him. You clutched the stuffed animal tighter; anger steadily rising in your being. You let out a sharp breath through your nose while looking at the many carnival rides. “Fine then, the carousel?”

Adrien paused for a moment; placing his hand on his chin and looking down in deep thought. “That’s okay.” He answers after a long pause. As he reaches for your hand, you jerk it away–directing a glare at the boy.

Last time you granted him permission to hold your hand; he continued to make smart remarks! He gave a soft sigh, settling on walking beside you. The two of you stood in line silently; waiting for your turn. A glance nor word were exchanged as the set of people were finally finished with their ride.

Due to how quiet he had quickly become–you wondered if you angered him. He continued giving small sighs here and there; being the only sign to his conscious mind.

You decided not to say anything about it, instead walking with him to find an open seat on the carousel. The horse that caught your eye was light shade of (F/C) with golden reins and (2nd F/C) hair.

Absolutely majestic. You thought; ultimately drawn to  it already.

With the teddy bear in one hand–you used your other hand to grab the pole. The mechanical horse was stopped at the highest point of the point of the pole–and you knew for sure it was mocking you. As your grip on the pole tightened–you tried jumping; to at least get your top half up onto the horse.

“It’s too high!” You grumbled, jumping for it once more. Fortunately; you were able to throw a leg over the horse’s saddle. Unfortunately–you were left hanging over the side; unable to pull yourself up.

“Do you want to try another?” Adrien asked; slightly embarrassed on your behalf.

“No way!” You shouted, turning your head to glare at him. “I want this one–it’s (F/C)!”

Adrien stifled a laugh at your response; causing any worry you previously had to vanish. He then approached your position and grabbed your waist, hoisting you up onto the horse’s back fully. After getting situated; you looked down at the teddy bear and muttered something.

“I couldn’t hear you.” Adrien stated honestly. He was standing in front of your horse–his attention directed at a few couples that walked by.

“I said thank you! Geez!” You repeated, crossing your arms and puffing out your cheeks a bit.

Adrien then turned to look at you, a bit taken aback. His facial expression held a mixture of uncertainty, confusion, and possibly happiness? He then gave you a big smile and nodded, “Of course.”

He then reached for your hand again; but it was so quick that you didn’t have time nor space to move away. As your hand was in his, he directed it back to the pole–his hand remaining over yours. Just then, the ride began to move; catching you off guard.

You could’ve fallen off if it weren’t for Adrien. Or at least; that’s what he wanted you to think.

You turned your attention back to Adrien from the ride operator–only to find him staring at you already. Startled, you tried making yourself smaller–pulling back and shoulders hiked. “W-What?” You question, finding yourself unable to look away from his firm gaze.

Adrien makes a noise similar to a hum as he shakes his head; his golden hair moving along with him in an interesting pattern. “Nothing. I was just thinking.”

Yet; his line of vision still didn’t break. It caused you to feel fifty shades of self-conscious again, especially with his hand that held yours. A small blush were beginning to adorn your cheeks, giving you the false assumption of his hand suddenly getting warmer.

“Then stop staring..” You muttered, looking away.

“You know I can’t do that.” Adrien’s voice came out in a low whisper; directly next to your ear. His free hand drifted upwards until he was playing with a loose strand of (H/C) hair. Then, his hand became situated on your cheek–directing you to look at him once more.

Your gazes locked once more; (E/C) eyes meeting emerald ones. Anxiety and fear began to build up in your being as Adrien’s hand made it’s way to the back of your neck; leaving goosebumps along the skin he so  lightly grazed over.

He then moved closer–but only by an inch; clearly testing the waters. His eyes showed that he was having an internal battle with himself, and his gaze would flicker down every few seconds.

You weren’t a super genius; but you knew what he wanted.

Seemingly relaxed at your lack of refusal, Adrien continues. Just as he were mere centimeters from your lips–you felt his entire presence pull away.

The carousel had come to an abrupt stop, causing the ride and its riders to jerk forwards. Adrien–whom was standing; was suddenly thrown off his feet, landing on the metal floorboards under you.

His entire face flushed red as he stood once more. He didn’t look you in the eye–instead turning to get off the ride completely.

There was a small crowd nearby, some cheering–others laughing; all the while directing their gazes towards you.

Slightly embarrassed, you slide yourself off of the mechanical horse. You quickly find your position next to Adrien and continue walking without exchanging contact. You didn’t know why, but you found yourself concerned for his feelings again. Was he angry–or embarrassed?

His ears were tinted red–you noticed; so maybe he was just still upset about the fall.

Just as you were about to question him, he intertwined his hand with yours. “Let’s go ride the Ferris Wheel now. There’s bound to be better privacy there.” You could hear Adrien mutter as he pulled you along.

If you actually thought about it; maybe all the past encounters with Adrien weren’t all to pick at your height. What if he were interested in you from the start–and the only way he knew how to approach was by helping you?

You could feintly remember the conflicted expression that appeared on his face after he helped you retrieve a book from a high shelf. Or even the sheepish smiles he’d give you after ruffling your hair or giving your shoulder a squeeze. And maybe–just maybe; all his remarks about your height were simple questions about the only thing he knew to approach with.

You gave yourself a dark view on the bright boy since the beginning–which made you feel ultimately bad now.

