Rude Boy (1)

Pairing: Bucky X Reader

Words: 2858

Warnings: Violence (some triggering scenes so please go away if this might make you uncomfortable). Lap dance.

Summary:  You go undercover with Bucky where you need to get a flashdrive from a HYDRA agent who frequents a men’s club. Your job is to give him a lap dance, get him knocked out, and steal the flash drive. Things don’t go as planned because someone gets a little jealous and decides to, quite literally, knock the agent out.

A/N: Because why not. So I had to put it in 2 parts again. If sexual harassment makes you uncomfortable, please go away. I don’t want to cause anyone any harm or pain. If you want to read the smut, it’s the next part.

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Part 2

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Amelia: Lin Manuel Miranda x Reader

This is based off of @ourforgottenboleros series ‘Amelia’, which is AMAZING and you should go read it RIGHT NOW because oh my god it’s just so quality. ( @amelialuzmiranda )

My thing takes place seven years later, two months after Hamilton has premiered on Broadway. Yes, I wrote fanfiction of fanfiction but shhhh.

Warnings: None

Disclaimer: I know nothing about subways :)

Word Count: 1945

Hamilton took seven years for Lin to write, and you were there every step of the way. Five years ago, the two of you were married. Amy was the flower girl and a bridesmaid. She insisted on being both and you could you say no to that? Three years ago, you opened a second gallery in Brooklyn. It focused on more modern art pieces while your original focused on photography. You had never seen Lin so proud of you in your entire life. You were building a brand name.

One year ago, Hamilton opened at the Public Theater. Two months ago was Lin’s opening night on Broadway. Everything moved slowly, but at the same time was passing you by in an instant. You had always been pretty good at taking things slow.

On this particular Friday, Amelia had been talking about going to the theatre from the moment she woke up in the morning.

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Shorty | Adrien Agreste/Chat Noir x Reader

You gave his arm a hard push, accompanied with a glare. “I had it.” You stated through gritted teeth. Then, you took the teddy bear from his grip and crossed your arms around it.

“We were standing there for seven minutes..” Came his reply. Sure, you spent a good amount of time trying to retrieve the teddy from the top of the stand but–you really did almost have it!

You grumbled under your breath, walking alongside the taller teen. He just loved to rub his enormous height in your face whenever he had the chance! You were never given a chance to do anything because he were already there. He outdid you in class, the park–even now; at the carnival.

“What did you want to ride next?” Adrien asked, placing his arm on your head to slightly lean on it.

Another thing you didn’t understand; why did Adrien ask you out tonight? Surely he could’ve went with someone–anyone else; but instead he chose you. Though, if you looked past all the snide remarks, playful touches, and jokes; you may be able to count him as an alright guy.

You pushed his arm once again; causing it to fall back to his side. “I don’t know, the Ferris Wheel?”

Adrien hummed, pondering on the thought for a moment. “No, too high.”

Oh, how you’d like to hurt him. You clutched the stuffed animal tighter; anger steadily rising in your being. You let out a sharp breath through your nose while looking at the many carnival rides. “Fine then, the carousel?”

Adrien paused for a moment; placing his hand on his chin and looking down in deep thought. “That’s okay.” He answers after a long pause. As he reaches for your hand, you jerk it away–directing a glare at the boy.

Last time you granted him permission to hold your hand; he continued to make smart remarks! He gave a soft sigh, settling on walking beside you. The two of you stood in line silently; waiting for your turn. A glance nor word were exchanged as the set of people were finally finished with their ride.

Due to how quiet he had quickly become–you wondered if you angered him. He continued giving small sighs here and there; being the only sign to his conscious mind.

You decided not to say anything about it, instead walking with him to find an open seat on the carousel. The horse that caught your eye was light shade of (F/C) with golden reins and (2nd F/C) hair.

Absolutely majestic. You thought; ultimately drawn to  it already.

With the teddy bear in one hand–you used your other hand to grab the pole. The mechanical horse was stopped at the highest point of the point of the pole–and you knew for sure it was mocking you. As your grip on the pole tightened–you tried jumping; to at least get your top half up onto the horse.

“It’s too high!” You grumbled, jumping for it once more. Fortunately; you were able to throw a leg over the horse’s saddle. Unfortunately–you were left hanging over the side; unable to pull yourself up.

“Do you want to try another?” Adrien asked; slightly embarrassed on your behalf.

