Kamil Stoch win vikersund qualification

Kamil Stoch took the win in the qualification, like in Trondheim two days ago. The Pole had the longest jump of the day with 226.5 m and scored a total of 216.9 points.

Andreas Wellinger of Germany started from two gates lower than Kamil Stoch and came in second with 213 m and 214.1 points. For the 21-year-old Bavarian this was an important result for the RAW AIR overall ranking because Stefan Kraft already landed at 197 m (184.8 points) and lost the overall lead to Wellinger again. This duel will be exciting until the very end.

The third place in the qualification went to Slovenia’s Domen Prevc with 220.5 m and 207.6 points. He was followed by Michael Hayboeck of Austria (213.5 m; 202.9 points) and Germany’s Markus Eisenbichler (213.5 m; 200.6 points), who could score some important points in the fight for the third place on the overall podium.

Not So Unfortunate Events?

Newt Scamander x Reader

Warnings: swearing

Type: fluff

Summary: you get a job at Jacobs bakery, but there’s some new visitors.A weird animal that wants to cuddle, and a tall beautiful man that you were rude to before.

You were late, you were late, oh my god you were LATE.

Running down the busy and hectic New York streets, you pushed your way through crowds and jumped over poles, jaywalking over streets, cars angrily honking at you for being so fucking reckless, and you’d apologize if you weren’t so fucking LATE.

You needed this job, dear lord, you needed this job. If you didn’t make this interview, you don’t know what you would do.

Actually, you do. You’d go home and bawl your eyes out about how much of a failure you were and refuse to come out for the next five days, gnawing on what you could find in your crummy apartment.

And you really, really don’t want to do that, so that’s why you absolutely did not have the patience for this six foot tall man in a weird ass blue coat blocking your way from entering the door to the bakery you were trying to get a job at.

You huffed, angrily tapping on the man’s shoulder, oh it was completely stupid how far you had to reach, your nose twitching from impatience. When he turned to you, he looked shocked at your face, and it took you a second to take him in.

Oh my god, he was gorgeous.

“U-uhm,” You melted in your spot, quickly turning red in embarrassment and looked to the floor. “Sorry, I just uh, I need.. In.” You pointed at the doorway he was blocking, and he stared at you for a second longer before stepping out of your way without a word. “Thanks,” You sighed, quickly heading into the shop, cursing at your god awful luck.

The day had gone by rather pleasantly after that.

You got the job! And your new boss, Jacob Kowalski, was just a good man all together. He didn’t mind you being a little late and the interview was the best you had thanks to his nice and friendly personality. You started working tomorrow, and it was the first time you were actually excited about working.

The next day came by and you woke up bright and early, a smile on your face as you slipped on the uniform Jacob gave to you before running out of the house. It wasn’t necessary, but why not show up early and make a good first impression? You could use the exercise anyway.

When you eventually strolled up to the bakery, you were surprised to find it unlocked. You put your keys back in your pocket and went into the store, you guessed another worker was here. You shrugged and went to the backroom to put away your personal items, then started to head to the kitchen to put pastries up around the shop like Jacob had instructed, before you heard two voices from inside the kitchen.

You stopped, curious. You suppose you should just head in, but.. Was that Jacob?

OOooh, you really shouldn’t snoop! That’s what got you fired in the first place! But it was just so tempting! God damn you and your nosy personality.

Pressing an ear gently against the door, you heard Jacob casually chatting with someone, like catching up. Then you heard a big CLANG, shocking Jacob enough to yelp, and that’s when you decided to come inside.

Looking around, the scene was rather comical. Your boss was pressed up against a strange man looking like he had just jumped out of his skin, and pans and baking tools decorated the kitchen floor. The man looked eerily familiar, but you cast it aside as you saw him scramble around with his suitcase.

“Mr.Kowalski?” You made yourself known to the room. Your boss seeing you went pale, looking like you were about to be drenched in water, or something like that. You raised a brow, seeing the other man stare at you and drop his suitcase, his facial features resembling something of pure horror. By the moment you were becoming more and more worried. “Mr.Kowalski…?”

"Just, oh goodness, ____ don’t move,” Jacob instructed you.


"Stay where you are,” The man with the suitcase instructed, warily stepping toward you. You wanted to tell him to back off, but you had a feeling whatever the hell was happening, it would be best if you kept your mouth shut.

Slowly and steadily the man got closer and closer to you until you were a breath apart. Your face turned bright red as you stared up, and you realized how you knew him. It was the man from before, that you tapped on the shoulder.