Great, now you were going to have to make it up to him. Though, maybe it’ll be more interesting this time around.

–Just maybe.






*pushes off roof*

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Ahhh! I hope you're still doing the Halloween asks bc?? Halloween?? Is my second most fav holiday?? (Dia de los muertos being first 💀😆) Anyways, rfa(v already counts as rfa right?)+ vanderwood and saeran: what kind of family themed costumes would they wear with their fam?

Ooooo! Dia de los muertos is also a good holiday!!! ^^ this one can be answered simply so here it is, i hope its okay! ~4


  • either animal themed costumes or game themed costumes!
  • Like you’re either the Aristocats or you’re Mario and the gang, no in between
  • He likes to make your own costumes! That way its full of love and he wants his children to know daddy cARES
  • not competitive???? but yes competitive. He makes the costumes as best as he can and he compares them to other families and even store bought ones
  • cries when his children are dressed up because theyre so adorable and he loves them so much


  • Superhero costumes!!!!!!
  • Why, you ask? The costume shows off his body and it makes him happy
  • not to mention he thinks his children are the heroes of his life??? Theyre precious and amazing and bring happiness and he just loves them
  • he’ll even go as the /villain/ while the kids are the superheroes if they want him to
  • not to mention he can put his acting to good work while he pretends to be beaten up. What cuties heck


  • homemade costumes for the win
  • you cant tell me she wouldnt try to get you and the babies to dress up as different sized coffees
  • Either decked out costumes that even /smell/ like coffee, or simple coffee-coloured clothing with a simple label
  • Taking tons of pictures of the children and crying, theyre so beautiful, she cant


  • Push him out of his comfort zone, do it MC
  • THROW HIS ASS IN LEATHER PANTS i would fucking d ie pl eas e
  • The kids love the hell out of it. They run around singing songs, playing their little guitars, even have a little boom box to play music as they rock out
  • he’s constantly face palming but he truly loves how adorable the rest of his family is. Everyone’s singing, playing, and having so much fun. He could deal with the leather pants if he could see the loves of his life being this happy


  • He is peter pan. He will fist fight his child to be peter pan, which makes you wendy. regardless of gender. you’re a girl? wendy. youre a boy? wendy. youre gender neutral? wendy.
  • You cant get him out of the tights for weeks after halloween someone please help this family
  • but hes so cute? Such a kid? He’s playing with the kids all the time, climbing up on light poles and jumping out of bushes
  • he even has the red hair, mc, are you positive he isnt /the real/ peter pan??


  • So extra but /so/ cute. Put that creativity to work, Jihyun. Are you ready?
  • HOME MADE. LARGE. FULLY FUNCTIONING. ROBOT COSTUMES. He has saeyoung help dont let him fool you
  • Custom costumes for each person of his family, even down to their favourite colour
  • Everyone walks like a robot the whole night, they even talk like theyre robots
  • Honestly cries when the kids tell him they wanna wear the costumes all the time?? His work? All the time?


  • Okay listen, the kid(s) wanted to do Disney and he Did Not™
  • but fortunately?? The kids also liked the villains in the movies
  • did he enjoy being dressed up as the villain? not necessarily, but it warmed his heart knowing that his child(ren) can love and accept someone with a dark past (pls let me love my husband)
  • and cutie helps /make/ the costumes. Hardcore. Making the costumes. Every lil detail. To make his family happy. Fight me.



  • Cops! And! Criminals!
  • Because??? The children think its fun?
  • “Look!” says the youngest, “I have my own taser!” its vandys. it is the precious taser. cue vandy freaking out
  • The kids make Vanderwood so proud though because they chase after Saeyoung with their batons
  • Though they’re constantly running from them? Throughout the whole night? Let Vandy Rest™ please

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I fucking love your stories 😍 can I request Kozik smut? Kozik finds out his girl is taking pole dancing classes and gets all mad so she pole dances for him and it leads to sex? But please don't let her give in and listen to him at the end bc feminism, and no one should listen to their bf if they try to stop them from living their lives. Please and thank you ❤️

Originally posted by redwoodyproductions

A/N: GIF NOT MINE! I loved the idea and I stood by it making it semi smutty but I felt like Kozik is a big lover and also made it fluffyish near the end! I hope you enjoy! ALSO… THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT DARLING! IT MEANS THE WORLD TO ME ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Warning: Cursing! SMUT!


“Yo! Anybody seen my girl today?” Kozik asked popping his head inside the bar of Teller-Morrow’s but his question was met with grunts and ‘no’s flooding the air. “Fuck. She told me she was going somewhere today but she didn’t say where.” He said passing a frustrated hand through his hair “Maybe if you listened harder you would probably heard what she was actually saying.” Gemma snapped from her seat causing all the boys to look at her “Do.. do you know where she is?” Kozick asked cautiously because Gemma Teller was not a woman to piss off, she could instantly ruin your life with a snap of her fingers. “She’s at Darla’s place.” Was all she said before she took a cigarette out of the pack on the bar, Kozik nodded before he finally processed what she stated.