“No way!” You shouted, turning your head to glare at him. “I want this one–it’s (F/C)!”

Adrien stifled a laugh at your response; causing any worry you previously had to vanish. He then approached your position and grabbed your waist, hoisting you up onto the horse’s back fully. After getting situated; you looked down at the teddy bear and muttered something.

“I couldn’t hear you.” Adrien stated honestly. He was standing in front of your horse–his attention directed at a few couples that walked by.

“I said thank you! Geez!” You repeated, crossing your arms and puffing out your cheeks a bit.

Adrien then turned to look at you, a bit taken aback. His facial expression held a mixture of uncertainty, confusion, and possibly happiness? He then gave you a big smile and nodded, “Of course.”

He then reached for your hand again; but it was so quick that you didn’t have time nor space to move away. As your hand was in his, he directed it back to the pole–his hand remaining over yours. Just then, the ride began to move; catching you off guard.

You could’ve fallen off if it weren’t for Adrien. Or at least; that’s what he wanted you to think.

You turned your attention back to Adrien from the ride operator–only to find him staring at you already. Startled, you tried making yourself smaller–pulling back and shoulders hiked. “W-What?” You question, finding yourself unable to look away from his firm gaze.

Adrien makes a noise similar to a hum as he shakes his head; his golden hair moving along with him in an interesting pattern. “Nothing. I was just thinking.”

Yet; his line of vision still didn’t break. It caused you to feel fifty shades of self-conscious again, especially with his hand that held yours. A small blush were beginning to adorn your cheeks, giving you the false assumption of his hand suddenly getting warmer.

“Then stop staring..” You muttered, looking away.

“You know I can’t do that.” Adrien’s voice came out in a low whisper; directly next to your ear. His free hand drifted upwards until he was playing with a loose strand of (H/C) hair. Then, his hand became situated on your cheek–directing you to look at him once more.

Your gazes locked once more; (E/C) eyes meeting emerald ones. Anxiety and fear began to build up in your being as Adrien’s hand made it’s way to the back of your neck; leaving goosebumps along the skin he so  lightly grazed over.

He then moved closer–but only by an inch; clearly testing the waters. His eyes showed that he was having an internal battle with himself, and his gaze would flicker down every few seconds.

You weren’t a super genius; but you knew what he wanted.

Seemingly relaxed at your lack of refusal, Adrien continues. Just as he were mere centimeters from your lips–you felt his entire presence pull away.

The carousel had come to an abrupt stop, causing the ride and its riders to jerk forwards. Adrien–whom was standing; was suddenly thrown off his feet, landing on the metal floorboards under you.

His entire face flushed red as he stood once more. He didn’t look you in the eye–instead turning to get off the ride completely.

There was a small crowd nearby, some cheering–others laughing; all the while directing their gazes towards you.

Slightly embarrassed, you slide yourself off of the mechanical horse. You quickly find your position next to Adrien and continue walking without exchanging contact. You didn’t know why, but you found yourself concerned for his feelings again. Was he angry–or embarrassed?

His ears were tinted red–you noticed; so maybe he was just still upset about the fall.

Just as you were about to question him, he intertwined his hand with yours. “Let’s go ride the Ferris Wheel now. There’s bound to be better privacy there.” You could hear Adrien mutter as he pulled you along.

If you actually thought about it; maybe all the past encounters with Adrien weren’t all to pick at your height. What if he were interested in you from the start–and the only way he knew how to approach was by helping you?

You could feintly remember the conflicted expression that appeared on his face after he helped you retrieve a book from a high shelf. Or even the sheepish smiles he’d give you after ruffling your hair or giving your shoulder a squeeze. And maybe–just maybe; all his remarks about your height were simple questions about the only thing he knew to approach with.

You gave yourself a dark view on the bright boy since the beginning–which made you feel ultimately bad now.

Great, now you were going to have to make it up to him. Though, maybe it’ll be more interesting this time around.

–Just maybe.






*pushes off roof*

anonymous asked:

What are some fun backyard DIY activities for dogs? A small pool? Agility jumps? Weave poles?