God, he was still as handsome as ever! And his accent, oh goodness.

You didn’t even notice him put his arms above your head and grab at something, before he was an arms length away. You shook your head, collecting yourself before staring at the… thing the beautiful man held.

Was that a platypus? Or a mole?

Before another word could leave you, the strange animal lunged for you, attacking your waist and sending you to the ground.

You could hear Jacob squeal (what the fuck) as you landed hard on the floor. You let out an oomph before you groaned and looked at the animal. To your surprise it was…

Cuddling you?

"U-uh, hey there, little guy?” You squeaked, slowly raising a hand and petting the weird black and matted fur. It leaned into your touch, and surprisingly enough, purred. You found yourself letting out a pleased laugh before you sat up and picked up the animal, putting him in your arms and petting his belly. He let out some kind of noise that you supposed resembled a laugh as he rolled around in your hold, making you smile. You looked up to the man above you, looking completely baffled at you might you add, before you said “What’s his name?”

"U-uh,” He stuttered out. He looked over to Jacob, as if for an answer, who just shrugged and threw his arms in the air. “N..niffler.”

"What a cute name,” you cooed, bringing the animal face to face before nuzzling into his stomach and blowing a raspberry. Niffler squealed, shuffling around and trying to escape. “Who’s a cutie? You are! Oh Niffler, what a blessing!”

You noticed everyone’s eyes were on you and abruptly you stopped playing around with the little guy, blushing quite noticeably. “I-I uh..” You stood up and tried to hand the Niffler to his owner, but he was stuck to you like glue, wrapping around your stomach as if he was a koala. “Uhm. He will not let me go.”

"I- I see that.” The man sighed, shuffling around in his pocket before he found a shiny coin. “Niffler. Niffler! Look what I got,” He tempted, getting his attention. The Niffler, though hesitant at first, lunged for the coin, getting the ginger haired man to catch him quickly. “Aha! You little bugger, I got you.”

You couldn’t help but feel sad at the loss of Niffler. He was rather adorable.

"Sorry for this little adventure, Jacob,” The man smiled over to your boss shyly, picking up his suitcase, Niffler under his arm.

"It’s.. fine, I suppose, Newt.” He laughed, and so did the so called Newt. You looked around, feeling awkward, before Newt headed for the back exit.

Wait!” You called out, getting his attention. You fidgeted in your spot, looking to the floor again. “You, you seem to know my boss really well, so I was just wondering… could you come by again? With Niffler?” also your great ass because DAMN

"That sounds fine. Doesn’t it, Newt?”

"Ah… I suppose I can. Good day then.” Newt nodded quickly, and headed out of the store. You saw the niffler waving at you and you smiled while you waved back. When the two were gone, you and Jacob stared at one another.

"I’m guessing we should get ready now?”

"Yes, immediately.”

FT ships watching olympics:


Gray: *lounges in the chair and watches intently*

Juvia: *hardcore swimming fan* WOOOOO!!! YAYYYY!!! THEY WON GRAY-SAMA!

Gray: Good for you Juvia… *puts in earplugs*


Gajeel: Come on Levy! The pole jumping is on!

Levy: …

Gajeel: Shrimp…

Levy: *continues running away towards the library*


Jellal: *narrating under breath* They may be young… But they’re holding up well against Germany’s mastery. This is a good team-

Erza: IDIOT!!! THE BALL’S RIGHT THERE- NO DONT YOU DARE PASS THAT TO- OH MY FUCKING GOD YOU SON OF A- *runs all the way to the stadium and fucking joins the team*

Jellal: *still narrating under breath* And there goes ERZA, running up to front line…


Zeref: I do not understand how humans can take joy in watching this…

Mavis: But it’s fun! Just you wait!

Zeref: …

Mavis: …

Zeref (aka me): I have waited an hour this still isn’t fun.


Natsu: YEAH!!!

Lucy: Natsu be quiet!

Simone Biles: *fucking wins*


Both of them: *basically wakes up the entirety of Fiore with their screaming before passing out due to many nights binge watching*

Hi, onwingsofleather! I’m your gifter for Makorra Gift Exchange! Sorry for taking so long to finish it… anyway, i hope you like your gift :)

And why would Mako be wearing his detective uniform at the South Pole??? Well… probably he jumped on the first ship to the Southern Water Tribe, because Korra has been away for too long and he just misses her so much to mind changing his clothes before leaving… (*´∀`*) lol sorry