“Wait, Darla’s? Isn’t that a private whore house?” He asked now fearing for his girls safety, all Gemma did was shrug not giving him a full answer, because she knew she didn’t owe him anything as she saw him stomp out of the bar and get on his bike in no time. It was a twenty minute drive from TM to Darla’s, once Kozik entered the modern day brothel he looked around for his woman “Hey, girl? Was there a girl here about yay high? Gorgeous, her name is (Y/N).” He said as he watched the girl smirk at his motioning him to follow her, if he wasn’t nervous before he sure as hell was now, all the scenarios that were floating through his head at this moment driving him to pure anger and then he saw you.

You were spinning around the pole in nothing but a sports bra and shorts, your hair pulled into a braid and sweat drops on your forehead as you grabbed the pole with sweaty palms jumping in the air before wrapping your legs around it allowing the cool pole to be your only source of coldness. “(Y/N). You have a guest.” Genevieve said causing your attention to snap to the angry biker of your boyfriend next to her “Thanks G, I can handle him.” You said causing the redhead to smirk raising a playful eyebrow at you before closing the door and locking it after herself to give you two privacy.

“What the fuck do you think you’re doing?” Kozik said now approaching you fuming of anger “I think I’m practicing pole dancing? What does it look like?” You said grabbing the pole swinging around it watching Kozik try to keep a straight face but the bulge in his pants gave you another answer “Looks like you’re training to be a croweater and not my old fucking lady.” He spat causing you to pout “Kozy don’t be like that baby, let me show you what I can do.” You said gripping the pole harder lifting your legs in the air as you moved further up the pole, allowing yourself to reach the top of the pole before you sensually slid down the pole looking at Kozik causing him to bite his lip at the sight of you down the pole but before you reached the bottom the pole you wrapped your legs around the pole tightly allowing you to dip down looking at Kozik upside.

“Because of the pole I can be more flexible baby.” You purred now watching him stand up walking towards you causing you to flip over and stand tall in front of him. “Show me.” He sneered through his teeth still pull of rage, you grabbed the pole as you slid down it to be at face level with Kozik bulge undoing his pants in an instant without hesitation you slid them down to his ankles, you looked up at him before you moved your lips closer to his hard length.

You slowly licked the tip of his length before taking as much of him as you could causing him to mutter a few curse words before he wrapped his finger through your hair roughly assisting you as you bobbed your head back and forth until he pulled your hair gently “Get on the fucking pole.” He grunted as you wrapped your hands around the pole pulling yourself up as he grabbed your hips roughly pulling you down to his hips positioning himself at your core and before you could try to get comfortable he roughly thrusted into you causing you to yelp at in pain, but the pain quickly subsided as he snapped out of his angry trance now thrusting into passionately taking his time.

He then snaked a finger around your nerve rubbing it to add more of a sensation for you, which led you to moan out loud feeling your release coming soon “Koz..” you moaned out as you felt your body shake underneath you, but Kozik didn’t stop, he never did after you came he would always ride out your high until he finished and slowly after you felt your juices mix together. He laid his head in the crook of your neck as you both breathed heavy “Baby, please, don’t pole dance. You don’t need to do this whore shit.” He said softly but his statement only angered you shoving him off you.

“Fuck you Kozik. I ENJOY this ‘whore’ shit, you know? Because it’s something I’m great at, it’s not like I’m working at a fucking strip club, I’m not selling myself, I do this for me. And me alone and I’ll be fucking damned if you think you can walk in here and control me. You may be my boyfriend but trust me, we can quickly arrange that.” You said grabbing your things and marching out the room.

“Fuck! Baby! I’m sorry! Don’t go!” Kozik yelled after you, causing you to smirk.

Herman Kozik was so fucking whipped and he didn’t even know it.

Hot for Teacher

Requested by @cherieann-2001 How about one where I am Jaxs twin  and I am a nerdy bookworm who Jax is very protective over but I have a massive crush on (your choice) and how he brings her out of her shy self.

People often wondered if I had been switched at birth, if it wasn’t for looking like Jax, and seeing my  birth certificate; I would have wondered the same thing.  It was hard for anyone to believe I was related to Jax, much less his twin sister.

We’d always been different as night and day, from the start. He was the active twin, while ma was pregnant, kicking and moving around, while I was calm and barling moving. On the day we were born, he came into the world, first. Seven minutes before I did, screaming and raising hell.

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What are some fun backyard DIY activities for dogs? A small pool? Agility jumps? Weave poles?

All those things are great. You’d be amazed what you can do in a small space with a couple of jumps. For a pool, you can add toys that float and some that sink to make it more interesting, or you can fill it with sand and bury toys and treats. You can toss food around the yard for your dog to sniff out and hang toys and treats from trees if you have any available. I like to teach my dogs to wrap trees so I can send them across the yard and then back to the other side to fetch a toy. Wrapping trees is also a great way to teach directions (wrap left vs wrap right). If you don’t have trees, any vertical object works; I’ve used pool noodles held up with garden stakes, and lots of people use trash cans. Flirt poles are great for small spaces, but remember to incorporate impulse control training in every session. That’s a game that can become too stimulating for many dogs, and the impulse control training helps prevent them from being overwhelmed. Some dogs like sprinklers, water guns, or chasing bubbles. You can use an unscented soap for the bubble mixture and add your own scents, like thin broth or vanilla, to make things extra interesting. You can wrap treats in newspaper and toss it out in the yard for the dogs to shred. My dogs love to shred paper and boxes even without food, and it’s easier to rake up the bits outside than pick them up inside. You can try hiding toys and treats under plastic flower pots, cones, or cans so your dogs can knock them around. (Of course, be careful using cans that might have sharp edges. You can cover them in electrical or duct tape to ensure they’re not sharp.) Some dogs enjoy playing with big blocks of ice; you can try freezing some in metal bowls and it should fall out naturally after warming in the sun a bit. Some people hide toys and treats in ice blocks, but I have yet to see a dog who will play with a ice block with stuff in it who wouldn’t play with an empty ice block.