All those things are great. You’d be amazed what you can do in a small space with a couple of jumps. For a pool, you can add toys that float and some that sink to make it more interesting, or you can fill it with sand and bury toys and treats. You can toss food around the yard for your dog to sniff out and hang toys and treats from trees if you have any available. I like to teach my dogs to wrap trees so I can send them across the yard and then back to the other side to fetch a toy. Wrapping trees is also a great way to teach directions (wrap left vs wrap right). If you don’t have trees, any vertical object works; I’ve used pool noodles held up with garden stakes, and lots of people use trash cans. Flirt poles are great for small spaces, but remember to incorporate impulse control training in every session. That’s a game that can become too stimulating for many dogs, and the impulse control training helps prevent them from being overwhelmed. Some dogs like sprinklers, water guns, or chasing bubbles. You can use an unscented soap for the bubble mixture and add your own scents, like thin broth or vanilla, to make things extra interesting. You can wrap treats in newspaper and toss it out in the yard for the dogs to shred. My dogs love to shred paper and boxes even without food, and it’s easier to rake up the bits outside than pick them up inside. You can try hiding toys and treats under plastic flower pots, cones, or cans so your dogs can knock them around. (Of course, be careful using cans that might have sharp edges. You can cover them in electrical or duct tape to ensure they’re not sharp.) Some dogs enjoy playing with big blocks of ice; you can try freezing some in metal bowls and it should fall out naturally after warming in the sun a bit. Some people hide toys and treats in ice blocks, but I have yet to see a dog who will play with a ice block with stuff in it who wouldn’t play with an empty ice block.

This list is getting kind of long, so I’m going to stop here. I hope that gave you some ideas to try out.

Hot for Teacher

Requested by @cherieann-2001 How about one where I am Jaxs twin  and I am a nerdy bookworm who Jax is very protective over but I have a massive crush on (your choice) and how he brings her out of her shy self.

People often wondered if I had been switched at birth, if it wasn’t for looking like Jax, and seeing my  birth certificate; I would have wondered the same thing.  It was hard for anyone to believe I was related to Jax, much less his twin sister.

We’d always been different as night and day, from the start. He was the active twin, while ma was pregnant, kicking and moving around, while I was calm and barling moving. On the day we were born, he came into the world, first. Seven minutes before I did, screaming and raising hell.

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theres something kind of hilarious about the fact that in the observatory race jumping poles only appear on the bridge when youre on the way back

like im picturing mario waiting till youre out of sight and then just running out and trying to set up all the poles before you finish the jumping parts and come nyooming back around (and getting winded because the pole weighs more than he does)

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how did you get Milo to get SO THICK ??? he looks so great

I don’t really know completely what happened because he got a lot bigger than he was expected to be but when he was younger, I took him for a lot of walks off property, up and down hills, across hills, light lunging and then he was always out somewhere with room to move/run when he was turned out. He’s also had free choice hay and (sometimes) grass so always gets to graze. 

On the ground, I did lots of carrot stretches in the beginning (much less so now), and then back raises and rump raises. 

Then under saddle, we pretty much religiously did some sort of light pole work all throughout his 3y/o year when he was ridden and transitions, bending work and just getting him to relax under saddle. We also did lots of hacking mostly at the walk. Started doing raised poles and making pole exercises harder.

As he’s gotten more mature, he does jumping like 1-2x a week unless he’s showing. Mostly grid work and we also do pole work with raised poles a lot and have started to do a lot more canter work over poles. He also now has more of a concept of proper carriage (thanks to the poles, transitions, hills and lateral work along with our stretching exercises)

He also lives outside 24/7 with Archie and has always been with a friend for the last year, so it means he’s moving around a fair amount either running and playing or grazing with his head down. 

He always has hay at our barn, it’s just a regular local grass hay 1st cut. Then theres some grass and he gets a lot more of that as the weather is nicer (which is when he tends to get TOO fat). He doesn’t get much grain just a very basic maintenance grain called Rocky Crunch with some fibremax and a little bit of oats and barley. The only supplements he gets are flax and biotin and I’m pulling him off the biotin soon.

We also occasionally try to do cross training on tracks where he gets to trot for long distances and work up to longer canter sets and then SOME  “breezing” (he is not fast and does not understand fast so think extended canter haha I haven’t been able to get him to actually open up) which is good for him and still hack when the weather is nicer or do small hills (on a really small hill on property).

He’s lost muscle recently though due to the crappy weather but I think he keeps himself fairly well balanced on his own and then the basic flat work we do along with hacking, poles, some jumping and other exercises he has just blossomed into a large bean

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Whats the difference between hunter and show jumping? They don't do hunters in my country do they do show jumping in the us?