This list is getting kind of long, so I’m going to stop here. I hope that gave you some ideas to try out.

anonymous asked:

Can I request something with MC learning to strip or MC stripping and the bidders didn't know about it.

Hope this was what you wanted nonny <33 I actually had alot of fun writing this one so I hope you enjoy! ^_^


  • He only found out about it because he heard you talking on the phone.
  • He was pissed that you would keep this from him but, yet he was also intrigued.
  • Remembering how you pulled some moves in bed the night before that you’ve never done, replaying every detail back in his mind, turning him on further.
  • He wanted to confront you about it before the feeling consumed him.
  • He took the phone from your ear, hanging it up and tossing it to the side before asking you.
  • “___, what is this class you’re taking?”
  • “It was supposed to be a secret….”
  • “Well, maybe next time don’t talk all extra loud where I can hear you”
  • You told him about it, though it was reluctant.
  • All he did was smile at you and of course, you had a bad feeling in the pit of your stomach but, you quickly shook it off.
  • The next day you came home to him in the living room on his laptop but, all he does is motions for you to go change into the outfit that was on the bed.
  • Doing so, you come out of the bedroom, fidgety and slightly embarrassed, you didn’t think he would go this far but, the next thing catches you off guard. You didn’t see the stripper pole that was installed in the living room next to the window.
  • “Eisuke?”
  • He motions you to go to it but you just stood still, unable to move.
  • “Show me what you’ve learned in this so called class,” he demands, closing his laptop, getting up and walking over to you.
  • You stare between him and the pole before taking a deep breath and walking over to it.
  • ‘Confidence is key… That’s what she told me’
  • You replay what the instructor told you in your mind until you begin to actually believe it.
  • Walking around the pole, you jump up and bend backward, sliding down as you look him in his eyes.
  • He smirks at you, motioning for you to continue as you jump up again but, flipping upside down, spreading your legs, twerking just a little bit before flipping yourself upright.
  • Positioning your leg around the pole you begin to swing around the pole before lowering yourself back down to the ground but, before you could finish, you felt Eisuke come behind you as he kisses you on your neck, spinning you around before picking you up and sitting you on top of him on the couch.
  • “I wasn’t f–”
  • “I don’t care”
  • He kisses you roughly again, he’s caressing your skin as you both give into a pleasurable night together.



  • Soryu was finally back from his trip to the Ice Dragon’s Hong Kong branch.
  • You told him that you wanted to stay in the penthouse with him instead of the house that you both shared with the Dragons, just because you wanted alone time with him without there being any interruptions.
  • He agreed as one of his subordinates dropped him off at the hotel.
  • You get ready to surprise him, as you finish touching up your makeup, hearing him walk through the door.
  • He walks into the suite and you realized that he looked more tired than usual but, you still wanted to do something for him so, you greet him with his favorite Cheongsam on with dinner already prepped and on the table.
  • “Welcome Home Soryu.”
  • You walk over to him as you throw your arms around him and he does the same around your waist.
  • “What’s all this for?” He asks, slightly confused but, you just tell him that you wanted to do something special for since he’s been working nonstop and all he does is nod his head.
  • You both eat your dinner as you’re excited to show him what his next surprise is.
  • You didn’t tell him about the classes you were taking but, you knew he had some sort of idea because of the day, you ran into Ota and Baba. You knew they told him some stuff but not everything because he called you the next day, though he wasn’t mad about it.
  • “Ready for your next surprise?” You ask him as you grab him by the hand, leading him to your shared bedroom.
  • You sat him on the bed as you begin stripping for him, taking layers off one by one as he just watched with lust in his eyes. Right then and there he wanted you, but he wanted to see what all you learned in this class, as he just watched intensively, not taking his eyes off you.
  • He started blushing when you slid down into the splits as he started thinking of all the different ways you could use that move on him.
  • He grabs you by the wrist and pulls you into his chest as he grabs your chin, kissing you passionately before picking you up and roughly throwing you on the bed.
  • “I’ll see the rest later, right now I want you”
  • Was all he said before he impatiently took his clothes off as you made love till the sun came up.


  • He noticed that most nights he would be going to bed alone.
  • He often wondered where you were because whenever he called, most of the time you wouldn’t pick up which was odd because you always did during the day.
  • So, one night he decided to just follow you and thank God he did because he wouldn’t have know that this was what you were doing.
  • He walks into the strip club that he seen you enter as he takes a seat in one of the VIP areas, waiting to see if you were going to come out on stage or if you were going to be one of the girls that walk around.
  • He got his answer when they introduced you as your stage name, ’____’ and you sauntered your way onto the stage and began dancing.
  • He smiled a little before remembering that you were not only dancing for him but also for all the other guys in this place too, which pissed him off.
  • Once you were done, he found the nearest waitress and asked if he could have a private dance from you, escorting him to a private room.
  • You walked in when your heart immediately dropped.
  • “B-Baba… What are you doing here?”
  • “I could ask you the same thing.”
  • “I-I…”
  • He walks up to you and gently rubs the side of your face before telling you that he was taking you home, throwing his jacket around you.
  • You obliged before telling the owner that you quit, though he didn’t want to let you go, Baba made sure that he didn’t try to come to find you.
  • You rode home in silence, not wanting to say the wrong thing to him to upset him more than what he was.
  • Finally making it to his suite, you both ignored everyone else’s questionable gazes and comments.
  • He takes you by the hand, leading you to the bedroom before pulling you into him and planting a kiss on your forehead.
  • “Princess, you don’t need to do anything like that again…”
  • You simply nod as you kiss him on his lips.
  • He lowers you down onto the bed, passionately making love to you until you both fall into a deep slumber.


  • Ota had followed you to your classes without your knowledge and was watching you through the one-way mirror the class had.
  • This particular dance studio encourages spouses to come and watch their loved ones, though they wouldn’t know about it, mainly for the ones that were too shy to put on a show like you were.
  • Whenever you would get home Ota would make slick remarks so, you thought he knew but you brushed it off until one day you were in the lounge penthouse cleaning and you saw a stripper pole installed in the middle of the room.
  • “O-Ota? What is this?”
  • “Oh! Nothing. Eisuke thought it would be fun to have one here whenever Baba would bring his groupies over.
  • He gave his signature smile as you turned back around to clean again, shaking a little because you just had this weird feeling in the pit of your stomach but you couldn’t figure out what it was for the life of you.
  • In the midst of your thoughts, you felt muscular arms wrapping around you as you feel a pair of lips on the nape of your neck. You try to turn around but the way he’s holding you, wouldn’t allow you to.
  • He brings his lips to your ear as he whispers, “I know what you’ve been doing Koro, so why don’t you show me in person, hmm?”
  • “Right Now?? What if the others come in and I’m still in my ma–”
  • “Are you disobeying your master, Koro?”
  • “No…”
  • You see his smile turn into a smirk as you walk over to the pole and he positions himself on the couch to watch.
  • You take a deep breath as you start to pull yourself up, with both legs tucked behind you, you spun yourself around the pole. You kept going, not realizing that the other bidders have made their way in and was now watching your performance.
  • Some with shocked faces and others with annoyance but, they’re all completely turned on.
  • You suddenly feel more than Ota’s eyes on you as you stop to get off the pole as everyone sits down in their normal seats.
  • “That was quite a performance ___”
  • “Didn’t know Princess could move like that.”
  • “Ota, how come you and your woman can’t do that in your room?”
  • “I’d pay to see the kid.”
  • You start to blush a light pink color as Ota grabs you by the hand, guiding to your shared suite.
  • He pushes you against the wall before saying,
  • “Stop wagging your tail for others Koro.”
  • He kisses you passionately, as you brace yourself for a long night of passion and punishment.


  • He came home, calling out your name but you were nowhere to be found.
  • He got off work early so that you two could go on a date he had been planning but never told you about.
  • He called your phone but, you didn’t answer.
  • He said he was never going to use the tracking app unless it was an emergency, but he needed to know where you were.
  • He tracked your phone to a strip club, immediately getting pissed off.
  • ‘Why were you here?’ was the only question circling in his head.
  • He walks through the door and his eyes immediately settle on stage where he finds you winding your hips to the music with a whip in your hand.
  • He immediately storms onto the stage before dragging you outside, not caring about the others that were groaning about your presence being missed.
  • “What the hell are you doing kid?!”
  • “Wait… M-Mamoru… I was–”
  • “We’re going home.”
  • He drags you to the car, trying to hide the fact that he’s turned on just a little bit, it wasn’t the outfit, more so the movements you were doing.
  • He wondered where you learned to move your hips like that but he never thought to ask you, plus he honestly didn’t want to know the truth, though now he knows.
  • Suddenly, you pull him into you as your lips crash into his, pushing your tongue into his for dominance.
  • He smiles as he pulls you to the back seat, hungrily taking his lips into yours kissing him passionately.
  • The way he stormed on stage to get you away from everyone, it turned you on more than you let on as you both quickly got rid of your bottoms.
  • He wanted to feel your movements so, he settled for you being on top, riding him until you both found your release.
  • “Mamo…”
  • “We’ll finish once we get home.”
  • He sped through traffic as you both hungrily lusted after each, not even making it to the bedroom as you made love in his penthouse living room until dawn.

Masterlist - Request

I have another full length fic which is about ready to be posted, but it didn’t feel right for the solstice. I’m really feeling those renewal vibes this year, so I wanted to post something happier than what I’ve already got written. Sunshine and daydreams and new starts. This is a karabita fic, but I’m considering writing a soriku one, too, once I get back from the doctor. We’ll see.

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Mental Health

I am a nurse; which means I have been trained on how to help those with mental illness. I know what to say and how to react regarding mental health and much of the ins and the outs of it.