People show hunters & SJ in the US! Both are very common here ☺️

In hunter classes, horse and rider are judged on their style and movement, and overall picture, but as well as on the quality of the rounds themselves. They ride the course usually at the same consistent speed. Equitation is also part of the hunter ring, which judges solely the rider. Hunters & EQ riders equipt the horses in standing martingales, with fitted saddle pads and regular snaffle bridles. 

With jumpers equitation does not necessarily matter. Jumpers are judged on speed, and the number of faults throughout their course. To win, you must complete your course in the shortest time possible with the fewest faults (by knocking over poles over jumps, refusals, and even time faults for passing the given time to complete the course). If there ends up being a tie, they have a jump off, less jumps from the course and the fastest time with less faults wins. There isn’t any sort of tack required for jumpers, lots of people use figure 8 bridles, or flashes, you’ll see many different types of bits, as well as running martingales. 

What are your favourite jumping/pole exercises for helping to develop a more careful hind end? It’s a huge plus if you have a link or graphic to show me how to set them up! Thanks ❤❤

Beltane/May's Eve Correspondences

Trees: Oak, Birch and Myrtle
Stones: Rose quartz
Animals: Birds, deer, snakes, butterflies
Incense: Rose, Frankincense, Pachueli, Cinnamon
Oils: Rose, oak, olive oil, pine, red sandalwood
Herbs: Marigold, oak, rose, myrtle, frankincense, ivy, rosemary, lavender, basle, almond
Colors: Red, gold, green, pink
Element: Fire
Tarot: The Lovers
Ideal Offerings: Wine, flowers, incense, bonfire, poetry, oils, bread, sweets
Magic: Divination, love, lust, fertility, prosperity, growth, gardening magic, handfasting, marriage
Activities: Making offerings to the fae, may pole, jumping over bonfires to ensure fertility, crowning of the May King and Queen, feasting, dancing, lovemaking, music


“It’s broken, but it’s so funny. It’s so funny that it’s making me cry. It’s so funny. I’m okay, Mum. It’s just funny. That umbrella looks like me. Gosh. Why am I crying when it’s so funny? This is embarrassing. What am I going to do? I don’t have anything else except sports. I only had that one thing. How can they take it away from me? Mum, what should I do? What do I have to do? What am I going to do?”

“You must not know what kind of a person you are yet. But I know. You’re so amazing that it’s hard for me to believe you’re my son. It’s because you take after your father.  You’re someone who boasts as if there is no tomorrow. You can boast. Your father’s genes gave you too many talents. And out of all of them, pole jumping was the least.”

Your plane is 100% incapable of doing anything but what you tell it to do. It did not choose to fly into a tree out of spite. You flew into a tree and now are blaming inanimate objects, like a drunk driver blaming the telephone pole that jumped out at him.

Although, related to that point, that is one fucking sturdy tree. Give that tree a goddamn medal.

had a dream i was at school carrying a jumping pole, a weird violin, and two heavy backpacks and gumball was signing up for a militaryesque thing but started to give up. and he asked me how i juggle all my things when he cant even keep one. i asked him what he meant and he started singing how school is hard like woa its ok little cat buddy ull get thru it

Because I think Arabians are super awesome and here is a whole list (in progress) of Tumblr equestrians who can tell you the same… If you ride/show/own Arabians or half-Arabs reblog or like this post to be added to the list!


@3quus - Purebred Huckleberry Bey grandson (trails, hacking, general riding)


@abigail-marie10 - Polish Arab mare (gymkhana, trails)

ahorseinprogress – full Arabs

@aqha-power - takes care of Arabs



@arabshowcircuit - Owns Purebred and shows other Arabs and Half-Arabs (hunter and equitation)

@aurumastrum - Full Arab (Sammy) (bareback riding, western, english)

@a-wounded-healer – Purebred gelding (hunter pleasure), Arab/KWPN mare (hunter pleasure, sport horse, dressage), and Purebred colt (future halter and breeding stallion)


@barefootinthedaisies - Egyptian/Crabbet Arab

@beautiful-iintrusionn - Part Arab gelding (trail riding, barrel prospect)

bdebest – Arab/Saddlebred (NSH) gelding (hunter pleasure, sport horse, showmanship)

@bitchymare – Purebred mare (endurance)


@buckskinmare – saddleseat, hunt seat, western


@caatchthewind - Purebred Arab gelding Catch The Wind (4-H and Pony Club, cross country, mounted games, hunt seat equitation and saddleseat)

captain-tater-salad - Arab/Kiger Mustang (trail riding, endurance prospect)