But when it comes to my own mental health I’m really bad at addressing that it’s a bad thing. And it is. Right now my mental health is in the tank. And it has been for quite some time.
There’s been a lot going on. And it finally hit me today. I couldn’t get over this awful empty and soul crushing feeling. And I started thinking and feeling like killing myself was a liable option. Driving my car into a pole. Jumping off of the bridge that I drive over twice a day.
I don’t know why I’m feeling this way other than I have depression and BPD and anxiety and it happens.
And I did what I tell everyone to do when they are in a bad place mentally. I reached out. I was absolutely terrified of the way I would be worrying someone. But I knew that if I didn’t tell someone then I was going to be even more alone and struggling.
So, I sent Harmony a message. And she talked me through how I was feeling. And she pushed me to get help. She helped me make a plan for surviving instead of letting me carry through with a plan for ending my life.
And, despite how shameful I felt and how absolutely uncomfortable it made me, I went to the ER. And I’ve been here for 5 hours. But after all the questions and all of the nurses and doctors and social workers I feel much better. They did what medical professionals are supposed to do, they helped me when I could not help myself.
I’m glad to say that I have made it through this hell day.
And that they have given me resources to continue to help myself.
So, on this Thursday, I am thankful that there are people that cared enough to listen when I needed it. I am thankful for the fact that I get to go home soon. And that I have so many people that love me.

anonymous asked:

how did you get Milo to get SO THICK ??? he looks so great

I don’t really know completely what happened because he got a lot bigger than he was expected to be but when he was younger, I took him for a lot of walks off property, up and down hills, across hills, light lunging and then he was always out somewhere with room to move/run when he was turned out. He’s also had free choice hay and (sometimes) grass so always gets to graze. 

On the ground, I did lots of carrot stretches in the beginning (much less so now), and then back raises and rump raises. 

Then under saddle, we pretty much religiously did some sort of light pole work all throughout his 3y/o year when he was ridden and transitions, bending work and just getting him to relax under saddle. We also did lots of hacking mostly at the walk. Started doing raised poles and making pole exercises harder.

As he’s gotten more mature, he does jumping like 1-2x a week unless he’s showing. Mostly grid work and we also do pole work with raised poles a lot and have started to do a lot more canter work over poles. He also now has more of a concept of proper carriage (thanks to the poles, transitions, hills and lateral work along with our stretching exercises)

He also lives outside 24/7 with Archie and has always been with a friend for the last year, so it means he’s moving around a fair amount either running and playing or grazing with his head down. 

He always has hay at our barn, it’s just a regular local grass hay 1st cut. Then theres some grass and he gets a lot more of that as the weather is nicer (which is when he tends to get TOO fat). He doesn’t get much grain just a very basic maintenance grain called Rocky Crunch with some fibremax and a little bit of oats and barley. The only supplements he gets are flax and biotin and I’m pulling him off the biotin soon.

We also occasionally try to do cross training on tracks where he gets to trot for long distances and work up to longer canter sets and then SOME  “breezing” (he is not fast and does not understand fast so think extended canter haha I haven’t been able to get him to actually open up) which is good for him and still hack when the weather is nicer or do small hills (on a really small hill on property).

He’s lost muscle recently though due to the crappy weather but I think he keeps himself fairly well balanced on his own and then the basic flat work we do along with hacking, poles, some jumping and other exercises he has just blossomed into a large bean

imke14  asked:

Hey, I was wondering if you have any tips about lunging? A haflinger I ride is super stiff (especially on his right side) and right now I'm focussing on just getting him to relax instead of bucking and pulling away while lunging. But I don't know how to make him engage his core and step underneath himself once he's ready to do some real lunge work. I do use poles at a walk already though and intend to use them in trot too once he's finally calm enough to focus on things like that.

Usually my answer to horses bucking and pulling on the lunge line is to jettison the lunge line and free lunge them until they have learned how to behave all by themselves, but that is largely because I’ve never had formal line lungeing instruction, and also because if a horse pulls hard on me, they’ll pull my collarbone out of joint. This is also only an option if you have a fenced lunge ring; plus free lungeing isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. 

I’m going to assume that free lungeing isn’t the solution here, particularly because you say he’s stiff, which could definitely be behind his bucking and his leaning. Leaning to the outside makes me think that he’s relying on the lunge line to an extent for balance, and that will only be corrected as he gets stronger and more flexible. 

When I’m working with a horse who rushes, whether in hand, on the lunge, under saddle, wherever, I like to take them all the way down to a walk. Walking work is easier on you, because you have more time to see what’s going on and more time to correct them, and both easier and harder on the horse, because they aren’t needing to run to stay on top of their feet, but they also can’t use momentum to propel themselves through an awkward spot. From what you’ve said, I imagine that you’re already doing a lot of walking work, which is great. Also, please forgive me if you know much of what I’m about to say, but I think going through the anatomy and the physics of how a horse’s body works is useful when it comes to figuring out how to improve their movement.

So to get the horse engaging their core and stepping underneath themselves on a circle, they need to bend through their bodies. Bending through the neck is relatively easy - horses can achieve the most flexion at the point where their neck and their thorax meet - but bending through their back is harder, as there’s not much room for lateral flexion in the spine. They can increase bend through their trunk by rotating their ribcage as well - you see this on small circles, when the ribs to the inside kind of contract and the ribs on the outside open up. The motion of their limbs also contributes to the degree of bend. For any sort of bending/sideways movement, there are two types of motion of the limbs: abduction and adduction. Abduction is the term used when the horse steps out to the side with a leg, away from its body. Adduction refers to the horse bringing a leg across the centre of its body, towards its centre of mass. When we talk about horses stepping underneath themselves, we are talking about adduction.

When a horse travels on a circle, ideally they should be bent through the body. This means that the inside hind needs to step up and underneath the horse to support its weight. The adductor muscles in the hind leg are the ones that run from the pelvis to the inside of the femur and tibia - the adductor, the gracilis, sartorius and medial semimembranosus (i.e. the semimembranosus on the inside of the leg). (There’s a nice little FB post on the gracilis here.)

Picture lifted from the Science of Motion website, but no idea what book they originally took it from. The adductor muscle itself is sort of buried in the middle of all the other muscles.

Showing the location of the semimembranosus and the gracilis from behind.

Anyway, when a horse adducts its hind leg, these muscles contract to pull it across the body. Effectively, any sort of work that encourages the horse to step sideways and underneath itself will strengthen these muscles, such as leg yielding. Since I am awful at lateral work, I will add some tags at the end of this for people who actually know what they’re talking about with lateral work, and will focus instead on what I do myself.

So Abba does not like adducting her hind legs one little bit, which is presumably tied to the lump and divot of muscle in her one haunch. With her what I’ve done is an exercise which I picked up from Buck Brannaman’s 7 Clinics and was then re-taught by my trainer. Basically, while the horse is walking a calm controlled circle around you, every so often you roll the hind end over. By that I mean you walk to the hip and the horse makes a much smaller circle around you, which means they are now being compelled to step much more deeply beneath themselves with that inside hind. Abba being Abba, she takes as many small steps as she possibly can, sort of shuffling her hind end sideways, before she gives up and does the hard work of bringing the inside hind forward and across her outside hind. I filmed this today, so will tag you in the video once it uploads. 

At first, as soon as you get one step of adduction, you reward the horse for that and then let them go out on the bigger circle once more, but as they get better at it, then you can ask for more steps where the horse is crossing over with that inside hind. Ideally, though, you want to get to a point where you don’t need to roll the hind end over and away from you to get the horse consistently adducting that inside hind. Also, whilst I start out with it at the walk, you can entirely progress with this to the trot. 

This is the main exercise I’ve used with Abba to get her stepping up and underneath herself with that hind leg. Another one that I’ve used from time to time is really very similar, it just involves laying out a flask-shaped or even just triangular grid of poles, and then leading or riding the horse in, and asking them to turn around within the triangle/bottom part of the flask. The deeper into the corners they go, the further underneath themselves they need to step in order to make the bend they need to get out of the corner again. The challenge here is that they cannot step outside the poles. Abba likes to cheat on this one as well, by going deep into only one corner and cutting off the other one. 

Ground poles and cavaletti are fantastic for getting the horse to start using themselves properly, particularly when you string several of them together in a row. You can do a series of ground poles raised on alternate ends, so that as the horse goes through them they have to alternate between really engaging the protractor muscles on each side. Protraction is the forward movement of the limb, and again, the protractor muscles in the haunches and hind limbs are involved in allowing the horse to step up and underneath itself. Strengthening these muscles (the tensor fascia lata, the quadriceps and the digital extensors) increases the horse’s ability to track up, and this is where polework is so good, because the horse has really got to use the protractor muscles to get the hind limbs up to clear the poles. 

Original image from Gillian Higgins’ Horses Inside Out. The digital extensors are not labelled, but are the pink part running down the front of the gaskins.

I’d say that for improving the strength of the protractor muscles in the hind end you really can’t go wrong with poles. Start simple, with single poles spread out across your circle, build up from there. The more poles you string together, the harder it becomes. 

It’s also fun, when the horse is stronger and fitter, to vary the height and the distance of the poles, so that they have to figure out how to adjust their striding on the fly. I’ll sometimes give Abba say a ground pole, followed by two raised cavaletti, and then maybe another two ground poles, which last will have a shorter striding than the rest of the line. When first encountering these sorts of questions her answer was either to stand on the poles (a very bad answer, make sure they are wearing boots, in case the pole breaks beneath their weight), or to treat the two poles as a long jump. Now that she is stronger and better balanced, she is capable of shortening and going through them like her legs are pogo sticks, which is still not quite right, but a definite improvement.

Obviously, stretches will help as well, particularly the usual carrot stretches, but I imagine you are well aware of them!

One final lungeing solution: lunge on a slope, if there is one available. Encourage the horse to slow as they go down the slope, and keep them moving forward as they go up the slope. You can put poles along the lower part of the circle, for added effort. 

So those are the basic exercises I do with Abba to encourage her to use her hind end better. I’m going to tag @mievzar-equus for further and more sciencey input, plus @heartofhorselords and @clickerhorse, who know more about proper in-hand work than I do. I hope this is useful, and not too much of the same old, same old. And I shall get on with those videos as well.

#70: “Not everyone is out to get you. Stop thinking that. It’s annoying.” – ROMAN REIGNS

Here is another drabble from the prompt list. I tried to make this one a little different beause I feel like there are a lot of fics/drabbles out there where the guy confesses feelings. I didn’t want it to be one of those. Hope you guys like it!