@carrinae - Arab/QH (trail and cows; eventing, show jumping and trail riding)

@craigslisthorses - Full Arab (no riding yet) and Arab/QH (trail riding)

@carrotandquill - Half Arab and Pure Shagya mare (dressage)

@carryonmywaywardstirrup - Anglo-Arab (hacking and schooling)


classicaldreaming - Arab/German Riding Pony


@darkestnation - Arab/Saddlebred (NSH) (barrels/poles, lessons and showing)

@darklordbananas - Full Arab gelding (trail and english pleasure)

diabet-eq – Arab/Hanovarian (hunters and dressage)

dragonbronze - Purebred Arab (jumping and showing)

dragonsbycandlelight – Arab/Connemara gelding (show-jumping and dressage)

@dreamingjay - Purebred Arab gelding Jay (mostly dressage)

@dreaming-horses - Anglo-Arab (english, show jumping)

@dream-bigger-my-darling – Arab/Welsh (western & english horsemanship, showmanship and eq) and green Arab/Paint (hunter under saddle, sport horse, dressage and jumping)

@dulcius-exasperis - Egyptian Arab (trails and liberty)



@enduringheartss - Purebred Arab (endurance)

@emanzipizza - Shagya Arab mare (endurance, trail, liberty, jumping prospect)

@em-equestrian - Purebred Arab mare (hunter jumper)

@equestrianfangirlswag - Purebred Polish Arab mare (hunt seat equitation and hunter pleasure on Arab circuit) - has also done western, saddleseat, showmanship, and trail

@equestriansass16 - Full Arab (halter, hunter, country prospect)

equestrian-passion – Arabian gelding (hunt seat, saddleseat, western, dressage, jumping, team penning, and gymkhana)

equi-amor – Purebred gelding (dressage and sport horse)

@equinemckenna - Anglo-Arab (endurance, dressage, ACTHA, gymkhana, pleasure trails, and obstacles)

@equiviance - Purebred Polish Arab gelding, Boomer (reining and ranch horse pleasure)


flight-without-wings - Used to show Half Arab (hunter)

@foundmyselffinally – Arab/Saddlebred mare (hunter pleasure, equitation and saddleseat equitation)

forelocks-and-fetlocks - Purebred Arab foal pictures (for sale)

@fuckin-bees - Polish Arab (flat work, maybe jumping, probably dressage)

fuzzybays – Purebred gelding (trail riding)


@gingerponies - Arab/Saddlebred (NSH) (showmanship, saddleseat, hus, dressage, hof, trail horse, ‘babysitter’ <3)
gramizar – Purebred mare (western speed events, western pleasure, showmanship)

@greyarabpony - Arab/Trakehner mare (jumping, eventing, open shows and endurance)

half-arabian-hunter-pleasure – Arab/KWPN gelding, Manny (hunter pleasure, showmanship, equitation, SHUS and in-hand, side saddle)

@hashtagtatertot - Polish Arab

herrschimmel - Egyptian Arab gelding, Ameer (trail and general riding horse)

@hfinneigh - Full Arab (young, no riding) and an Arab mix (rescue, in progress)

@hmm-itszo - Purebred Arab and Half Arab (shows western and english, barrel racing, trail riding and CMOs (competitive mounted orienteering))

@hoofbeats-in-my-ears - Full Arab WL Insync (Boomer) (reining, horsemanship, ranch horse versatility pleasure and pattern)

@honeybunnss – Purebred mare (trail prospect)


horsesarecreatures - Polish Arab (show jumping and eventing)

@hunterxpleasure - Owns Purebred Arab gelding (hunter pleasure, halter, eventually sidesaddle), shows Arabs and Half Arabs (hunter and equitation)

@h-0-r-s-e-s - Part-bred Arab gelding Oscar (dressage, show jumping, cross country, side saddle, hacking)


@itsnotfunnydean - Grey Half Arab and ¼ Arab, trains Purebreds


@jaceyboii - Arab/Leopard Appaloosa (trails)                


@jori-lynn - Half Arab (dressage, used to do hunter pleasure)

jump-that-dream – Anglo-Arab mare (show jumping)

jumperturns - Polish Arab gekding (jumpers)


@kankali - Purebred (trail), Arab/QH mare(trail and dressage), and Arab/Paint gelding (showing at A rated shows)