My tags aren’t working again. So I won’t be tagging anyone. But I’m hoping to get them working for the next post. I tried to tag 11 or 12 people and only 1 of them actually linked.Anyway, here it is. Enjoy!!

It was a chilly night in New York City and you were walking down the street towards yours and Roman’s rental car. You walked past an alley and heard a crash sound come from behind the dumpster. You immediately wrapped your arms around Roman’s arm and held tightly to him.

He chuckled as a cat came running onto the sidewalk.

“Just a cat,” he said as he looked at you.

The next night you were backstage at the arena stretching before your match when someone accidentally dropped a metal pole behind you. You jumped to your feet and started to run before Roman stepped in front of you and pulled you to his chest.

“Shh, relax, baby girl.” He said as he rubbed his hands up and down your arms.

“S-sorry, Ro. That movie the other night is getting inside my head.” You said.

“It was just a movie. It wasn’t real.” He said.

“I know. I’m just a little jumpy.” You said.

“You have to realize not everyone is out to get you. Stop thinking that. It’s a little annoying.” He said.

anonymous asked:

If you don't mind, could you maybe do something about 2D's s/o competing at Badminton horse trails? If you don't know anything about horses, it's fine for you to delete this! Thanks :)


  • He likes horses well enough, but he doesn’t think much of competitions. All he knows is they can be dangerous, and his mum would always complain about this time of year because kids and teenagers would come in with all sorts of injuries from kicks and bites to broken necks
  • He’s a little worried for you, but he’s seen you compete loads of times, so why is this so different?
  • Tries to join in with your excitement, even if he doesn’t really understand why you’re so excited
  • When you get there, he helps you get situated, and follows you around as you point out horses and quietly fangirl as eventing stars walk past
  • You point out different breeds to him, and try to educate him on ways to recognise a good horse
    • “Can you tell me what breed that horse is?” you ask, pointing at a thoroughbred
    • “Uh yeah that’s a Swedish…Arabian…Shire…Jumpingbred from…Shetland”
    • Poor baby is clueless
  • He goes with you during the trot up, and helps walk and trot your horse up and down because his legs are as long as if not longer than your horse’s so he can keep up with its massive stride
  • The night before you’re due to compete in the dressage, he sits with you while you get your stuff ready, and even models your coat and tails (even though the sleeves come about halfway down his forearms and the tails only just hang past his arse)
    • He REALLY likes wearing your top hat tho
  • He helps you tack up (even though he can’t do much more than put the saddle on and hand you things)
    • “Can you hand me the girth?”
    • “Oh, sure” he replies, picking up the martingale after a few moments deliberation
  • He literally CANNOT tear his eyes from you at all during the dressage
  • You’re just so??? graceful??? and your horse??? is so beautiful???
  • Honestly he thinks you should have won from the dressage alone
  • When you’re done and your horse is with your team, settling down, you come and see him, and he sweeps you into a massive hug and says over and over again how beautiful you were
  • You spend the rest of the day describing technical dressage terms and explaining what the competitors are doing
    • You have to explain the difference between collected canter and counter canter about 500 times
  • The next day with cross country, you ask him to walk the course with you, and in-between working out routes and measuring strides, you’re chattering on about what the jumps represent and the history behind the names
  • And all the while he’s open mouthed and horrified because fuck off you and your horse don’t actually have to jump these do you?
  • He measures himself against the jumps and gets even more worried
  • He doesn’t voice his worries though, just bites his nails and keeps quiet
  • He asks you which 4 areas you’re most worried about, and then once you begin, he sends Murdoc, Noodle and Russel to those areas and instructs them to send him constant updates about how you’re doing
  • As for himself, he goes to the water jump, because you’ll gallop right up close to the crowd and you’ll definitely be able to see him, what with him being 6’2 and blue haired
  • Sure enough, as your horse flies over the brush at the end of the water combination and thunders past, you raise your hand and wave to him
  • He then sprints as hard and fast as he can to the arena where you’ll finish, and wriggles in with your team, ready to run out the second you come in
  • On the last jump, your horse stumbles, and he has to hold himself back from vaulting over the fence and going to catch you, but you just about manage to right yourself, bring the horse back, and race across the finish line
  • He runs to you the second you get off and sweeps you into his arms
  • If he thought the cross country was bad, he WAS NOT prepared for the showjumping
  • Some of the jumps are actually taller than him, and you’re just so??? blasé about it????
  • The most concern he hears you express it “oooh, this upright combination might be a little tricky, there’s only a stride and a half between them"
  • He’s unable to sit still when you trot into the ring, shifting in his seat, eyes glued to you as you begin to go round
  • His heart is in his mouth and every time a pole rattles he squeaks
  • Your horse knocks a pole on the penultimate jump and it comes crashing down, landing right under your horse’s feet as it lands, and for a second, he thinks you’re going to fall and seriously hurt yourself
  • Noodle and Russel literally have to grab him by the arms and hold him back to stop him charging in when you finish
    • He cheers louder than anyone
  • Even if you’re placed low, he doesn’t care at all, he’s just glad you’re safe
  • And if you’re placed well? Shit, he’s even happier!