@laraa-aalys - Full Arab (retired) 

laurelilly - Arab gelding, Reggie (dressage)

@lilanth - Arab/Morgan (leisure and trail)

@love-horsing-round - Purebred Egyptian Arab (western pleasure)





@myclassicchevelle - Grandfather bred Arabs, has owned Arabs

mylittlehony – Arab(?) mare (jumping, dressage, trail, and general riding)




@of-gods-and-thieves - Purebred Egyptian Arab (western pleasure)

@ohshithandle - Half Arab (western dressage)

onekindofdivine - Purebred gleding (old hunter and dressage)

oyyvey - Puredred Arab and Half Arab (both hunters)


@oxequine - Full Arabs (dressage, jumpers, eventing, and hacking)


paintingourdreamstogether - Arab/Saddlebred gelding, Cody (barrel racing)


pants-cat – Arab/QH gelding (trail riding and western performance)

@parkedoutpony - Half Arab gelding (pleasure riding and trail riding)

platitudinise – Spanish/Russian/Egyptian Arab gelding (dressage and endurance)

@poney-poilue - Anglo Arab (hunt, showjumping, ODEs)

@prettywhenshecrys - Half Arab mare (country, show hack, costume, and halter)(for sale)

@pumpkinspicepatch - Full Arab (hunt seat equitation and hunter jumper)


@queen-arab - Arab/Paint (sport horse, dressage (western and english), soon to be doing hunters)

@queenbedhead - Purebred Arab (currently CEP and side saddle, possible hunter pleasure, SHUS, and English Trail)

raeequestrian – Purebred gelding lease (dressage)

@redgoldmare - Arab/TB/Clydesdale (eventing and showjumping)

riderinpunk - Arab mare (barrel racing)

ridethedistance – Arab/Connemara gelding (hunters and dressage) and Arab/Paint (jumpers)

riding-blind – Purebred Arab (reining)

@rustyravenna - Purebred Arab mare (western)



@sdequus - Used to own and show Arabs, works with friend’s Arab

@secretarchangel - Egyptian Arab (dressage) also at @beejthedressagearabian

@shadowofthebells - Two Full Arab geldings (bareback, trail, jumping)

@shhhhh–secrets - Arab/?

@silentlaiqalasse - Arab/Quarter horse (trail and general)

@silversnaffles - Purebred Arab mare, Amera (coming off injury; hopefully showing and jumping)

@socksblazethechesnutphase - Half Arab (Anglo?) (trail and general)

@spoozyalien - Polish/Spanish Arab

supernatural-horsemanship - Arab yearling

@swordsandacid-dontmix - Used to own/show Egyptian/Polish gelding (dressage)


@tailored-and-louboutins - Used to own Crabbet/Polish mare (did a little bit of everything)

@tauredraconis - Arab/Paint mare (trails, barrel and poles, jumping prospect)

@thedressagekid - Purebred Arab mare (versatile)

@themanytailsofcherrytreefarm - Egyptian/Crabbet Arab mare (show prospect, pleasure riding, dressage)

@theroanandthebay - Purebred Arab, Altair (hunters, dressage, barrel racing and poles)

@transparentobservationtidalwave - Full Arab (?) (long distance trail riding)

trotintoline - Arab/Saddlebred mare (hunter pleasure, equitation and saddleseat equitation)


@warzington - Paint/Arab gelding, Swayze (jumper and dressage prospect)

@when-it-raynes - Purebred and Arab/Welsh (endurance and competitive trail)



wivzygurl75 – Arab/Saddlebred (NSH) (retired western pleasure)

@wolf-girl26 - Arab/QH

wolvesunicornsandnoelfielding - Arab/Thoroughbred (Anglo-Arab) (dressage)

ww-indigo - Two Purebred Arabs (halter)




@zaynsdoobie - Polish Arab mare (english pleasure, cow sorting, barrels, trail, soon to jump)

@zeppelinisthedevilgod - Purebred Arab (reining and showmanship)

Star Trek AUs  |  Olympics

James Kirk: long jump (athletics) [+ standard bearer]
Spock: diving
Leonard McCoy: swimming
Nyota Uhura: taekwondo
Montgomery Scott: javelin throw (athletics)
Hikaru Sulu: fencing (foil)
Pavel Chekov: 100M/200M (athletics)
Carol Marcus: archery
Jaylah: 50M rifle

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